Chapter - 139 (EXT 10 EP.)

It was not until the dawn that the festival crowd was barely reduced. It was only then that Mimir and Illisys could sit back to back and take a breather.

"…it's a shame."

Ilysses muttered in a grumpy voice. I hurriedly picked up the pieces.Does Gonhana also mean it's a waste that the festival is ruined?

"…it was good to see."

Yeah, well, if it was on schedule, the flame that should still be burning in the middle of the square would have been a lovely sight.

"You can get ready again from now on."

"How many years will it take?"

"How many years? Why does it take?"

Mimir looked puzzled and turned away from Illisys, who was leaning against him.

Illisys, like her, had a curious look on her face somewhere.

"…do magicians usually grow hair fast?”

The moment I realized the meaning of the word, Mimir's face turned red. It wasn't the fireworks story he was talking about. Mimi tried to hold her hair with her hands like a habit, but when she couldn't grab anything, she turned her eyes awkwardly.

I felt unusually empty above my shoulder.

"Shall we burn our wish dolls, too?

Just in time, I saw a merchant preparing for tomorrow's festival. Appreciated for his diligence, Mimiir tried to turn the subject around.

"Do you have a wish?"

"…what, just. It's a festival."

Ilysses tilted his head, but approached him and bought two dolls.

"Don't look!"

"I don't! You're supposed to cheat if you tell someone before your wish comes true."

While writing down his wishes, Mimi-R rounded up in sorrow. I couldn't explain it, but everything felt stupid.


In an embarrassing voice, Ilysis looked back at Mimiir. She, who had always proudly adjusted the world to her eye level, sat with her head curled up like a round leaf in front of winter.

"What's wrong? What's wrong? Did you get stabbed in the hand by a tree thorn?”

"…there's no such thing as a witch being happy.”


What are you talking about all of a sudden? Ilysses blinked at her words, which are rarely known.

It was only after a long time that I was worried about becoming a tree in that position that Mimir raised himself again.

Except for her slightly drooping shoulders and sunken green eyes, it was the same Mimir as usual.

Illisys, who breathed a sigh of relief without realizing it, reached out his hand to burn it down when he had finished writing his wish.

But Mimir only stared at the hand.


"…I guess I used too much energy a while ago. I can't move.”

It was a total lie. But Ilysses carefully lifted her up without showing any sign of her lies.

Mimir thought Ilysses' hands were exceptionally hot. Or it's because your hands are cold from singing the rain clouds.

The doll with the wishes of the two disappeared into a handful of ashes in the flame. Illisys, who watched silently, glanced at Mimiir, who was standing next to him, wetting only his nervously dry lips with his tongue.

"If you have something to say, say it now."

Mimir, who had noticed it earlier, said it as if he had spit it out. Illisys pondered for a moment, looking down at the floor. Then he looked Mimiir in the face and said.

"Dear Mimir, was I in your wish?"What do you mean, Mimir stared at Ilysses. Ilysis hesitated, closed her eyes and hugged her tightly.

What happened to me now? My hair, which had been returning to normal until a while ago, became white, and my eyes became dark, bright again, and it was not a big deal. His face was so close, the meaning in his eyes was so clear, the smell of paper and ink was so strong. It never occurred to me that Mimiir should stop fighting him off.

"I was sure a little while ago. You may experiment with your body as a material if necessary. It's been over a decade since I've seen you and you can't say no."

"Uh, uh..."

Was Ilysses this tall? I teased him every day about whether he should put prosthetics in his jacket with narrow shoulders, but was his arms this wide? Why can't I resist him now, even though he's been criticized for his poor physical strength that can't even read properly?

I managed to roll my eyes and face him. The world reflected in his eyes was full of himself with a completely mesmerized look on his face.

At that moment, Mimiir realized. He was no longer a child stamping for his grandfather in front of the clock tower.

"Mr. Mimir."

His own name, which Ilysses pronounces, sounded as sweet as the square sound of a quality gitpen.

Mimiir's wish was for Illisys to meet a good person and be happy.

So she had to nod her head. But I didn't want to. He mobilized all the magic and academic knowledge he knew, but could not find a valid reason.

Just like the reason why I like him. I just didn't want to nod.

Instead, Mimiir returned the question.

"Ilysses, am I in your wish?”

Ilysis nodded for granted. Mimiir is speechless. I had to joke around asking what my wish was, but I couldn't.

Illisys' head leaned toward her and paused. Before I knew it, there was a dawn sunset and a shadow of fireworks on his face.

"Please allow me."

Mimiir only blinked. I couldn't understand why he was doing this. But it wasn't that I didn't like it.

The thought crossed my mind that maybe his wish was to love him, not to be happy with someone else who didn't even know his face.

"…that's what you'really?”


Mimiir's lips were small. Why ask for permission from Mimir, a human, not a wizard?

Ilysis waited patiently for her answer. Mimiir came up with a hypothesis. And now it was time to verify that the hypothesis was true.

Mimiir's heels rose to the length of a finger. Her hands clasped the hem of Illisys' clothes. Flames crossed each other's mouths. The dawn sky, which had been dyed with dreams of flowers all night, began to spread like paint on her cheeks.

"…I told you to meet a good man and be happy, and you met a witch."

Mimir muttered in a self-asserting voice. Ilysses seemed completely carried away by her actions.

The witch's kiss in the story has always brought death and curse. And that seemed to be the case. Otherwise, the Chancellor, the pride of the Empire, would not have such a stupid look.Illisys, who came to her senses after a long time, was smiling somehow. He tried to keep his face straight by pulling it down, but the more so, the more ridiculous his face turned into a distorted mask.

"Wouldn't you be happy to meet a witch?”

It was a word I'd never thought about. You're happy to meet a witch? It's not like you're daydreaming and you don't know what's going on around you?

"Mimir, please look at me."

Mimir's shoulders flinched when he was caught staring at only a street lamp over his shoulder, not at Illisys.

"I'm here. I've always been there for you, as I've been for the past decade, and now I'm in front of you. So, Mimir, please look at me."

Everyone who makes eye contact faces the magic of turning them into stones. Will I be as nervous as I am now? Mimir took a deep breath before he could look into the eyes of Ilysses.

The Duke of Rabbits with white hair, pale face, red eyes and bright red lips.

The world reflected in his eyes was full of Mimir.

"…is that a confession now?”

Was the water you poured on the fire giant not enough? Why are you pouring water on this serious atmosphere again? Mimir, are you crazy?

"You're right to confess."

Ilysses, it wasn't me who was crazy, it was you. No, I'm sure they're both crazy. My heart is racing so fast, it's driving so fast!

"Mimir, allow me to be happy beside you."

What kind of answer do I have to give in this case? Why am I looking so bad at this moment, my face and clothes are all tanned, my head is cut off like a rat ate it on my shoulder?

Why does the world keep a witch from being happy?

"I want to make you happy. Mr. Mimir, so please allow me. So that I can be the most important person in your happiness."

Only then did Mimir realize why he couldn't be happy. The biggest obstacle was by her side all her life. It was such a big and willing obstacle that he could not even recognize that he was in the shadow.

"…I don't want to be called a duchess or anything."

"Of course! How dare you compare the owner of the clock tower with the Duchess of what?"

"Then I can't marry you?”

"…I'll look into the law. I'm sure there's a phrase you can use.”

"What if there isn't?"

"Well, it's a job to be made."

"Isn't that an abuse of power?"

"I've done so much, and if I can't do anything like this, I'll resign right away.”

"You never lose a word."

"Because chess is enough to lose."

Eventually, Mimiir burst into tears. Ilysses was mortified by Mimir's effort to smile with a tearful face.

In the center of the square, only a small bonfire began to show up one by one, proving what had happened the previous day.

They passed by, turning their heads tactfully at the sight of a man patting her on the back with a flushing face, just like a woman with messed up red hair.

"I'm sleepy. I'm going to sleep."

"Yes, I'm getting tired of spending three nights all night.""I'll give you the quietest and most comfortable place on the clock tower.”

"Was there a place like that?”

"There's no place the owner of the clock tower can't go....”

Finally, Mimi-R squeezed the remaining manna out of her faltering body and opened the way to the clock tower.

Illisys managed to support Mimiir, who was completely drooping, and headed for the clock tower.

Mimir thought, buried in a familiar mana, a space filled with the scent of herbs rolled around his head, and a soft and warm touch touching his back.

Grandfather's words were not wrong.

He had a friend who was a witch, in a tower, and had white hair and a tongue stronger than a sword, if not a knight on a white horse.

So his story was a happier witch than anyone else in the world.