Chapter - 267 Episode 267. Do you want me to show you what an accident is? (2)

Hwasan and Haenam's disciples, who discovered the Shaolin monks, stopped altogether.

Standing at the front, Shaolin-seung shouted with an expression of anger.

"How dare you fight in the hall of the sacred Shaolin! How can you do this without ignoring Shaolin?! Stop your hand right now. If you don't, I'll be guilty of your doorstep!"



Hwasan's disciples lay down the collar of the Haenampas, push the beaters away, and step back.

Shaolin, who saw it, couldn't hold back his anger and shouted.

"Share your name!"

Hwasan's disciples were dawdling and looking around, and in the meantime, Baek Cheon, who had groomed himself, stepped forward and captured.

"We are disciples of the Hwasan faction. Unintentionally...…."


Even before his words were finished, the old monk cut his back and came in.

"Where is the long-written man of the Wasan tribe? I have to take responsibility for this!"

Baek Cheon's face is stiff.

There is nothing to say that the accident was true, but their reaction is more intense than he thought.

"The ambassador. We're...…."

"No need to say! Where is the man of letters?"

The old monk's face was bluish.

"How did you manage your disciples to make the other gatekeepers into gonjuk? You mean Hwasan doesn't even know the deal? Where is the weak door...…."

The old monk who was talking tilts his head.


And his crinkly eyes grew bigger and bigger.

After seeing those who were beaten up and spread out sadly, he couldn't stand the dismay and groaned.



"Oh, no. Haenampa...….weak? Huh?"

A bewildered look goes back and forth between Hwasan and Haenam.

Then Hwasan and his students bowed their heads.

Everyone bowed their heads together, but the meaning contained in it was completely different.

Whasan's disciples look like a child caught picking on a friend.….

I'm going crazy.

'How can I carry my face around now?'

The faces of the Haenam disciples were red with shame.

The situation is so clear that there is no excuse.

At this point, it would be better to get beaten up and end it.

Since Shaolin witnessed this situation, isn't everyone in Shaolin going to know this soon?

"…The Hwasan? Haenampa?"

Noh Seung-eun seemed confused as if the situation was not being sorted out in his head.

What kind of place is Haenampa?

It is a prestigious geopa that occupies a seat in the old file room.

Of course, Haenam occupies the same place as Malseok in the old file room, but that's why the big name of the old file room does not fade.

You can tell by the fact that all the gatekeepers in the world are still trying to cut the bones at this time of day.

But the South Sea...….

You're going to lose to Hwasan?'

No, it's not even a defeat.

The eyes of Haenam's disciples are chestnut. Even in these situations, people who couldn't get up and groaned about how much they were beaten up were a lot of people.

Whasan's disciples, on the other hand, look embarrassed, but don't really see any injuries.

"Common sense, isn't it normal for the two clans to face each other and the results to be reversed?"'

It's a battle between Haenam, the old file room, and Hwasan, who is now down and has only a name left.

If you ask the strong men to make a bet, they will be left to hear the sound of a madman.

But how did this result come out?

"The death penalty."

"Hmm? Hmm? Oh, yeah."Old Seung is surprised.

Now is not the time to think about this.'

The important thing is not that Hwasan won, but that they fought in Shaolin's compound.


Noh Seung, who exhaled the atmosphere by coughing in vain, looks at Baek Cheon with a firm face again.

"I'll ask you again. Where is Hwasan's long writer now?"

It was just as Baek Cheon sighed low and tried to answer.

"Here it is."

All eyes of those inside the hall return to where the sound was heard.

Hyun Jong was walking towards this side with a stiff face.

He was followed by Hyun Sang and Hyun Young. Hyun Young looked rather embarrassed.

Noh Seung bowed his head as soon as he saw Hyun Jong.

"I'm seeing a long writer from Hwasan. My name is Gong Hwa, and I belong to Shaolin's Gyeyulwon."

"You were the Ambassador to Gong Hua. I'm Hwasan's Hyun Jong."

"The word ambassador is too much for me. Just call me Gong Hua."

Hyun Jong nodded with a heavy face.

Normally, we would have exchanged words of blessing, but now it was best to choose what to say with a firm face.

Hyun Jong turned his head slightly and looked at Hwasan's disciples.

Then the heads of the Hwasan disciples were turned down like lightning.

Looking at his disciples desperately turning away from his gaze, the sound of pain flowed out of Hyun Jong's mouth.

"Oh, yeah.

You're going to break your neck if you keep bowing down like that, you bastards!


It's not a day, it's not a day, it's a half-day. How can you just get in trouble and not be able to get through half of it?

The dust wouldn't have sunk in the botch you threw in the place!'

Hyun Jong is also a man of conscience.

He threw these bandits in the middle of Shaolin and did not expect any accidents.


It's only been a half a hour, and you're making such a quick and neat mess!


What can I do? This is the karma of a long writer.

With a deep sigh, Hyun Jong looked at Gong Hua with an embarrassing face.

"I'm sorry. I had to crack down on our kids."

"I'm sorry is not the end of it, long man."

Gong Hua hung up coldly.

"This is Shaolin, and they have sinned inside Shaolin. This is not a matter of words. They should all be sent to the kennel to be punished."

Unexpectedly, Hyun Jong's face was visibly hardened.

"Did you say you're a member of the law enforcement?"

"That's right."

"Isn't Gyeyulwon in charge of Shaolin's punishment? But how do your disciples of Hwasan have to be there?"

"That's the law of Shaolin."

Hyun Jong clenched his teeth.

"I can't take that as a long story from Hwasan."

"Long story short!"

Gong Hua looked at Hyun Jong with surprised eyes.

"Are you really coming out here?"

"I don't care what you say. I can't send these children to Shaolin's kennel."

Gong Hua's beard trembled.

"Are you trying to ignore Shaolin?"

"I don't know why that's the case, but if it's ignoring Shaolin, I'll have to live with it."

"Come on, Jang Moon-in!"

Surprised Hyun Sang shouted out loud without realizing it.

I can't believe you're playing with Shaolin. This was never going to happen.

Gong Hua was surprised by Hyun Jong's remarks and couldn't help but stare.

"……How come you're doing this? It's their fault!"

"If my child has done something wrong, it is natural to punish him severely.""But why?"

"One, it is not Shaolin who determines what sin has been committed and what punishment corresponds to it, but me, the writer of Hwasan! I don't hand over the disposition of my students to Shaolin."

It was a firm word.

Hwasan's disciples look at Hyun Jong with trembling eyes.

Looking at his confident back makes me feel proud.

And at the same time, I belatedly realized what they had done.

I should've held it in.'

Why is the fever going up?'

With everyone dying of guilt, Baek Cheon, who was at the forefront, added more weight.

I think he should have stopped the children, but he was more wild.

'I am solely responsible for this.'

Baek Cheon decided so and looked up.

And waited until the conversation between the two adults was somewhat finished.

"Are you sure you want to come out here? If Hwasan protects them at the doorstep, Shaolin has no choice but to ask Hwasan for the crime."

"It's his fault, it's his parents' fault, it's his disciples' fault. Of course it is!"

"Well, Amitabha, if you're right...…!"

It was a moment when Gong Hua, who memorized disapproval, was about to wipe out the cold.



Gong Hua and Hyun Jong's heads turn to one place at the same time.

One person is squatting down and looking this way.

Hyun Jong's eyes trembled.

'Oh, no!'

Chung-Myung is grinning.

Really, like it's funny.

Anxiety has struck me. Hyun Jong, who thought he should run and cover his mouth, is about to step off...….

Like this.


Someone pulled his collar slightly.

When I turned around, Hyun Young was whispering and shaking his head.

Let it go.


"Even if he's in an accident, isn't he sure he'll fix it?"'


Yes, even if Chung-Myung caused an accident, it's definitely a fix.….



He's been working on it?


Hyun Jong's eyes turned fiercely to Chung-Myung. But it's already too late to shut him up.

"I'm asking because I don't understand. Wrong……. No, Monk."

Gong Hua's eyebrows wriggle.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Chung-Myung."

"Chung-Myung? Are you Hwasan's top three disciples?"


Gong Hua's eyebrows wriggle more intensely.

"Hwasan's young disciple doesn't know manners and laws? When you're talking to a writer, how can the three great disciples come forward?"

"Sorim's student is also talking to my Jang Moon-in. Why can't I, the third-generation student of Hwasan, talk to Shaolim's student?""


Gong Hua's cheeks trembled.

When someone asked me what kind of kid I was talking about,

"You're not in a position to talk to our writer Jang either, so where are you overusing your power?"

The answer is back.

'Well, I'll fry it to death.'

Anger rose to the top of my head in an instant, but this should never be angry.

As soon as he gets angry, the fierce words he's shown to Hyun Jong will come back as a knife.

"……So, what do you want to say?"

"So again, I'm asking because I don't understand it at all."

"What don't you understand?"

Chung-Myung tilted his head.

"You've been talking about sin since earlier."


"What did we do wrong?"


Gong Hua's eyes were stained with bewilderment.

"…what now?"

"What did we do wrong?"

Chung-Myung asks as if he's really curious. Looking at a clear, innocent face without a hint of sarcasm...…."It's unlucky."

I really want to beat him up.'

'I'm sorry, monk.'

Instead, Hwasan's disciples were more upset than Gong Hua.

'Well, what else is he trying to do?'

Unconvinced Hyun Jong opened his mouth to fix the situation quickly, but unfortunately Chung-Myung was faster.

"The Gyeyulwon said they would punish us, but in order to do so, you have to tell us what we have committed, so we have a justification to send them away, right?"


"Yes, I think."

Gong Hua screamed out loud.

"Is there no sin in fighting in Shaolin's compound?"

"Is there any difference in Shaolin's precinct?"


Chung-Myung even yawned and said brusquely.

"You've been saying Shaolin and Shaolin for a long time. Is there anything special here?" What's the difference between fighting in a melee and fighting in Shaolin?"


Gong Hua shut up.

It's different. Of course it's different.

But this was never to be said to be different.

Especially in this situation.….

He sneaks around.

In no time, the crowd of spectators are waiting for his mouth to open. at such a time

Of course, Shaolin's precinct is a sacred place, so it cannot be compared to the market floor.'

You want me to answer that?

As a Buddhist, that's something you should never say.

"Of course, Shaolin's precinct is no different from the market floor! But didn't you fight on a large scale without permission?"

"Yeah. So why is that wrong?"

"…What the hell are you talking about?"

"Tsk tsk. You really don't understand."

Chung-Myung pulled himself up. Then I stretched out my back.

"Sorim called us here."

"Yes, if you are invited, of course you have to be polite.…."

"Why did you call me?"

"…… hmm?"

"Why did you call me?" Didn't you call me to make a wrap?"

Gong Hua opened her mouth wide.

"Oh, no, it's...…."

What the hell is this nonsense?

"The reason I invited you is because of the herd competition and the dance competition.…."

"Yes, the dance competition. Isn't that a fight?"


Chung-Myung grinned and said.

"It's only for the people who have a long history to participate in the group competition, and we came together to fight. So we fought, but I don't know why you keep making such a fuss."

"How is it the same as this? It's a formal secret and this isn't a fight!"

"What's the difference?"

Chung-Myung pushed right away without giving him time to refute.

"Bimsoo is a fight with a knife, and it's okay because Shaolin allowed it. We put down the knife and punched, but it doesn't work because Shaolin didn't allow it. This is what you're talking about, right? Right?"


Gong Hua shut up.

What does this mean?'

That is absolute nonsense and sophistry.

But the bigger problem is that that's not very wrong.

Bimuran is a battle fought in anticipation of casualties. The result could be in a way more brutal than this gang fight.

In what words should those who hold such a feat condemn the current fight?

"Amitabul. Amitabul!"

In frustration, Gong Hua memorizes her dislike.

"Hwasan's disciples...…."

"Oh, wait a minute."

Chung-Myung cuts off Gong Hua's words again and slowly turns his head.

"What do you think?"

Everyone's eyes were drawn to one place along him.


And exclaimed. Before I knew it, the head of the Shaolinbang, Bop Jeong, stood there."Amitabha Buddha."

Bop Jeong, who memorized disapproval, said with a grin.

"There is nothing wrong with what the small seal said."

Everyone opened their mouths in dismay at the sudden decision.