Chapter - 273 Episode 273. Does it have a head? (3)

"Guys, calm down...…."


"No, don't be so hard on me.…."


"Don't finish it with a shot, you bastards!"


To Baek Cheon's sorrowful shriek was overshadowed, the Wasan disciples' momentum was unstoppable.

The audience, who were just cheering at first, now began to look at Hwasan's disciples with increasingly bewildering eyes.

"What the hell is going on here?"

"Oh, no... How do we do it all together?"

Now everyone has found only black armor and plum blossoms on the stage.

"Again this time?'

Whenever I saw Hwasan's student standing on the stage, people looked at me with both anticipation and absurdity.

With such a burdensome look on his body, Yun-jong stared up at the sky blankly.

It's a lot different from what I thought.'

Aside from this anticipated look on him...….

"Yee, profit!"


Yoon-jong looked at the opponent across the street with a sour face.

'What the hell?'

Legs with a lot of strength. And a hand that's too tight to make you think it's going to bleed.

How's your shoulder? It's so hard that it's about to rise above my neck.

I can see that he is determined not to fly out of the unarmed area at once, but...….

'That's not how you're going to show off your skills.'

Of course, it is not to blame the author. Even if Yoon-Jong was in that position, he would be in the same position.

Even Gongcho's eyes, which are in charge of Bimu, can feel expectations for Yoon-Jong.

You're Hwasan's student, so you'll show something.

Even the referee, who should not be fair, has that look in his eyes, and it's obvious not to hear how that student of the fortune-teller who has to deal with Yoon-jong would feel.

Yoon-Jong grabbed the sword, giving it a look of pressure.

No matter what the opponent is or what the situation is, it is impossible to fail to show my skills.

If that happens, it's already in my ears what that demon will say.

I slightly relaxed my hand holding the sword. As expected, the important thing is not to give strength, but not to be nervous.

Yoon-jong, who took a deep breath, stared at the opponent with his subdued eyes.

Calm down……, calm down…….


At the same time as Gongcho's cry, the opponent rushes at him with a shout.

A sword that has raised its history as far.

His stiff posture and tense face overshadowed him, and the black speed and sharpness.

"Let's see the fortune teller.

The name prestigious is a great sword.

It's just...

"That's weird."

Oddly enough, Yoon-Jong didn't feel any threat from this sword.

Is the opponent's spirit dull?

You're welcome.

'Fast, slow, strong, weak. It's weak.'

It's a strange thing.

The opponent's sword is clearly swift and strong. But in Yun-Jong's eyes, the swift sword seemed too slow.

'I've got my d*mn body tamed.'

Compared to the sword Chung-Myung wields when he is at ease, this sword is like a stop.

It was too easy for Yoon-jong to avoid Chung-Myung's sword, if not completely avoiding it.

Just yourself.

Yoon-Jong neatly avoided the sword by moving one step to the left after stabbing it in a straight line.

At the same time, the opponent's empty sides were visible.

'For now, explore lightly…'….'

But before the head thought about it, his sword moved freely. Then, the fortune-teller's empty side was smacked with a sword.Bang!


A fortune-teller who was beaten in the side screamed and flew off the stage.

Yoon-Jong looked at the opponent who flew away with absurd eyes.


I should have been more calm and looked at the opponent's sword...….

It's not supposed to be like this...….

"Winner! Wasan's Yoon-Jong!"

Once again, thunderous shouts poured out with Gongcho's declaration.


"Another blow!"

"What do you mean, his door-to-door faction finishes all the sizzling with a single blow? It's not a plum inspection, it's a knockout!"

"Great! Hahahaha! That's amazing!"

Yoon-Jong came off the stage with the roar all over his body.

And I scratched my head awkwardly looking at Baek Cheon, who was speechless in bewilderment.

"I'm sorry, boarding house. I was just trying to put the swords together."

" that all I can think of is….

"As soon as I saw the gap, my body moved freely."


Baek Cheon sighed deeply except to say something.

"Yes, thank you for your hard work."

"He's tamed us, Sasook."


Baek Cheon's eyes trembled.

His eyes, which turned his head slightly, showed Chung-Myung chewing on sweets.

'Oh, you can spit on a person's smiling face.'

It was clear that there was something wrong with the old saying.

Seeing that giggling face explode like this.

From Hwasan's point of view, the first day of qualifying was a breeze.

Of course, from the perspective of other Moon-pas who watch such activities, it's like a bolt from the blue sky, but doesn't Hwasan have to worry about their position?

However, his students, who finished the first day of the tournament with no better results than this, were not as excited as they expected.

Rather, he was staring silently at Ho Gong with dumb eyes.

The war of Shaolin, where the Wasans live.


Jo-Gol looked down at his hand with half-out-of-focus eyes and soon looked around.

Sure enough, the disciples of HWASAN, who participated in the bimu, all looked dumbfounded.

"Did we count like this?"

"…...maybe they're just weak?"

"Does that make sense? They're all students of the Old File Room and students of the Great Sega! Which gatekeeper did you win today?"

"…It was a habuk panga."

"Does it make sense that the people who came to the Habukpanga to participate in the contest are weak? At least you're in the top 20 of Habukpang's young drones."

It's a great thing to win.

But he didn't win, and he literally smashed it.

I could be purely happy if I won after a fierce battle, but I was scared because I won so easily.

"The reason is, it's too simple."

At someone's words, everyone's eyes turned to Chung-Myung, who was dozing off in a corner.

"I thought it was hell, but I didn't think it was real hell."

"I thought all the other civil servants were trained like this if they were prestigious."

"……We really came to life from death."

Hwasan's disciples looked at Chung-Myung with mixed feelings.

It's finally hit me how hell that son of a b*tc* has been pushing them.

"Come to think of it, everyone almost died three or four times, right?"

"More than five falls from a cliff without a rope, and three or four freeze what three or four times?"

"I woke up after three days of fainting after that bastard was beaten by a wooden sword. You're lucky to be alive!"There is definitely something to be thankful for.

Looking back on the past, however, far from being grateful, my pent-up heart flared up like wildfire.

"Not even a person, really."

"I can't say because the results are good."

Baek Cheon also looked at Chung-Myung with empathy.

What the hell is he?'

Now, I have given up defining Chung-Myung in the category of common sense, but I couldn't help but think about it every time this happened.

You can teach others well because you're strong?

'That's ridiculous.'

Should other great writers and former elders be weaker than Chung-Myung?

It was certainly bizarre that even such prestigious disciples of their own could not withstand the blow of the Hwasan disciples.

"Anyway, there's one thing for sure."

Everyone turned to the sound at the word.

Yoon-Jong continued in a serious tone.

"We're very strong."


"Or are those men who are more vulnerable than I thought they would be."

That's a cheeky thing to say.

If it were Baek Cheon, he might have criticized Yoon-Jong for being hasty after a day's experience.

But now I can't bear to say that.

Ten of the fifteen participants performed the first day's scrub, and all of them won. It's not just a victory, but it's literally a throwaway level.

Humility is a matter of time and place, how shameless is it to be humble here?

The man who successively gave the first prize in the past.

"I'm sorry. It's because I'm lucky, but other people are better at it.'

What would happen if you said such a thing?

On that day, other scholars will be able to break their heads with fleas by unrolling their clothes and turning into mad fighters.

Baek Cheon bit his lower lip gently.

He was a great student to lead them.

Even if everyone is excited and can't stand their excitement, they should keep their balance.

"I know you're excited about good grades, but keep your balance. This cannot be the power of those called prestigious people."

Hawasan's disciples, listening to Baek Cheon, nodded.

"Maybe from tomorrow, they will be more wary of us as well. So don't forget to be cool. We're still incomparable to them...…."


At that moment, the door opens like it's going to break.

"What, what!"

"Is it a surprise?"

Hwasan's disciples sprang up from their seats.

However, their faces, which checked the door, were soon baffled.

"Hyun Young 장……. No, Jang Moon-in?"

Baek Cheon blinked his eyes.

"What is it? You looked like Elder Hyun Young for a second.'

It was Hyun Jong who opened the door.

With a gracious smile on his back, a halo seemed to shine at any moment.

The corners of my mouth rolled up.

Smooth curved eyes and slightly open arms.

It looked like the Buddha's real life.

"Come on, long man?"

"Welcome! Long story!"

Hyun Jong walked slowly inside, slowly flicking his head.

"Ha ha ha ha. You've all worked hard. You've done a great job!"

Then he stroked Jo-Gol's nearest head.

Baek Cheon laughed bitterly.

I've seen Hyun Jong for quite some time, but I've never seen him so pleased and happy.

Why wouldn't you do that?'

Prior to the arena, he had been called to the Gu File Room, Oh Dae-se, and to the place where many famous writers from all over the world gathered.I had seen them in the midst of their stupor and spirit, and all of them were so active in the presence of Hwasan's disciples.

It won't be strange to ascend immediately because you can't feel well.

"How proud they must have been if they had seen this! Hahahaha."

Hyun Jong stole around his eyes.

It was around the time when everyone was about to be solemn at the sight.

"Hey, don't stand in the way and get this!"

This time, Hyun Young really came in.

He was carrying several large baskets in front of his chest.

Looking at the danger, Hyun Jong asked.

"What is all this?"

"It's Bob."

"Bob? What's up with Bob?"

"Oh, of course it's for the kids!"

Hyun Jong frowned slightly at Hyun Young's out of the blue.

"Didn't Sorim serve you a meal?"

"Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk!"

Hyun Young looked at Hyun Jong and kicked his tongue loudly.

"The only thing that the restaurant gives you is grass roots, how can you eat that and use your strength!"

Hyun Young put a basket on the table and rolled up the cloth on top one by one.

Then, the roasted chicken and steamed pork, which filled the basket, revealed the fine figure.

"You need to eat meat to gain strength! Meat! Where are you going to feed our precious children!"

Hyun Jong's eyes were wide open.

"Go, meat?"


"Now you're eating beef and meat in Shaolin?"

Hyun Young was just heartbroken at Hyun Jong's words.

"I don't care. They're in the middle. We're not in the middle."

"Oh, no, but...…."

I didn't know there was really a meat-hunter in the middle of the world.

And I didn't expect him to be my priest!

He was speechless, and Hyun Young called the children and began to spread the meat out so that it was easy to eat.

"Come on, people, eat! Eat to get your strength, you cuties!"

"Thank you for the meal!"

"Thank you, Elder!"

"Come on, come on. Chirp."

Hyun Young watched the disciples inhale the meat like water.

Of course, it would be a crappy sight to others, but in Hyun Young's eyes, it was as cute as a chick pecking at a feed.

"Chung-Myung! Where is Chung-Myung? There you go! There you are!"

He rushed to Chung-Myung, dozing off in the corner, patting him on the back.

"Chung-Myung, it's meat! Let's eat!"


Chung-Myung opened his eyes wide!

"Yeah, yeah. I had a hard time eating only grass. I'll feed you every meal from today!"

Everyone looked happy.

Hyun Jong murmured blankly.

"…Are you sure this is okay?"

"Well, what do you say? Tell him to win if he feels wronged!"


Hyun Young stroked Chung-Myung's head, tearing the meat off with a face like a world's best friend.

"Can you do well tomorrow?"

"Oh, my God, Ma'air. I'm going to be a kid."

"Yeah, yeah. Head! Yes, hahahahaha!"

Hyun Jong also smiled pleasedly as he watched the two men who drank happily.

Now I don't know.'

Well, everything's gonna be fine. what