Chapter - 127 Vivian's Resolution (Extraordinary War 4).

A large gift box arrived in front of Vivian's name. The young princess, who had just come back from brushing her teeth with her nanny, was more pleased with the letter that arrived with her than with the gift.

"Aunt Ayla is coming!"

Vivian, who almost hit her face on the sink several times with a sleepy face, completely disappeared.

Looking at the sparkling violet eyes, the nanny complained to the Ayla.

Ayla, who is not much older than Vivian, was her only aunt and most precious friend.

I was living in Osterreich with my grandmother and grandmother, so I couldn't see them very often, but there were already more than 20 letters (which adults thought were picture postcards).

When I opened the box with a pounding heart, there was a large conch. Vivian's mouth opened wide when she saw it.

"You're a hermit, aren't you?”

The nanny made a fuss, saying, "I've never seen such a big and pretty purple goong." But Vivian, who knows what the hermitage means, jumped from her seat and shouted.

"Auntie is coming to visit!"

"What, Princess Ayla? What brings you to the palace where you're supposed to be in 스터sterreich?

"Hap. It's a secret. I can't tell you no matter how much I'm a nanny.”

Vivian hurriedly raised her hands and closed her mouth.

Without the knowledge of adults, the two children shared a secret promise. When Ayla comes to the Imperial Palace, she will send Soragodong, and if Vivian goes to Osterreich, she will send flowers in the garden with a letter.

The nanny, who had no idea of such a cute secret, only tilted her head.

Vivian, who inherited the Crown Prince's Palace, which was once used by his father, began to jump back in place with a pearl-like soft, light purple heron in her arms.

Knocking was heard and the nanny was away for a while. On the news that welcome guests came from Osterreich, she secretly looked back at the yellow lady jumping behind her back. Don't tell me she's got the ability to see things.

"Nanny, when can I see Aunt Ayla? Huh?"

Vivian pulled her skirt as if she had read her mind. The nanny unconsciously raised her head and turned her eyes toward the place where the precious guests would be.

Vivian once again pulled the nanny's skirt. Ayla, Grandma and Grandma always stayed in the same place when they came to the palace. Nanny said that lady's skirt doesn't have glue in it. But what I'm wearing right now is pants, so shouldn't I go outside?

"Huh? Nanny. I'm wearing pants today. Can I have full pants, right? I miss my aunt.”

The nanny grabbed her skirt tightly and began to persuade Vivian.

"You're going to see a guest in your pool pajamas? That's not fair. Your Highness Vivian, why don't you go to bed and pick the flowers in the garden tomorrow morning to see Princess Ayla?”

"But I want to see you right now."

Bowing her head and rolling her eyes, Vivian stared at her nanny and bit her fingers.

But her aegyo didn't budge. Vivian crawled up to the big bed when she said she would read a fairy tale instead.

"Your Highness, why do you bring that?”

The nanny, who was bringing Vivian's favorite book, blinked. Vivian was hugging Soragodong as if it were some teddy bear, which would take up half of the pillow."Can't you sleep with me?"

What a terrible thing to say! The nanny, who was familiar with Vivian's sleeping habits, shook her head and held out her hands in her sleep, dropping her her hermitage under the bed, breaking her her hermitage, Vivian crying, Ayla being disappointed, and imagining all the misfortunes.

The mouth, which had been pointed out like a chick's beak, eventually sank back in after she fell asleep.

The nanny, who was looking at Vivian, who was sleeping with her mouth slightly open, laid a fluffy cushion on the table and placed hermitage on it.

The next day, Vivian, who woke up, was the first to say good morning to Soragodong in a magpie-shaped head and half-slung pants.

"Can I go see my aunt now?”

"You should wash your face first."

"I'm done washing my face!"

"There's still a lot of eye booger left.”


Vivian, who did not want to wet her hands, took a deep breath of water on the sink and lowered her head.

The nanny, who quickly noticed what kind of biting lie she had on her face with water but her hands were soft and her eyes were not gone at all, headed back to the bathroom with Vivian.

Eventually, Vivian, who was led by the nanny's hands to take a bath, not wash her face, managed to get to the garden after breakfast, brushing her teeth again, brushing her hair, braiding and changing clothes.

"What kind of flowers do you think would be good for a nanny?”

"Well, you gave me roses, lilies, hydrangeas, peony."

"Phew, it's too hard. It's no ordinary thing to choose a gift."

Vivian said so, mimicking the gardeners' actions wiping sweat off their foreheads. The nanny held back her laughter and alluded to her.

"Then why didn't you just leave it to us?"

"No! My mom told me that I have to choose a gift for the recipient."

Then she waved her hands in surprise. The nanny put her hands on her waist and smiled at Vivian's troubled look.

"Well, I'd love that flower!"

Vivian ran to the lawn without the nanny stopping him. The nanny grabbed the hem of the skirt and scurried after him.

"Can you make me a flower crown?”

It was the rabbit grass that she chose. The nanny sat next to Vivian, who sat down on the floor, regardless of the grass, instead of raising her.

"A flower crown?"

"Yes, me and my aunt, two. Then I'll make a ring for the nanny.”

Not long ago, Vivian began to make a ring by picking round white flowers like a rabbit's tail.

The nanny sighed a small sigh and pulled a handkerchief out of her pocket and laid it under Vivian's butt. And as she said, I started making flower crowns.

"Oh, my God. It's a four-leaf clover."

"Four-leaf clover?"

"Good luck comes to those who find it. Are you going to take this as a present?"

"Of course!"

Vivian looked into a clover with four leaves with curious eyes.

"But you know what, a nanny."


"Four leaves are lucky, so what are three?"

Vivian's words gave the nanny a moment's memory. I mean, obviously...A normal clover with three leaves means...

"So the palace is full of happiness?""What?"

The nanny tilted her head again. Vivian explained with a smile with her eyes that resembled the empress.

"The palace is full of clovers, isn't it? Clover is happiness, right? So the palace is full of happiness, right?

The nanny couldn't resist and hugged Vivian tightly. My princess, the loveliest and prettiest in the world. The song came out by itself.

All the way to where Ayla was, Vivian was as happy as walking on a cloud.

Each encounter greeted her politely with a small exclamation.

"Nanny, why are the people you see every day suddenly greeting me like that?”

"Well, I don't know. Maybe it's because she wore a crown over her head for the first time in a while."

It was as the nanny had guessed. Those who confirmed that Vivian and Nanny were invisible were busy turning around the corner of the building and holding their hearts in the shadows.

With beautiful silver hair like a dewy spider web inherited from the empress and violet eyes of the emperor, the little empress was as cute and lovely as a fairy made of sugar and honey.

Such a presence, wearing a flower crown made of rabbit grass on his head, was enough to call for a smile on his solemnly hardened face.

It is natural to pay respect to the imperial family who wore the coffin, and officials felt small daily happiness by greeting her with the highest courtesy.



In the distance, I could see Princess Ayla, who had been contacted in advance and had tea and refreshments ready.

Vivian ran to Ayla at once, letting go of the nanny's hand. The nanny freaked out, saying it was dangerous to run, but she couldn't hear it.

There were people who looked at it with pleasure.

"Hwang, Empress Dowager! Greetings to Her Majesty. Have you been to your hometown?"

The nanny's gaze glanced at Vivian the whole time she bowed deeply. Isidore and Freya sent her to where the two children were, with a gentle gesture.

"How could Vivian look so much like Leon?”

"Leon bragged that even if you fall, you'll get up bravely again. It's all right, Freya."

"I don't know about anything else, but the habit of hitting my head shouldn't be like Leon."

Vivian had been grooming the nanny all morning, bending one knee and nodding his head gracefully as he had learned.

However, the body, which was still not good at balancing itself, quickly stumbled and, uh, fell to its side.

Ayla was surprised and approached to raise her, but Vivian jumped up with her hands on the ground.

Did something happen? Looking at the round eyes that seemed to be saying so, Ayla stopped laughing.

"When will this make you a great sister to protect your sisters? How have you been?”

Roughly brushing her hands off the skirt, Vivian grinned and held Ayla's hand. There were so many stories to tell.

When I had a brother, my mom slept every day, my stomach was getting bigger, and my dad was willing to listen to whatever she wanted.

But there was a little more important work than that. Vivian turned her head towards the nanny. The nanny smiled and handed over the flower crown in her hand to Vivian.


"I sent you a present, and it came back!"

As expected, Ayla was delighted. Vivian stuck out the four-leaf clover with a proud face.

"This one belongs to my aunt!"

"It's a four-leaf clover, isn't it?

Vivian nodded loudly. Ayla was so lovely and proud of her that she naturally led her to the table."Which do you prefer, a sister or a brother?”

"That question is being asked by everyone I encounter these days. I like them both!"

"Do you have a sister or a brother?"

Vivian nodded, whose cheeks became plump like a squirrel by pushing sweet snacks into his mouth.

Ayla smiled, pushing her to the cake that came out of her pocket.

"Are you going to protect them when you become a sister?"