Chapter - 272 Episode 272. Does it have a head? (2)

The strong like the strong.

As they pursue their strength and admire the world's first people, it is the strong who have great affection for their existence.

Those people couldn't help but cheer for this ridiculous situation that happened before their eyes.


"Hwasan the Dragon! Hwasan The Dragon!"

"Long live the Wasans!"

Even though it had been a long time since the rubbing was over, the thunderous roar showed no sign of abating.

Other unarmed men began to win one by one, but no one paid attention to the result.

Chung-Myung's blow was too intense.

"Oh, my God, the great student of Haenampa!"

"Catching without using a sword!"

"Hwasan the Dragon, how great it is to do the Dragon! Isn't this more than a rumor?"

"Ki, wasn't it a surprise?"

"Surprise? Surprise is frozen to death! He's crazy when he's off guard on the stage. And Ambassador Gong Cho gave a signal to start rubbing his nose. Who's off guard? It's a skill, a skill!"

"Yes, if you feel wronged, you should win!"

"Hwasan has become so strong! You beat that Haenam with a single blow."

Minor disagreements were neatly ignored.

Most of the people gathered here want to see the world's talented people who will lead Kang Ho in the future.

It means that they are ready to cheer just by winning. But how can you not be so enthusiastic when you see this in front of you?

But even with the loud roar, Chung-Myung just had a sour look on his face.

"Well, you did a great job."

"Hwasan the Dragon! Hwasan The Dragon! Hwasan파! Hwasan The Dragon!"

"Not a big deal……."

"Hwasan! Hwasan! Hwasan신룡!"


Chung-Myung's mouth is starting to tremble.

And Baek Cheon took a dim view of him like that's what he looked like.

'Good, good, good.'

"Oh, no. Well...….this is not a big deal…….Yay, kar……."

"…Just smile, Chung-Myung. It's going to explode somewhere."

"That's not good. I caught a little fish like that!"

"That's what she says, but the body is honest."

Then Chung-Myung tried to spread his mouth out with his hands.

Baek Cheon sighed deeply.

A single blow.

It was literally a blow.

With just one shot, Chung-Myung stole everyone's attention here.

It's hard to tell whether it was done at once or simply annoying.

However, whatever the purpose was, the result is the same.

Now obviously everyone will pay attention to Chung-Myung and Hwasan throughout the arena.

"Be careful, Chung-Myung."


Chung-Myung turned his head slightly and looked at Baek Cheon.

"Too much attention is not a good thing. Look, everyone's already starting to be wary of you."

At Baek Cheon's wink, he looked around.

There is certainly more attention than before.

The attention of the wildly cheering audience was obvious, but all eyes that were slightly different from that were focused on him.

They are students of different factions who participated in the competition.

Someone looks at him with agitated eyes and someone with wary eyes.

They have eyes too, so I can't help but wonder how great Chung-Myung is now. In this situation, it would be even stranger to be vigilant.

But Chung-Myung, who received the gaze, looked back.

"These bastards, where do you open your eyes?! Just open your eyes!"

"No, you crazy man!"

Fortunately, Baek Cheon, who was waiting next to him, quickly lowered Chung-Myung and calmed him down."Now that you've shown me that, I have no choice but to be vigilant!"

"What are you going to do if all these things are on the lookout? It's not even a fist anyway!"


That's true.

Surely Chung-Myung is not a man who can handle being vigilant and blah blah. Whether they know that is another matter.

At that time, Chung-Myung spoke softly, licking his lips.

"Remember, Sasook."


"Don't go easy on me."


"If you deal with me properly, I think I can win if I do well next time. And take it easy. When you win, you have to crush it without blood or tears. That way, I won't be able to make eye contact with you the next time we meet."

"…Are we the Heukdo?"

"There's something to learn from the black children. They move most efficiently because their face and their survival comes first, and their benefits come first."


"Keep that in mind, don't ever let it slide. To win, we have to win by a landslide! That way……."

Chung-Myung's eyes glanced upwards.

To the writers of each faction on the podium.

"They'll realize it, too. Who is this board for?"

There was a clear laugh in his eyes as he searched the long-written writers of the Old File Room and the Great Sega.



The long-standing writers of each group who were watching the monument on the podium were also amazed.

"It's really amazing. Isn't that HWASAN's kid really good?"

"I wasn't too careless, but for a moment I missed my move."

"I've heard the name "Hwasan Sinryong" a few times, and isn't he a great match?"

The voice was clearly imbued with sincere admiration.

Chung-Myung's skills were enough to surprise even the heads of Gufa and Oh Dae-sega.

Of course, their gaze also revealed an indisputable light of vigilance.

'No matter how hard it is.'

"That Kwak Hwan-so's skills were not lacking at all. But you didn't even react?'

This goes beyond the question of whose skills are better.

This is a result that can only be seen if there is at least one difference.

No, even if there is more than one distribution difference, most would not dare to defeat Kwak Hwan-so at a single blow.

The hard work was done by that Hwasan Mystery.

"Hwasan the Divine Dragon. Hwasan The Dragon……."

"That's more than I've ever heard."

Most of the writers here disagreed with the idea that the Hwasan Divine was the world's most backward.

It's not exactly that I don't recognize the Wasan Mythology. It's more of a failure to recognize the false name of the world's most latecomer.

In fact, the position had to be judged only by those who had begun to evaluate and strengthen the position. It's almost impossible to compare all the world's reviews.

In addition, if it is a gate wave that is about the old file room or the five generations, each group has its own future and has a future at stake in each group.

"If my student is strong, I can overturn such evaluations as much as I want."

This was the idea that each long writer had in mind.

At this moment, however, the idea that perhaps the fame gained by the Hwasan Divine was by no means an empty name took over their heads.

Will their students be able to show that? I even doubt that.

No one would nod easily to the question.

The words of blessing that came and went in ceremonial ways died down little by little. As the absurd result began to be interpreted, vigilance began to prevail."Hmph."

In that strange atmosphere, Hyun Jong had to use Mu Jin's efforts to calm his shoulders, which kept stretching as if he had pulled a rubber band.

It is not that difficult to guess the insides of the long writers who keep losing their words.

'That would be ridiculous.'

But it can be a little more absurd.

Hyun Jong has been going through that absurdity for years. This moment has finally come in return for enduring all those years.

This is the moment when we show everyone the name of Hwasan's Chung-Myung!

At that time, Dang Gunnak sneaks up to Hyun Jong with a complaint.

"Congratulations, Hwasan."

"Ha... ha ha. I'm sure you were lucky."

"What do you mean luck? Humility is proportional if it goes too far. Is there anyone else who can do something like that?"

In the words of Dang Gunnak, someone intervened and replied.

"You're not wrong."

A little surprised Hyun Jong turned his head in wonder.

This is because it was Jong Nam's long writer, Jong Ha-gum Jong Nigok, who intervened in the conversation.

"I'm Chung-Myung, the Hwasan Divine Dragon. That's exactly what I saw in the old Jonghwa branch. He is a person who can aim for the world's best in his later generation."

"What the f*ck are you said.

Did I eat something wrong?

Hyun Jong, who was looking at Jong Nikok as if he didn't understand, nods his head.

'That's what you'really.'

Jongnam was the place where Chung-Myung humiliated the most in the world.

If you can't change the result, Chung-Myung might as well prove his skills.

That way, Jong-nam won't be a fool who's humiliated by someone who's nothing.

Of course, I hate it so much that I want to kill Chung-Myung again and again.

"That's the case."

"Well, as expected, Hwasan The Dragon."

Heo Do-jin is starting to praise Chung-Myung for having similar thoughts.

Dang Gunnak and Heo Do-jin. The two men's words have to weigh differently.

When heo Do-jin stepped forward, all the other writers hid their vigilance and began to offer words of blessing and praise.

"Congratulations, Jang Moon-in."

"Ha ha. It's not too far for Hwasan to regain his old reputation."

Hyun Jong's mouth began to tremble.

It is the child who establishes the face of the parents, and it is the student who establishes the face of the writer. Where is there a job here that makes his side even more certain?

"Hm. Hm! Thank you."

Hyun Jong covered his mouth with his fist and coughed in vain.

Looking down, I could see Chung-Myung doing dejab with Baek Cheon.

Sometimes it's a bunch of crap that I've built all my life, and it makes me want to get on top of it and throw it away, but it can't be this pretty at times like this.

First of all, if it's Chung-Myung's job, it's Hyun Jong, who is desperately feeling Hyun Young's cheap feelings at this moment.

At heart or whatever, there was one person who couldn't get in the mood while everyone was celebrating Hwasan.

"It was just a surprise attack!"



Those who turned their heads at the absurd remark identified the speaker and smiled humbly.

Geumnyang Baek, a long-standing writer of the Haenam faction.

He shouted with a face almost black because he was not red.

"I acknowledge the outcome of the game. But if he hadn't let his guard down, he wouldn't have come to an end so easily."Dang Gunnak, who was listening to the excuse, laughed bitterly.

'You're bringing disgrace on your face.'

For a warrior, being careless is more a shame than not being competent. Especially on the stage where we compete officially. Isn't that something that can never happen?

But at the same time he understood how Geumnyang Baek felt.

'Maybe it's hard to think rationally right now.'

A student who has been raising him dearly has been smashed and Haenam's name has plummeted.

From the perspective of a long-time writer who leads a group, nothing could be worse.

"Wait and see. The other children will soon prove that Haenam is not this good!"

No one responded to the angry Geumniang Baek.

Only one word has definitely penetrated into everyone's head.

'Other children.'

The well-known Hwasan Sinryong Chung-Myung's skills were confirmed with his eyes.

So what about the skills of Hwasan's other disciples?

He turned to the disciples of the Hwasan faction, where the eyes of the long-lived were gathered.

Depending on the outcome...….

Maybe this arena will be a venue for the Wasans.'

The faces of the long-written people began to get serious.

"Listen carefully."

Baek Cheon opened his mouth with a stiff face.

"Never copy this guy."

And he frowned at Chung-Myung sitting next to him, tearing up jerky.

"If a bapbird follows a stork, its crotch is torn, and if we try to imitate Chung-Myung, its head is broken." Don't try to win at once, just focus on showing off your skills! Do you understand?"

"Yes, death penalty!"

"Okay! Sa-sook!"


Everyone was sympathetic to Baek Cheon.

However, Chung-Myung only tilts his head back as if he has different thoughts.

"That's not it, Sasook."

"It's noisy!

Baek Cheon shouts out.

"Don't make me do what you can, let me do what we can, man!"

"What's the big deal about catching them?"


In the end, he turned his head as if he was not going to deal with it anymore. And I asked you again.

"Anyway, never copy what Chung-Myung does. Do you understand?"


No matter how scared Chung-Myung is, if Baek Cheon and Chung-Myung's opinions clash, it's right to follow what Baek Cheon says.

It was that moment.

"Sa, death penalty! Jo-Gol starts the race!"


Baek Cheon shouted quickly, startled.

"Jo-Gol, you stay calm for now……!"




Baek Cheon's lost cry went right in.

Everyone stared blankly at the stage.

Jo-Gol, who blew his opponent out of the unarmed area with a single shot, was also looking at the convulsed opponent, who fell outside the field.

"Hey, calm down.…."

Jo-Gol alternately looked at his sword and his fallen opponent. And slowly turned his head.

Having made eye contact with Baek Cheon, he smiled a few times and said in an expression of resentment.

"Sa, Sa-suk."


"……These bastards are too weak."


Too weak?

The disciples of the old file room?

At that time, Chung-Myung, who looked at this side with round eyes, began to giggle.



"So they're like worms, huh? Oh, that's what you meant. Look at how arrogant my colleague is."


Something's definitely wrong...…. No, it was Baek Cheon who realized that it was starting to work too well.