Chapter - 119 Episode 120 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

Once upon a time, there was an empress.

His hair was a beautiful silver color like the moon reflected on the surface of the water, and his eyes contained all the water in the world.

Such an empress had a wonderful emperor.

The emperor's skin was slightly tanned by the sun, and he had beautiful golden hair that shone white under the light and deep eyes with violets blooming under the wall.

The two beautiful people were a happy couple.

Yeah, I was happy.

The Emperor wasn't perfect, but he wasn't stupid.

The empress truly loves such an emperor....

Love? Well, I see.

There was a lot of filling between the two. Reliability and friendship that we have built throughout our lives, caring for each other, loving and loving Yeonjung.

To put them all together and shorten them into one word, the word "love" should be right.

The emperor loved the empress with all his heart.

Even when she was a child, she was hit with a broken piece of glass on her behalf, and the emperor was completely concerned about the shock the empress would receive without any regret.

"Am I a great empress?"

One day when we were solving the state affairs face to face, the empress asked.

Instead of answering questions, the empress was kissed by her beloved lover.

The lovely empress, who was friendly and sweet to everyone, was the mother of all people and the object of respect.

The people naturally took to the streets every day to watch her appearance in the imperial newspaper.

The empress came out of the palace in disguise without anyone knowing, but she couldn't hide her smile as soon as she passed by.

Helped by the wizard to hide the widely known silver hair, the empress often intervened between them, pretending to be a secret, and lowered her voice and whispered how much the two loved each other.

And he told me a story that was so sweet that people, regardless of their status, would fall for it.

Lord Lane, who usually knew how much he valued the Empress, had to hide in the shadows and kick his tongue, saying, "That's only a few."

The first words that the emperor, who had to leave the empress' side for a very short time, said when he returned were always friendly and warm.

"I missed you.”

Is that really what the emperor would say to the empress in her third year of marriage? Well, it's none of your business because you two like it doesn't matter..

"How can you do that with the crown of the Emperor? Please keep your dignity now. Your majesty is the emperor of this country before one's companion. The one and only emperor!"

The Chancellor of the Empire and a close friend of the Emperor suggested on behalf of everyone there.

"Come with me?"

The emperor tilted his head as if he had heard the first word and smiled with a face that turned the Chancellor's insides upside down.

To the emperor, the empress was beyond description with just a companion.

And as with any story, this story ends with the emperor, who has been so devoted to the empress, noticing her ideals.

Let me give you a light example.

Not long after her last meal, she hurried out of her seat.

"I have no appetite today."

The evening when I tried to smile.

The two men who were dumbfounded by the doctor's diagnosis and aristocrats who began preparing congratulatory drinks early on by exchanging a few glances.

The day when everyone, aristocrats, gentry and commoners, rang the bell of blessing in their hearts.Every eye contact person congratulated the emperor and prayed for the health of the empress, and the emperor felt embarrassed somehow.

And whispered a few times, perhaps, thanks into her stomach.

On the face of it, on the face of it. An unwelcome guest intervened in the couple, who fit so well that no one could intervene recklessly.

Then one day, strange rumors began to circulate about the emperor's move.

I don't think so, but it's a time of great vigor..

Rumors that the emperor left the palace in the middle of the night and headed for the market quickly covered the entire palace.

The Chancellor had to find the cause before rumors spread throughout the empire through strict security of the Imperial Palace.

The emperor, who was called in front of the prime minister to find the cause, the owner of the clock tower who was summoned for helping him go out at night, and the person who met the emperor that day explained that he had no choice.

"Lizzy suddenly wants to eat lemons. What should I do?”

The emperor raised his chin with a brazen expression.

Then the prime minister's back pain began.

"Lizzy, no, the Empress wants to eat it, so what can we do? I've only lifted the Imperial Palace spell for a moment so that you can get out of here.”

The prime minister sighed as if he had given up.

"Oh, my God! I'm so upset! I was sleeping soundly, and suddenly, the king came and suddenly asked me to serve fruit that didn't come out in this season....”

Lastly, the owner of the fruit shop confessed about the nightmare that happened that day in a way that he felt unfair.

"Yes... to save the fruit that the Empress does not usually find in the middle of the night, lifting the very important magical barrier of the Imperial Palace... Thanks to this, my eyes pop out at the emergency report that came up early in the morning..”

The prime minister muttered with a look of resignation.

At first glance, he seemed to have heard that having a child wanted to eat something especially sour, or that he wanted to eat bread freshly baked at a store that disappeared 10 years ago in the middle of the night.

The years passed when I played lullabies to the child in Doran Doran's belly in such a joyous anticipation that filled the imperial palace with devotion to the empress, and the servant rushed to call the emperor.

"Hua... empress... empress... empress... The Empress...!”

The emperor chased after King Sijong with a face that was completely lost in color.

There was not a usual elegant and clear voice, but a scream of exhaustion and suffering.

"Lizzy, Lizzy! Do you recognize who I am?"

"Ugh... Leon... Ugh....”

His face, which looked only young, was soaked in cold sweat and wrinkled in pain.

The emperor agonized for a moment, then knelt under the bed and suddenly pulled her hand and put it on the top of his head.

And I said it with a serious expression.

"If it hurts, just rip it off!"

Again, the screams continued for a long time. By the time the emperor, who had been clenching his teeth, shed tears, the two were finally able to meet their first child.

"Lizzie... will you just shoot me?"

The eyes of midwives and maidens, who were busy receiving and washing their children, were wide open.

"…Shall we?"

The empress raised her tired arms and smiled as if pointing a gun between the emperor's legs.

"Hi, baby?"

The child opened his eyes for the first time.

The seasons have changed endlessly and time has passed again.

The empress gave birth to twins this time, saying that she would shoot the Emperor's leg between his legs.Holding a newborn baby with trembling hands, I thought it would be now if the emperor had a perfect moment in his life.

The emperor picked her up when he saw the empress, who started toddling, picking flowers in the empress' garden and giving them to her newborn brothers.

"I'll make you a new flower garden if you want."

The young yellow lady, who couldn't speak properly at the words, laughed loudly.

The great emperor and the mature empress praised those who saw the portrait of the lovely first empress and the twin prince beside her, saying it was the perfect imperial family.

But they were not perfect. Where in the world are the perfect parents, and where are the perfect children?

No matter how experienced the nanny was by their side, their hearts were broken and at a loss, but even such a life was a happy life for them.


The empress murmured as she watched the children roll around on the golden sunlit lawn.

The emperor, who was watching the scene together, also nodded and overlapped his hand on the back of her hand.


For the emperor, she was the empress and beloved wife, lifelong companion, and precious Lizzy to be with forever before being the mother of my children.

Suddenly, the emperor realized that he was shedding tears.

Maybe it's because of the dust in my eyes?

Or are they tears because they'really?

What expression she smiled with, what voice she cried with, what she liked, and what she hated.

The emperor began to think of her one by one when he saw the yellow lady who looked just like her.

With a very satisfied look, the emperor enjoyed the warm sunshine together for such a long time.

There were many other things.

But let's talk about it slowly, and now focus for a moment on the Empress, who sneaks into the clock tower without a escort late at night.

"You can't stop time, can you?”

With a pleasant laugh, the witch shook her head to the empress.

"Are you that happy?”

The empress nodded, hiding her shy face.

"I thought it might be possible with Mimir's power. I don't want to forget this moment forever. To the point where I would rather have stopped... I'm happy every day."

The process of developing an empire with a loved one, sleeping surrounded by children who resemble him, and spending time with such an old friend.

The witch pondered when she heard that it was a happy moment that couldn't miss anything.

"Then shall we put it on record it.


The witch nodded her head. The empress made only a puzzled expression when she heard that it was impossible to stop the passing time, but it was possible to leave a shadow of time in the record.

"I may be envious of you in the book. Is that okay?”

"No way! I'm sure I'm jealous of myself in the book.”

"You're not going to let go of the future, are you?”

"My happiness is here. The past will become a happy memory and remain in the book.”

"Are you sure you don't mind that?"

"You can take my heart in return. I don't care if I record the rest of my life. If I die before Leon, I want to give him a chance to laugh again.”

The witch in the clock tower smiled with a look of indifference.

"Okay, I've already got the price. Leon will be happy."The empress, who had a deal with the witch, found God after a long time before going to bed.

God, please don't let this happiness end. No matter what happens, we will overcome it together. So promise me that there will be happiness beyond that. Allow us eternal happiness.'

And the witch of the clock tower began to write a book.