Chapter - 249 Episode 249. Don't say that yet. (4)

Hawasan's disciples couldn't control their trembling hearts throughout the day.

"How can your body be so different?"

"Oh, my God. I hit my head on the ceiling this morning!"


"I just tried to get up lightly, but my body rose to the ceiling!"

"I don't think my body is mine."

The power of the Jasodan was truly great.

No, it was a wonder for them. Who would have imagined that the body could be so different just by eating a single tablet?

I simply thought it would run or stretch, but it felt like I had turned my body into a better one.

In particular, those who ate plum blossoms given by Chung-Myung in the past were keenly realizing how great a small group was.

"Are the sides still crowded?"

"Don't even mention it. I peed today."

"Then die, man! Where are you talking nonsense?"

"I'm telling you it's real."

Most of the disciples couldn't get the table tennis out of the body at once like the Baek Cheon party. But it wasn't ineffective, it was emitting over the course of several days.

the purification of the body

It was obtained by eating only a small amount of food that many fighters dream of.

Of course, it would be different from getting to that level through selflessness, but that hasn't changed the fact that it's a huge achievement.

Everyone was so excited while eating. The restaurant was noisy, but no one thought of stopping each other.

Everyone wants to get drunk on this feeling right now.

What soothed the loud noise was a simple word spoken by someone.

"Isn't this going to make us stronger than we used to be?""


Everyone shut up as if they had promised.

Then I looked in the direction where the sound.

The white porcelain belly disciple, who brought it up, looked around with a puzzled face. As if he didn't think that one word would create this reaction.


Everyone shut their mouths not because what he said was absurd. On the contrary, that was because it doesn't sound like a joke anymore.

Of course, everyone knows that Hyun Jong's goal, a long sentence, is to recreate the glory of Hwasan in the past.

However, most of the people here were forced to drag their hair by Chung-Myung, who suddenly appeared after training in moderation.

Recently, there have been other executions, not Chung-Myung...….


What seemed like a dream in Ho Gong is now starting to appear.

"…is there nothing you can't do?"

"Hey, I'm telling you...…."

"No, I don't know how strong Hwasan used to be, but we're getting incredibly strong right now."


"We beat Jongnam! The death penalty beat that shaman. Maybe we're really strong, too."

"If I get hit by Chung-Myung, I'll change my mind."

"Reversely speaking, it's us who endure Chung-Myung."

Everyone's face got serious.

In fact, they don't know how strong they are. Most of them didn't have a chance to test their power.

I'm just guessing by listening to Baek Cheon and Chung-Myung's performances.

Baek Cheon was already stronger than Oryong before eating Jasodan. So how much stronger is he now? And how much stronger are the people here?

"One thing for sure is...…."

When Baek Sang opened his mouth, everyone turned their heads and looked at him."That dream doesn't necessarily seem impossible anymore."

Everyone nodded their heads.

"Remember, everyone. Baek Cheon death penalty, Yoo Sa-mae, and why the three great disciples went all the way to Unnam. They have gone all the way to create a spirituality for us. We have to work harder to return the favor!"

"Of course! Death penalty!"

"I'll do my best, Sasook!"

Baek Sang nodded quietly.

"Eat a lot! Eat as much as you can and train to die! Then what you just said will not be a dream one day!"


With a loud answer, Hwasan's disciples began to eat aggressively.

And Dang-Soso, who was eating in one corner, looked at everyone with a very serious face.

I'm not kidding.'

The power of the Self-Society Squad, which I have experienced with my body, was ridiculous.

Even the Dang-Soso had never thought such a group would exist.


Jung Kwang's eyes of young Hwasan students.

There are so many people in Gangho who have this history?'

Even Shaolin would be difficult.

Of course, I've never actually seen Shaolin, so it's just a guess, but by all accounts, Hwasan is now among the best in the world.

What if it could add to Hawasan's old martial arts?

It's not really a dream.'

Dang-Soso bit his lips.

Everyone was burning with will, and I didn't want to look away from themselves. Now she's a disciple of Hwasan.

I'll do my best, too!'

She may also be a woman who has a reputation in the world if she supports her training.

I want to make my name known to the world not as Dang-Soso, the daughter of Dangga-ju, but as Tang-Soso, the female prosecutor of Hwasan.

I'm going to train you to die tomorrow!'

But Dang-Soso didn't know.

What does it mean that Chung-Myung is back?

* * *


Dang-Soso raised the game on an endless cliff that seemed beneath his feet.

"Turn it off."


"Sa, save me……."


A stone falls a thousand ways down the cliff as someone steps on it breaks.


"All of you, brother and sister! Wake up!"

Dang-Soso, who managed to wake up to the shouting, grabbed the rock with a blue-faced face.

"Well, I didn't have to do this for a while because I didn't have that crazy guy!"

"I thought I'd feel better now that I'm feeling better.…. d*mn it!"

Not a chance!

Dang-Soso raised his trembling arm and gripped the cliff tightly.


Then he pulls himself up with difficulty.

Of course she's a warrior.

Although he did not receive his vision from the Tang family, he has continued to train his craft, adding to the energy of the Jasodan he ate yesterday.

No matter how steep the cliff was, he was not a man who couldn't climb this much.

As long as it's not this string tied to the waist.

Dang-Soso looks down with trembling eyes.

The rope around her waist was wrapped around a large rock.

Dang-Soso, who was looking at the rock hanging from Ho Gong, couldn't help but scream!

"No! How can I climb a cliff with this on? Are you crazy?"

"All of you, brother and sister! Don't yell. And then you fall!"


She raised her head and looked up to the top.

My eyes are red with blood."That crazy guy!"

Anyway, he once thought of marriage. However, after I found out what kind of person he was, I wanted to get married and break my head.

'What kind of place is this?'

Wasan was a place that was completely incomprehensible to her common sense.

Let's say this ridiculous training is.

Each school has its own training method. Even if it is ridiculously radical and ridiculously dangerous, it is something to be respected.

That's not the problem.

In which clique do the three great disciples train the two great disciples?

As far as she knows, Chung-Myung was definitely a celadon boat for the three great disciples, and among those who climb the cliff now are a white porcelain boat for the two great disciples.

Therefore, something incredible is happening that the three great disciples train the two great disciples.

No! Yeah, I'll give in a hundred times and I understand that.

I can understand.

Dang-Soso's gaze turned slightly down the distant cliff.

Why aren't you stopping me?'

If this nonsense is happening, arbitration should come from the top distribution.

However, rather than stopping Chung-Myung, the Unja ship that should play the role of the ship will not stop him.

"Ha ha ha. Even so, can't you get hurt?" Don't worry, we'll protect you down there. So that you don't get hurt if you fall off.'

Then, he uttered a nonchalant remark and settled down.

So you're freaking out, aren't you?


Dang-Soso shakes his body and reaches out.

"Brothers, cheer up a little bit more!"


Without the encouraging executions, it would have already fallen.

She sees a summit located in a short distance.

Once again, she clenched her teeth and climbed to the top.


She finally reached the top and was exhausted and knocked down without even thinking about raising her body.

"Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!

It felt like soil was pushing into my mouth, but now I was out of my mind to spit it out.

Not long ago, I couldn't imagine such a thing.

She, who has been educated as the daughter of the Tangist, should always behave properly, has cramped on the dirt floor.

"Oh, my God!"

Dang-Soso raised himself with both hands on the ground. Soon after, the disaster at the top of the mountain came at a glance.


"Turn it off."

"Lord, I feel like I'm going to die...….Hoot."

Jasodan made his disciples strong.

But strength is always relative. If you are strong, you will be trained accordingly.

I folded my legs with a rock around my waist. Dang-Soso looked aloof as he looked at the death penalty repeating the straightening.

Are you crazy?'

Where in the world do these kinds of training?

I walked into a place like this on my own?

Her eyes, shaken by confusion, fear and shock, soon reached Chung-Myung.

Unlike the groaning death penalty, he lay down nonchalantly.


It's not a strange sight.

Chung-Myung often rested like that.

The only problem was that where he was lying now was on a rock the size of a house that Baek Cheon was carrying.

"Turn it off... Turn it off...….Ooh, d*mn it!"

Chung-Myung chewed beef jerky on a rock that was constantly going up and down.

"It slows down, Sasook."


Baek Cheon, who shouted like a beast, violently folded his legs. It's starting to unfold."There you go, there you go. Way to go!"

Chung-Myung giggles and laughs.

Dang-Soso's mouth is wide open. What a miserable situation this is.

'Crazy. Where the hell are you training like this?'

No matter how hard I think about it, it's a disaster. No one in the party practices in this way.

She was about to complain with a stiff face.

"What are you doing?"


Chung-Myung turns her head slightly and looks at her.

"Aren't you going to do it?"

"This kind of training...…."

Dang-Soso, who was about to say something, suddenly closes his mouth.

Next to Baek Cheon.

Yoo-Esul was training at the same speed as Baek Cheon, carrying a rock about the same size as Baek Cheon's.

The beautiful face that even Dang-Soso admired was messed up with sweat and dirt. But Yoo-Esul just focused on silently digesting the training with an expressionless face.

Dang-Soso makes a slight fist at the sight.


When Chung-Myung asked, Dang-Soso looked up at him again.


"It's not there, it's the death penalty."

"Yes, death penalty!"


"Can I carry another rock?"

"Do as you please."


Dang-Soso, who found another rock of the right size around him, put the two on top of each other and began training.

Chung-Myung smirked secretly at the sight.

'You're adjusting well.'

It's good to have a goal. It would be nice to have someone to follow.

"Oh, yeah.

"Ugh! Ugh!"

"Turn it off."

Chung-Myung kicked his tongue at the groans coming from here and there.

"I've fed you good food, why are you whining about it so hard.

"That crazy bastard!"

You try it, you son of a b*tc*!'

I want to kill him. I really want to kill him. I can't kill you, but I want a stab in the back!'

Vicious eyes poured on Chung-Myung, but Chung-Myung choked on beef jerky as if nothing had happened.

"If you're feeling better, you need to train hard. Don't you think so, Sasook?

Baek Cheon shuddered.

'Yes, of course this was what it was supposed to be!'

What did you expect?

If they were strong, it would be just twice as big as acorns in Chung-Myung's eyes anyway. What's the difference in being a big acorn?

Besides, he's good at rolling acorns.

He'll be most happy to have strong men to roll.

Now an expert on Chung-Myung, Baek Cheon sighed, thinking about the hardships ahead.

And Chung-Myung looked at everyone with strange eyes from above the Baek Cheon.

You're following me.'

I thought he was overdoing it a little, but I think the effectiveness of the Jasodan was better than he thought.

It was clear that the body would soon be completely trained.


"Is it time to move on?"

He was lost in thought with his eyes slightly closed on the rock going up and down.

If the body is complete, there is only one next.

Sword art

Just as a new drink needs to be put in a new unit, a new body needs a suitable sword.

Since he has been steadily training the basics and improving his understanding, it is time to hand over the true essence of Hwasan to them.

If it's the essence of Hwasan, of course Hwasan's M.E.

It's the twenty-fourth parallel!


How am I supposed to give you this?'

Should I say I picked it up on the street?

Turn it off.

It's a dilemma.