Chapter - 278 Episode 278. I'm going to be a long-time writer of volcanoes. (3)

It was cold and cold snow.

Cold eyes shone in the dark like those of a prey-seeking beast.

"A little more……."

A voice that seems to be longing for something quietly spreads in the dark.

"I think we should get closer."

"I can hear it from here, too."

"That's because it's you!"

"Then we can go."

"…Wouldn't we get caught any closer?"


Chung-Myung opened the screen from side to side.

"Okay, let's go."

"…what if I get caught?"

"I'm not getting caught anymore. Trust me."

Yoon-Jong nodded slightly.

I don't know why, but if Chung-Myung doesn't get caught, he doesn't get caught. He'll never want to get caught.

"Let's go, death penalty."


When Jo-Gol urged him slightly, Yoon-Jong advanced low in a prone position.

I can see three people facing each other in the distance.

"At this point……."


Yoon-Jong quickly shut up at the low warning.


"Yes, accident."

He had a strange look on his face as he watched Yoo-Esul following him in laughter from behind him.

"Was the accident someone who got stuck in this place?'

At first glance, I can see Chung-Myung's expression on Yoo-Esul's face.

'Oh, yeah. He's the one who's'

It's a sad reality. Sad reality.

"Can you hear me?"

"I think I can hear it now."

Then Chung-Myung murmured as if he was disappointed.

"I should have brought beef jerky and alcohol. I can't believe you're doing this."

"…Are you here to play?"



Yoon-jong, who couldn't find anything to deny, looked forward without saying a word and pricked up his ears.

Three rich men and women were talking in front of me.

"You've become stronger."

At Jin Cho-baek's words, Baek Cheon bowed slightly.

What should I say?

"Thank you."

In the end, all I could do was give an obvious answer.

I didn't like his answer, but I couldn't find another word.

He looked up and looked at Jin Cho-baek. You can see an expressionless face that resembles you.

Baek Cheon sighed quietly.

In the past, it was scary just to face Jin Cho-baek.

Although he is clearly his biological father, he has rarely felt the affection of a father from Jin Cho-baek.

His father, who he remembered, always gave him an unpleasant look.

"I understand why I left home."


I understand.

Baek Cheon almost laughed himself out of the blue.

What an irresponsible thing to say.

Understanding has no meaning if it is not accompanied by action. If Jin Cho-baek understood Baek Cheon, he should have put it into action.

But Jin Cho-baek did not offer any consolation to Baek Cheon. I just didn't like the quality of Baek Cheon, who was no better than his big brother Jin Geum Ryong.

"It must have been a big burden for you, young man. I'd like to ask you, but I discriminate against you.…."

"I know."

Baek Cheon interrupted Jin Cho-baek.

And spoke in a calm tone.

"There's no point in standing up to my father. My father would have cared more about me if I was better than my older brother."


"I don't do much resentment. My father was just that kind of man. Now I know."

Jin Cho-baek frowned slightly.

Rather, it would have been easier to say if he poured out resentment or expressed his strong feelings. That's what I expected.

But now Baek Cheon is just calm.

It's not like I'm consciously trying to be someone else. It's just...

'I think it's sweet.'Whether he grew up mentally in the gate, he never seems to have played the same game.

Jin Geum Ryong, listening to their conversation, is showing signs of displeasure.

'I didn't have enough eyes.'

I would have paid more attention if I had known that Baek Cheon was a child who could grow this much. So that the situation doesn't come this far.


"Baek Cheon."


Baek Cheon smiles slightly.

"I'm not a vibrating dragon, I'm Baek Cheon."

Chung-Myung narrowed his brows.

"Yeah, it's calmer than I thought."

"Then what did you want?"

"I thought you'd do a de Job."

"No, this lunatic's making Sasook a pariah?"

Chung-Myung looked at Jo-Gol's rebuke.

"I've already had a fight with my brother, what's the point?"

"……I once shut my mouth to the fact that you are a master."

"I agree."

"Yes, me too."

When Yoon-jong and Yoo-Esul even helped, Chung-Myung's face was suddenly wrinkled.

"There's no one else in the world who's as provincial as I am!"

"How can I see?"

"What's a province? Isn't it the way the heart goes?"


Chung-Myung stretched his belly out triumphantly on his stomach.

"Who's as good as I am?"



I don't think that's what it means.….

If Lao Tzu came back alive,

'This is my province, you son of a b*tc*!'

It was clear that he would hit Chung-Myung on the head with a moral view.

But despite the numerous backlash, Chung-Myung only finished showing off and only listened to the conversation between the rich and the poor.

"It's Baek Cheon."

Jin Cho-baek looked at Baek Cheon with his subdued eyes.

"That's the name Hwasan gave you."


"Did you end up burying the bones in Hwasan?"


For the first time, Jin Cho-baek's expression changed, with no hesitation in his answer. He said with a crooked face in anger.

"Come back."


"It's not too late yet. No, it may already be a little late. But I'll take care of it. You know, I have that kind of power."

Baek Cheon looks at Jin Cho-baek without answering.

Jongnam`s long-running writer will not object. People can't leave their roots behind. There may be no doubt in your mind now, but you will eventually regret it over time. Make the right choice even now."

Baek Cheon, who was still listening, grinned.

"You haven't changed a bit."

It was Jin Cho-baek who bit his lips with a rather nervous voice.

"I have a question……."

Baek Cheon opened his mouth looking at Jin Cho-baek in the mouth.

"If I hadn't grown so strong in Hwasan, would my father have found me?"


Jin Cho-baek did not answer.

A little hesitating, he sighed only a little later.

"Yes, you may be right. If you hadn't shown me this ability, I wouldn't have found you. But that's what I think because you're still too young. Parents and children cannot be free from each other's abilities."


"Are you going to blame this father?"

"No, Father. Don't get me wrong."

"…… hmm?"

Baek Cheon said with a cool smile.

"I understand my father. And I don't think my father was wrong."


"I just don't like it."


It was never a loud voice. But there was a determined will in the calm voice."You don't have to force yourself to do something that doesn't fit."

"Are you saying you're going to cut ties?"

Baek Cheon shook his head.

"I'm sure it's not me who wants to break up with you, but my father. If I don't live up to my father's will, won't you treat me like a child?"


"I'm not."

Jin Cho-baek's eyes tremble a little.

"I have no hatred for my father. It was just meant to be. Wherever I am, my father is my father, and my brother is my brother. It's just a different path."

Jin Cho-baek, who was about to say something, eventually shut up.

Then he sighed deeply.


"It's Baek Cheon."

"……Yes, Baek Cheon, think about it. This is your father's advice and firstly your senior's advice. If you stay in Hwasan like this, you'll rot your talent."


"There won't be a problem now. But as you get older, Hwasan will be a burden to you. It is so hard to carry everything alone in a place where there is no one to lead and no one to protect."

Jin Cho-baek looked straight at Baek Cheon.

"But Jongnam is different. Jongnam will actively support and support you if you come. Then the place of the world's first man is not a dream...…."


But Baek Cheon cut off Jin Cho-baek with a firm voice.

There was no shaking in his face facing his father's gaze.

"I'm going to be Hwasan's writer."


"You said you had no one to lead and no one to protect?"

Speaking, Baek Cheon suddenly laughed low.

You really don't know anything.

It's in Hwasan.

It's in Hwasan, not anywhere else.

Those who will lead him and protect him.


"Even so, it's no different. Because……."

Baek Cheon smiles beautifully.

"The person I really want to be like has already walked that path. But I can't cry, can I?"


Jin Cho-baek glared at Baek Cheon with his cold eyes.

"Are you really going to take that path? In front of this father?"

"I'm sorry, Father."

Baek Cheon bows his head slightly. But there wasn't a bit of sorry in the expression.

"One, this is my way. It's the way I want to walk. I'm not happy even if Jongnam can make me the best person in the world. My hope is that I will not be the world's best man, but that Hwasan will be the world's best man."

"…...what a fool."

Jin Cho-baek, who had his teeth slightly grated, raised his head and looked up at the sky.

And he said.

"Come out."

At the sudden remark, Baek Cheon looked around in a little surprise.

Jin Cho-baek once again chilled.

"I told you to come out. Since when did Hwasan become a place to hide like a rat and listen to other people'"

"…I've got you."

"You've been caught.

"You got me."


Chung-Myung flinched in a flurry of criticism.

I can't believe it.'

You think that jincho-baek is much better than you think?

Oh, my god, you're a father! A master who can feel a sign through my membrane.'

Chung-Myung slid his butt out with half admiration and half embarrassment.

"What do I do?"

"What do you mean? If you're caught, you're out."

Chung-Myung sighed and stood up.

Then Jin Cho-baek's angry voice rang again.

"You're not going to come out like this?"

Chung-Myung talked nervously."Oh, get out……."

"Get out now!"


Everyone tilted their heads in embarrassment.

However, it was impossible to go back because he had already lifted himself up and left the bushes halfway.

On the other side, the crowd and Chung-Myung's eyes met.

Chung-Myung's cheeks trembled slightly.

"Long-written man?"


Yoon-Jong, Jo-Gol, and Yoo-Esul, who followed Chung-Myung out of the bushes, were also startled.

Hyun Jong, Hyun Young, and Hyun Sang, who ran out of the bushes across the street and hardened, made eye contact.



The elder and the elder were also speechless, as if they were embarrassed.

"No. Why are the elders here?"

"Why are you guys coming out of there?"

"I'm here to listen."

"Us, too."



Looking at the two awkward groups, Baek Cheon wrapped his heated face around each other.




I'm doomed.

This gatehouse is already ruined.

In the middle, Jin Cho-baek, who was looking at both sides, sighed as the ground died.

"Hwasan likes to overhear others, so he's not a member of the noble family, but rather a figure."

Hyun Jong's face turned slightly red.

I have nothing to say because I was caught eavesdropping like a thief.

"I'm sorry, but I have nothing to say."

Jin Cho-baek looked at Hyun Jong quietly and gave an example.

"Jongnam's Jin Cho-baek knows Hwasan Jang."

"Nice to meet you, Elder Jin."

Due to the situation, Hyun Jong's face, who was greeted, looked embarrassed.

But Jin Cho-baek's words are not over.


As if he had to say what he had to say since he had already shown his example, he began to push Hyun Jong.

"I didn't expect you to do this. Don't you think it doesn't suit your dignity?"

"Of course, it's not up to you. Just……."

Hyun Jong looked at Baek Cheon with a bitter smile. The smile contained all the complicated feelings.

"How can I save face in looking after the descendants of the Munpa? That's why I have no reason to refuse if I have to be a postmark."


Jin Cho-baek stared at Hyun Jong as if he was dumbfounded.

Baek Cheon and Hyun Jong had a strange way of thinking.

Is this the changed Hwasan?

How did Hwasan change when he wasn't like this not long ago?

"What would happen to the literary people if they didn't save face?"

"Yes, it may not be good for the door."

Hyun Jong nodded coolly.

"One, Baek Cheon is a thousand times more important to me than Munpa and my face. Then why would I save face first?"


It was a confident and determined remark.

Jin Cho-baek, who was still looking at Hyun Jong, bit his lips slightly.

"I'd rather be happy for you. Now that it's done, I'll ask the long storyteller. Does Jang really want Dong-A to abandon Chun-ryun and become a disciple of Hwasan?"

"It's impossible to forsake the heavens."

"I knew you'd say that...…."


Hyun Jong shakes his head.

"Just because Baek Cheon is the master of Hwasan doesn't mean he's abandoning his genius. Fate is meant to be and do is a doe."


"And most of all, I don't want to lose a talent named Baek Cheon as a long-time writer for Hwasan. This is the man who will be the pillar to lead Hwasan."

Jin Cho-baek's face flinched. His eyes were filled with anger.

But Hyun Jong was adamant.

"I don't give Baek Cheon to Jongnam. If necessary, we will protect Baek Cheon, at least by fighting until one of Hwasan's last disciples is left. That's Hwasan, and that's the alumni."In every word of Hyun Jong's words, there was a great affection.

In a tumultuous emotion, Baek Cheon was about to speak out.

"No, I'm a little...…."

"Oh, come on, shut up!"

"The writer is talking, man!"

"No, that's the truth.…."

"It's noisy!

Baek Cheon sighed as he watched Chung-Myung, who was subjected to all kinds of abuse by the death penalty.

Anyway, that son of a b*tc*.

The surroundings became noisy in a flash.

Meanwhile, Jin Cho-baek closed his eyes slightly.

'This is it.'

In fact, any warning from Hyun Jong meant nothing to Jin Cho-baek.

What really made him throbbing was the eyes of Baek Cheon, who looked at his disciples.

Your family is here.'

A small amount of remorse came in. But Jin Cho-baek did not give himself up to sentiment.

He looked at Baek Cheon and said,

"I knew what you meant. Then with this, I'm going to...…."

"Don't say that you're cutting off the relationship between your parents and your children."


"You don't want to hang up just because you want to hang up. It took me quite a while to know that, too."

Jin Cho-baek's mouth was slightly shaken.

Isn't this why he's like a father, not a son?

"I see."

Jin Cho-baek, who nodded, captured Hyun Jong.

"Long storyteller, excuse me."

"Excuse me, this way."


Jin Cho-baek made a slight salute and gave Baek Cheon a glimpse.

"You should stop by my house sometime."

"Yes, Father."

"I'm coming."

And it went away without looking back.

But Jin Geum Ryong did not follow his father and stood still and stared at Chung-Myung and Baek Cheon.

"I wish I could be Hwasan's writer."

A chill of life flows out of him.

"If there's a place called Hwasan left until then."

Baek Cheon sighed as he watched Jin Geum Ryong.

"Brother, don't lose yourself."

"The cocky one."

There is a slight blood in the eyes that are young to live.

"I will repay the humiliation of the Zhonghua Branch here. Hwasan's disciple who meets me should not think hard about going down."

"That's a lot to talk about."

Jin Geum Ryong's head turned to Chung-Myung.

"What? A game?"

Jin Geum Ryong smiled coldly as Chung-Myung stretched out his belly.

"There's no point here. I'll destroy Hwasan with my hands in front of everyone."

At the end of the remark Jin Geum Ryong turned away.

Baek Cheon, who was looking until his back disappeared, sighs deeply.

"Chung-Myung, I'm……."

"There's only one way to fix a crooked family."


"Thump it."


"Thinly. You have to be hit to get your head together."

At the sincere advice, Baek Cheon grinned.

"I'm glad you don't have a family."

I mean it.