Chapter - 294 Episode 294. I'm still your wall. (4)

Jin Cho-baek clenched his fist.

Everyone in this position must have been nervous, but no one will be watching with such a complex and subtle feeling.

Why wouldn't you?

One son tries to topple his brother, who entered Hwasan as the rising star of Jongnam, and one son tries to topple his brother, the pillar of Jongnam, as his brother.

Jin Cho-baek had no choice but to look bitterly at the scene.


They bounced back faster than the speed at which the two swords were running against each other.

Jin Cho-baek bit his lower lip as he opened the distance and stared at each other. Although their skills may not have come out yet, there was not much difference in their skills on the surface.

"When did he become like my brother?"'

I knew Baek Cheon was getting stronger. How can I not know when he has shown his performance in this competition?

One, no matter how strong Baek Cheon is. I thought it wouldn't be up to my brother.

Just a few years ago, he was no match at all, so it was natural to think so.

Since childhood, Baek Cheon has never been beaten by Jin Geum Ryong. take one's age into account Even so, Jin Geum Ryong of his age showed less than half the talent.


What did you go through and what did you get from Hwasan?'

Now in front of him, Baek Cheon is unchallenged by Jin Geum Ryong, spreading out his sword.

So splendid and dazzling.

Jin Cho-baek once again bit his lower lip hard.

It's my fault.

Talent is not a uniformity. Some talents shine brilliantly from the start, but others bloom over a long period of time, like flowers that endure a long winter.

Parents and teachers have to recognize and develop the talent in advance.

I wasn't a proper parent.'

I definitely thought I wasn't crazy.

I thought I couldn't catch up with my brother's half. That's why I didn't expect it and it hurt me.


His gaze went beyond the stage to Hawasan's disciples cheering for Baek Cheon.

'Hwasan raised that kid.'

They did what he couldn't do.

Hwasan needs Baek Cheon, and Hyun Jong, who was talking without shame, came to mind.

'Would I have said that?'

Jin Cho-baek closed his eyes tightly.

He is now here as an elder of Jongnam. If you think about your duty, of course you should support Jin Geum Ryong, not Baek Cheon.

However, as the father of Baek Cheon, not the elder of Jongnam, he was forced to draw attention to his remarkable son.

'Show me.'

What you got.

What I missed.

"Death penalty. Sasook will win, right?"


When asked by Jo-Gol, Yoon-Jong couldn't easily answer.

Of course, faith in Baek Cheon is firm.

Private lodging is different from ours.'

Before Chung-Myung appeared, Baek Cheon was better than Hwasan.

Softness, relaxation, and skills.

None of Hwasan's disciples did not admire him. It was Baek Cheon who was overwhelming enough to completely give up competing with him.

He even has the perseverance to strive for such talent. It was Baek Cheon who claimed to be closed himself and pushed himself to the limit to beat Jongnam and Jin Geum Ryong.So how can you not trust him?


The opponent is Jin Geum Ryong.

Although he lost to Chung-Myung and lost his light, he was called the best talent in a hundred years. If he becomes a long writer, he is a talented man who was considered to have the best days of Jongnam.

Of course, since Chung-Myung came, Hwasan has been stronger than ever since. But…….

'Have we really crossed that gap?'

That's what Baek Cheon has to prove. Against Jin Geum Ryong.

"The death penalty……."

"Believe it."

Yoon-Jong said firmly, keeping his eyes on the stage.

"Trust the death penalty. Believe in the training we've done so far. We've become strong enough."


Jo-Gol shut his mouth in the middle of his speech.

Jin Geum Ryong wasn't playing, was he?'

If I had to choose just one genius, it would be Jin Geum Ryong rather than Baek Cheon.

Jin Geum Ryong has trained to the point where he looks completely different from himself in the past.'

Anyone can guess from the spirit of Jin Geum Ryong. How hard he's been pushing himself.

Can Baek Cheon really beat Jin Geum Ryong? Could we close that far gap?

"The death penalty wins."

Jo-Gol turned his head as he stepped in from behind.

Yoo-Esul was looking at the stage with a cold stiff face.

"I worked so hard that I could die."

Unlike his nonchalant voice, Yoo-Esul's fist is clenched under his sleeve. She was that nervous, too.

Jo-Gol looked at Baek Cheon, biting his lips slightly.



For sure!

Two swords fly in at each other.


With a short sharp metallic sound, the sword falls and fights again.

Baek Cheon clenched his teeth, feeling the power passed through his sword.

What history?'

I thought it had already surpassed Jin Geum Ryong.

No matter how much he received all the support from the private sector due to the long-term deficit, he thought he could not be stronger than himself who took the marriage and suicide squad.

But Jin Geum Ryong's history was never as good as Baek Cheon's.

I could realize how hard Jong-nam worked on Jin Geum Ryong.


The force of the push caused a collision. At the same time, there was a small explosion of chi between the two.


Backed away after being swept away, Baek Cheon stared at Jin Geum Ryong as he rushed toward him.

Jin Geum Ryong's sword fell to his head like a ray of light. Baek Cheon clenched his teeth and held his sword back.


Shock as if a huge rock had fallen overhead swept through Baek Cheon's entire body. Jin Geum Ryong's foot kicked him in the chest without a chance to wake up.


Baek Cheon's body was pushed out of the arena. Baek Cheon, who managed to bend his knees, glared at Jin Geum Ryong.

Jin Geum Ryong looks down at him with arrogant eyes.

It's always been like that.'

I've been at it countless times.

And fought countless times.

But the results were always the same.

Baek Cheon, who can't come to his senses after falling down, and Jin Geum Ryong, who looks down on it.

One thing that changed was that Jin Geum Ryong, who used to show concern with facial expressions, now stared with cold eyes."I'm sure you're a good match for Hwasan."

"…What are you talking about?"

Jin Geum Ryong looked at Baek Cheon and said emotionlessly.

"If it were before, it would have fallen. With a lot of face contorted with anger."


"I admit the gap has narrowed. However, no matter how close the gap, the results are always the same unless overtaken."

- I'm still your wall.

That's what you're saying.

Baek Cheon slowly rose to his feet. Then he shook his sword lightly and opened his mouth.


The corners of his mouth crept up.

"You don't know, the walls are just there."


"I told you."

Baek Cheon is very calm.

"As long as you are going to be my wall, you will eventually be overtaken by me. The wall is just staying and I move forward."

He raised his sword and pointed Jin Geum Ryong straight.

"No matter how high a wall is, if you climb up and down, you end up with the end. I've learned so much, some d*mn thing."


"Today I bring you down."

"You're talking like a horse."

Jin Geum Ryong looks at Baek Cheon with cold eyes.

If it were him in the past, he would just laugh off Baek Cheon's comments now. For him, Baek Cheon was nothing more than a proper toy that he couldn't catch up with no matter how hard he tried.

But now?

Jin Geum Ryong glanced down and looked at his hand with a sword.

My palms are subtly slippery. Even though it can't be.

'So he's nervous. I'm... I'm...'

Against Baek Cheon.

Jin Geum Ryong did not turn a blind eye to that fact. He did not force himself or show his pride.

I just admit it.

Baek Cheon became stronger than in the past, and their differences narrowed significantly.

Only one thing is kept for sure.

"Even if what you say is true...…."

Jin Geum Ryong's cold stare turned to Baek Cheon. It was a cold face, but under that expression there was a strong confidence.

"That's not today. You can't get over me now."

Soon I'm full of life.

"And I'll prove that day never comes!"

Jin Geum Ryong rushes towards Baek Cheon for question and answer.


His sword penetrated sharply, tearing the air. The flying sword divides into dozens of sword and sword strokes in an instant.

The young spirit on the sword is strong enough to tear even the soul apart.

But Baek Cheon clenched his teeth and looked straight at Jin Geum Ryong's sword flying towards him.

"Don't avoid me!'

No matter how fast you are, no matter how strong you are.

I've been through more than this. So there's no reason to be scared.

'I can see.'

Baek Cheon unwittingly rolled up the corners of his mouth.

My body moves before I even think about it. A gripping plum sword accurately cuts Jin Geum Ryong's sword.


Swords with full blackness collided and made a piercing noise. Baek Cheon, who bounced Jin Geum Ryong's sword, squeezed it tighter.

'I'm looking at Jin Geum Ryong's sword now.'

It is a sword that was never seen in the past. I lost without understanding how I lost.

But at this moment, Baek Cheon was able to stand up to Jin Geum Ryong's sword.The excitement that makes my head stand still is all over my body.

However, it is not enough to be satisfied just by blocking it.

He steps straight ahead and stabs Jin Geum Ryong in the neck.

And he looked clearly.

The embarrassment on Jin Geum Ryong's face is young for the first time since he was on stage.


Baek Cheon's sword, which had been flooding, bounced back.

But that doesn't mean nothing has been achieved.

It's working!

My sword!

What I've achieved!

It's definitely reaching that Jin Geum Ryong.

'I grew up.'

It may sound obvious.

He has become stronger than in the past. And he broke through his best disciples.

No one will be forced to acknowledge Baek Cheon's growth.

Strangely, however, it was hard to realize. He pretended to be confident in front of the priests, but in the meantime, Baek Cheon has suffered from a nervousness that is hard to say. Even at this moment.

And now he can see the reason for the anxiety.

In the end, he couldn't really grow unless he crossed Jin Geum Ryong.

In fact, Jin Geum Ryong is still a huge wall for Baek Cheon.

If you don't jump, you can't move on.'

Simple win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win? Or jealousy or envy?

You welcome!

He has to jump to go further as a prosecutor. Jin Geum Ryong, Jongnam, and the past!


Baek Cheon swung a sword at Jin Geum Ryong one after another without missing the winning flag he caught.

I'll show you.

What this Baek Cheon accomplished.

After a long winter of patience and patience, what did you do?

Baek Cheon's sword hits Jin Geum Ryong hard. Baek Cheon's sword tip, which pushed the opponent away with a strong blow, began to shake gently.

At the same time, the red plum blossoms at the end of his sword.


His plum blossoms.

The plum blossoms, which were blooming one by one, started to explode in an instant.


at that very moment

"Don't feel too good."

Jin Geum Ryong's body seemed to stretch like a taffy with a chill, and immediately narrowed the distance from Baek Cheon.

Then, with the speed of the sword, Baek Cheon, who was making plum blossoms, hits the sword.


With a sharp noise, Baek Cheon's sword is pushed back. At the same time, the exploding plum blossoms disappeared like a fantasy.

"You idiot."

Jin Geum Ryong's sword spouted black with cold cynicism. A blue sword, almost as cold as his eyes, flew toward Baek Cheon's wrist.


The mere sound of it, along with the eerie noise, scattered red blood.