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"Is that so? It's an honor. I don't hate Freya either. No, I mean... Somewhere between normal and liking… It's, uh, it's like....”

My face suddenly got hot. Isidore rolled his eyes and mumbled for the right horse.


"Yes, that's it! Woo... Jung...."

No, it's not friendship. It's a different emotion. I can't put my finger on it, but... Anyway, it's not friendship.

"Then, Mr. Aurum, would you please pass the letter to His Majesty the Crown Prince?”

"As much as you want, we can guarantee anonymity if you want."

I can't believe I was such a good liar! Ishidore learned a new fact.

Freya smiled with satisfaction and said with all her heart.

"Thank you."

There was a red sunset behind Freya's back, smiling like that.

At the moment, Ishidore's mind was filled with one thought.

"With this lady, I don't think life in the palace will be so boring.’

So Ishidore never missed a letter to himself and started delivering it regularly. And I wrote back to Freya directly and handed it over to her. He also gave a positive assessment of the crown prince.

"I suddenly sent a letter to my closest acquaintance saying, 'I don't want to get married, so please stop me.' I didn't expect this reply....”

"Because people have to see and judge for themselves."

A few letters ran between the two.

Meanwhile Freya began to feel more and more curious about the faceless crown prince.

"There was something unbelievable today. I've been disrespectful since the first day of my life because I've been living in a mansion and making all sorts of excuses in case I run into the Crown Prince or the Empress. But you know, the Crown Prince has offered to refuse to meet me until I change my mind?”

"Did that happen?”

Of course there was. That cheeky, arrogant, rude girl tried to kneel in front of me immediately and desperately stopped her from seeing her precious face.

He managed to dissuade her, calming down the embarrassing and embarrassing Marquis and his wife.

And he suggested it first. If you want to catch a cat, it's faster to shake the grass in front of it than to chase it blindly. It was a crude and rude analogy, but she succeeded in turning her mind around.

"So I decided to meet him!"

Isidore managed to maintain an 'Aurum smile'. You're meeting? Why? Why all of a sudden? I've been through so much!

"Why, why did you change your mind?”

"I'm going to go and slap you as if it was a mistake!”

Is this really something that's gonna come out of the mouth of the author Lady Hoo? Isidore's mouth opened wide.

Not knowing yet that she could use a more lively metaphor than a decent pirate if she put her mind to it, she turned her head in vain.

"Well, I'll be scolded by my father's mother until I die, but would you take me to the crown prince if I did so?"

To the Crown Prince... You... you don't have that kind of weird taste, do you?

Freya lowered her head and whispered. Isidore denied instead that could never be the case. But if you can get a slap on the cheek and take her to the palace... I thought it would be good to be misunderstood as having that kind of taste.

"Well, then our meeting is also... After meeting the Empress and the Crown Prince, does it end?""Huh? What's the matter with you?”

"Well... it's easy to get gossiped about when you see a lady chosen as the crown princess getting along with her closest friend…?”


Freya then nodded as if she had understood.

I had an uneasy feeling that her cheerfulness and innocence, which captivated him at a glance, might be poison in society.

"Well... well, today is the last day."


"My mother made up her mind. I made hundreds of promises to see you two tomorrow, and I barely made it out. If you don't keep your promise, you'll be banned from going out for a month! You don't trust your daughter that much? Well, it could be. Anyway!"

Ishidore sat still and listened to her babbling alone in a distant sense.

Freya knew he was an 'aurum'.

It wasn't an alias. The crown prince's name was Isidore 'Aurum' von Espedor.

Come to think of it, Mr. Aurum has the same name as His Highness the Crown Prince?’

Haha, maybe that's why I got hired.’

The words that we laughed and exchanged as a joke passed through my head.

"Hey... Freya?"

Isidore couldn't say a word for a long time after calling her.

Do you want me to be honest here?

We'll find out tomorrow anyway, so wouldn't it be better to postpone it until tomorrow if it's something to be hated anyway?

But I don't want to cheat on Freya any more. Even now, like that. You look sullen....

"What's wrong?"

Isidore bit his lips hard. And I asked her a question.

"Maybe, if I confess to you… Will you accept it?"

Freya's eyes were wide open. A small face quickly heated up. The big clear eyes were like waves.

"…no, forget what I said a while ago."

"I'll take it."


Freya strode up to Isidore. And I hugged him in the neck. Thanks to the wind embracing the sea, a soft stigma was stamped on the cheeks where the salt was rustling.

"If the story goes well and the crown princess doesn't have anything to do with it, please marry me formally."

At the end of the horse, Freya climbed on the horse she had been riding and disappeared in no time.

Isidore, who was left alone, stood dazed as if he had become a pillar of salt, carefully groping where her lips had passed.

He eventually collapsed to his seat with the sound of a plop, and soon realized that he had made the worst choice of the worst, and began to struggle wildly, holding his head.


"What's wrong with your face?"

"…it's because I'm nervous."

"You don't have to be nervous. How dare you keep us waiting with a blatant lie! The Crown Princess? Huh! That's ridiculous!"

Isidore, dressed in the crown prince's robe, sighed quietly.

He was a precious son at a late age. He taught strictly and harshly as a precious son. It wasn't that I didn't understand that feeling.

But Ishidore often thought. If I had another older brother above me, or if my mother had been a little more affectionate, I might not have grown up to be an incompetent and weak man who couldn't even say a word in front of my mother.

Freya sighed as if to get caught between her mother, who was walking gracefully and gently on her right, and the maid-in-law, who was watching her with a sharper gaze than the archduke on her left.

From dawn, we discussed for a long time what kind of jewelry would be good for Corset's Petticoat's new dress, combing hair, braiding and rolling it up.

Of course, discussions were made between mother and maidens and she nodded off in a chair.Anyway, I was already half exhausted from early in the morning by the cumbersome preparation and the lecture on quick manners and nagging that didn't end with D.

We need to scratch the crown prince's face and run away. Even if you're stuck in a mansion for the rest of your life, you'll be able to survive anywhere you can see the sea.

With such a determined mind, Freya headed to the ready seat.

"Greetings to the Empress. This is Freya Ivanna von Osterreich."

"I heard you're in a lot of pain. Are cold, chills, stomachache, heat stroke, ecstasy, middle ear inflammation, rheumatism, conjunctivitis, rash, rash, athlete's foot all better now?"

Marquis Osterreich's face turned pale. The maid next to him closed her eyes and memorized only the prayer in her mind. Isidore, who was waiting for the empress to call him behind the grass, had to bite the flesh in his mouth to hold back his laughter.

"Thanks to your concern, I'll clean it up. He's healed."

"That's a relief.”

So far, it's been fine. Marquis Osterreich began to brew tea herself with trembling hands.

If the eyes of the maid were wooden skewers, the eyes of the empress were close to those of iron skewers heated by fire.

Freya was truly amazed to see her mother pour the tea as peacefully as she could.

'Wow, that's a mother. If I were you, I would have thrown the kettle first pretending to be a mistake. By the way, why isn't the Crown Prince coming? You're saying you're going to get revenge for me for standing up to you every day?’

"Ishidore, the car is ready. How long are you going to keep looking at the sea? Come on out.”

Even sea monsters living in the deep sea come to the surface if you talk. Freya lamented that she could not even sigh properly due to the stuffy corset, and sat down in an elegant manner, pretending to be as modest as possible.

"Isid word "Aurum von Espedor. It's a great pleasure to meet you. Lady Osterreich."

She pretended to be coy and held out her hand without even looking at her, fanning or flapping. Isidore kissed the back of her hand lightly.

However, if he had kissed him, he would have resigned calmly, but the Crown Prince held his hand for a strange long time.

No matter how much I heard, "How can that be a lady of a noble family?" I knew some basic manners.

Freya, who was trying to sneak out of her hand because she thought she would be in more trouble if she held hands anymore, eventually turned her head when the crown prince refused to let her go. I was going to nitpick this and break it down.

"…why is the auroom here?”

At the end of Freya's words, Marquis Osterreich eventually fell unconscious.

Isidore quickly lifted her up while the contemplated maid asked for her understanding and went to see a doctor.

"Oh, my God, while Mrs. Osterreich comes to her senses, I'm going for a little walk with Lady Osterreich."

"Huh? Uh-huh. Go ahead. What the... what the....”


"Shh, Freya. For now, let's run away."

Unknowingly, Freya followed Ishidore as if she was being dragged halfway.

"This is... this is... What happened... where did the crown prince go and why did you....”

Where they headed was behind a lighthouse on the 스터sterreich estate where Freya and Aurum always met.

Isidore knelt down, thinking about where to start explaining this.

"I'm sorry, Freya! I've deceived you so far. "I am the Aurum, and the Aurum is the word 'Aurum' which is the crown prince Isid word."

"…I mean…that means….”

"…so far, your letters have arrived at me from the beginning."Bbajik.

The fan held in Freya's grasp was broken in half. Isidore bowed her head in the hope that she would endure the verbal beating of her head.