Chapter - 112 Episode 113 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

It's okay if it's not perfect.

It was only one chess board, but it was strangely annoying.


"Your Majesty?"

Leonhardt unconsciously started flipping the chessboard, one by one.

As the game turned around, the charter repeatedly reversed and reversed.

"How do we win?”

"Usually, um... I'm ashamed to say it in person, but I lose."

"It's not that. Isn't it hard to judge who won if you turn the tables like this?"

"That's right. If I win three times, I lose two times, and once....”

"It became so complicated that I had to make it go away."

"Sister Mimir, Lord Lane!"

"Sir Lane, are you all right? That witch didn't shave her nails or pull out her hair to examine your body tissue?"

"It's a waste of me asking you to make two bodies.”

"And you created a terrible nightmare."

"Thanks to you, I knew for the first time that creating human beings was forbidden, and I was scolded a lot by my grandfather.”

"Is that why you and Mimir are so weirdly close?”

"Mimir… human ductility at that young age…" You're really....”

"I'm fine, Your Majesty."

Without Victoria's strangely calm words, the two would have continued their 20-year-old quarrel again.

Elizabeth stood up, saying, "We need to go, too."

"Do you want to see me play chess?"

"I'll come and see you later. Lord Lane must be very tired, so you'd better go rest.”

Mimiir shrugged his shoulders. And he bowed his head to Leonhardt, exaggeratingly, and said goodbye.

No matter where you look, it was not to be polite, but rather to tease him, but Leonhardt shook his head.

"The chessboard."

Three days of dreamy time is now the last night.

"I'm used to it."

"Didn't you see him before?”

"I've never seen this before. I've been wondering if he's been working on something like that lately because he's been stopping by the clock tower.”

"But why are you used to it?"

"I know."

He turned his body sideways. Elizabeth patted him on the back muttering something on his stomach.

"We're really the Emperor and Empress from tomorrow."

"The first official schedule. I've seen New Year's speeches at the cathedral, I've given speeches, I've met the people."

"Will I be able to do well?"

This time, Leonhardt's big hand patted Elizabeth on the back.

"You're already doing great.”

"You haven't done anything in three days since you took the throne.”

"It would have been good if there had been no riots or treason in those three days."

Leonhardt giggled, saying so. Elizabeth pushed him around in a playful way.

Leonhardt's large body rolled helplessly down to the floor.

"I got word that Bailey has become a father."


Leonhardt, who jumped up and hit his forehead on the table, lay down again.

Elizabeth suffered with a look on her face, even his share.

"Well…anyway… My mom is doing well, and my dad has a hobby in fishing, and Ayla insists on naming her new dog Isolde and Tristan. What do you want to do?"


Elizabeth agonized for a moment. On the first day I met Bailey, I thought about naming the dog Leon, who seemed to have stuck black beans in a warm, soft cotton ball.

Leonhardt, if not seriously, raised himself again.Be careful not to hurt your forehead on the table this time, slowly.

And lifted Elizabeth up lightly.

"Tomorrow I'll be busy from morning. So let's go to bed early."

"I think horses and hands are playing separately, bad hands!"

There was a clink, but Leonhardt just smiled and gently put her down on the bed.

Elizabeth rolled over the quilt as it was.

Leonhardt looked at it and thought it was like a roll cake.

Elizabeth's face heated up in an instantaneously. Leonhardt also turned his eyes away in bewilderment when his thoughts unconsciously came out of his mouth.

"…are you not going to sleep?”

"Sleep... sleep....”

A corner of the bed shook heavily. Leonhardt reached out his arm and supported Elizabeth's head.

The sound of the quilt rustling again was heard, and the tip of the fluffy silk quilt was covered over his chest.

"You'll make a good empress."

"Huh... the perfect empress?"

"Good doesn't necessarily mean perfect."

"But the empress's seat was never a single mistake....”

"A lot of things happen. But Elizabeth, I assure you, you will be a good empress."

"What's your rationale?"

"That way I can be a good emperor for you."

"What's that…"

Leonhardt, who was lying on the ceiling, turned toward Elizabeth.

Leonhardt kissed Elizabeth over her forehead. There was a half-drowsiness on the voice that whispered good night.


In the New Year, the magnificent prayer of the cathedral rises and falls on the white wall, and the precious objects stored in the holy water chest appear in the world for a long time, and the tightly locked door opens wide.

People were crazy about the young emperor and empress.

From the ancient families above to the people who don't even have a castle below.

Even those who could not find any faith at all gathered like clouds to see the two from afar today, filling the cathedral.

Elizabeth calmly performed the ceremony with the help of children dressed up as angels.

Leonhardt also stepped up first and behaved in a manner that was unbelievable the first time.

It was as if the body remembered it because it was not natural, as if it had been doing it for more than a decade.

Elizabeth felt curious because of Leonhardt's expression.

He was slightly frowning as if he didn't like where the person who did the act that seemed to be praised as perfect by anyone.

The next moment, of course, his expression returned to the face of a strict and faithful emperor before God, but somehow Elizabeth was troubled by it.

After completing their first schedule safely, the two then moved to a temporary reception room outdoors.

Bless your newborn child, pray for your sick mother to get up from her seat, and bless her to spend this year safely with her family.

What the people wanted from them was mostly simple and simple.

Elizabeth leaned deep in the air of kissing her feet and raised her parents who thanked her several times by forcefully.

Elizabeth felt overwhelmed when she was told that her daughter got a job safely thanks to the school she set up, and that she could live without starving.

Leonhardt also had a smile on his face when he heard the news as he glanced to the side.Only after a few more similar thanks, did the ceremony end.

The two, who were relaxing in the wagon for a while, smiled with proud faces, no one first.

"It's all the result of the seeds you sow."

Leonhardt, saying so, put on Elizabeth's cape again.

"What's your next schedule?”

"Visiting the orphanage. If you see a child who has what it takes, you can sponsor him."

"I wish I was good at magic.”

When the magic story came out, Leonhardt's expression darkened at once.

"Why magic?"

Elizabeth raised her gloved hand and pressed Leonhardt's brow to smooth out the wrinkles.

"Then you might find a second Mimir.”


Leonhardt stroked his chin for a moment, then opened the door and told the servant.

"This is the order of the Empress. Bring me a couple of minute hands from the clock tower."


"Now I've solved the mystery I had with my dad when I was cleaning up the books. I'm looking at where someone from the orphanage is now studying and how much money they paid for him, but none of them was a wizard. I didn't ask my dad because I thought the wizardry was not that common, but it wasn't like that's what you said. I didn't find it in the first place."

"That means..."

"I'm saying you've done it again. You can sponsor in the name of the empress."

"My name… well, no. I'll do it in the name of the imperial family."


"It's less likely that my finances will collapse than that I can't support them anymore. I'll pay for it instead."

"The secretaries will pay, not me. I'm a man of letters, not a man of letters!"

"I don't know which country the empress is, but an empire like the empress must be blessed."

Leonhardt even wrote a brief outline on the spot. Elizabeth, who took over the documents, added a few modifications and signed them under her name.

Meanwhile, the carriage arrived at the orphanage, and the wizard of the clock tower also followed the end of the procession using space-moving magic.


"Mimir… did you come after all…".”

"It just happened. I wanted to come out of the clock tower because I was frustrated.”

"There's nothing to be frustrated about."

"Ilce, you've gotten a lot faster at math.


Mimiir nodded lightly. Victoria Lane, who was in charge of escorting, recognized Mimir and greeted him lightly.

Waiting for the four were simple-eyed little children who showed their curiosity and longing.

Elizabeth had nothing to worry about particularly since the previous empress also did similar charity work.

While being briefed, Mimir showed simple magic and began to look for the child who could see the sorcerer's bud as ordered by the empress.

"Hey, kid."

"Little boy is not my name."

"So what, little boy?"

She was an unusually small girl with thick eyebrows that looked stubborn.

Mimiir smiled and held her hand lightly to let go of her mana.

"I'm Mimi. It's polite to say names between wizards."

"A wizard isn't my name either."

Mimiir's smile grew deeper. The girl hesitated for a long time and carefully revealed her name."Alice."