Chapter - 131 (Extraordinary Episode 6)

"But no one actually granted the witch's wishes."


"I don't know, maybe it's because they're so happy that their wishes came true. Anyway, so while everyone was happy, the witch was unhappy alone."

"Is the prince coming out now?"

"Do you kiss?"

Vivian and Ayla's bodies began to shake. Mimiir blinked and agonized for a while, then continued to talk, staring at Illisys, who was sitting next to them.

"Then one day, a friend who was smart enough to play chess with the world's smartest witch visited the witch's tower. They quickly became friends."

"Then he made you happy?”

"Well, actually, this story isn't complete yet.”


"Why? Then it's not a fairy tale!"

Mimiir grinned as if she had been waiting for the words and snapped over the book.

"That's it! Because this story is a progressive story that makes the witch happy! If the witch had become happy, it would have been [the story of the happy witch!]


Vivian grumbled, frowning. Ayla was also blinking, perhaps because Mimiir's words were not easily understood.

"...I want to eat apple pie."

Vivian mumbled, pouting her lips. It was a difficult story for her to keep, a fairy tale that was not yet completed.

It was not even class time, but the head that had to go back with a ping-pong noise was demanding something sweet.

"Shall we go get some apple pie?"

Then Mimiir's suggestion was very welcome.

Mimir left the library holding Vivian and Ayla's hands in both hands.

Left alone, Ilysses began to think about the story of the witch being happy in real time, fixing her glasses.

It was always fun to go to the clock tower. Vivian waved her arms back and forth vigorously.

Vivian and Ayla on board the ship were amazed to see the boat moving alone without a cook.

"Apple pie, apple pie!"

Humming along, Vivian jumped off the boat. Mimir praised Vivian as the most courageous person in the imperial family.

The top floor of the tower, where the owner of the clock tower resides, was filled with wonders that Vivian would like.

Mimir, who was just hanging from the ceiling and preparing an apple pie and pumpkin-shaped kettle, tilted her head as the eyes of the two ladies stopped in one place.


"Mimir, what is this? What is it for? What's your name?”

By the time Vivian began to walk in earnest, Mimir only took out things that were okay for a child to touch, or things that had been completely protected.

It was necessary to prevent Vivian from falling into a dangerous situation similar to Elizabeth's, who can be relieved by touching and eating questions.

Elizabeth and Leonhardt also told Vivian firmly.

Thanks to this, she is now squatting down with her hands tightly clasped behind her and looking only at a large glass ball.

"That? It's just a bead for card dots."

"Card store?"

Ayla raised her hand and did it knowingly.

"I-I know what it is! When it's a festival, there's this marble in the alley, this card, this old lady and grandpa and grandma!"

"Yes, something like that."

"What's that, Aunt Ayla?"Ayla explained the card store to Vivian by mobilizing her vocabulary as easy and simple as possible. In the meantime, Mimir has prepared a lot of snacks that young children would like as well as apple pie.

"Who wants apple pie?"


The two children, who were sitting in a hurry, ate pies and cakes diligently, putting down the dignity of the princess.

Vivian, who finished a big piece of pie in an instant, stared at Mimir and blinked. I think it was not enough yet.

Mimir, who was looking at the scene happily, recalled Elizabeth, who was collecting eyebrows, saying, "You can't ask Vivian too much!" and fell into conflict.

"'s a secret between us,okay?"

Eventually, Mimiir handed out a new plate of pie and spoke in a stern voice. Vivian smiled broadly and nodded. Ayla, who also received a candy, didn't seem to dislike it.

Vivian, who was munching on a sweet apple stew, only blinked as Mimi-r, who was sipping tea leisurely, shoved his cheeks.

"Protecting is... In a way, it's like sacrificing yourself, but is our Princess Vivian ready for it?”


Vivian, who washed her mouth with cold milk, said again, clearing her voice with a slightly red face.


Mimiir reached out and removed a piece of bread stuck to Vivian's mouth. Ayla was tilting her head at the strange word sacrifice.

"What's the sacrifice?"

"It means giving up what you have for someone."

"Are you giving up something precious?”

"Well, for example, it's like this. If there's a wicked ant who's after her snack, we should protect it, right?”

"I'll give it to ants, too?"”

Mimir lost what to say in a moment.

"You know, not just an ant, but a giant ant! An ant that eats a pie in one bite!"

Vivian's face turned white. Perhaps scared just by imagining it, Vivian slipped her hand under the table and grabbed Ayla's hem tightly.

"What can I do to keep the pie alone without anyone else's help?"

"Me, me, I have a nanny, a guard, my dad and my mom.”

Vivian was half in tears. Mimir put a large egg candy in Vivian's mouth and was troubled, saying, "This is not it."

"Maybe Vivian's precious dress will be ruined in the process of knocking down ants. But the nanny who saw Vivian's bravest appearance might give him another pie, and, uh...I mean, Vivian, don't cry!"

I'm in trouble. All the strange magic that makes a child cry, and Mimir, who is the most clumsy in the world, is embarrassed and at a loss to stop a crying child.

Ayla hugged Vivian tightly and patted her back, giving Mimi a slight glance.

Mimi-r, who was struggling with her hands in the air, soothed her with sweet snacks and cute magic, but Vivian's cry grew louder and louder.

"Sir, what's going on?The girls?"

"Long time no see, Miss Alice."

While Alice, who had comforted more than a hundred children in the orphanage, skillfully soothed Vivian, Mimi-r was criticized silently by Ayla.

After stopping crying, the true Vivian sniffed, biting strawberries hardened in sugar syrup as Mimiir promised.

"Phew, thank you, Alice."

Alice, who heard the situation from Ayla, glared at her with eyes about ten times the stinging gaze that Ayla had sent a while ago."So you were teaching the king how to protect his brother?”

"Well, that's about it, isn't it?"

Alice sighed deeply. Mimiir smiled awkwardly and offered Alice a seat at the table.

Alice, does Alice know how to protect her sister?

Vivian asked with a nasal sound. Alice hugs her lightly. He smiled gently, sitting on his lap.

"You won't have to learn, but you'll naturally learn. And it's never gonna happen as long as Alice's in the clock tower, and she's gonna have to take the sword or learn magic to protect them.”

"Naturally? Really?"

Vivian sniffed back at the smell of herbs coming from Alice's body.

"You will be a great sister and sister. Of course!"

"How do you know that? Well, Alice is a great wizard, so I'll believe you.”

Vivian raised her head. Alice naturally wiped the sugar syrup off her mouth and just laughed silently.

"Sacrifice to protect is your specialty, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to ask.”


Why is there a sudden talk of my dad here? Vivian, who wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, showed interest.

Mimir grinned and slowly began to talk about what young Leonhardt sacrificed to save Elizabeth, who fell into the clock tower.


Vivian, who came out of the clock tower after saying goodbye to Alice, was in deep agony, puffing her cheeks.

"Vivien, what are you so worried about?"

"What if a giant ant is after them, ITZY?"


Ayla tilted her head. Vivian shook her body and devoured the hard walls of the imperial palace, imagining a large flock of ants flocking from her palace to the palace where her grandmother and grandmother were.

"No, I'll go to the Guard. I'll go ask Lord Lane about the ant's 'strategic point'.

"Where else did you learn to say that? And in times like this, you can just call it a weakness.”

Ayla followed Vivian in stride. Vivian, who had been bravely moving forward, stopped walking tall. Ayla, who almost hit her back, made eye contact with Vivian with curious eyes.

"...Auntie, do you happen to know where Lord Lane is?"

With a small sigh, Ayla began to walk holding Vivian's hand tightly.

Victoria Lane, who became the royal guard, blinked as she looked down at the two yellow girls who had visited her.

"I'm seeing the Empress. What brings you here?"

Vivian asked Victoria's knee with the most serious expression she could build.

"Sir Lane, what if a large ant "gnaws" at this palace?”

" an invasion. Is it an ant?"

Victoria, who sat with one knee on the ground in consideration of her eye level, looked at Ayla, who was standing behind Vivian's back, demanding an explanation.

Ayla beckoned toward the clock tower. Victoria opened her mouth small and immediately clenched Vivian's hand to reassure her.

"Don't worry, Your Highness. Protecting this palace is something I must do, not giant ants, but spiders."

Ayla screamed silently and shook her head wildly. Only Victoria, who didn't know what to say, tilted her head.