Chapter - 114 Episode 115 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

"I feel like I'm playing the wizard's chess.”

"The d*mn chessboard?"

Elizabeth nodded her head.

"There's so much to consider. Is what I choose the right thing to do? I can't move at all. You don't know what's at your feet.”

Swirling around in place, Elizabeth grumbled. Leonhardt grabbed her hand and pulled it back to me with a clear understanding.

"My Elizabeth, you are the queen."


"The Queen on chessboard is more confident and courageous than the Emperor, who is forced to surrender even before his neck is blown away."

"With confidence... with courage....”

"Can you practice and say I love you confidently and courageously?”

Quack, again, the painful sensation felt on the top of his feet, Leonhardt bit his lips and Elizabeth finished the dance coyly with a look of knowing nothing.

"…later, when it's just you two."

But he doesn't say he won't. Leonhardt grinned as he rubbed his throbbing feet against his trousers.

The first official schedule is all over.

Tomorrow's schedule blah blah blah, and Ilysses recited his glasses, but I couldn't hear a thing.

"Ilce, I heard you play chess these days."

"Oh yeah… now I've got the hang of it."

"Do you have two brains?"

Leonhardt, who was half lying on the soft sofa, murmured in a fed-up.

"…the human brain originally consists of the left and right brains. If you go in a little more, you'll get a spinal cord and....”

Illisys blinked and gave a textbook answer.

"Stop, stop. Don't make it more chaotic when it's already chaotic."

Elizabeth watched the two with a smirk. My feet were throbbing because I stood all day.

"Isn't it thrilling? I mean, my head is in a mess after solving a difficult math problem. I haven't felt it since I finally found the right size of paper and proved his final theorem, but thanks to you, I feel refreshed every evening these days."

"…are you sick?"

"Well, anyway. Then I'll see you tomorrow. Rest in peace."

Leonhardt only stretched out his arms and shook them. Ilysis shrugged and left the room.

"Now do it."


"Tell me confidently and courageously that you love me."

Elizabeth threw off her shoes first. Then he walked barefoot towards Leonhardt and sat on his lap.


"Hang on. From now on, the Emperor will show you how to destroy the enemy's camp."

Leonhardt gently raised his hands. From the moment Elizabeth's shoes flew away, his camp had already collapsed.

"Why don't you send a tutor to the imperial family?"

Leonhardt, who was playing with Elizabeth's messy hair wrapped lightly with his fingertips, recommended.


Elizabeth also asked back, putting her hand into Leonhardt's golden hair.

"I'm going to turn off the urgent fire right now. Well, Lizzy, what's the opinion now? About Elysium and you."

"…tell me the truth."

Leonhardt lifted himself up and stretched his arms over the table to bring a pre-prepared report.

"As my lord wishes. Let's see, according to this paper, the common people think you're the main character in the fairy tale.”

"In a fairy tale..."

"Everyone thought you were supported like a princess when they heard that you were the Duke's daughter and a fiancee with the Crown Prince."

"I thought about it."

Elizabeth laughed her head off her face. The princess was the princess. Although I lived in a mansion, not a tower."The interview with Maid from the Ellisium mansion showed that it wasn't. Being deprived of freedom and joy from childhood to be made a perfect empress....”

"Well, can we skip that part?”

"Why not? In conclusion, the people feel sorry for Ludwig.”



Many say, "But you're the empress. What are you worried about?" Some of the people who saw how you behaved on your wedding day said, "The empress rejected her parents first, so she's hopeless now."

"To empower a family in person in the imperial family....”

"The empress who reaches out to her brother not to repeat the same tragedy as herself. The fairy tale ending the people want. The nobles will hate it outright. Do you want me to purge all of them?"

"Your Majesty!"

Elizabeth lowered her voice and twisted Leonhardt's nose.

"Is that really the only way?”

"Don't worry, tutor isn't just for Ludwig."


Leonhardt kissed Elizabeth on the cheek again instead of answering. Then I folded the newspaper and put it back where it was.

It was Ludwig's list of tutors who came up on Elizabeth's desk the next day.

Elizabeth pushed the documents she was processing for a while and began to read down the list that her secretary had brought.

They were all the ladies of a good family. And there was one thing in common.

"Everyone... a family that leads to Elysium and blood?”

The word blood ties reminded me of Duke Elysium's habit of talking.

What family was established by marriage a few years ago with my family....

It was a little refreshing to imagine his father, who had always said such words and undermined other families, getting his usual behavior back.

"The sword teacher for the Duke of Elisium also prepared the candidates."

"Already? Oh, alas....”

Elizabeth, who was about to ask if it was too early to be young, noticed Leonhardt's meaning when she saw the name on the list.

Ludwig's tutor and her employer will protect him from his mother.

And the same swordsmanship teacher who will accompany him in every move will prevent his father from throwing a hand at Ludwig.

If there is a minimum of reason in front of those who visit the mansion as teachers and guests, they will not disgrace the family.


Elizabeth chewed the tip of the pen lightly with an anxious face, then blushed with aghast.

The secretary turned away as if he had seen nothing.

"Your majesty has come to see you. What should we do?”

"Leon? Tell him to come in."

"Lizzy, did I interrupt you when you were busy?”

"Not really….”

"Did you see the list?"

Elizabeth made people around her step down with a wink. Leonhardt made tea himself and dragged a chair to her desk and sat down.

"What do you think?”

"Well, I don't think it's bad. Can these people really be on Ludwig's side?"

"You're nervous about that, too?”

"Let's meet in person.”

"If you want, I'll make room for you.”


Elizabeth looked very reluctant. Instead of asking why, Leonhardt waited for a while.

"You can't judge a man by himself forever."

"But the gamble doesn't have to be now."

"I never said I'd watch.”

"Then what?"

"He's going to be Ludwig's teacher. No matter how well I put it. But it's no use if you don't fit in with him.""Are you going to have Ludwig meet you in person?"

"Even if the emperor's orders were to teach the child of the family, who is on the verge of collapse, wouldn't their pride be opposed first?”

"Is that so..."

"Can you meet Ludwig and make a list of the people who think it's okay to teach him?"

"As the Empress wishes. You want me to tell the Duke in advance?”

"Please. You'll need some time to clean up.”

Leonhardt nodded his head. Both of them sighed at the same time. And we smiled at each other again.

"I don't mean to forgive them."

"I know."

"If there was a better way, I would have chosen it.”

"Of course you should."

"If Ludwig can't forgive his parents... What if I do?"

Leonhardt easily jumped over Elizabeth's desk. Her eyes were wide open.

"There's a way to take down a new castle. Of course, in order to do that, Ludwig must do something to deserve that honor..”

"Is Ellisium going away?”

"Well, on the surface. For your parents, it feels like the world is falling apart. Unlike then, now we are forced to engage in an engagement to strengthen the imperial power... Lizzy?"

"…was it too much of an engagement?”

Took. A pen fell off Elizabeth's hand. Leonhardt slowly realized his slip of the tongue and looked back at Elizabeth.

A shadow fell on Elizabeth's face and tears began to fall in her big eyes.

"Lizzy? Lizzy? It's not like that. I don't know if the engagement was decided by my father and mother, but I love you! So you don't have to be nervous, Lizzy! Don't cry… I'm sorry, I was careless.”

When Elizabeth buried her face in her arms, shook her shoulders, and sniffed, Leonhardt was at a loss and only his hands fluttered in the air.

Suddenly, Leonhardt noticed that the black, sniffling sound had changed to a poking sound, and stared at Elizabeth with a puzzled look.


"Leon said that. Doubt everything else, but don't doubt Leon's love."


Screaming back, Leonhardt forced Elizabeth's face off.

Elizabeth was smiling.

"Shall we join the Oval Office?"

"Really? It's been a hassle to come to see you all the time."

"The one who finishes work first helps the other?"

"Let's enjoy tea time together."

The two looked at each other and laughed aloud again.

"By the way, did you hear that? I heard you finally beat Mimir."

"Dear Mimir? Oh, you mean that chess?”

"Somehow, I've been late for meetings lately.Dunnie, I guess he went to the clock tower every night pretending to be off work and played chess."

"Oh, my God. My whole body is exhausted at six o'

"I'm worried about Ilysses....”

"Huh? Why?"

"I mean, Mimir. I'm sure he's making a fuss about his personality, opening up his head, thinking his brain is actually spare?"

"Your Majesty, I have an urgent message from the clock tower!"

The eyes of the two met in the air.

"Mi... Mimir..." ID Mimir said....”

"Mimir? Why?"

Don't tell me you really dissected the prime minister's head? Leonhardt's face turned pale.

Elizabeth also held her hand over her chest in a sense of uneasiness.