Chapter - 110 Episode 111 of The Emperor's Return of the Needle.

"If you want to curse, curse yourself in the past. Your Majesty."

Tuk. A thin book in Leonhardt's hand fell to the floor.

It didn't occur to me what was what. My mind went blank.

The moment he realized that everything he had done for Elizabeth was a cursed play he had put on in the past, he fell to the floor with a beastly sound.

Leonhardt, who had been sobbing for a long time with the most miserable sound humans could make, jumped to his feet.

There were red tears running down his face.

"Oh, I almost forgot this. Apparently you've noticed, but...You will live doubting yourself for the rest of your life. 'Is my love for Elizabeth sincere?'”

The owner of the clock tower bent his knees and looked at Leonhardt.

I opened my mouth to say something, but my voice didn't come out.

Leonhardt, who had only his mouth wide open like a fish thrown out of the water, managed to speak out.

His voice was so tired that I doubted if he was the one who acted confidently even though he was in front of the owner of the clock tower.

"...Lizzy, what did Elizabeth give you in return?”

For a very short time, pity fell in my green eyes. However, the owner of the clock tower immediately raised his body and replied in a cold voice.

"The future of your own happiness."


You gave him the future? At what cost, the invisible lightning penetrated the back of Leonhardt's head.

"Don't tell me, don't tell me..."

The owner of the clock tower stared far away as if looking at the horizon and said in a voice full of sadness.

"He's so nice, he's so nice that it's sad to see...The child will be in misery when he finds out that you have turned back the hands of the clock and deceived him for the rest of your life."

The owner of the clock tower stopped talking for a while. Then he stared at Leonhardt with a wistful look.

"But I've already received a 'happy future'. So you can never confess what you've done to that child. I can't even be forgiven. It's just that you suffer and die like that all your life.”

"I don't care if I'm in pain. It's a punishment that deserves it. But Lizzie...Lizzie... can you really say it's pure happiness?”

"It's Lizzie herself who determines the value of happiness. If he's happy...That's it.”

"What do you mean, 'what do you mean 'do!'"

Leonhardt jumped on her without realizing it.

Contrary to the expectation that all kinds of defense magic, or attack magic, would rush in, she unexpectedly gave up her collar.

"You're... crazy..."

Leonhardt said, forcing the boiling emotions into each syllable.

The owner of the clock tower just laughed.

"There's no way we can use this level of magic with human mind.”

Her voice sounded sad, saying so.

Her horsepower grabbed Leonhardt's limbs and forced him to pull them.

The invisible force sat him in the fancy chair he was sitting in instead of the old one a while ago.

That's how the conversation ended. The heavy silence made the shadows of the two even darker.

The owner of the clock tower leaned on the bookshelf, closed his eyes and was worried.

Leonhardt was somewhere mesmerized, his head stuck between his knees.

It was Leonhardt who broke the silence first.

"...give it back to Rizzie."

I thought I'd go crazy if I didn't see her right now. And I was afraid.As the witch said, even this feeling of missing her is part of the magic that she left behind like a stigma in the witch's past.

"Why don't you calm down a little more?”


The owner of the clock tower raised his eyebrows.

"...this is the second time I've heard a plea from the Emperor, please."

"Three times, no. I'll tell you over and over again. Master of the clock tower, send me back to Elizabeth immediately. Please."

Unlike his hoarse voice, Leonhardt's eyes were clear and calm.

The owner of the clock tower nodded as if he had no choice but to blink for a moment.

"Lastly...Can you answer one question?"

"Try it."

Leonhardt stood up from his seat. The movement of taking a step forward felt very difficult.

"Lizzie... Elizabeth...It makes you happy.I'm not sure...Is it there?"

I like it even if it's a play. I just don't want to see him cry and be sad. I don't want to make that happen.

He was asking if I had the power to make the precious person happy.

The owner of the clock tower nodded as he stared at the calm and clear eyes like the sea where a rough wind had passed.

Only then did Leonhardt laugh for the first time since stepping in here.

"Well, that's fine."

Leonhardt smiled as if he was really satisfied with it.

The owner of the clock tower agonized over him for a long time.

Then he shrugged his shoulders and sighed.

"I can't help it. I sent him back to this state.I'm sure Lizzie will be sad, so I'll show her a little mercy.”

Leonhardt was again nervous about her sudden change in attitude.

"The child's misfortune is not your fault. Your misfortune is not your fault either. You're... just a process of slowly festering wounds from a very long time ago."


"Why did Freya die like that? Why couldn't Isidore protect her? Why was your grandma so strict? Why is Duke Elysium so corrupt? Whose fault is it after all?"

"If you put it that way..."

"There's no end to it. So you don't have to feel so guilty. It's nobody's fault, but everyone's at the same time."

" was foolish of me to try to talk to the wizard in good condition."

"Now you know that!”

Leonhardt smacked his tongue and stared at the owner of the clock tower.

"I mean, um...I think it's a medicine for wounds. Get out of here and you'll forget everything."

"Forget it?"

"Your hands are turned upside down. And then I found my place again. It's a whole new time from now on.”

"I want you to explain it in a nutshell."

"This is why ordinary people are! Do you like half of Ils?”

"Why is Ils coming out of here?"

"Well, you don't need to know that! Leonhardt, by the way, there's only one thing you have to do. Make the child happy. That's all I need."

Upon hearing it, Leonhardt glanced at her with suspicious eyes, and she sighed again.

"It's the reason you're guilty, the cause, the unforgivable...Oh, you should've got to go! Forget it all—and just eat happily and live well!"

The owner of the clock tower eventually stamped his feet and forced Leonhardt out.

Leonhardt struggled wildly when he saw it slowly starting to fade from his hands and toes.

"I can't believe I'm forgetting everything. Wait, I can't...Hey, Mimir!"

"That's all I can do for you. Leonhardt, Elizabeth, you will be happy.”

Lastly, Leonhardt's vision was completely darkened.


Leonhardt opened his eyes.

It's on the warm side of the stove. He seemed to have had a light daydream.Leonhardt, who slowly toured the crown prince's palace, tilted his head when he saw the desk drawer sticking out.

"Oh, my God, I'm going to have to change it'”

The tree at the bottom of the drawer was shaking.

He paused as he tried to call the servants.

I thought it would be okay to leave it as it is.

In the distant future, if one day a child who looked just like him found that drawer, it would be fun again.

Leonhardt, who left the Crown Prince's Palace, immediately headed to Elizabeth's place.

Watching the scene, Mimir murmured to himself, who was not listening, with a bitter smile.

"This is it.”

Elizabeth and her guests, who were just leaving the greenhouse after the tea party, found him and paid respect.

"I'm going to the shooting range now, do you want Leon with me?"

"Shooting range? Why?"

"Mimir is in the middle of a study of magic barriers that can even stop guns, Lady Beatrice thinks she'll learn in case the Grand Duke of Kirsten doesn't work, Lady Roseline remembers the smell of gunpowder and wants to make an attempt to remove the smell of gunpowder from the body."

"I want to protect Mama from the nearest place.”

Elizabeth shrugged her shoulders lightly. Victoria, dressed in conquest, was full of spirit.

"Otherwise, I was only going to build a garrison for the Empress, but that's good.”

"Your Majesty!"

Victoria's face was filled with two letters of "impressed."

"I will leave everything to the Empress. But to do that..."

Everyone's eyes were on the emperor.

"At least it's better than my shooting skills. I wonder if your shooting skills will satisfy Jim as well.”

Victoria put on a confident look at the words.

Elizabeth smiled and led everyone ahead of the shooting range.

"Ready, go for it!"

A green magic pearl came to the center of the street from the gun to the target.

Leonhardt was the first to pull the trigger.

His bullet penetrated the magic bullet and flew over it.

But the bullet trail remained a long way off the target.

"Shhh, should I make it a little harder..."

"I think we're off track trying to force our way through the magic. Why don't we save this rather than hardness?"

Elizabeth shot thinking that the course of the bullet would be changed by the magicians.

As expected, the magicians trembled once again and shook straight bullets wildly.

"But you did make it to the target.

"He's the best gunner in the empire. Lizzy, good job."

"Hmmm... no, no, no, if you make it vague, it'll be a waste of course.

"Any random spill?"

"No, that magic wanders at constant vibrations when it reaches a certain level of force..."

Mimir grabbed Leonhardt and told him for a long time that it was a law of physics or magic.

Meanwhile Victoria took a deep breath and took a shooting position.

The two young children who watched the scene from the stands were amazed by the perfect appearance of the textbook, which could have been included in the textbook from posture to their basic knowledge.

The smell of gunpowder deepened with the sound of inhale and exhale.

At the same time, there was a popping sound, and a thick dust breeze arose.

"Oh, my God, that'

Mimiir, who brought a light wind and cleared the dust wind, said in an incredible voice.Beyond the debris of the magic box shattered like thin ice, the target plate with a hole in the center was shaking.