Chapter - 117 Episode 118 of The Emperor's Return of the Needle.

What happened to you, what happened to you?

"Is this really gonna be okay?"

"I think these people should give it a try.”

"Okay, then I'll give you the green light."

"Wait! I'll join you.”

Elizabeth's hand over Leonhardt's hand, which was about to be stamped.

A drop or two of the hot melted golden sealing wax fell.

Before the mushy wax hardens, press the tensile together and take a short breath.

When the wax was solid enough and at the same time, the emperor's pattern was clearly stamped on the paper.

That evening, a document with the emperor's seal arrived at the duchess of Elysium.

Duke Elysium, who had been complaining about guests who had visited the mansion one after another, looked suspicious of the golden seal, not the ordinary red seal.

The Duke, who checked the contents of the story, grabbed the back of his neck and groaned, and fell down the road with a heavy thud.

The doctor diagnosed that the stress accumulated in the meantime was so shocked that it exploded at once that he fainted for a while.

"I recommend you change your lifestyle."

"What? What's wrong with my lifestyle?"

As the fever rose again above his neck, his head buzzed and the Duke lay still in bed as the doctor told him to.

"If you don't want the Ellisium family's history book to say, 'Died of depression.'

Saying so, the doctor got up from his seat.

Given the excessive size for the Duke's age, his body will be filled with fat even where blood vessels need to pass.

He drank alcohol and greasy food without skipping a day, and even smoked more than ten cigarettes a day, so the doctor left the duchess thinking it was a natural result.

When the Duchess asked him to find out what caused him to faint, the butler calmly took a document out of his arms.

Leaving behind Duke Elysium, who seemed to be sitting still, the Duchess ordered the butler to read the contents instead, asking if there was poison on the paper.

Dressed in his usual white gloves and undisturbed butler's uniform, he briefly cleared his throat and slowly read the contents.

"…therefore, House Elysium appreciates the consideration of the Empress and orders her to implement it."


"Now I drink the empress."

It's a habit! The Duchess, who was about to scream, was literally blocked.

A golden seal engraved with the imperial emblem meant that the document contained a yellow light.

The Duchess of Elysium, who had no justification, reason, or strength to reject the imperial order, slumped into a chair on the road.

Ludwig, who came carefully after hearing the news, asked the butler what happened.

The butler easily explained what was written on the document so that Ludwig could understand it.

"Madam, both the previous empress and the former empress were great family members, but they did not particularly desire government posts. I was afraid that the mistake of the family would harm the honor of the Empress. The Emperor wants Elysium to take a leaf out of his book."

"Why would a family mistake be in your honor?"

"It's… oh, the etiquette teacher who'll come next week will teach you.""Your manners teacher?"

Ludwig tilted his head and his blue eyes rolled.

The butler somehow nodded with a pleased look.

"Yes, if you were a young lady, you would call her into the palace to study etiquette, but you cannot be a maid because you are a man, and instead you call a lady of trust as a teacher of etiquette." How many days have you been to the mansion? I think some of them said they wanted to be your teacher. It's something to be thankful for."

"Why can't I be a maid? I want to be by your side."

Ludwig looked genuinely incomprehensible. The butler soothed him with a low, troubled laugh.

"If you can't be a maid, what about the knight? It may be difficult to meet the Empress in private, but it will be possible to send a letter through the teacher. If you write about what you've learned every week, you'll probably be pleased."


"Oh, here's another piece of good news. There will be someone who will teach the young master how to do swordsmanship."

"Swordplay? Driver? Really?"

"Yes, you do know that His Majesty is the Sword Master, don't you?"

"I heard it happened to protect your sister. Oh, I hope the Emperor doesn't come here himself.”

Ludwig's eyes were even more wide open. The butler was almost patting his head without realizing it, but secretly hid his hand behind his wife's back.

"Unfortunately, His Majesty is not. But it says you are the best knight in the Empire, chosen by Your Majesty and the Empress."

"Can I be a knight, too? I want to protect you!"

The butler desperately swallowed a laugh at Ludwig's words. And with a nice smile, he nodded his head only head.

Excited, Ludwig ran back to his room, saying he should write a letter of thanks.

The butler again returned to his usual solemn demeanor, straightening his waist and waiting for orders from Duke Elysium and Duchess.

But the order didn't come down for a long.

"Mrs. Liddell is....”

The butler briefly recalled Ellisium's genealogy.

"You made a quick visit last week. About five minutes...It's memorable because he only drank tea and left without saying anything. Perhaps the Riddells and Elysiums had a blood relationship before the fifth century."

"What? Five in a row! That was a couple of years ago! That's why you choose people?"

Behind his back, Duke Elysium roared.

But drinking last night, he said, 'What kind of family are we in the Elysium family, there is no place in the whole social world that has not led to our blood. Those two dukes were married to my great-grandmother! They're definitely relatives! I can't believe my relative didn't show up at all.What he said, which he talked about, was not convincing at all.

"Oh, it's the family of the grandmother of the present Emperor. I understand that the family wind is very severe."

The countenance of the Duchess disappeared.

She also was never happy to hear that she came from the family, knowing firsthand how humiliated Freya was when she was crown prince.

"Well, I'd like to explain who the sword teacher is... Should I post it?"

When there was no answer, the butler shrugged and leaked the information he knew.

"You're from the common people.”

That brings the Duke to the family honor once again. I lay down with a groaning sound.Even so, Duke Elysium said, "The common people are the common people."

The Duchess still didn't say anything.

"It is also said that the books of dignity maintenance from the imperial family are checked by the janitor of the imperial family every month.

In front of the butler's eyes, I remembered myself sighing when I saw the precious liquor that Duke Elysium had to buy, the furniture that he had to buy new because he smashed, and the list of assets that were getting scarce every time.

The butler said goodbye to his past with a more refreshing heart.

"There was a time when Her Majesty destroyed the gates of the mansion. It's late, but with the advice of adding to the repair cost... Hmm? Hmm? Hmm?"

The butler doubted his eyes. One, two, three... Five, six? Seven? Do you have more?

A little, too much money was written on the ordinary door repair.

If I exaggerated a little, I could build another mansion.

The butler's chin dropped to the floor when he heard that a repairman and a check would arrive together.

The Elysium mansion is no less than under the supervision of the imperial court, as the document says.

The next day, the Duke of Elysium, who was still lying down, and the Duchess, who wore only an indoor dress, had to greet guests early in the morning.

It was still a cold winter, but they ruthlessly opened all the doors.

And not only the door, but also the window frame and the corner of the ceiling where the spider web had been attached, as well as the rust on the candlestick of the chandelier, began to be wiped out.

"You're going to do this!"’

The butler laughed unconsciously in a cool mood that seemed to have disappeared until he stayed in the corner of his heart.

"Cheque, where's the check?"

But the smile was again smudged by the Duke of Elysium, who wrapped the quilt around him like a cape, and looked greedily for a check with a huge amount of money.

The cleaning supervisor, who was in charge of the ruined mansion, blinked for a moment when he heard that it was a check and smiled.

"You mean the cheque you paid in advance? I'll give you a receipt every time, so don't worry."

"Pay in advance? Pay in advance? What does that mean? Can't you put it out here right now? You're such a low-key person who cleans other people's houses..”

But the supervisor was silent on all the more embarrassing words.

"Give it to me right now!"

"Dear Duke, I hear it's not easy to find skilled users these days."

"What a load of crap!"

The supervisor grinned again. And said Maid and his servants, standing in an orderly fashion behind their backs.

"Your Majesty has paid us in a lump sum. Until the day Master Ludwig Mort von Elysium becomes Duke of Elysium, these friends, who have worked as marquis for at least five years, will be in charge of the mansion."


The butler felt like raising a temple toward the palace. I can't believe you brought me in person who was otherwise lacking! You're a professional!

He even paid his salary in advance. The huge amount must have been those people's salaries.

Hugging the beleaguered financial situation and posting an announcement to recruit Maid often attracted only family members of prisoners or suspicious people who might steal silver spoons and chopsticks.I'd rather be a professional worker like this! Hooray for the Empress! The butler called joy to himself.

Eventually, the Duke failed to overcome the shock and returned to his shaky steps.

The Duchess also had a strangled face.

Having served another lady meant that she could soon spread the story of Elysium to the rest of her friends in the mansion where they worked.

No matter how hard I try, can I trust the faces that I've never seen before?

The Duchess was black in the eye.

Then a week later, a carriage carrying a knight arrived at the Duke of Elysium.