Chapter - 116 Episode 117 of The Emperor's Return of the Needle.

"Why isn't there a fairy tale where the witch becomes happy?”

Mimi's Brune stared at her granddaughter, who asked questions, shining brightly in her green eyes.

When she was toddling around, she lost her parents in a wagon accident and came to the clock tower at the hands of her only family.

"Our Mimir will be the first person to come to the clock tower at your age.’

"Grandpa, am I a witch because I'm wearing black to the clock tower?’

At an age when he didn't even know what death was yet, Mimir, who naively believed that his parents had gone to a country beyond the distant rainbow, tilted his head.

And a smile spread for the first time on the face of Mimi's Brunne, who was grieving over the loss of her beloved daughter and trusted assistant and son-in-law.

The owner of the clock tower, who had a gentle smile like a cup of tea, patted his cloud-white beard and said.

No matter how busy he was, it was his privilege and duty to read a fairy tale before Mimi-r went to sleep.

"Mimir, would you like to be the hero of such a fairy tale?"

"But there's no story of the princess trapped in the tower, no story of the witch trapped in the tower?”

"Do you want to be the main character in the story of a witch trapped in a tower?"

Mimiir nodded. A happy ending was always waiting for the main character in the fairy tale.

"Where is Mimi now?"

"The clock tower."

Mimi's Brune burst into laughter and patted her lovely granddaughter on the head.

Mimi's Brune suggested, casting a magic spell on Mimiir, whose eyelids are barely closing.

"You're in the clock tower, you want to be a fairy tale hero, and you want to see the story of a witch trapped in the tower, so you can be a witch!"

So Mimir decided to be a witch.

Mimiir was born with Manna.

Furthermore, the people who raised her were the wizards of the clock tower, which would be the second best in the empire.

So it was no wonder that she became a member of the clock tower at the youngest age in history.

Mimiir, who no longer looked for fairy tales, read magic books instead.

Instead of telling her the story in the book, Mimi's Brune also told her the story of a wizard that did not appear in the book.

A silly wizard story that created a magic to become a cloud, but still revolves around the clock tower because he forgot to create a magic to return to man.

A wizard who succeeded in flying in the sky by casting magic on wings made of feathers and wax, but fell into the lake because he got too close to the sun.

She made a love potion for the prince, but she fell in love with the frog by mistake, and she was invited to the next country because she was the prince of the next country under a curse and is still studying with the frog prince.

The characters in the story told by Mimi's Brune were all great people to cheer her up, who was upset that the magic training was rarely carried out at her disposal today.

'I want to be that kind of wizard someday. But I'm going to learn the magic of returning to human beings, find ways to use the magic of clouds, maintain the right altitude when flying in the sky, and I'm not going to make love potions!’

'Our Mimir is also brilliant. Maybe I'll take over this grandfather's seat at a young age.’'...that's what they did. Even if I were your granddaughter, it would be impossible.'

"Oh, did they do that? Why didn't you tell this grandfather? I could turn that nasty mouth into a shell.’

So I turned their mouths into chick beaks. The peep sounds so cute!"

Mimi's Brune chuckled when she heard that she had already used such magic at the age of less than ten.

"Mimir, do you know what's best about being the owner of a clock tower?’

What is it?

Instead of answering, Mimi's Brune smiled glistening green eyes with gold.

"If our Mimir becomes someone's senior, I'll tell you."

The words served as an opportunity for Mimir to rewrite the history of the clock tower.

Mimi's Brune could fully guess how she felt today just by hearing her granddaughter's footsteps.

For example, if you're running forward with a tight grip on your emotions...


"Our Mimir, you don't seem to like the result again?"

Mimir, who had a lot of soot on his face, clothes, and soot on his face, looked very sad.

Every time she became someone's senior, she had to wear a mask.

My grades are better than anyone else so that I don't disgrace my grandfather's honor.

He's still young, so he doesn't have to do anything about it. Like an adult.

Only in front of her grandfather, who accepted all of her childishness, could she exist as a real Mimiur.

Mimir, who had been sniffing for a long time with her face buried in Mimis Brunne's lap, raised her drooping eyes and begged Mimis Brunne without saying a word.

Mimi's Brune was greedy at an early age and patted her on the back, looking pitifully at her granddaughter who ended up bearing an unaffordable burden in return for making it mine.

"Yes, the story. The best thing that ever happened to me as the owner of the clock tower was...It was the moment I drank the wine."

"What kind of wine is it?"

Mimi's Brune's eyes were on the distant past.

"There's a bottle of wine that's been handed down to the owners of the clock tower for generations. That would mean a celebratory drink. It's as old as the clock tower's history."

"More than the history of the imperial family?”

"If Isildur hears it, he will sulk, but what can we do about it? Yeah, maybe it's the first wine.”

"Then it's not even in Her Majesty's wine seller?”

"Of course! Isildur begged me to let him eat just once, but I refused."

Not long ago, part of the crown prince's body - Mmir - was resentful. With one hair, copy a thick copy of the magic book!Mimir, who had suffered injuries to -, looked refreshed.

"Then what does the wine smell like?”

The upset on her face had long since disappeared. But Mimi's Brune still patted her hair and continued the story.

"The scent was... light as a cloud, but it was as heavy as the bottom of a lake with a clock tower. "And it tickles my nose like a flower, and my lungs are cold like a cold wind in winter."

"How does it taste? How does it taste?

"And what a wonderful taste! The rich, earthy chocolate in the vineyard and the feeling of happiness, as if they were squeezed out of oil.It's a taste that can't be expressed in human language."

"Can I have a drink?”

Mimi's Brunne, who was reminiscent with her eyes closed, lifted only one eyelid.Before I knew it, Mimir ran to the lab and was ready to start the experiment again.

"...that's what he said. The seniors at the clock tower purposely told me the results of the experiment as a lie, taught me fake spells, and somehow tried to drive me down as a liar, but my grandfather believed me to the end. He was like that!"

Tears welled up in Mimiir's eyes. Elizabeth patted her face carefully on her shoulder.

Leonhardt wondered if he should still bring the secret wine he had saved.

But the only wine in spleen was vinegar, or wine, that had been handed down from generation to generation after generation after generation.

Leonhardt, who looked puzzled about what to do about this, turned his head slightly when Ilysis was unusually quiet.

As if you were trying to say something, just your lips flutter, just your mouth blinking. His white, inky fingertips wince.

"Ilysses, do you have something to say?”

At Leonhardt's words, Ilysis was as shocked as a rabbit who was caught by a hunter.

There is one view that calls for a wise way out of this situation somehow.

There is one view that exudes a sense of unfounded trust that has not changed at all from the moment we first met, saying that you can do it.

Do you know how even a wizard doesn't know, but if you know something, tell me right away.

Ilysis gulped and, perhaps, cried.

"Maybe Mimi Brunne lied to Mimiir on purpose?"

"Grandfather? To me? Why? Don't insult my grandfather! He's not that kind of person."

"Gee, calm down! I've met Mimi's Brunne in person, so I can guarantee how great she was. What I'm trying to say is...You know, there's a saying that it's a white lie, right? Mimi's Brunne didn't cheat on you, but maybe she lied to you in good faith.I don't think so.

"Grandpa, did you'really?

Nodding. Illisys, who had been nodding his head at Mimir's slightly toned-down attitude, plucked up courage and added a little more explanation.

"Mimir said so. Mimi's Brunne believed in Mimi no matter what. And one of the reasons Mimiir could be the owner of the clock tower now is the wine in question and Mimi's Brunne, who told the story of the wine.”

Mimiir frowned lightly. Ilysis shook her head to indicate that she was right.

"Mimis Brunne purposely lied to Mimir so that he could come here, using his curiosity about this wine as a driving force. That's my opinion."

Mimiir blinked without saying a word. Elizabeth exclaimed in silence.

"Mimir, I'm sure that's what you said earlier. Even now, when you walk out the door, you're full of sorcerers to pry and ask how the wine tasted."

"Uh, well, I guess I did."

"Maybe Mimi's Brunn was expecting this to happen. The book he wrote said, "The taste of celebratory liquor I drank on the day I became the owner of the clock tower is still vivid in my memory." And Mimir knows the taste and scent. A little bit of a lie, but anyway, you already know what to answer them."

"...are you telling me to lie? That vinegar is what you've been talking about so many times?

"Even if you lie, there's no way other wizards can confirm it. It's only allowed for the owner of the clock tower."Mimiir was briefly conflicted by Leonhardt's words. And I nodded with a face that wasn't very comfortable.

"...if not as ecstatic as Mimi Brunne said, I can confidently recommend wine from our wineries. If you don't mind, can I give you a bottle as a present?”

Illisys advised cautiously.

Mimir raised his gloomy face and said, glaring at the impudent white rabbit who dared to drink first.

"...get me something to celebrate."