Chapter - 259 Episode 259. What's opening? (4)

Celadon and white porcelain boats looked at Chung-Myung with dark eyes.

Haven't they experienced Chung-Myung enough already.

I could fully, fully imagine, what would happen if I lost to other disciples of the clique.

It's a problem because I can imagine it so well.'

I'd rather die.'

Chung-Myung kicked his tongue as his disciples sighed deeply.

"You're not confident?"

"Oh, no, it's not that I'm not confident."

"Right? No, right?

Baek Sang's face is a bit tired.

Are you sure you're going to do it''

It was a moment when he wondered what the hell to say.

"By the way, Chung-Myung."


Yeom Jin, the third-generation disciple who had kept his mouth shut, opened his mouth secretly.

"I don't doubt you, but...…."

"What's wrong with you? Just say it out loud. Where am I the kind of person who talks to you?"



Did I?

That's strange.

"……then I won't nitpick this time, so just talk to me."

Yeomjin thought about it with a subtle expression and opened his mouth.

"Are we really able to beat the disciples of the old school?"

Chung-Myung frowned.

"Did you see me talking without me?"



That's weird...….

I don't think I've ever happened.

"This time it's real. I can win."


Yeomjin made a subtle expression.

"What are you afraid of? You've already broken Jongnam's"

"That's true, but...…."

When Yeom-jin hesitated after hearing the definite answer, Baek Sang smiled bitterly and opened his mouth instead.

"It's the three great disciples and you who win. All of these great disciples lost."

"Anyway, as long as we win, that's all."

"If I think about it like that, I will feel comfortable, but I can't help but think about something else inside. Would it really have been possible to win if the three great disciples had been assigned to the two great disciples and learned the ascendancy martial arts of Jongnam?"

Looking into Chung-Myung's glum eyes, Baek Sang continued.

"I beat those who didn't even taste the 36th sword. This means that it cannot be said to have defeated Jongnam. It was you who beat Jongnam, not us."


Listening to Baek Sang, Chung-Myung simply arranged the situation.

"You are not confident that you can beat the students of the Five Great Sega or the old file rooms that have learned the right science?"

"That's what it is."

Chung-Myung grinned.

"It's a little weird to hear that. Hey, you've already proved that black dragon or something. That Hwasan is not Danbo."

"…I'm not pointing fingers at my master."

And I'm not saying it's white, you son of a b*tc*!

Seeing Baek Cheon's face burning red, Baek Sang laughed low and said,

"Isn't the death penalty special?"


Chung-Myung looks back at Baek Cheon slowly and very slowly.

Baek Cheon's cheeks trembled slightly when he met eyes.

Straighten up, you son of a b*tc*.

No matter how hard I try. Can you show your rotten face to your master?

"And Yoon-Jong, Jo-Gol, Yoo Sam-mae are special people. Everyone acknowledges their talent. But our talents are nothing short of ordinary."

"So you're not confident?"

Baek Sang shook his head.

"Chung-Myung아. Don't get me wrong. Until you came, we were the ones who lost every day. I'm not doing this because I'm afraid of losing. I'm just scared."


I'm not afraid to lose, but I'm scared. What does this mean?Chung-Myung's questionable gaze contained a bitter smile from Baek Sang.

"Hwasan is getting his past glory back in no time. I'm afraid I'll be a stumbling block to such a Hwasan. I'm afraid we'll end up saying that Hwasan is nothing but you and the five others. So I'm scared."


Chung-Myung narrowed his brows.

There was a heavy silence for a moment.

When Chung-Myung, who would have said anything normally, shut up, Baek Cheon, who was slightly impatient, opened his mouth.

"What were you so afraid of? Hasan now regained his past ignorance, and you have not taken the Xasodan? What would you be afraid of if you could absorb the energy of the Self-Society Squad for the rest of your life and learn how to do a twenty-fourth parallel?"

"The death penalty is that old file room and Oh Dae-sega's choice of postscripts. I took xerodan. One, their history would be higher than ours."


"Also, we've just learned the art of twenty-fourths, but I'm sure they've learned the ascendancy of each literary school since they were young."

Baek Cheon hesitated for a moment and eventually shut up.

Because he knows very well that Baek Sang's words are not that wrong.


"Oh, that's enough!"

At that time, Chung-Myung cut off Baek Sang.

"I hate hearing you cry."

Chung-Myung, who covered his ears with his hands and shook his head, straightened his shoulders.

"So to put it bluntly, you are not confident of winning against the elite of other literary circles?"

"…not that I'm not confident, but I'm just worried……."

"You can beat a guy like Baek Cheon, but you're not?"


Chung-Myung clapped lightly over Baek Sang, who couldn't answer easily.

"Then it's decided."


Smiling Chung-Myung pointed to Baek Cheon.

"Then I just have to be as strong as him in the next six months. Only the people who made it have to go to the competition, right?"

Baek Sang's eyes popped out.

"Oh, no, dude. It's……."

"Oh, that's enough. It's not that difficult."


Isn't it hard?

Baek Sang turned his head slightly and looked at Baek Cheon. Baek Cheon was looking at the distant sky with a half-spirited look.

"Chung-Myung아. That's how...…."

"That's enough."


"It's okay, it's okay."

"I mean……."

"It's not a big deal. It is."


"That's enough! That's enough!"

Listen to me, man!

Baek Sang grabbed his heart because he couldn't burst. I'm talking to this guy. When I see it, I feel like I'm being taught by myself.

Chung-Myung grinned at him like that.

"The dormitory is also worrying about useless things."


"Do you think I'm gonna let the boys lose to them?"


Chung-Myung blinked his eyes.

"If you can lose, let's see."


Baek Sang, who became contemplated, stammered.

"Cher, Chung-Myung. I mean……."

"Don't worry, Sasook. I know very well why Sasook is worried. I fully understand."


Chung-Myung said with a glare.

"It's a lack of hard work! Hard work! I can't think of that if I worked hard enough to kill myself. All the people I see think about is breaking the head."


Think about it carefully. It's not an effort, it's a matter of personality.

Ordinary people don't think that no matter how hard they try. Chung-Myung아."That's what I think because I think it's worth living for a while. This is all my fault. If I had worked harder on the boys, I would have been half-flying with confidence by now! Because I'm lazy! Because I'm lazy!"


In Chung-Myung, bloodshot in his eyes and screaming like a madman, the faces of his disciples were gradually dying black.

And soon their eyes are on Baek Sang in unison.

'No, why are you talking nonsense?'

You didn't know this was gonna happen? Why are you scratching me?'

d*mn it! d*mn it! I'm screwed!

Feeling a fierce stare on his back, he trembled.

I'm not the only one who thought that, you guys!'

Baek Cheon, who was looking at him in bewilderment, smiled brightly and stepped forward.

"Don't be so embarrassed."

"The death penalty!"

Baek Sang looked at Baek Cheon with the face of meeting Buddha in hell.

Yeah, but the only person who can stop this lunatic is...….

"I agree with Chung-Myung. I've done it before, but if you train hard enough to kill yourself, you lose your fear. I was filled with thoughts that I couldn't lose this much."


"So you can do it, too! I will help you so that you won't be afraid of losing!"


Baek Cheon clenchs his fist firmly, determined. And Baek Sang looked at the death penalty with a face of lost soul.

I thought it was Buddha who I encountered in hell, but it was Asura.

'No, but really, what did these guys do on their way back to Unnam?'

Why are there more people like Chung-Myung?

It's like hell right now!

"You're not wrong."

To make matters worse, Yoo-Esul helped Baek Cheon.

"What you've built up. That's the source of confidence."

"That's right."

Baek Cheon shook his head as if he liked it.

"Scared" is a word that you can think about after rolling around like hell. You don't deserve to say that yet."

"…The death penalty sounds like you've been through it?"


Baek Cheon's mouth is twisted.

"Well, I don't know. Will you be able to say that after doing the same thing as me?"


"There's nothing to worry about. Me, too. And Yoon-Jong and Jo-Gol will also help you. Just like we've been through!"

Death penalty

Why do you grind your teeth while saying such good things?

You're not taking it out on us, are you? Right, the death penalty?

"Yeah! We'll help you, too!"

"Don't worry! I'll do my best."

There are things in the world that do not necessarily understand the atmosphere.

It was Baek Sang's misfortune to have such things as a quality.


The biggest misfortune he had opened his mouth with a serious face.

"There's something people in the room and the death penalty need to know."


Chung-Myung looked at everyone once and spoke in an uncharacteristically low voice.

"I may lose because I'm weak, but I don't lose because I'm weak at Hawsan's martial arts. If the death penalty can master the 24-year-old prosecutor's law, no one should be scared. Whether it's a shaman or a Shaolin."

Not that loud.

It was a low, quiet, so much more authentic voice.

"Don't worry. I, and Hwasan, will make the lodgings strong. So that no one in the world would dare to ignore their in-laws."Baek Sang nodded unconsciously.

Did Chung-Myung's words work?

A curious heat began to boil among the disciples.

Chung-Myung often talks nonsense, but he doesn't lie.…. No, I lie sometimes, but at times like this…….


I don't think it's a lie anyway.

Baek Cheon took Chung-Myung's words.

"Don't forget."

Baek Cheon looked around everyone and spoke heavily.

"We are the ones who should eventually recreate the glory of Hwasan, even though the elders and the elders lead and help us." We have to be the subject. So straighten your shoulders. Don't forget, you're a confident Hwasan examiner."

"Yes, death penalty!"

"I'll keep that in mind! Private lodging!"

Thud. Thud.

Chung-Myung twisted his neck left and right.

"Then I understand you've agreed...…."


Chung-Myung took his hand to his waist and pulled out his sword.

"Let's get started."


"What's the point of dragging your feet? What a waste of time."

When Chung-Myung makes a chin gesture, Baek Cheon and Yoo-Esul stand in front of the two great disciples. Then Yoon-jong and Jo-Gol stood in front of the three great disciples.

"Now that we've laid the groundwork, let's move on. Three months. Just three months. I think I've only been dead for three months. If you survive there...…."

Chung-Myung smiles.

"You'll be entitled to be called plum inspection."

Plum inspection ( 매

The moment I heard the forgotten name, all of Hwasan's disciples trembled.

At one time, the name Maehwa Inspection was a symbol of Hwasan.

The name of the plum blossom test, which no one dares to call themselves now, came from Chung-Myung's mouth.


Chung-Myung said with cold eyes.

"Every name comes with its price. To bear a name means to bear a responsibility for him as well. Don't think you can get that name without seeing hell alive."

The eyes of the disciples become firm.

"It's still hell anyway, what do you mean?"

"Let's get started. Don't take too much time."


Chung-Myung smirks.

Things that were whining a little while ago, now seem to be determined.

"Go ahead."

"I see."

When Chung-Myung slipped back, Baek Cheon shouted.

"One by one from the front. After the battle, they will go to Chung-Myung and fight again. Don't waste time. Move!"


Those who were standing in front of the crowd rush in. Watching that, Chung-Myung rolled up the corners of his mouth.

"Like a baby chick.'

But now I think I'm starting to see feathers little by little.

What if I teach you how to do the 24th parallel for the rest of your time and act like hell?

I can do it.'

The World Cup will be the place to declare the resurrection of Hawsan.

I'm just breaking the head of the old file room.

Smiling Chung-Myung looked up at the sky.

Death penalty

a lengthy death sentence

Wait a minute!

I'll shake off Hawsan's name to the world.

giggling Chung-Myung grabbed the sword.

Time flows like running water.

Wasan's time also went fairly.

one day

Two days.

And a month.

Six months passed in an instant.

And now, the day is just around the corner to participate in the event.