Chapter - 121 What she's got back.


A large black horse jumped over its body.

Isidore, who was about to take a nap on a hill with a clear view of the sea to avoid his mother's nagging, screamed and jumped up.

Who is it? Is it an assassin?

I stuttered my left back like a habit, but I couldn't find anything to grab.

Lee Si-dore, who remembered that he had let go of his sword because he didn't want to get close to the weapon even when he was taking a nap, bit his tongue at his mistake.

"What's wrong with you!"

"Who are you?"

I'll hit you with a book. Thinking so, I lowered my body and strained my muscles.

But on top of the turret, a completely unexpected answer came back.

You don't know me?’

The whole town was buzzed with news of the imperial family's visit.

Even if you don't know, someone might be forcing you to put a piece of information in your ear that you don't want to know, but you don't know me?

Isidore laughed out of despondency at the moment.

"What, why are you laughing? Who are you?"

The rider on the black horse, who was more handsome than any other horse, was surprisingly a woman.

Once in the sense that you don't know yourself, twice in the sense that you treat such words casually. How will he surprise me next time?

Somehow, with anticipation, Ishidore gently revealed his identity.

"Nice to meet you, Lady. My name is Aurum from Jejudo. Osterreich stopped by for a trip."

"Aurum? That's a weird name.”

Isidore ended up smirking. It was a response that exceeded expectations.

"Why are you laughing? This is Osterreich estate. You can't just walk in here."

"Is that so?"

"Well... but I almost stepped on your head earlier, and I'll just overlook it."

At this point Ishidore recognized her identity.

Osterreich's tomboy, the trouble of the Marquis Osterreich and the sea princess who grew up with the waves, must have been Freya Ivanna von Osterreich.

Her eyes were wide open. Ishidore answered with pleasure.

"Who else would run this horse on the Osterreich estate other than Lady?"

Freya blinked her eyes. Is that so?

A strange man who identified himself as "Aurum" bowed at the court with a smile on his face.

Freya, who was greeted by the horse unexpectedly, came down from the horse after the sound of waves had passed a few times.

Isidore admired Freya, who, unlike other women, jumped off the saddle.

The moment I thought of a charming lady with as tall height as any other man, a shadow hit his body.



Freya, who was embarrassed and misplaced the landing spot with the face of Aurum, not the lawn, screamed belatedly.

But nothing has happened, contrary to the hundreds of horrible and ominous imaginations that pass through my mind.

"Next time, even if it takes a little time, why don't you come down slowly?"


Freya, clasped in Aurum's arms, only his mouth blushed. Aurum still smiled and put her down on the grass.

"I apologize for the trouble with Lady's body."

"No, it's okay! Oh, oh, oh, oh! Rather, you should apologize here. I'm sorry a little while ago. What a fuss the nanny has been making this morning! I was so frustrated that I borrowed my brother's words and rode out, but I couldn't see them. That was a close call."

It's a big deal. Isidore nodded, thinking so.

"Next time, I'll make sure there's no intruder on the property and get on the horse."He burst into laughter at the following words. Unlike the social lady who glances over her face what she's thinking, her first impression, which is as unpredictable as the waves, was not so bad. No, it was rather pleasant.

"It's not something to laugh about. The nanny nags me from the moment I wake up in the morning to the moment I go back to bed and close my eyes, asking me if I'm the crown prince or not. I can assure you, I've been holding on since I was a kid, so I'll just let it go in one ear and spill it. You wouldn't you last an hour?”

Crown Prince Isidore grinned inwardly. No wonder my mom asked me to go on a summer vacation first, but I wonder if this is what she meant.

"Why don't you just show your face once and finish?"

Before I knew it, Freya was sitting on the floor looking up at him. Without realizing it, Isidore naturally sat next to her, looking at her as if she was asking what she was doing instead of sitting down.

"I'd love to, but I'm trying to fill up the corset, you know, the manners, the speech, the corsets. I'd rather run away than wear that horrible thing!"

Her shoulders trembled as if she hated it just by imagining it. Isidore decided to wait and see for a while to reveal his identity.

"So Lady Osterreich--."



"You can just call me Freya. Am I supposed to call you Aurum, too? Osterreich, don't you think it's a strange castle?”

"Well, is that so? …Freya."

"Normally Bavarian or Wittelswein would be great!"

"I don't think Freya Ivanna von Osterreich is bad either."

Freya, Freya, Ivanna Phone... Espedore. Not a bad echo, Ishidore thought.

"Really? You have a unique taste. By the way, how did you get into private property? With the arrival of the Empress and Her Majesty the Crown Prince from the Imperial Court, the father and brothers must be busy maintaining the peace."

"Oh, it's..."

"Did you happen to have any hidden grottoes or something? Let me know if you have any! I'll use it later. Huh? But I'll keep today's work a secret. Oh, come on!

As Freya begged with a desperate expression, Isidore tried to avoid his eyes. My conscience began to whisper, saying that it would be better to reveal who I am.

"…Chhh. If you don't like it, never mind. You won't be able to use it any time soon."

"Hmm? Why is that?"

Freya let out a big sigh as if she had been waiting. Isidore somehow had an ominous feeling that he might be included in the reason.

"My father said that. I'll put him in a carriage while he's sleeping and send him to the palace."


The Marquis Osterreich, who would have been a good example of an exemplary soldier, would not have said that.

Oops, I covered my mouth with my hand. Freya, whose face was full of complaints, met eyes. Ishidore laughed awkwardly haha. Freya turned her sulky face aside with a whining nasal sound.

"That means you may soon become the crown princess.”

"Marry a man you don't even know!”

Don't you know the face? Isidore began to touch his face without realizing it. You didn't even make a debut yet? For that... height a little, little... It's very big...

"I'm fifteen."

Oh, my God, Isidore hit his forehead inside. The lady, who is tall for her age, is not a nobleman living in the system, nor has she made her debut yet. So he might not know his face.Still, there is a rumor, and this lady seemed to be not interested in that kind of rumor.

"Hmph. The throne of the crown prince, apparently stuck in the palace, playing with numbers, and I'm sure I'll have to read only boring books every day. I'm not taking it even if I give it to you! Take it back! Why me? There must be a lot of other people.”

Perhaps he didn't like it much, but Freya pulled out the grass that he could grab and threw it away.

Isidore scratched his head with a sense of embarrassment. And on the other hand, I thanked my mother. Mother, I think I've found the sense of the Crown Princess.

"But the crown prince is not so bad as the character….”

"Do you have to live off your face? Even if you're handsome, it's no use being a dog, and if your eyes are on one side like a flounder, you'll live forever if you get along well!"

Isidore's hands unconsciously turned to his eyes. His appearance, which he had never thought much about in his life, suddenly began to bother him very much.

"Well, maybe he's not that old, considering that he's at an age when he's thinking about getting married and he hasn't heard any bad rumors yet."

I don't think so. Have I ever done anything that might mislead you?

Looking back on the past, Ishidore began to excuse himself. Freya tilted her head, blinking her big eyes.

"Is that so? Oh, you said you were from the Islands, right? Do you know much about the Crown Prince?"

You know better than anyone else in the world. Well, maybe.

Isidore smiled with a vague look. Freya pulled one knee closer as if it were good, and spoke into his chin.

"You don't want to marry a woman you don't even know, do you? Of course, it hasn't been confirmed yet, but my brother said it yesterday. If the Empress is here herself, it's almost certain. Well, I'm a girl. She's the daughter of a noble, so she'll marry her father anywhere, even if it's not her Royal Highness. You're not the Crown Prince, are you? Wouldn't you still have a choice?”

"That's... that's possible."

In fact, he didn't have a choice. For Ishidore, Empress was the life's decision maker before she was a mother. Even if she suddenly comes to me one day and unilaterally notifies me, "A lady from a family will be the crown prince," what's the point of decision. There was no veto in the first place.

Freya's eyes were wide open. Isidore gave a look of embarrassment and ruin.

"…how about Mr. Aurroom?”

Let's avoid this situation first. Ishidore came up with all the cases more seriously than he did with mock military exercises or strategic operations and began to cut them one by one.

"Actually… I'm a close associate of the Crown Prince. I was off duty today, so I was just taking a break, if you want, Lady et al., no. I could deliver Freya's letter to him."

If you think about it a little bit, you'll find out that it's a lie. You're a close friend and you don't even know the crown prince's face?

However, Freya, who was about to lose his footing, and Lee Si-do, who was in a hurry and didn't even think about the back and forth, missed it.


I wasn't confident to face Freya, who was looking at him with sparkling eyes as if it were his only hope.

I don't know, whatever happens. If I get caught lying, Lady Osterreich will be disappointed in me and won't want to get married. Because I want to reject marriage that the other person doesn't want....’Freya screamed with joy as Isidore nodded and clung to his neck.

"Re, Re, Lady Osterlachik?"

"Hooray, I'm alive! Mr. Aurum, you are a lifesaver of my life! Oh, well, hmmm! Now this job is... The…."

"What happened?”

Whenever he hugged him first, he just smiled as he sat down and covered his face with his hands belatedly.

Isidore made a show of deftness, and Freya laughed aloud to see if she liked his attitude.

"Mr. Aurroom, I like you!"

Isidore was the first confession of his life.