Chapter - 125 (Extraordinary Episode 3)


"…it took a bigger lie to hide the lie. When I came to my senses, the truth was so far away that I could not reach it. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to cheat on you from the beginning. I don't think you'll see me anymore if you know I'm the crown prince, so... Even though I know it's stupid... I'm sorry, Freya. Are you disappointed with me?”

"I won't deny it."

Isidore was rather relieved by the overly straightforward answer. I was worried that I might collapse due to shock, but it didn't seem to be that bad. No, is this something to be relieved of?

"I'm just... a little surprised. Well, I thought some pirates were intelligent enough to decipher, but I couldn't tell the lies in front of me.”

"Freya… No, Lady Osterreich has done nothing wrong. It's all my fault. You said you didn't want to get married, did you? I'm responsible for this....”

"Are you responsible?"

Isidore looked up at Freya with his eyes full of despair.

Freya was staring at him the first time she met him with a clear, imposing look that caught his eye.

"…still an unwanted marriage?"

With the last hope, Ishidore asked. Freya blinked instead of answering. No way, desperately, Ishidore rose from his seat. No, Freya stopped trying to get up.

"Let's go back to the drawing board."


Freya suggested, holding the crown prince's shoulder in his hand.

"I think Freya and Aurum were quite compatible. So make sure Lady Osterreich and the Crown Prince are on good terms. So if Lady Osterreich says she likes the Crown Prince, I'll marry her."

At Freya's natural typing, Isidore burst into laughter.

Even when I first met her, she was also an unpredictable girl.

It was still Freya who had a unique personality and always returned answers that were beyond his expectations. Isidore nodded in appreciation of that.

Thus, Freija's castle was changed from 스터sterreich to Esperdor.

The wedding dress, jewelry, and even invitations were the weddings that went the way of the empress, but she laughed it off, saying it was okay because she had an auroom next to her.

The empress looked around the bedroom of the two, perfectly prepared to her liking, and frowned at the monstrous and barbaric object on the table.

"What the hell is that?"

"Well, that's the conch that the Crown Princess brought to use when she misses the sound of waves in her hometown."

"What are you going to do without throwing it away?"

No, I'll do it myself. The empress strode to the table and lifted the hermit pole high up in the sky. And then I pounded it to the ground.

"Empress of the Empress!" "Aurum, no. Your Highness the Crown Prince....”

Freya, who had just come to visit her, realized when she saw Soragodong in pieces in front of her eyes.

He said he couldn't hear the waves of his hometown anymore.

And a lot of things happened.

Instead of pretending to be shy while covering her face with a fan, Freya suddenly asks, "Who are you?" came as quite a fresh shock to society.

The aristocrats of the institution saw her in such a way and at first expressed a curious affinity.

A young, ignorant, pure Freya sometimes made a slip of the tongue that Ishidore had to rush out and pick up.

Whenever that happened, the nobles looked at her sympathetically, saying that the poor crown prince would suffer again all night from the strict and strict empress.But her likable gaze had turned to outright ridicule before the season had changed.

The crown princess, who didn't know where she was, was nothing but a good toy to bite them over tea.

I heard he was taking a etiquette class late, he participated in the flower arrangement class together, and he literally put the flowers in the vase as they were, can he do the empress' job properly like that? When can I see Hussa?

Rumors quickly came into her ears like boiling water.

The Empress was strictly ordered not to give water until the Empress memorized all the names of the nobles and information about their families.

The empress, no, became the empress at the end of her life, and since her son became emperor, she has always restrained him by saying, "You are still young.

Isidore shook his head in front of Freya's earnest request to get a shell of hermitage from his hometown.

Before I knew it, the aurum that Freya loved disappeared, and only Ishidore remained there.

She loved Isidore equally, but Isidore loved her as empress, not as Freya.

Then the season passed again. Spring has come and flowers have bloomed, but Isidore could not find the violets he loved anywhere.

The Empress is missing. Kidnapping? No, there's a letter. Run away from home. Call Osterreich immediately. No, I'll be right there.

Freya, my life didn't come until I met you. I must have frozen you because it was such a terrible winter.

I stayed up all night running the horse. It was Freya with an empty Osterreich mansion and a gun that greeted him.

The thought of having to take that gun right away and the thought of a big trouble if she made a mistake in surprise at the sudden movement hit my head.

Freya glanced down at the gun in her hand and hid it in her own secret warehouse in front of him.

"I'll leave Freya here now.”

Saying so, the Empress returned to Ishidore's side. It was so fortunate and happy that Ishidore didn't know what she meant by "freya that she would leave behind."

The sudden runaway of the empress quickly calmed down after news broke that she had an empire heir in her stomach.

When you get pregnant, a person gets depressed. If the Empress had chosen her, would she have become this quiet? You're not asking me to give birth to a son, are you?

The birth of the crown prince? We don't know yet. The Emperor seems to be in a good mood. But why does the Empress look like that?

If the Empress had known this news, she would have loved it..

Hush, don't you think her story is taboo in front of the Empress? I'm sure you liked it, but the more heirs he had, the better." He probably pushed the man who hasn't warmed up yet into the Emperor's bedroom.

She seems to have become a completely different person since she became a mother. How elegant and elegant. It's a bright and dignified smile like a mirror.

It's like a picture. The way you three are together.

I know, who knew the daughter of the tomboy Marquis Osterreich would be such a perfect empress.


The empress, who was sitting absentmindedly, came to her senses and settled down.The empress, who was moving slowly to a slow tune like a drowsy spring sunshine, stared at the emperor's chin.

There is no longer an aurum she loved. Freya, who loved Aurum, also left her in her hometown. So who's standing here dancing with Ishidore?

Suddenly, I felt like I was the shell of a conch.

There's a sound of waves in it, but there's no real waves. People remember the sound of waves while watching Soragodong.

"Frey, when Leonhardt grows up, let's go see the sea together. Let's go get Freya back from Osterreich."

His words opened the eyes of the empress. Isidore kissed her forehead and covered her teary face from people's eyes.

There was still time left for them. It was a long enough time for Ishidore to become an aurum again, and for the empress to take back Freya, who had been put down.

Only then did the violets return to the world of the emperor. The empress also found that the snowstorm, which seemed to never stop, had stopped and yellow flowers had bloomed in the shadows.

And now, almost 20 years later.


"Our Room."

The two exchanged glances in the air. The black and white horse started at the same time, regardless of who came first.

Both horses had large bodies and matching movements that no man could even try.

Freya became the wind's forehead and crossed the finish line a little earlier than Auroom.

It was a result that could change if he forced himself, but Aurum smiled and admitted his defeat.

"As expected, I feel like I'm going to lose to you for the rest of my life.”

"Huh? Why?"

"I was almost run over by Freya's horse from the first meeting, and I think that memory is left in my body."

"Isn't being hit by a horse different from riding a horse?”

"Well, even if I wasn't hit that day, I guess my heart was hit by you. Freya, my love. Goddess of victory, willing to lead me down the road of defeat, tell me anything you want. Even if it's a shawl woven into white foam, I'll save it."

It was a beach where there was no one but a very few servants. Isidore picked up the hesitating Freya and Freya laughed in a clear voice.

"Oh, my God, I haven't even given you a present yet, has the owner already changed? I'm a little upset."

"Yes, that's why I'm going to ask Aurum for a separate gift."

Eventually Isidore burst into laughter at her words and burst into kisses. Freya glanced at him with eyes full of affection as he leaned back with a faint scream that people were still there.

Looking down at the figure from the hill, Ayla shook her head. Then he turned over the sketchbook and started painting again with colored pencils.

"Oh, my God. What did you draw?"

Ayla frowned at the nanny's words. A painting! A painting with a solemn letter!

"It's not a painting, it's a letter to my brother and Lizzie!"

The nanny once again examined the sketchbook at her words. White is paper, blue, red and colorful is... Well...

"What did you write?”

It must be a letter from a child's perspective, not from an adult's perspective. The nanny smiled so convincingly.

"I'm bored because my mom and dad are playing without me. So I wrote, "Play with me. Let Lizzy go." Well, I'm sure you'll do well on your own.""Yeah?"

Ayla turned her head coyly, covered her sketchbook with a sulky look and ran to a well-prepared refreshment table. White feet, wearing nothing, ran vigorously on freshly grown grass and sand.


"…I got a letter for Ayla.”

Elizabeth's eyes were rounded by Leonhardt's words. It was lovely to see them hurry up and show them.

He held the letter high in the sky and raised his tiptoe. Then she also reached up and whined.

Leonhardt, who was trying to capture her cuteness by doing a little more, fell to the floor without even screaming at the terrible pain in her calves.

"Leon, Leon!"

"The... the muscles... I guess I was surprised. Ugh. Ugh... Ugh....”

While Leonhardt was gripping his legs and whimpering, Elizabeth began to carefully pick up and read Ayla's letter, which fell from his hand.


"Ayla didn't happen to learn how to write from Bailey, did she?"

"Shall we go on a prenatal trip to see Ayla?”

Leonhardt, who came up behind her back, recommended so. His hands gently patted her underbelly, which was still flat.

"What about state affairs?"

"Leave it to Ils and Mimir."

Elizabeth shed her eyes again at his words. Leonhardt caught her eye without blinking an eye with a brazen expression. Eventually, with a sigh, Elizabeth nodded.

"What's wrong with you two?"

"Well, both are libelous. Because one dares to warm to the friend of the empress, and the other pretends to be a fool who doesn't know anything?"

"Ils, with Mimir? You two?"

Leonhardt shrugged his shoulders and nodded. I thought everyone already knew the story, but now that I see it, only three people didn't know it. Ilysis, Mimir, and Elizabeth.

"No, four children in the stomach? No, maybe five. Don't tell me... it's not six, is it? I don't think so. But I don't think six would be bad....’

"Leon, Leon?"

Elizabeth suddenly became silent and looked at Leonhardt, who began to grin.

Either way, Leonhardt began to stretch his imagination to the fullest, gently sweeping Elizabeth's unnoticed belly.