Chapter - 137 (Extraordinary 9)

People were delighted to see the fireworks. The flames began to grow in size, using their laughter as a nourishment.

Each of them wrote a small wooden doll's wish that could be used as a joke and threw it into the flames.

The flames began to sob, remembering their wishes, their smiles, their happy faces.

But people think this year's flame is exceptionally big and big and didn't realize he was crying.

To make matters worse, the wizards of the clock tower also blamed them for the dangerous overflowing flames because of the strong mana of Mimir and Alice.

Only one man, Alice, had an anxious look on his face when he saw the unusual energy of the flame.

"Alice, what's wrong?"

"Huh? Oh, no. It's just... Nothing. So, how are the kids doing?”

Alice tried to push aside her anxious mind. They were more precious faces than family members gathered together for the first time in a while. I just wanted to show my smile.

But Alice's happy moment didn't last very long. The flame wanted to vomit out the wishes of those who were constantly being pushed into its mouth.

Please make me happy.

Let me connect with the person I love.

Please drop off a child like the princess and the prince.

All they wanted were things they thought a witch would never have.

The moment the most desperate wish reached the heart, the flame raised itself. People admired the flame as it literally turned into a giant with a roar.

Alice, whose face turned white, ran out of the cafe.

"Alice, where are you going?"

"That, that, that, that one!"

"What's that...? Huh! What's that!"

"Take the kids and get the hell out of here!"

Alice finally started looking for the wizards of the clock tower to stand between the alleys, avoiding crowds.

However, as more and more people thought that the giant of fire was also part of the fireworks festival came toward it, it was hard to even keep her own body straight, let alone find someone.

The fire giant raised his hand high. People's eyes turned to the end of it. Then the giant's hand slammed to the floor. The floor of the stone square melted with a murmur.

People started running wild in confusion. In an instant, there were only a few wizards left in the square who realized that Alice and the situation were serious, and a couple of stupid men who were drunk and had only Man-yong left.

"You! Bring your master right now!"

Alice put out the most powerful water-based magic she could use and ordered a known face to be seen around her.

The wizard looked at the flame giant and Alice alternately and nodded with a blue face.

Whether he was a man capable of teleport magic, his appearance disappeared in the blink of an eye.

While evacuating people, they had to tie their feet somehow to keep the giant from going out of the square.

The wizards gathered together to pour water, but every time there was no change, only a deep water vapor occurred with a squeaking sound on the body of the flame giant.

"Who said it wasn't your master's spark? It burns so well, d*mn well!"

Alice gritted her teeth, trying to ignore half the fireworks she had made.

Not long after someone quick-witted, or anyone who was able to enter the imperial palace, delivered the news to the imperial family, the Imperial Guard, including Victoria Lane, appeared."Sir Lane!"

"Miss Alice, what the hell is this... Oh, my God. I'll talk to you after I finish evacuating. Please take care of yourself."

Victoria quickly finished talking and began to command the people in perfect order.

What she was wearing was the conquest of the Guard. A loud voice and a reliable and dignified face were not lacking in attracting attention.

People began to exit the square slowly, but in an orderly fashion, at the behest of her and the guards.

In the meantime, the wizards installed a scaffold in the square. Even the wind was guiding the flame giant to a place with many wooden buildings.

It was like putting up an egg fence in front of a rolling rock, but it was better than nothing.



Alice, who was holding out with a mission to prevent not only the Mana that her body could handle, but also the life span instead of Mana if necessary, lost her tension and sank to the floor as soon as she saw Mimi-r.

Mimir, who was watching the flames burning blankly at the top of the clock tower, soon took his eyes off the telescope and lay down on the floor.

By now, Ilysses will be busy preparing for tomorrow's banquet, people will be having fun, and I will....

Just as I was about to close my eyes with my arm on my head thinking that I would rather sleep than fall into such a sentiment, someone tapped on the door.

And as soon as I heard the news, Mimiir moved to the square. The cause wasn't certain, but it wasn't that there wasn't much to pick up on.

Don't tell me that sentence is really part of the magic?’

Mimiir opened her mouth as she looked up at the flame giant she had created.

"Who made it? It's burning so fast.

"Is that what you're going to say now? You're the owner of the clock tower! You have to do something!"

Alice shouted at the top of her lungs. Mimiir clipped her fingers, brushed off her wrists, and rolled up her sleeves.

There is no such thing as a story about a witch being happy. No, there's a story like that. Even so, it was clear that the main character was not himself.

Mimiir began to confront the flame giant with a little sadness. The flame burned stronger, as if to speak for her black heart.

In conclusion, the winner was Mimir.

Instead of splashing water on the flame halfway, she created a rain cloud.

The deep blue sky quickly turned black, and heavy rain began to fall as if it had moved the season forward a little.

The cold, large raindrops slowly soothed and soothed the flames.

And when it was finally over, Mimiir ran back to where the flame giant was before people could even shout.

There was still the last flame that didn't go out in the rain.

It was thanks to the magic hung during the fireworks festival to protect the embers even if it rained.

Mimiir threw himself over the flame without hesitation.

It seemed that Alice's voice was heard calling her name behind her back.

The flame demanded her hair in return for leaving for the sky.

Mimi-r gave up her hair without hesitation when she said that she wanted to remember how beautiful a flame she was, even though it was only for a short time.

So the flame completely died down after covering the witch's red hair, neither water nor thick cloth.

Mimiir slowly rose from her seat and looked around.

The square was filled with melted and blackened marks on fire.Mimir, the man who prepared the fireworks festival and the person who created the fireworks giant, smiled bitterly.


I could hear the voice of Ilysses in the distance. Maybe he's here to see for himself because of the situation.

I'm sure you're not here because you're worried about me, so let's not expect anything like that. Mimir.

Mimiir thought so and turned to Illisys. I was going to make fun of him, saying that he would only come after all the dangerous work was done.

"What, now coming... Ils?"

I didn't know what happened at the moment. No, I knew it in my body, but I couldn't reach my head, my mind.

"Mimir! Where did you get hurt? Where did you get hurt? Oh, my God! Your hair... Are you sure you haven't there any burns? You don't have it, do you? Yes?"

"…are you worried about me now?”

Illisys, who hurriedly erased the soot from Mimir's face and carefully looked between her fingers to see if she was hurt, looked at her with a face asking what it meant.

It was only after he blinked about three times that Mimir opened his mouth and repeatedly closed his mouth when he knew that the silence meant positive.

"Then, of course, I'm worried about you, who? I'm just saying you can build a new square, but you... Aren't you the only owner of the clock tower?"

Oh, as expected, Mimi-r felt the blood cool down the moment. The blood, which had been boiling hot against the flame a while ago, cooled down, and the whole body became heavy.

He was worried about himself. Why? Because he's the only owner of the clock tower.

Still Alice is not good enough to sit in the master's seat, and so are the others. If you die at a time when it's hard to call back a person who's already retired from active duty... As Chancellor, you'll be in a lot of trouble.

In the meantime, I felt foolish to think that I was lucky to be alive, so that even one thing he had to do was reduced.


"But it's a fireworks festival, so I'll make a temporary one."

Mimiir, out of Illisys' arms, said enviously, and returned to the center of the square.

Mana moved in her mouth. The melted and ugly pieces of stone returned to the bricks with beautiful flower patterns.

Mimir's performance of such magic left a deep impression on people.

Mimir then pulled a sword from the waist of a guard who was blocking people nearby and headed to the center of the square.

Ilysis didn't know what she was going to do, so she blinked and watched first.

Mimiir cut his arm without hesitation.


"It's all right, my blood is the medium, so I can turn it off anytime.”

Mimiir reached out his arm holding the sword and restrained Illisys. She muttered a few unknown words and the flame rose again.

"No, it's not that, it's me, it's me, it's me. Did you hit it?"


I was wondering what you were going to say, and suddenly you're asking me if I'm crazy? Mimiir's brows narrowed in an instant.

"Hey, I still have a knife in my hand.”

"Ma, the Wizard's sword! I'm not afraid of anything! It's not like you're drawing blood from a slaughterhouse. What the hell are you doing?"

"And the Wizard's magic? My other hand is fine? And what's that analogy? Are you picking a fight with me? Do you want me to melt the square again?""It doesn't matter because I'm not paying for it anyway! Rather than that, heal wounds faster... You're all better."

"Then why don't I go back to the clock tower with my cortical arms? Why don't you leave the healing magic and use it for?"

Ilysses opened his mouth wide. Mimir stood up feeling a little refreshed, returned the sword to its owner and smiled and beckoned at the people.

"The owner of the clock tower, Mimiir, guarantees safety! Fireworks, enjoy the festival again!"

To my end, no one would have heard the backbiting without hiding the backbiting from the cheers.

Mimir smiled and faced people who asked for magic to make them happy, making moderately shiny butterflies or flowers in the air.

One by one, a doll with a wish again began to enter Mimi's "safe" flame. Illisys and Mimir decided to stay in their seats until the end, on the grounds that the same thing should not happen as before.

"It's only natural that I'm here, and it's obvious that you won't be able to help, so why are you here?”

Illisys shut up and refused to answer, looking somewhat uncomfortable.