Chapter - 236 Episode 236. This is hell. (1)





"Giggle, giggle, giggle, giggle.


Yoon-Jong looked up at the sky quietly.

That's crazy.

Why is the sky so clear today?

Chung-Myung clapped 'LOL' and suddenly straightened his shoulders and made a very confident expression. Then he started mimicking Yoon-Jong a while ago.

"I don't know! Do people need a reason to help people?"


Then quickly, Jo-Gol, standing in front of Chung-Myung, pretended to be surprised by the imitation.

"I just do what my heart leads me to do! That's my province!"

"What?! There's a limit to you!"


"Giggling, giggling!"

Chung-Myung and Jo-Gol burst into laughter. Yoon-jong looked up at the sky with tears in his eyes. And stole the snow secretly.

Things like Sagal.'

Why did I do that?

I'll just skip it. Why are you going through all this trouble when you can't tell what you want to say or what you can't say?

"Wow! You're a master of Hwasan!"

"Chung-Myung아. It's Hwasan, so it's a master."

"Oh, yeah. So you've got a chastity in Hawsan!"

"It's Doggie. Doggie!"

"Oh, my God! Death penalty! This priest was very impressed!"


Just beat it up.

I'd appreciate the death penalty if you could beat me with your fist instead of using words.

Yoon-jong, who wiped away the tears that had been shed around his eyes, looked at Baek Cheon with desperate eyes. Baek Cheon, who understands the desire in his eyes, coughs slightly and looks back at Chung-Myung and Jo-Gol.

"Stop it now, too!"


"Yes, sir, sir."

Baek Cheon nodded solemnly as the two excitedly teased each other subsided.

"You've got a big master in Wasan, and you shouldn't be making fun of him. You should not make fun of Yoon-Jong, but follow his good faith.…. Pooh!"


Baek Cheon covered his mouth.

"Living quarters……."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I keep thinking...…. Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Chung-Myung didn't miss the moment when even Baek Cheon collapsed!

"That's my calling as a disciple of Hwasan!"

"Oh, don't do that!"

"Giggles, giggles."

Chung-Myung is laughing. Rather than looking at him smiling with tears in his eyes, Yoon-Jong was thinking endlessly about what do is and what life is.


Baek Cheon, who puts his hand on Yoon-jong's shoulder, coughs in vain several times and opens his mouth.

"There is nothing to be ashamed of."


"You were excellent. It's not that you're wrong. It's because we're ugly."

"Wow! That's right. I can't believe I put such a great death penalty! This Chung-Myung is very heartwarming! Capital punishment! Now I believe in capital punishment...…."


Baek Cheon rubbed his hands and kicked Chung-Myung to the distance.

"That son of a b*tc*."

"……You laughed at the dorm."

"I'm sorry."

Baek Cheon covers his mouth to hold back the laughter that keeps popping out.



"Laughing out loud."

This is hell.

This is hell.

Looking at Yoon-jong shuddering with despair and embarrassment, Baek Cheon secretly looked a little sorry.

Actually, Yoon-Jong was really great today. No matter how perfect the logic was, it would not have been easy to persuade them who were offended.

But Yoon-Jong persuaded them not by logic but by their own ways.

'You've done a great job.'

Thanks to this, Hwasan was able to build a good friendship with Unnam. In comparison, it is considered trivial to have the right to resell Unamsan tea.

It was amazing to have a friendly relationship with Namman Beast Palace, one of the world's most famous palaces.You're getting a lot of unexpected things on your way to Unnam.'

The Beast Palace is also a beast palace, but the Dangga is also allied. It laid the foundation for connecting with the strongest forces in the west of the Middle East.

And most of all...….

"You're taking care of the plant, aren't you?"

"Look at me."

Baek Cheon turned his head slightly. Chung-Myung is wrapping a sack of pine plants very tightly around me. It seemed impossible to touch a pine tree until Chung-Myung was killed.

"…It looks safer than the palace report by then."

"That's what I think."

Smirking Baek Cheon cleared his throat slightly.

"Gather up, everyone."

"Yes! Private lodging."

Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong, Chung-Myung and Yoo-Esul gathered around Baek Cheon.

"First of all... It may be a little early to say this, but everyone worked hard."

"No, Sasook."

"But it's too early to be relieved. Our aim is not to save the pasture, but to take it safely to Hwasan."

"There's one more!"

Chung-Myung said firmly.

"I'll take it for a second."


Baek Cheon nodded his head.

"Everyone knows it's been hard so far. But let's go back to Hwasan and get drunk."

"That's obvious. Private lodging!"

"Yeah, well, first of all...…I hope I'll have to meet the Hwapyeong Top again."

"Huh? What about them?"

Baek Cheon frowned slightly at Chung-Myung's words.

"That's how you get out of luck."

"Why? It's a carriage. You can buy it. There's a horse."

"Huh? Horse……."

Baek Cheon opened his eyes slightly wide.


"You, I'm so hungry. "Lord of fans."


"I'm really going to die at this rate."

"You can't even beg. The people here are so hard-hearted……."

"I feel like my stomach is going to stick to the equivalent leather…"…. There's no bark to peel off now."

Jang Ho-chae's fan liquor, Bang Yo, sighed deeply at the pouring complaints.

It's already been a few days since Chung-Myung banned their inner work. Left far away without a single piece of experience, they couldn't do anything, and they just had to waste time.

"What would you do? There's nothing else to do."

"Why don't you try bandit again?"

"What kind of bandit are you when you don't have the skills?"

"Do we have to lose to Yangmin because we don't have experience?""

"…who's going to take care of the consequences?"


Bangyo said with teary eyes.

"If there is a rumor that a thief suddenly appeared in distress, of course we will be suspected…"Can you handle that devilish bastard?"

As soon as the word "demonic cub" came out, a person's face came into their head.

"He doesn't even bite the dog."

"You're worse than a demon!"

Just thinking about it makes the sound of pain come out of my mouth.

They're evil.

Mana is a bandit, and bandits are usually made up of people who lack morality and cannot adapt to ordinary life.

If you have an idea, you don't become a demon no matter how difficult you are in. No, even if it's so hard that you can bandit for a while, you don't decide to live your whole life doing the hammering.

In other words, no one is sane, considering that he has gathered to play the game.

Even in their view, the Chung-Myung went too far. It is doubtful what heaven thought of sending such seeds into the world.

"…What do I do then?"

"What can I do? What can I do? I'm gonna wait like this!""What if I starve to death?"

"That's better than dying."

"Oh, yeah."

The mangers sighed heavily.

How did you meet such a demon and get this?

"Arthur, I think he's the one who's going to laugh and beat us to death if we get a shot."

"What the hell did he eat to grow up to be a young man?…."

One of the male enemies said while looking at the nursery rhyme with tears in his face.

"By the way, what do we really do? Can he be released?"

"How am I supposed to know?"

"Lord of fans, if he comes back, he'll suffer all sorts of hardships and eventually be beaten to death. I'd rather run away now...…."

"How can I live without experience?"

"But how can we get back to 4,000?"

"Sacheon? Did you say Sacheon?"

"Yes, but we still have a site there…"…."

"What a stupid man I've you seen?"

The bladder screamed.

"How many grudges do we have against Sichuan? But do you think we can survive if the rumor spreads that we lost our experience and became compatriots? There will be more than a hundred men who will pick up their axes to kill us!"

"But if you still ask the living quarters for protection...…."

"Do you think the living quarters will protect us? Chae-ju is a person who throws a healthy man into tiger's food because he can't raise his spear properly because his arm is cut off. That kind of man protects us from losing our experience?"

Everyone was speechless.

Bangyo kicked his tongue at such minions.

"Arthur, Arthur. For now, it's best to just grab a boat and hold on here. You think he let us go for nothing? I'll be begging you to make an accident. I'm going to kill you as soon as I get into an accident."

"You know it well."

"Yeah, it's obvious. It's obvious that he's thinking."

"I don't think it's that bad."

"What are you talking about? I've never seen such a wicked man in my life. Mana is better than that. Mana! I've never been proud of my job, but he gave me the pride I didn't have."

"Oh, well, that's a good thing."

"Yeah, that's a good...….Huh?"

The bladder turned its head slightly.

The faces of his men, who are contemplated, come in first in his slow-walking gaze.

Bangyo's face, which felt something intuitively, is starting to turn white.


When his head finally turned completely to the side where his voice came from, Bangyo could find a familiar smiley face.


The world seems to have stopped.

The full body sweated out cold sweat, and the yoga lady opens her mouth shaking with a face as if she had seen a ghost.

"Oh, when did you get here...…."

"Just now."

"Well, if you've just spoken to me...…."

"Yes, it's me."


Bang-yo's face got tired and started dying black. Looking at Chung-Myung smiling, the game is about to happen.

"Ba, that's not what I meant, but...…."

"It's okay, it's okay."

Chung-Myung reached out and tapped Bangyo's shoulder.

"That's what happens in life. Where there is no one, the country can curse, so that's not a big deal."

"Sorry, I'm sorry."

"It's okay."

Chung-Myung smiled pleasedly.

"I'm not that bad of a person. I'm a master at this. I understand everything. It's possible."Master?

This bastard was a master?

"What the f*ck are you talking about? You's not going to work! There's no such thing as you!'

The wanderer unknowingly shook his eyes.

Chung-Myung smiled even more pleasantly at the sight of the rogue eyes.

"Do you know why a doer is a doer?"

"I don't know."

"Even if you hear bad things from the other person, you are a master when you know how to give. I learned it from the death penalty. So I've prepared a gift for you, too."


Chung-Myung strode to the back and returned with an armful of things. Then, he throws it in front of Bangyo.

"…what about this?"

Bangyo tilts his head.

What Chung-Myung brought was nothing but hay.

But what's the use of hay in this hot city if it's cold?….

Chung-Myung smiles pleasedly as he looks at the curious song.

"As you can see, it's hay."

"I understand that, but why...…."

"It's best to eat as a gift, after all."




Bang Yo stared at Chung-Myung with blank eyes.

You want me to eat it?


"Ee, how can a man eat this...…."


Chung-Myung, who had his eyes slightly open, slowly opened wide.


Black eyes glistened with difficulty living.

"There are people here? Not a horse?"


"Think carefully."


"You can say that. It's weird for a horse to get mad at you for talking behind your back. But if you're human...…."

Wood, wood, wood.

The pillar grasped by Chung-Myung is crushed.

"You're gonna get paid for your muzzle!"


"Do you want to eat and talk? Or do you want to be human instead of eating?"

The answer came immediately.

"I'll eat!"

"We love hay!"

"Thank you for thinking this much!"

Chung-Myung smiles pleasedly again.

"Right? Eat a lot."


Tears flowed down from the eyes of the hay-grabbing bandits.

It was the price of meeting someone I shouldn't have met.