Chapter - 133 (Extraordinary Episode 7)


Oops, Victoria shut up late. But in Vivian's head, a giant ant attacking the palace had already turned into a giant spider.

"Spiders... Spiders..."

"Never, never, ever, ever have to worry about it! This Victoria Lane, I'll put everything on the line to protect you!"

Victoria vowed with a sense of duty as a knight as well as the sound of her heart that she should not make young children cry.

Whether the heart reached Vivian safely or not, Vivian looked straight at Victoria's serious gaze and sniffled.

"But, sniffles. Lord Lane. Yeah, huh!"

Vivian searched her pocket again for a handkerchief. I'm sure there's a handkerchief hidden by the nanny just in case like this.

While stuttering all over the body, a white cotton handkerchief suddenly came out. Vivian raised her head. Victoria was holding out a handkerchief with her initials on it with a caring smile.

"Thank you, Lord Lane."

"This handkerchief must now be kept in the family heirloom of the Lane family.”

Vivian fiddled with Victoria's initials embroidered with brown thread with a awkward face.

Sir Lane, I'm here to ask you something.

Ayla, who had been looking at the sky for a while, arranged the situation on behalf of Vivian.

Victoria tilted her head. Is it a question of whether a princess can be a knight?

"What does 'protect' mean to Lord Lane?"

Victoria's mind was filled with grief from her teacher. It was a complaint that his son, who began to babble with his mother and father, was making himself a philosopher by attaching "Why?" at the end of every word.

At that time, I just laughed at the teacher's son because he was cute and proud, and I didn't expect him to come back like this.

Vivian and Ayla were waiting for her answer with a twinkle in their eyes. Victoria swallowed a cold sweat under pressure she had never felt before, even in front of an interviewer at the Guard interviewer.

"Protecting is..."

The eyes of the two girls clung close to the chin. Victoria caught her breath for a moment and took out her deep-seated answer.

Victoria nodded. Vivian frowned on the meaning of the shadow of the water that rarely came close.

"Who do you want to laugh with peace of mind, Your Highness Vivian?"

Vivian's small, round head reminded me of the faces of millions of people.

Father, mother, grandmother, grandmother, aunt Ayla, Mimir, Illisys, Alice, Victoria, Nanny, and...

It was hard to pin down anyone.

"Dad, I want you to smile again."

The smiling faces in Vivian's head looked disappointed.

"Your Majesty? Can I ask you why?”

Vivian replied in a worried voice, imagining giving them honey candy that they can only eat when they do something good.

"Since you had a younger brother, your smile has decreased. At first, they were so happy, laughing, and raising me up like this! He lifted me up and laughed out loud. These days, you hold your mom's hand tightly and sigh deeply.”

It was a first-time mountain that was close to a difficult mountain. Again Leonhardt could not be purely happy to hear that she had children.

Victoria, who is well aware of this fact, bit her lower lip thinking about how to explain it.

"Can I make my father smile again?"

"...who else can do such a thing in this palace besides you?"Considering too much, Victoria answered Vivian's question a beat later.

"How can I make you laugh again?"

Vivian was worried alone, tapping the floor with her shoe's front nose.

"Again, my father and my mother...I wish you'd laugh."

Victoria sneaked on Ayla's countenance. Ayla was a little sullen when she found out that her only nephew's problems were of the kind she could not solve.

It was then.

The first person to notice a stranger was Victoria. Victoria, who was determined to shoot in front of the two children in any case, opened her eyes wide at the sight of a nanny from the Crown Prince's Palace rolling halfway over the hill.

"Oh, my girls! There you are, Your Highness Vivian! Princess Ayla! Now, oh, oh, I'm out of breath, this isn't the time!"


Victoria asked, handing over a cup of cold water. The nanny took a deep breath after drinking all the water on the spot and nodded loudly.

"What's the pain?"

Vivian's words instantly darkened the nanny's sight.

I'm sure you've taught me many times to prepare for this situation, saying, 'Your Highness Vivian, remember what I'm saying from now on.'

Vivian snapped at Victoria's face, which suddenly became serious with the words of her unusual nanny.

Later, Ayla explained to her that she could meet her younger brother soon, but Vivian's face was already stiff.

"This is not the time! Your Highness Vivian, Lady Yellow. You have to go now. Lord Lane, please don't let an ant near the palace!"

The nanny, who poured out only what she had to say, disappeared holding Vivian and Ayla in both hands.

Victoria tried to say goodbye with a blank face belatedly, but she recalled what she had asked and began to move busily from now on.


"What about your mama? What about your daddy? Grandma, Grandma, you're all right?”

The two girls, who returned to the Crown Prince's Palace, were pushed by a nanny and had to enter the bathroom immediately.

"Empress Mama is fine because Her Majesty is with her, but the others must be protected by you.”

"Me, me?"

With a slightly rougher touch than usual, the nanny washed Vivian's hands. Ayla, who was washing her hands with her, looked back at Vivian with a surprised face.

"But you don't have to worry too much because Princess Ayla is here. It's not the first time."

But, just in case, just in case. The nanny gulped down ominous words that were about to pop out of her throat.

It was only after changing into clean new clothes and washing her face as well as hands that Vivian and Ayla could go to Elizabeth's place.



Freya, who was rarely able to stand still and hung around in place, found Vivian and lowered her body.

Vivian, who rushed into her arms and hugged her, was already half-teary.

"Madamam, are you okay?”

Freya soothed Vivian and pressed herself at the same time. It must have been young Vivian who was more afraid and worried than anyone else.

Sitting next to Ishidore, Ayla also clenched her fist, perhaps anxious and nervous. I was repeating the spread.It may seem ridiculous to see the father and daughter sitting side by side and only their hands wince, but no one here could laugh readily.

Perhaps the labor pains began in earnest, but over the thick wall, the listener's intestines were heard melting.

Vivian's face turned whiter. Freya hugged her tightly and memorized the prayer.

Vivian leaned on Freya's shoulder, feeling like she wanted to stop crying.

It was obvious that something bad had happened to my mother. From time to time, I can hear the evil of my father, so maybe the two of you are fighting together. I'd like to go and help, but the nanny has been promised time and again, saying it's never going to happen.

Lord Lane did. Protecting is something that makes someone smile with confidence.

Vivian wanted her mother and father to laugh again. I wanted to make it that way. I couldn't figure out the exact reason myself, but to do so, I thought I shouldn't burst into tears now.

How much more painful time had passed for the listener? An urgent sound continued over the door and soon calmed down.

The moment when Freya and Ishidore, as well as Vivian, were not able to break the silence and were closing their eyes.

Vivian obviously heard the baby cry.

Rather than bringing bath water over the door again, preparing a soft towel seemed to be heard from afar, buried in the sound of a loud baby crying.

"Vivian, your brother must have been born."

"Uh, uh, uh, uh..."

Freya then faced Vivian's forehead with a look of relief.

Isidore and Ayla likewise relaxed their bodies, leaning on each other's shoulders and heads.

Leonhardt, whose face was full of tears, opened the door and entered the room. Vivian descended from Freya's lap and ran to his father.

"Are you okay, dad?"

"Lizzy... she's fine. Yeah. I'm fine. Bibi."

Leonhardt hugged Vivian tightly. Vivian recoiled at the smell of fishy blood from his body.

"Bibie, congratulations on having a brother.

Leonhardt began to shake his shoulders, saying so. It was a feeling I felt on the day Vivian was born, but it was a moment I really didn't want to go through three times.

"Are the babies safe?”

While Leonhardt and Vivian were picking up their emotions, Freya checked with the midwife the condition of the children.

"Thank you. He's a very healthy twin prince."

"Oh, my God, Elizabeth, Lizzie, Lizzie! That kid? Oh, my God. Oh, my God!"

The tip of Freya's lips began to twitch. Freya, who used to only keep saying such things like a person who was mesmerized, led the royal family into the room as soon as the midwife gave her permission to enter the room and see the child.

"Oh, my God!"

As soon as I saw Elizabeth drooping weakly and closing her eyes, Vivian's small heart in Leonhardt's arms fell to the floor with a thud.

Mimir created an affair and did everything he could as a wizard, but there was still a smell of blood in his bed.

Vivian shook her head when Leonhardt asked if she wanted to see her younger siblings. First of all, I wanted to make sure that my mother was safe.

Approaching the bed, Vivian clasped Elizabeth's white, bloodless hand.

"Oh, my God..."

Then Elizabeth slowly opened her eyes. After glaring into the air for a while and blinking, she realized who the owner of the voice was, smiled helplessly and patted her head.

"Congratulations on having a brother, Vivi."Mimir cast a mild recovery spell on Elizabeth. Elizabeth, who returned to her complexion thanks to this, nodded at the nanny's question of hugging the child.

"Bobby, these are your brothers. Bibi became an older sister from today.”

Elizabeth explained in a soft voice and showed Vivian the two children wrapped in a sheet of steel.

Vivian carefully pulled her head out and looked at the "brothers" who took her mother's arms.

It was small, munchy, flinching.

"I'm... you're..."

Vivian held out her finger without realizing it. The nanny freaked out and tried to stop her, but Leonhardt shook his head, saying he didn't have to.

You're a wicked baby who hasn't even opened his eyes properly, washed herbs with water and smelled of trees and grass, and stole laughter from his father and mother's faces for months.

"'re so beautiful."

When Vivian's finger, which is still short and plump, touched, the baby wiggled over the river beam and reacted.

The moment Vivian felt the move, she decided.

You have to protect these kids. I can give you my favorite blanket for my younger siblings. I'll read you fairy tales so that you can laugh every day, and I'll defeat spiders if they come out!

The babies mumbled their lips, perhaps because her commitment reached her newborn brothers.

And exactly 10 years later, Vivian, who was in the midst of the crown prince's class, pointed his forehead in front of the twin prince who blamed the other person in front of the accident scene with the same face, saying he must have been crazy that day.