Chapter - 111 Episode 112 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

The first person to come to his senses was Mimir.

"How? Why? What did you do? Why is that broken? Are you a sod master by any chance? Or did you put mana in the gun? I don't think there's a natural magical power, but why is it broken? This is ridiculous! You're a ridiculous creature to let the sorcerer's mouth say nonsense when he does something ridiculous! That's why we need research!"

Three heads were half-hanging on Victoria's shoulder, which was bigger than her, forcing others to stop her, who were worse at pouring out questions and sophistry.

What surprised me was the same with Victoria.

Unlike a sword that can be pressed with weight in any case, a gun does not affect a bullet no matter how strong it is to pull the trigger.

"Wow, you must have been lucky….”

She replied in a dazed voice, but her eyes were fixed on the target.

Beatrice and Roseline, who did not know the situation, felt very great about the driver who succeeded in neither Leonhardt nor Elizabeth.

Roseline, who had sparkling eyes in yearning, grabbed Victoria's arm and asked what she did.

Beatrice looked at Elizabeth with a much softer gaze than when she first met her with a smile of anticipation and satisfaction.

"It can't happen!"

Mimir's eyes were reddening, perhaps because his magic was broken.

"You! I need you to come with me to the clock tower. No matter how good you are, I'm going to create a magic that never breaks!"

"Yes, Mi-Mir?"

Mimiir grabbed Victoria by the arm and began to drag. Victoria looked helplessly and asked for help, but soon realized that everyone except herself was enjoying the situation and gave up.

"Sir Lane is Elizabeth's knight. So no strange experiments."

"What experiment am I doing?”

Then why are you stammering? When Leonhardt squinted and glared at her, Mimir tried to look the other way.

"Why don't we all go to the clock tower together?"

"All together?"

Roseline shined her eyes even more at the word clock tower. Beatrice relaxed a little wary and Leonhardt openly showed displeasure.

Elizabeth, who brought up her opinion, was smiling.

"I'd like to go after a long time, can't I?"

That smile is cheating. A smile that ignores the laws of the world as much as a wise man's stone!'

Mimir grumbled inside, but sighed as if he had no choice but to shake his hand in the air.

Then the air, where there was nothing, split and beyond that, Mimir's room could be seen.

"Don't touch anything, don't touch anything, don't touch anything."

"Why don't you just tell him to breathe?"

"I... no, you don't have to come."


Roseline nodded her head up and down loudly and turned her hands behind her and put her fingers together.

Then he jumped, ran into Mimir's room like a rabbit.

Beatrice crossed the space, more gracefully curling up her skirt.

Victoria muttered, looking up at Mimir and his wife alternately at the sky with resentment over whether they should really do this.

"The teacher said that the clock tower should not go in....”Mimiir snorted. Leonhardt, who had already taken Albert to the clock tower as a boatman, laughed silently.

"When I was young, I almost got in trouble for touching the wrong clock on the clock tower.”

"Oh, my God, did that happen?”

"I don't remember much, but... I think I was safe with Mimi's Brunne."

"Well, Mr. Mimir! Is it possible to make perfume with magical power?”

"It's hard. Mana doesn't want to be in one place. If it's just a quick replay, it'll disappear in no time.”

"You don't want to be in one place?”

"Literally. Um... can you tell me something that comes to mind when you think of magic?"

"Uh... the blue flower magic you saw at your king's wedding?"

"You should have given me a simpler example. Actually, the magic is....”

"This is... the clock tower... That's exactly what you said. Where there is the most lax security in the world but knowledge that no one can steal....”


Leonhardt, who was walking ahead, stopped walking.

He hid because he hid, but he didn't care about the hem of his clothes because he hid in such a hurry.

"…what are you doing here?”

"Well, I, uh, borrowed a book from Mimir....”

"Ilce? You gave me back everything you borrowed.”

Come to think of it! I'm here for something else, not a book!"

"Anything else?"

"Oh, it's... chess or... The…."


It's getting more and more suspicious. Leonhardt's voice, which seemed to be questioning, and Ilysses' voice before the people surrounding him, grew less and less.

With trembling hands, Illisys pointed to the corner of the room.

Perhaps it's true that I came to play chess, but there was a chessboard.


Of course, it was not an ordinary chessboard.

The three chess boards were placed well so that they did not overlap each other and hung from the pillars looked like trees with wide branches.

Looking closely, there was a white and black chessboard on the upper side as well as the lower side.

The puzzle-like groove made it possible to fix the horse upside down to the bottom of the chessboard, so it really looked like it was made for chess.

"Is there a chess game like this?”

Beatrice approached with interest. While people's eyes were on the chessboard, Ilysis crawled to the door of the clock tower.

"Ilysses, can you explain this chess to me?”

Of course, I was caught the next time.

Illisys, who was smiling with an awkward face, gave Mimir a look of relief.

Mimir turned his head away as if he had rebuked him for sneaking into his room without permission.

Elizabeth was looking around Mimir's room anew while Ilysis was explaining about three-dimensional chess.

"What's wrong?"

Leonhardt, who crept up on Elizabeth's side, took a look at her.

Elizabeth shook her head lightly.

"Yeah, nothing."

It seems like yesterday that I lost my mind by touching the clock freely....

Elizabeth, who had been snooping carefully all over the room, suddenly felt something like a sense of deja vu and tilted her head.

She knew one more thing about this room structure.

But no matter how many times I thought about it, I couldn't think of where it was.

There's a clutter rolling around, a friendly witch, a cup of warm tea, a sweet dessert....

"Lizzy, Lizzy?"

"…Did you see it in your dream?"


Elizabeth shook her head again. And Mimiir sat down at the round table that he had magically arranged for him."Ilysses, what are you doing? You said you were here to play chess. It was your turn, wasn't it?"

"It's your turn, Mimir. I'm here to read the numbers in advance....”

"Even if you read it, you won't win anyway."

Instead of refuting, Ilysis only stared at the chessboard.

Beatrice and Roseline still looked more interesting in the structure of the chessboard that they could not understand and the magic of Mimir rather than the rules that were completely different from what she usually enjoyed.

However, Mimiir dragged Victoria's hand into the other room, apparently serious about the idea of carrying her out an experiment.

"Don't do dangerous experiments!"

"I'm keeping a basic experimental ethic.”

Mimir disappeared with Victoria, and Ilysses glared at the chessboard, and the slightly awkward air swung around the room.

"Well, come to think of it, we've taken up too much time for you two to be together.”

Beatrice tapped Roseline on the side under the tablecloth.

Roseline then scrambled up and sympathized with Beatrice.

"Well, if you don't mind, can I come back again next time? If you use magic to make perfumes or test samples....”

"I will definitely send you an invitation. Well, the exit door....”

Elizabeth pointed to the exit of the clock tower with a puzzled face.

The two young children hurried out of the clock tower. Ilysses fell in love with the chessboard and noticed they had disappeared long after.

"You can send it that way...?”

Leonhardt and Elizabeth blinked, looking at each other's faces.

"Will Mimir's experiment take long?"

"Well... well?"

"I hope I don't make Lord Lane too hard….”

"Well, you'd better give up.”

"Is that so…and Leon."


"Can Leon play chess?"

"Huh? No, just. I just got curious."

From the look of his eyes, he must have been stuck firmly in that grotesque chess.

Even though they are friends, they have to be formal to some extent, so they want to explore it in earnest.

Leonhardt grinned as he guessed what Elizabeth was up to. His curious empress sat across from Ilysses with a big smile as if she had waited.

"The Empress."

"Well, it looks a little bit more complicated than normal chess."

"That's not necessarily. It's just that there's a little more to consider.”

"Things to consider?"

"Yes, as you can see, the horse is horizontally, vertically, diagonally... Like this. You can move up and down. The mistakes that beginners often make are trying to catch the prey in front of them. Like being trapped underfoot....”

Saying so, Ilysses flipped the chessboard. The chessboard, which was thought to be fixed to the post, turned around and turned the tide.

Elizabeth listened to Ilysses' explanation with an interesting look.

"Oh, there's one interesting thing to say. Usually, the smallest friend becomes the queen, right? You become a wizard here."

"The Wizard?"

"Because it's chess with a wizard."

"That's interesting. What role does the wizard play?”

Ilysses grinned.

A little while ago, the trembling attitude in front of Beatrice and Roseline went away and the prime minister's expression of discussing the important history of the country appeared right next to the emperor.

"I'm going to bite you. And in return, he will never come up to the chessboard again."

"All magic... You need a price?

"That's right."

"It must be hard for me to consider all that."

"There's also a common chess.

Elizabeth smiled briefly. Leonhardt was lost in thought, watching the conversation between the two in silence.The horse, which has overcome both adversity and obstacles, finally reaches the opposite camp, becomes a wizard who makes him bite.

Such a wizard horse turns back time and turns the tide.

And in exchange for the magic, he is banished from the game.

I felt very familiar with where.

The story of His Majesty's return of the hands of the clock [exclusive.