Chapter - 290 Episode 290. The end is another beginning. (5)

"I will never lose to a servant!"


"Don't worry, Sasook! I'll be back after I break that b*tc*'s head!"

"Uh……. That. Yes."

Baek Cheon had no choice but to ask a big question when he saw Dang-Soso burning with fighting spirit.

Of course.

It is natural for a student of Hwasan to hate Jongnam.

This is not the fault of Hwasan.

It has become customary to be beaten once every two years by Jong Nam's disciples since the moment he entered the country, so bad feelings cannot be avoided.

But the problem is....

Soso, you haven't been in Hwasan for a year yet, have you?'

Why do you have a grudge against Jongnam?

Isn't Hwasanization too fast?

Baek Cheon looked at Dang-Soso with a complex and subtle gaze.

The more I saw her running up to the stage, the more I felt new to him, who still remembered her as a flower in Dangga.

"I'm sure you'll do well…?"

Baek Cheon looked back at Yoo-Esul and shook her head.

"Hwasan's sword. Soso hasn't been sifted yet."

"That's true."

"Winning doesn't matter. The important thing is will."

Baek Cheon nodded his head.

And experience.'

What HWASAN wants from Dang-Soso and further from the celadon ships is not to honor HWASAN by winning.

They, who will one day become the center of Hwasan, will see and learn more and gain the power to head higher.

You're doing a lot better than I'd hoped.'

Even so, celadon ships, except Yoon-Jong and Jo-Gol, were still better than other white porcelain boats.



I'm gonna take him out.

Baek Cheon looked at Dang-Soso with slightly worried eyes.



Isong Baek coughed unknowingly as he stared at Dang-Soso with the enemy's young eyes.

Did I do something wrong?'

I've never seen an ax like that before.

"…isong Baek of Jongnam. I'll learn a lesson."

"It's Tang-Soso from Hwasan!"

It was a bold self-introduction. Isong Baek pulled out the sword with a bitter smile.


"I have eyes, but my sword has no eyes, so please be careful not to get hurt."

"What? Watch your head."



You're definitely a Hwasanian.

Behind Dang-Soso's back is Chung-Myung's shadow. Isong Baek coughed a little and his back was up close.

Dang-Soso squinted and glared at him.

I will never lose to Jongnam.'

Strangely, seeing Jong Nam's white uniform makes my stomach boil.

This didn't happen when I was in the Dangga, but seeing this happen after I entered Hwasan, there must be a problem with the flow of water between the two.



Dang-Soso's plum sword was pulled out.

She hasn't mastered the Wasan sword technique yet. Although the level of ignorance increased over the period of six months, it was impossible to catch up with the death penalty, which had been studied for more than a decade.

However, just because it is not enough, it does not mean that it is natural to step down.

To follow one's own path if one lacks, and if one lacks, one's own path if one lacks.

That was what Dang-Soso thought of as the teaching of Hwasan's will.

Dang-Soso, staring at Isong Baek with cold eyes, rushed in without delay.

"I'm coming!"

Her flying up against the solid blue stone was like a protection of a male seal.

The love of the blood pressure!I came out of my slender arms.An incredibly downbeat blow to the chi!

What she lacks is ignorance, not history.

As the daughter of the Dangga-ju, she has been steadily trained to the extent that she is second to none of her best students.

With the addition of her own squad, it's no exaggeration to say that her history is actually the best in Hawsan.

A sword carrying its history flooded Isong Baek's head.

Isong Baek took a light two steps back.


Dang-Soso's sword hit the floor of the stage where he disappeared, creating a huge binge.


Isong Baek's eyes were wide open when he saw the deeply cut floor of the arena. He was embarrassed by the unexpected power.


"…You want me to hit you?"

Isong Baek smiled in vain.

Certainly, Hawsan's followers have a unique aspect.

'If I were you in the past, I wouldn't like that.'

But now I know.

Rather than discussing examples and saving face on the outside, it is the true warrior's attitude to look inward no matter what appearance he takes.

Isong Baek turned slightly and looked at Chung-Myung in the distance.

'Please look after me. Chung-Myung stamp.'

Whether my last two years were wrong or not.

Did I walk the right path you were talking about?

This is a tombstone. However, it was not just an inscription.

For Isong Baek, this position proved his efforts to Chung-Myung.


Isong Baek picked up the sword and aimed at the center.

Suspension tax.

The basic posture of all swords.

His breathing became low. The surrounding air began to sink heavily and heavily.

"Low again. Low again."'

A simple sword and a stable center of gravity make it ready for all situations.

What everyone knows but can't keep. People around the world call it the 'standard'.


Isong Baek's sword slowly picked up Dang-Soso's sword, which flew with a terrifying force.

Never be strong. But it's not weak.

a sword that guards the middle ground.

The face of Dang-Soso, who hit the sword, hardened.

"What is it?"

There is nothing special on the outside. It's not fancy, it doesn't show any special technique.

Nevertheless, this sword was different from the sword she had seen so far.

Dang-Soso hits the floor and opens the distance from Isong Baek.

His serious eyes chased after her.


There was a low groan coming out of Baek Cheon's mouth.

Did you say Isong Baek?'

Obviously, there was nothing special in the Hwajong Branch. No, actually, I don't feel anything special on the outside even now.

It is not like Jin Geum Ryong's sharpness, nor is it like other Jongnam's disciples who are united with spirit.

On the surface, it looked like water and alcohol. It was just a random inspection.

But it's different.

"What's the difference?"


Baek Cheon turned his head in surprise.

Chung-Myung, who returned to his seat before he knew it, pulled beef jerky out of the flotilla and said in a nonchalant way.

"It's basic."

"…what do you mean?"

"Literally. It's just the basics."

Chung-Myung looked at Isong Baek with a subtle smile.

"What do you think the test is?"

"…How to use a sword."

"Yes, how to use a sword. How to use a herbivorous sword, but that herbivorous cannot escape from three things."Chung-Myung straightened his finger.

"Stabbing. Swinging. Stop it."

Chung-Myung grinned.

"At the end of the day, all herbivores are just a combination of these three. That's what a sword is in the first place. There's nothing complicated."

Baek Cheon narrowed his forehead.

"Isn't that too simplified?"

"Those simple things come together and get complicated. In other words...…."

Chung-Myung took a little time and continued.

"If you can do a perfect job of stabbing, cutting and blocking, then the sword is perfect, too."

"But that's...…."

"Yeah, it's almost impossible. Perfection is a concept that can't exist. Obsessed with a perfect sword is something only a madman can do. By the way."

Chung-Myung said significantly.

"The sound of the world. There's a check that even a high-nosed shaman would dare to do. Around me, the world consists of thirty-six directions. A madman who believed that if he could stab, swing, and defend the sword perfectly in those 36 directions, he could be an invincible examination that no one in the world was afraid of."

"Room 36……."

"Yes, that is."

Chung-Myung spoke to Isong Baek calmly, his eyes fixed.

"There are 36 swords in Jongnam."

It sinks.

I wasn't excited at all.

The sense of air passing by the fingertips is vivid.

Isong Baek can see that he is now the most fully focused person in months.

"Middle way.

It is many times more difficult to keep the line so that it is not too much but not too short.

The sword of Jongnam, the sword that protects the middle.

It's not strong, it's not fancy, it's not fast.

But Jongnam's sword is more perfect than any other sword.

If I had known this in the first place...….'

I wouldn't have spent so much time in vain.

But it's okay. It's as if his path has just begun.

I am not dazzled by glamour and strength. What he needs to keep is the middle ground. And it's Jongnam's soul.

Dang-Soso looked at him with a slightly stiff face.

What the hell is he?

I can feel the weight that I haven't seen in Baek Cheon, and even Chung-Myung.

Of course, Chung-Myung is a human being with no weight, but the fact that the pressure from that sword is more than Baek Cheon's sword embarrassed Dang-Soso.

What are you doing, Dang-Soso!

Dang-Soso clenched his teeth.

He knew from a long time ago that his opponent might be stronger than him.

But why is she standing here?

Dang-Soso picks up a sword and points at Isong Baek.

Words are not necessary.

'I paint my plum blossoms.'

There is nothing to be afraid of if whoever the other person paints my plum blossoms perfectly.

The two examiners face each other with cold eyes.

As if the tension were contagious, the audience watched the confrontation with bated breath.

It was Dang-Soso who moved again first.

"Burn it!"

With a short shout, he rushes quickly towards Isong Baek.


Her sword split the Ho Gong. And it fell off countless times to Isong Baek.


The plum blossoms she has to smoke are different from those of the other Mundos in Hwasan.

If Hawasan's plum blossoms are spring flowers, her plum blossoms are literally Hwawoo.

Wasan's disciple, but a party girl.

Her talent for failing to bloom in Dangga has become the sword of Hwasan and falls the rain of flowers all over the world.Plum powder.

Unlike Hwasan's sword, the plum blossoms of Dang-Soso, which are different from Hwasan's sword, became fluttering petals to cover Isong Baek's whole body.

And Isong Baek's eyes sink low at the sight.

It's like a rain of flowers from the sky.


A sword that is as beautiful as ever but as sharp as ever.

It feels impossible to block all of them.

Hana Isong Baek swung the sword in no hurry.

(Screaming) (Screams) (Screams) (Screams) (Screams)

The legs are firmly on the floor, and the shoulders are relaxed smoothly and completely transmitted. The elbow swings the sword as sharp as a whip, and the wrist flexibly absorbs the shock.

Swing. Stabbing. And block it.

Even if Hwasan's plum blossoms cover the whole world, the world surrounding me is just thirty-six rooms.

If I could completely shake off the sword with that thirty-sixth room, the rain of plum blossoms full of mountains would not reach my body.

The sword of the black standard of Jongnam. And the basis of the sword is to prevent the opponent's attack. The most faithful sword in the world is Jongnam's 1,36 swords.

The plum blossoms, which had poured like a dream, lose their power in front of the sword wall that covered Isong Baek. After flying around like that, it finally hits Isong Baek's sword wall and crashes.


Dang-Soso clenched his teeth. But I couldn't give up here. She tried to deploy the sword again.

One. At that moment.

Oh, my god!

Isong Baek's sword, which broke the sword wall with the sound of cutting through the atmosphere, falls toward Dang-Soso's head.



Isong Baek's sword was exactly on her shoulder.

Dang-Soso bit his lower lip.

"…I lost."

"It was a good game."

Isong Baek retrieved the sword and politely captured it.

"It was a sharp, sharp sword. If it were a little deeper, I would be the one who lost."

"…I'll admit the winner's ease, but you'd better not be too condescending. I'll be the one who wins next time."

"Of course I look forward to it."

Dang-Soso sighed low as he looked at Isong Baek's selfless smile.

'We're still a long way off.'

I have no regrets because I lost in a fight between inspection and inspection. This defeat will make Dang-Soso stronger.

"I'm so proud that I'll get hurt if I let my guard down. The death penalty is much stronger than me."

"I know."

Isong Baek takes a moment and turns his head to look at one place.

"I know better than anyone else. More than anyone else."

His eyes, mixed with envy and determination, touched Chung-Myung.

"It's my goal, too."

Isong Baek's eyes were filled with a profound glow.

And Chung-Myung, who received his gaze, murmured quietly.

"The end is another beginning."

Right there.

A new seed of Jongnam was growing in the ashes.