Chapter - 115 Episode 116 of The Emperor's Return of the Needle.

Grandpa's old wine.

The two men, who ran to the clock tower in a single attempt, were puzzled by the oddly quiet atmosphere, considering that they had rushed someone away.

Somewhere in his usual eccentricity, he greeted them with reverence, as if he had come to pray at the temple.

"See you, Your Majesty. The clock tower's new hour hand moved one notch for the first time."

"A new hour... Don't tell me, Mimir?"


Elizabeth and Leonhardt looked at each other's faces and grabbed each other by the shoulders of an unnamed wizard smiling pleasedly and asked for more details.

"What about Mimi Brunne?"

"Where is Mimir?"

"I'll bring you in right now. This way."

Leonhardt, who was following the wizard, regretted that he should have brought a bottle of wine.

Mimiir was in her room.

Oddly calm and calm as any other wizard on the clock tower.

Even with his hands folded over the desk, Leonhardt doubted his eyes for a momentarily.

"Uh... Mimir?"

"See you, Your Majesty. How are you, Empress?"

"I heard that the hour hand of the clock tower has changed....”


Mimiir rose from her seat with a gentle smile. Elizabeth was surprised to learn that she, who had always been laughing her head off, could even smile that way.

Mimiir came out lightly on the desk. And I smiled and told them.

"I used magic.”


"A magic that forces people to calm their emotions."

"Why... why did you do such a thing…?”

Mimiir blinked with eyes asking if she really didn't know. Along the edge of the green eyes was a golden iris.

"If you don't, the clock tower may become the biggest blessing in the world, giving the Imperial Palace an unforgettable nightmare day."

Behind my back, the door burst open again. Illisys also ran to the clock tower as soon as he heard the news, breathing out disheveled with a flushed face.

"Good, Ilysses, you're the only one here who can talk to a witch, and you know what Mimir is talking about."


"To prevent it from becoming an unforgettable nightmare for the people of the Imperial Palace, I forced them to calm down. Do you understand what this means?”

Ilysis nodded, touching a large round pair of glasses.

"…Do you know when magicians are most dangerous?"

"When you use dangerous magic?"

"No, it's a moment when human beings feel something they can't handle. Joy, sadness, joy, grief, surprise, any emotion… Ordinary people usually shake off that feeling by crying. But wizards can't do that."

"Hwangmyeong, tell me the conclusion first.”

Elizabeth shook her head. Leonhardt pressed down on his temples. Ilysis rolled his eyes for a moment and briefly explained.

"In other words, if you hadn't forcibly controlled the sorcerers' emotions, everyone would be going berserk."

"That's a good way to put it. Mimi is like this... It's... unusual. Is that why you show your words and actions?"

Ilysis turned his head towards Mimiir.

"How do you feel right now, Mimir?"

"Good, very good. As much as the first time I succeeded in magic. I'm happier than I was when I was the youngest, and I can't explain it in human language."

Mimiir grinned, saying so. Ilysis shrugged his shoulders to show off.

"If a crazy person goes crazy again, what else would it be other than normal?"Behind his back, Mimir nodded with a distorted look.

"Sigh... it's hard, but I understand the situation roughly. Yeah, no wonder the clock tower was so quiet that a new hour hand appeared!"

Leonhardt shouted into the air. Mimiir looked around for a moment, raised the corners of his mouth to the fullest, and opened Mimi's Brunne's door.

"Now it's my room.”

What are you doing without coming in? Mimir made a chin move.

"Do I have to go to that room?"

"It's too small here to celebrate."


Leonhardt walked ahead, pressing the unwilling tee. Following Elizabeth and Ilysses, Mimir finally entered the room with a fluttering step.

Surprised, Elizabeth opened her eyes wide as soon as the door closed, looking at Mimiir jumping up into the air.

In the next moment, Mimi-r flew in the air with a joyful scream again, and returned to her seat after a long time.

"I'm finally here! I'm the owner of the clock tower!"

Flowers bloomed, flames flared, and glistened in front of each syllable.

"It's also the youngest!"

What's wrong with Mimir? Well, wasn't he supposed to be like this? No matter what you do here, it's safe outside. Wait, doesn't that mean we're not safe? Is that how the story goes? Oh, my God, Mimir! Open the door now! Mimir, Mimir?

The three people, who were whispering head-to-head, looked back at Mimi-r with white faces.

She was drenched in her own world, flying in the air.

It was clear that that would be the way it would be if you could see the feelings of joy with your eyes.

As such, Mimir was so excited and excited.

"Well, by the way, Mimir."

"Yes, Your Majesty?"

"What about Mimi Brunne?"

Mimi-r, who was standing on her toes like a ballerina, stopped in place.

"My grandfather is no longer in the clock tower."


"You went on a trip."

"Travel? Is it a metaphor?"

"No, really, a trip. My grandfather devoted his whole life to magic. If you wanted a book, you wouldn't mind crossing the continent. In return, my grandfather became the owner of the clock tower, but he was disappointed that he forgot what spring looked like.”


"My grandfather went to find spring. You probably come to see me about once a year."

"I broke up with my one and only family, and I don't see any signs of sadness.”

"I can see him again, but it's impossible to be happy about being the owner of the clock tower unless now! Where was I? Did you sing? Dance with me!"


Mimir held his hand and spun around, humming a sham song that was out of tune and beat.

Elizabeth muttered, "I'm glad to hear that," looking at Leonhardt.

Mimiir screamed again. Illisys, who lost his hand in the wind, roared on the floor.

"I forgot the celebratory drink!"

Mimiir clapped her hands, stretched out her arms in the air and began to stir wildly.

"Let's see, I'm sure I hid it here…Ah!"

As she pulled her arms back with a triumphant look, she held four clear glass of wine in her hand.

"I'll take one by one.

The three had to jump in place for a while to catch the glass floating in the air to suit the owner's mood.

"And... here it is! Your Majesty, do you know what this is?"

Leonhardt narrowed his eyes and read the label on the bottle of wine in Mimir's hand.It was so old that half of the writing was blurred, half erased, telling how old the wine was.

"He's been drinking it for generations as a celebratory drink when the owner of the clock tower changed! The only wine left in the world that can't be saved by the Emperor!"

Mimiir jumped from place to place and turned a somersault. Elizabeth chuckled at the sight.

Leonhardt picked up the wine with a look of anticipation. And filled the glass of Mimir first.

"I've always wondered. What kind of scent does it have, how does it taste? Half the curiosity about this wine will be what put me here."

"Enjoy yourself. Congratulations, Mimir. I hope the needle on the clock tower doesn't stop.”

"Thank you!"

Speaking in a cheerful tone, Mimir leaned his glass lightly under the light and appreciated the color.

It was soft like a shadowy velvet, yet dark red, and an exclamation came out naturally.

Mimir then placed a glass at the tip of his nose and breathed deeply into his chest.


Mimiir's face was already half-stretched. Wondering what kind of scent it was, Leonhardt shook the bottle slightly and sniffed at the cork.

"Um... Mimir?"

Leonhardt tilted his head with an anxious look. But Mimiir was just taking a sip of wine with a still ecstatic look on his face what was so good.

"Oh dear…"

"What, what is this? What's wrong with the wine? This is a celebration drink? And it's been going on for over a hundred years?"

"Didn't you know when you smelled it?”

Elizabeth only tilted her head. I didn't know the details because I was suddenly blindfolded, but there seemed to be a problem with the wine.

"I... I thought you were going to test me for the last time!"

Ilysis asked for an understanding, pulled the glass out of Mimiir's hand, and carefully observed the wine.

And he sighed.

"This isn't a celebration drink, it's a celebration vinegar….”

"Failed wizards! I don't even know how to store wine because I'm crazy about magic!"

"Isn't that the same for you, Mimir?"

"For generations, only the owner of the clock tower could drink this wine... Grandpa!"

The three, except Mimiir, recoiled and backed away. The air surrounding her turned into black clouds and was making a rumbling, small lightning.


"Is it okay to use magic only for such a thing?”

"It's just a thing like that! Why can't I drink the wine that my grandfather drank, the old master drank, the old master drank? This is not fair!"

I've been looking forward to this moment! Mimiir sat on the floor shouting like that.

"Mimir, if you like, I'll send you a wine in the Yellow Order. So don't be so sad....”

"This wine is the only thing I can do! No, you can't!"

"Is that something to be so stubborn about?”

"It's a matter of fact! Tomorrow, other wizards will pry into how the wine tasted, and if you say it tasted completely different from what's left in the literature, or if it's already vinegar, they'll admit me to being the owner of this clock tower!"

"…just one wine?"

"Leon, it's been a tradition for generations."

Elizabeth pulled his sleeve and calmed him down.

Ilysis was in deep agony with a bottle of wine.

Mimir took a deep breath with his hand on his waist and muttered in a relaxed voice."…I wanted to talk about this wine when I met my grandfather again someday.”

The air sank in an instant, and the three looked at each other's faces.