Chapter - 135 The story of a witch being happy (Extraordinary War 8).

There is no such thing as a story about a witch being happy.

In any fairy tale book, the witch always hates and is jealous of a beautiful innocent princess.

I have never heard of a princess who tests a prince who comes to save her with a dragon or a princess who defeats a dragon and goes to find a prince from time to time, but I have never heard of living with a witch.

When asked why there was no story about the witch being happy, my grandfather smiled and said this.

I'll be a witch, and this is the tower, so if I'm happy, my story must be a happy witch story.

…so am I really happy?


"Stop sighing! Stop sighing! Or was sigh one of the ingredients?”

Mimiir only blinked and sighed again at Alice's words. Very deep and slowly. Alice's face, which was looking at her, was now showing signs of absurdity beyond anger.

"Sir, what happened? Did you happen to have twins... Did the princes cause any trouble?”

"What's the point of a baby not even a year old getting into trouble….”

"…Your Highness Vivian said so."


Mimiir nodded with a vague look. I was half glad that Vivian was not here, and half curious about how the princess, who was closer to crumbles than the word "kiddo," had been born for only half a year.

"Is it because it's spring? Other people can't concentrate on the film experiment and just look out the window. But do you know where fate's going to come from?

Alice whispered in a cynical tone and stirred a large pot. Love is for fools only. It was her creed that she knew the world too early.

"…may show up.”


This means that the owner of the clock tower suddenly becomes a priest and becomes the owner of the temple. Looking back at Mimiir with a startled face, Alice was shocked inside.

Mimiir was looking out the window. Precisely, the white top of the head seen through the window was staring.

In the ripe spring, when the scent of sweet flowers winds between fingers just by stirring the air with hands, Mimi-r, who was looking out of the window with his chin under the warm sunlight, was obviously the face of a "lovely" person.

Alice and Mimir were busy preparing for the fireworks festival soon after.

Unlike the fireworks festival in coastal cities, the inland fireworks festival was the main character of a large bonfire instead of firing fireworks.

In the flames that are high and bright enough to reach the moon, people throw in dolls with wishes, make wishes, or gather in circles to dance.

A sweet spring, a gentle flame under the dim sky, and you who stood out among the festivities.

The song began to spread through the mouth of a minstrel with rumors that lovers who formed songs such as … could live happily ever after.

Mimir and Alice were making special firewood so that such important bonfires could remain safe, long, and bright throughout the festival.

"Teacher, how much should I put in?”

Alice asked, lifting a sack of flour-white powder.

Still looking out the window, Mimi is half-hearted, half-hearted. He shook his hand with the words "take care of yourself properly."Alice alternately looked at her teacher and sack, who were completely mesmerized, narrowing the middle of her forehead.

[Flammable Material: Extreme Risk]

The handwriting on the sack could not withstand the embarrassment, so it was upside down.

Alice's stinging nagging continued. Mimir listened to the meaning and importance of fireworks in one ear and nodded reflexively to the other.

Alice watched her teacher put together the ingredients for firewood with a look of incredulity.

Mimir, who becomes more serious than anyone else when conducting experiments or research, began to mix and mix samples meticulously without a single grain of dust error.

"And now I stir with all my hopes that those who watch the flames will be happy…?”

Alice tilted her head as she was reading aloud the book she had spread out beside her for reference.

Stir in a circle, stir in 8 letters, stir in zigzag, not in the same way?

"It doesn't matter if you just ignore it and stir it roughly.”

"It's been our job to make firewood for the festival since ancient times. Others are making new clothes for the festival. They're doing something. They're so excited and we're stuck in the tower working. I wrote it down as a warning just in case bad-tempered kids get offended. Did you just get nervous, saying, 'Isn't this some kind of magic?'

"…how do you know that?"

Mimiir refused to answer. Alice stared at Mimiir with a suspicious look. She replied, blurring her tongue.

"…I made it with the thought of making me happy, not everything." Everyone was happy and had fun."

Mimiir slipped out his lips. Alice looked at her again with a vague look at what all this is so wrong about.

In celebration of the birth of the twin princes, the fireworks festival will be held more grand than ever. Thanks to this, all the magicians in the clock tower were hanging on to the fireworks festival.

Still, Alice asked Mimir in a quiet voice, perhaps because she was not interested in the festival for the first time in a while.

"Teacher, can I go to the fireworks festival?"

Recognizing his student's innermost thoughts at once, Mimir smiled and offered a gold coin to go buy a new one.

"I'll be watching you here, so don't worry.”

Alice walked out of the clock tower with a big smile. Mimir smiled and pulled out another chair, sat on her feet, and began to look into the book.

Next to her, a pot containing all kinds of ingredients was boiling with a simmering sound.

If you boil it for 10 hours like this, the liquid, which had a nasty smell and had a terrible green color, turns transparent like starch syrup and has sticky viscosity.

The preparation for the firewood for the fireworks festival is completed by applying the liquid evenly to the firewood that will become the seeds of bonfires.

What Alice was doing a while ago was watching for 10 hours to see if the pot was overflowing or abnormalities occurred.

It was so simple that people who were lacking in two bodies, such as anti-explosion magic and installation of water tools for fire preparation, were envious of it, but at the same time, nothing was as boring.Mimir yawned and stretched as he read the book he had brought.

'Fireworks festival....’

Unlike his disciple, who usually pretended not to be interested in anything but magic, but was still at an age when his heart was pounding.

This was all because of the Illysys.

If the bloody white rabbit duke hadn't refused to go to the festival with him, he might have left the pot boiling or melting and ran out with Alice by now.

Instead of going to the North and the North, Mimir sighed.

Yeah, what's the big deal about the annual festival? No matter who is born or who is dead, the flame will bloom, Her Majesty and his family will also participate in the banquet, and Illisys, who is prime minister of the empire and secretary of the emperor, should take a look at the preparation.

Otherwise, I remembered that he was at a loss for feeling sorry and sorry to refuse his request for that reason.

I'd rather not be sorry. Act like you didn't want to go to a festival from the beginning, or you'd rather have someone to go with... I don't like this. It's better to say I can't go to the festival because I'm hit by work

Mimir, who had been thinking for a while about which side was more miserable, tried to soothe his mind, saying that either side would have been better than now.

It was a friendship over a decade ago. Meanwhile, two friends have already given birth to a child.

He and she were still friends, although they often entered the banquet as partners because they didn't have the right partner to go to, or because they still didn't want to get married.

At least he thought he would.

Such a rabbit duke asked himself over and over again where he liked it so much, but there was only one answer that came back every time.


It was just good. I liked the way he was wriggling like a rabbit who kept muzzling his mouth, the smart head that dared not to be pushed back by the witch, and the ability to handle things that surprised everyone when they burst into action was good.

There's no answer to love for no reason. Mimi-r, who was aware of her feelings for the first time, had to stop playing chess for a while under the pretext of being busy and avoid Ilysses.

It was such a narrow feeling. Just like this, alone. It was okay to embrace bitter and sweet feelings like sugar syrup that had burned the floor.

There is no such thing as a story about a witch being happy anyway.

Mimiir thought so and forced the Illicis out of his head. It was spring, festival, and Ilisys' expression of rejection of his proposal looked especially sad, only shaking a little. I had to.

While the witch was lying with her eyes closed in front of her emotions, there was something that should not be in the pot.

But Mimir sighed and pressed her eyelids so hard that she could not see the scene, and her black heart crept into the pot and melted with other ingredients as if nothing had happened.


"That's it! Well done, Alice."

"Wow, can I go play now?”

Mimiir's permission has been denied. Alice flew half-way through the air and ran out, and the wildflower embroidery returned in a lovely blue dress."How do you like it?"

Mimiir smiled at Alice, who looked plausible in front of me.

"Who are you supposed to meet?”

"Are you going to hang out with your orphanage friends?”

"…yes, have a good time, and you can credit me with my name on the appropriate line.”

"…Are you sick, teacher? Are you going to inherit a legacy soon....”

Alice began to look at her complexion, bewildered by Mimiir's sudden consideration.

Mimir pushed Alice's back, saying, "If you have time to say such things, just go quickly," and the fireworks festival seemed to start safely.

Around the time when prospective couples, who were walking a step away from the sunset, started holding hands or linking arms, saying there were too many people on the road.

Finally, the magic firewood, which would be the seed of the story, entered the prepared firewood and caught fire.