Chapter - 118 Episode 119 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

It was Mrs. Sophia Bavaria Liddell who was in the carriage.

The first time she saw her, Duchess Elysium was deeply appalled.

More than decades ago, the very face was in front of me, when a person who saw Frayah, the crown princess at the time, rebuked her so harshly that it was sympathetic.

Black hair that is pulled back neatly without any protruding baby hairs.

Black eyes and firm mouth, which are strict, cool, and cold.

The wife of a strict and strict impression who seemed to look better in a military uniform than a perfectly ironed dress without wrinkles took out a business card with one hand with a cane.

"The Liddels and the Elysiums were blooded 782 years ago."

The Duke of Elysium doubted his ears for a moment. Seven hundred, how many years?

Mrs. Liddell pushed the card closer to the Duke in a polite gesture.

Unexpectedly, the Duke of Elysium, who received his business card, struggled to start calculating in his head.

Mrs. Riddell was greeted by the Duchess and Ludwig, while the Duke diligently calculated the numbers with a headless head.

The Duchess felt as if she had lost her mind. I couldn't think of any manners that I had taught Elizabeth so harshly.

As soon as she bent her knees and raised herself again, Mrs. Riddell's harsh criticism fell like an awl over the top of her head.

"You still have a pure side for your age."

Why does it sound like a compliment if it was someone else's saying come out of Mrs. Riddell's mouth and say, "How on earth did you educate your child?"

Duchess Elysium grinned awkwardly.

The driver who drove the wagon then introduced himself.

"Nice to meet you, Madam Duke, and Madam. I'm Franz Calz, Knights of the Imperial Household."

However, the duchess took out her fan and began flapping around, ashamed of what she had been looking down on, saying it would be different from a knight from a noble background.

Ludwig frankly opened his mouth and admired. Mrs. Liddell tried to say something about it, but she shut up again.

The Duchess felt uncomfortable inside without a corset.

Meanwhile, Duke Elysium's face, which had been returned to normal, had been red and white for a long time.

Like a habit of speaking, I said it a few hundred years ago, but it's exactly seven hundred... When I faced an opponent who pointed out decades ago, I began to sweat heavily behind my back.

Mrs. Riddell went into the mansion, saying to herself that the only reasonable person here was the butler and the young master.

Thanks to the users sent by the imperial court, the mansion managed to return to the level of accommodation.

Under Mrs. Riddell's cool gaze, the Duchess was anxious to see if there was any place that was not cleaned or if there was any sign of Duke Elysium's disturbance.

The Duke of Elysium rushed to the study, saying that it was up to the hostess to entertain guests.

"The one who doesn't help me to the end!’

The fan held by Duchess Elysium trembled. Mrs. Liddell, still solemn, savored only the tea the butler had given her."The Little Duke of Ellisium.”

"Yes, yes?"

"Yes, one answer is enough. What kind of person would you like to be?”

Ludwig tried to tilt his head like it was a habit, but he was hot again at Mrs. Riddell's gaze and stood at attention.

"Well... I want to be useful to you!"

Duchess Elysium's eyes grew as big as a drop. Mrs. Liddell stared at Ludwig with an interesting gaze.

"It's going to be a tough road. Are you ready?"

Ludwig briefly alternated between Mrs Riddell and Sir Carlz and nodded loudly. And he added a word belatedly.


"That's great.

For the first time, Mrs. Riddell's mouth painted something similar to a smile.

Mrs. Liddell went on to turn the handle of her cane and open it.

A long, slender cane slid down from the inside as it tilted an empty cane.

The Duchess's hands began to tremble when she saw it.

Eventually, she put down the cup that she had not finished and hid her hands between her skirts to hide the sound of the tea cup rustling.

"The Duchess will join us in our court martial. Now you'll have to join the society with the Little Duke again, and I think it's necessary to review so that something unsavory like last time doesn't happen. By the way, the Empress gave me this as a present. With the words "discipline" in the case of the incident."

Mrs. Liddell cleared the glass, declaring so in a tone of almost no height. The Duchess almost threw up the car again, which had been halfway over her neck when she heard "unpleasant things."

He then asked Lord Carlz, who sat with one knee on the floor to meet the child's eye level, in a friendly voice.

Ludwig shouted yes this time too.

The Duchess swallowed her breath, and Mrs. Liddell raised her eyebrows slightly.

Lord Carls smiled and nodded his head.

"The meaning of the Little Peach is the reason I live. I'll teach you everything I know."

"Well... I look forward to your kind cooperation, Lord Carls….”

"I look forward to your kind cooperation."

On his feet, Lord Calz found Duke Elysium.

"I have to ask for your understanding in advance… Ma'am, if you'll excuse me, do you mind if I leave for a while?"

"Yes? Yes, ah. Butler, what are you doing? Come on, don't serve the lord. He's probably in the study."

Lightly turning a blind eye to the Duchess's earnest gaze not to leave me in the same place with Mrs. Riddell, Lord Carlz followed in the footsteps of the butler with Ludwig.

The Duke of Elysium, who had opened all the study windows and cooled his face, was frightened again by the sudden knocking.

"What... what's going on!"

"Sir Calz says he has something to say to you for a moment."

"Sir Carls? Oh, boys, come in."

I didn't like the way he raised his head stiffly when he was a commoner.

I don't know what you're trying to say, but I'll find fault and kick him out.

Thinking so, Duke Elysium stretched his shoulders as hard as he could, sticking out his belly, or chest.

"In case you don't believe me, I'm also writing you a handwritten letter."

Lord Carlz or Lord Carl Arts suddenly uttered a load of nonsense, such as "Your Excellency should participate in the small duke's sword training."

Duke Elysium heated up in the hole of the whole face and refuted what nonsense it was.Lord Carls held out a letter in his arms, still smiling as if he had fully anticipated such a reaction.

My father-in-law.

At least you should see the little duke succeeding to the title. So do as Lord Calz recommends. It's not a recommendation, it's a yellow name.

Son-in-law Leonhard Tristan von Espedor]

The words of the father-in-law and son-in-law seemed to have been deliberately written to raise his anger, so Duke Elysium trembled.

Not long after his father showed such symptoms, Ludwig, who remembers his body shouting and violent behavior, clung to Lord Calz's legs without realizing it.

"If there's no special reason, the training will begin tomorrow. In the case of the small craft, we need to strengthen our basic physical strength first.”

"What... what?"

Duke Elysium sprang to his feet. The sudden movement made my eyes flutter.

The Duke floundered his hands in the air to force his way into the dim view.

Then I could hear the thing on the desk falling to the floor and breaking apart.

"Well, if you move your body so suddenly, you can have mild hypotension symptoms. Mr. Duke, for the sake of your health, with the Little Duke from tomorrow....”

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!”

"Are you going to ignore the imperial order?"

The voice of Lord Caltz, gentle and quiet, quickly changed. Ludwig looked up at him in shock.

The Duke of Elysium also changed his voice and changed his expression in front of Lord Calz's face.

How dare you open your eyes to safety when you're a commoner?’

"Then I understand that you have agreed, and I will resign."

The cold, cool Lord Calz, who had pinned down the Duke of Elysium a while ago, is back.

Ludwig wondered if he could make that voice if he became a knight. I didn't want to hear any more of my father squealing.


"Are Mrs. Liddell and Lord Carlz doing well?”

"I'm sure you're doing great.”


Elizabeth still chewed on the tip of the pen to make sure she was not relieved.

Leonhardt shook the paper he had just completed in the air to dry the ink.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Duke of Elysium is now completely in the hands of the imperial family.

Elizabeth herself made it like that.

Users with experience in leading social families will spread rumors from the former owner to the commoner on behalf of the imperial family if they do anything wrong.

"That's not gonna happen, is it?’

There should be no such thing. Elizabeth prayed earnestly, eyeing through the papers that had remained her share.

The same was true of Lord Carls. I sent it to Leonhardt when he said he was a particularly trusted driver..

"Why Lord Calz?”

Leonhardt stretched out and replied in an indifferent tone.

"Your hobby is building muscles.”


"Not only did he gain weight, but he was also too skinny. Once in his hands, it's only a matter of time before he gets back to his average body type."


Certainly, my father, who saw me on my wedding day, seemed to need exercise.

"…it's a problem because I have a small habit of forcing myself to work out to build muscles beyond my average body type."


Elizabeth turned her head in a whoop. Leonhardt only whistled, avoiding her gaze. It was a light, bare-handed gymnastic song known by the entire empire."Well, it's all in its own good."

Elizabeth lost her words and stared at Leonhardt.

"But if you do anything more here, you'll be sad. I don't like it."

He added, excuseably, a word. Eventually Elizabeth nodded with a sigh.

"May I find it refreshing that my mother and father have become so? No, I'll take it easy. A little... I think it's okay.”

"Oh, my God, Lizzy has changed!"

Elizabeth glanced lightly at Leonhardt's fuss.

The family name was still too heavy for her to blame anyone purely.

But for Ludwig's sake, for the sake of the new Elysium, who would exactly be on the side of the empress, we now had to lay down our relationship with them for a while.

Elizabeth decided to be a little stronger.

For everything she loves, for her own happiness, not anyone else.