Chapter - 129 (Extraordinary 5)


"Swallow and speak."

Ayla said so in a grinning voice and wiped the crumbs off Vivian's mouth with a handkerchief.

"Am I supposed to protect you?”

It was the first time I heard it. Vivian keeps a blank face and protects, protects, protects...I muttered it over and over again.

"Then our King Vivian will be the emperor to lead the empire, and you must protect your brothers!"

"Is that so?”

Ayla, of course, nodded before she knew it, even the nanny who was serving them.

As I turned my head, I saw Grandma and Grandma nodding their heads while reading their stories from afar.

I guess so. Vivian simply convinced and raised the corners of his mouth.

"I'll protect you! I'll protect you. By the way, how can I protect you?”


Ayla was speechless when asked how to do it.

Vivian wondered if she should wear armor and hold a knife like a knight in a fairy tale.

"Well, we're going to have to come up with a specific plan.”

"Vivian, where did you learn such a difficult word?”

"I think it's cool how you and your mother-in-law frown and say it out loud.Is that wrong?”

"It's not wrong, but..."

Ever since I met Vivian, I haven't thought of laughing out of my mouth. The corners of my mouth were painful, but even that was a willing sense.

"Auntie, I'm going to go find a way from now on, would you like to come with me?"

Vivian, who had stepped down from her seat, said in a stout voice.

Ayla quickly blinked a few times. What are you looking for?

Vivian sneaked Ayla's hand in. No matter how powerful his still plump little hands were, he came to his senses and was walking alone in the garden without a nanny.

"But how do you find a way to protect?"

Ayla, who confirmed that there were no adults around, spoke to Vivian in a comfortable tone.

Ayla returned Vivian's steps to the opposite direction of the library, responding with a good idea.

"Vivian, are you still lost in the palace?”

"I'm not lost, I'm lost! I was on my way, but the road didn't find me and went to a strange place."

"It's usually called 'lost'."

"Oh, no, I'm not."

Vivian waved her hands back and forth, denying as much as she could. When the sweet wind blew, the hair of the two yellow girls fluttered lightly.

"Oh, it's Uncle Ils."

"You're here, too, Mimir.”

Upon arriving at the library, Vivian was delighted to find the best target for "seeking advice."

Ayla tilted her head as she looked at the red hair sticking unusually close to him.

What brings you to the library who is always at the clock tower?

Maybe there's a problem that the two giants of knowledge have to work together to solve?

However, Ilysses and Mimir, who were just coming out of the bookshelves, were surprised as if they had seen a ghost and bent over.

In the wind, the heavy book that Ilysses was holding in his arms fell down and hit the top of his foot.

" must hurt."

Vivian said with a look of genuine regret. Ayla also nodded sympathetically at his feet.

"Hua, the princess, B!"Oh, ack, ack..."

"Ilce, are you okay? Vivian, Princess Ayla. What brings you to the library?"

Illisys said while running in place, holding one foot with tears in his eyes.

Mimiir shook her hands in the air, floated the book, bent her knees and set eyes on the two children.Vivian explained why she came to the library. Ayla nodded beside her.

Ilysses forgot the pain of throbbing feet and fixed his glasses like a habit.

"Well, you mean 'how to protect'."

Ilysses became a serious face as if he had returned to class and cleared his throat.

Vivian looked up at him with gleaming eyes filled with anticipation. No matter how enthusiastic her eyes were, Ilysis desperately wanted the little princess to show her current self even when she was taking classes.

"I'm going to be an older sister, an older sister, or both. So I have to protect my younger siblings, mom and dad. That's why you have to learn how to protect."

"Is that so?"

Ilysses crept up her eyebrows at Vivien's mature appearance, who is still less than ten years old.

I thought I was just a kid, but when did I grow up this much? I wish I could be this mature in class.

Emotional Ilysses held her hand and began offering extremely realistic advice.

"Your Highness Vivian, in order to protect you both, you must first become an adult and become a guardian, not a guardian. However, there is a story that even if you legally become an adult, a child is a precious baby in your parents' eyes no matter how old you are. The great Chancellor of the kingdom, his head, his beard white..."

Vivian's face began to turn white. Can I get some advice within today? Anxiety flashed across her tiny face at the moment.

Meanwhile Ayla was staring at Mimiir. It was suspicious that the face of the clock tower's owner, the witch Mimiir, was blazing like her hair.

"Hmm. Anything you want to say?"

Mimir blurted her words as if she had something to hide.

"What brings you here, Master of the Clock Tower?”

Ayla asked so without meaning. However, Mimir's response to the return was very suspicious.

"Well, I mean. Yeah, there's a book that's not on the clock tower. I came here to find it, and I met Ils, and I never happened to have business with the Chancellor!We'll just say hello and...I was about to go..."

When she opened her mouth, her face, which was as white as a plaster statue, was darkened by the end of her speech.

The stuttering, awkward response was very, very, very suspicious. Ayla put her hands on her waist and looked directly into her eyes.

"What's wrong with you?"


Mimir repeatedly rolled her green eyes around, bit her lips, and tucked her hair behind her ears to avoid the eyes of Ayla, who is not even half her height.

Vivian was listening to Illisys' advice, sermons, or homily, with her mouth wide open, and letting it go to the other ear.

Eventually, Ayla pulled Illisys by the hem and stopped him.

"Ilysses, no, Duke Perian. Look at Vivian's face."

"What? Why would you...Oh, my god. Excuse me. I'm so excited that I can't...

Vivian sighed with a look of life and hid behind Ayla's back.

"Hmm, hmm! Thank you for your opinion. Teacher, I heard earlier that there's a book you're looking for. Did you find it?"

"Well, she must have had four ears."In response to Ilysses' gentle comments, Vivian turned her head with her tongue sticking out.

Mimiir shrugged and held out a book that hit Illisys on the back of his foot a little while ago.

"... [Witch's story of happiness]?"”

"Is it a fairy tale?”

Mimiir nodded lightly after exchanging glances with Ilysses. Vivian and Ayla were delighted by the words and each took their own and dragged them to the desk.

"Are you a princess or a princess?

"I've never heard of this title before! Please read it!"

"I haven't read the story of a witch being happy yet! It would be better if the witch, Mimir, could read it!"



There was embarrassment in Mimi-r's face, which was often followed by a child's hand because he could not shake it off.

Before I knew it, the two children sitting on the chair had their elbows resting on their desks in the same posture as twins.

What should I do?

Why are you asking me that? That's why I asked you to refrain from popping up between the bookshelves.

It's because you've rarely been in the clock tower since you became prime minister.’

'I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'll visit you when I'm done with my busy work.’

Who's calling you a bunny? Not as bad as this bear, no. You're worse!


"Duke Perian?"

Mimir, who had been snarling silently while glaring at Illisys with a look that seemed to eat him, turned his head with a smile as if it had never happened.

"Um, uh, uh, uh... The story of a witch being happy? Well, that's a great story!"

Mimiir opened the book with an awkward smile. But the book was empty. How should I surround the story that was supposed to be filled out from now on, Mimir used his imagination to the fullest.

"Once upon a time, there lived a very great witch."

"The Great Witch! Like Mimir?"

"Well, it must have been a witch like me. The witch, who had red hair, green eyes, a cool, hot personality, and excellent skills, was famous for fulfilling the wishes of people around her."

"Any wish?"

"This witch was so talented that she could fulfill any wish! What wish do you wish for Vivian and Ayla?"

"Well, I'll write a wish to turn back time."


"Then you can eat the apple pie and go back in time and eat it again, right?”

"Well, it doesn't have to be magic, but with the permission of the nanny..."

"Nanny? Never!"

Vivian let out a thin scream.

"I wish... the happiness of the people."

"Oh, if that's the case, I'm sure I'll use magic power.”

"Well, is there such a thing as absolute happiness? For example, if you lose the love of the world in front of you the moment the magic is activated? But is he still in a happy state though? So that's true happiness?"

Ilysis mumbled in a low voice, as if he was talking to himself, touching his chin.

"...Keep going, Mr. Mimir."

Two girls, who were in the midst of Mimir and the magic story she told, cast their eyes on him as if he were pouring cold water.

Ilysis crept in, coughing in vain.

While Ilysis unintentionally bought time, Mimir created a suitable story.