Chapter - 296 Episode 296. Can you be the embers? (1)

"It's weird to be a martial arts."

Chung-Myung murmured as if he were possessed by the rain.

"Stacking day by day doesn't necessarily make you strong. That's why training is painful. It's like continuing to climb a wall that can't be climbed."


"But if you put up with it and put up with it, the time will surely come. The moment when the shell that surrounds him breaks. If you don't see the moment, you can't. And the buds that don't burst can't be flowers forever. Only when it blooms can it finally be called a flower."

That's the flower.

It's the birth of life.

Chung-Myung knows.

What time Baek Cheon has spent.

No matter how strong it is, Chung-Myung is a quality of Baek Cheon anyway. It takes more patience than you think to endure each day by being beaten and cursed by that quality.

But Baek Cheon made it through the whole time without a word of mouth.

The man who was called Hwasan's best player threw away all his pride and didn't even mind rolling the floor to be strong.

Chung-Myung believed in Baek Cheon's will.

Show me.

How far did Hwasan come?

What kind of flowers does Hwasan's will bloom again over a hundred years?

Chung-Myung's eyes followed all of Baek Cheon's images for every moment.

It's weird.

My mind calms down.

The body was moving at no more speed, and even though the whole body was full of heat, the mind was sinking low and low.


I've heard it countless times.

And I carved it countless times.

Nevertheless, I think I can understand what I didn't know.

It's weird.

I thought you knew.

I don't feel any pain. The sword is moving as his mind moves.

I can see it.


I can feel it.

The love of the blood pressure!

Jin Geum Ryong's sword narrowly grazed his forehead.

Sarah Rak.

The ends of the hair are cut off and scattered in the wind. But Baek Cheon never blinked an eye and clearly put the sword in both eyes.

I can tell.

The distance between him and Jin Geum Ryong.

The gap between the swords at the end of that sword.

The gap in the moment Jin Geum Ryong's history is recovered, and what he is aiming for.

At this moment, everything in this space was under the perception of Baek Cheon.

Knowing me isn't everything.

You're right.’

- Sword is to compete. You don't need an enemy to complete yourself. But no one in history has ever been stuck in the mountains and completed themselves by wielding a sword.

'That's true, too.’

- The body focuses on the sword, but looks at the opponent. The sword is nothing more than a swing towards Ho Gong if me and the enemy don't exist. If you really want to understand the sword, understand the enemy.

'Jin Geum Ryong을?'

There's nothing I can't do.

can see

Everything about Jin Geum Ryong.

Funny enough, at this moment, Baek Cheon understood Jin Geum Ryong more clearly than ever.

I didn't see it properly.

Baek Cheon didn't know Jin Geum Ryong even though he wanted to jump so badly. I just vaguely believed that if I just sharpened myself, I would one day surpass it.

Funny paper.How can you go beyond someone when you don't know them?


Take it.

All of that will be in my sword.

As soon as Jin Geum Ryong's shoulders moved, Baek Cheon knew where he was aiming.

Before the sword reached out, Baek Cheon stepped forward and hit Jin Geum Ryong's empty chest with his shoulder.


With a strong shock, Jin Geum Ryong's body was pushed back. Baek Cheon didn't miss the young embarrassment in his eyes.

Jin Geum Ryong, straightened up, looked at Baek Cheon with incredulous faces.

"…what is it?"

Something's definitely changed.

The black boat speeded up, and the unnaturalness disappeared in a series of flows.

You can change like this in a moment?’

Jin Geum Ryong clenched his teeth.

'This can't be right.’

Don't you feel like you're being pushed back? That's also for the injured Baek Cheon.

"This can't be right!"

Jin Geum Ryong leaps at Baek Cheon with a wild spirit. A white tale bursts out from the end of his sword.

Baek Cheon breathed low as he looked at the white petals flying at him.


Jong Seo-han's sword, which he faced the other day, is a different level of sophistication. Each petal seems to be really alive and moving.

But looking at the sword, I could understand what Chung-Myung meant.

Don't chase the glamour! If I am possessed by the splendor of my sword, I will be swayed by it.

'It's just fancy.’



So what is it about?

Neither sophistication nor splendor is just a means to spread the sword. The sword is just empty, forgetting what to put in the sword.


What does my sword contain?

Baek Cheon's sword began to move slowly.

Smoothly. And gently.

The ease at the end of the sword wrapped around Baek Cheon's body as gently as the wind.

'My sword doesn't have to be the strongest in Hwasan.’

Not the fastest, not the most glamorous, not the most heroic.

It doesn't matter.

Because it's Hwasan's soul that his sword is after.

If Chung-Myung's sword leads Hwasan, his sword should set an example for his disciples.

Wasan's unbiased sword.

That's Baek Cheon's sword.

A drop of plum blossoms bloom from the tip of Baek Cheon's sword.

The flower that blooms lightly spreads in the warm wind that blows in time.

'When plum blossoms bloom on Yeonhwabong.’

Howasan is turning red.

It's not even flashy enough to dazzle the eyes. It's not as sophisticated as that of Jin Geum Ryong.

Nevertheless, Baek Cheon's plum blossoms sucked in the spectators.


The shaman's long story Heo Do-jin sprang up from his seat.

How old are you!

His eyes are filled with astonishment.

"Amitabha Buddha."

Bop Jeong also memorized his disapproval to hide his surprise.

However, the biggest response was Jong Nam's long-standing writer, Jong Nikok.

He shook his body clenched his fist. His lips were also trembling pitifully.

You can't do this. I can't believe it.!’

The twelve-year-old transplant is a sword developed by extracting the essence of the plum-blossom technique. Now that Jongnam's essence has met the essence of plum blossoms, it should of course be better than just plum blossoms.But why can't he take his eyes off Baek Cheon's plum blossoms now?

You can't do this! d*mn it!'


It's flying.

The plum blossoms in spring.

As if winter is over, plum leaves spread throughout the mountains in warm warm winds.

The friendship that covers the world.

It was like a cry to announce the return of Hawasan's plumage test, which once dominated the world.


A groan leaked out of Hyun Jong's open mouth.


I'm starting to get young in my eyes.

Are you watching, my ancestors?

What he lost.

What Hwasan lost.

But the soul of Hwasan that should never be lost.

It's all coming back to the world now.

It is Baek Cheon who has never tried to leave Hwasan, who has fallen, with a gift that is welcome to any of the clans.

Every time I saw Baek Cheon, Hyun Jong had to feel the unrelenting gratitude, affection, and warmth at the same time.

He was now creating a scene that he would never see again in Hyun Jong's life.

'Baek Cheon아.'

I want to get up and shout.

This is Hwasan's sword.

That's the sword you've forgotten!

Hyun Jong looked at the plum blossoms with wet eyes.

I put my will into the sword.

It's like a cloud.

After all, moving at the fingertips of a sword. Then isn't the will in the first place?

'I'm not putting my will into the sword.’

It's in my heart that I have to embrace. Black naturally follows my heart if I can maintain a steady center.

Take a step forward.

A world that was far away comes to him.

Beyond the sword he wanted to spread, he steps into a place he has never been before.

It's weird.

I'm spreading a sword sharply, and it feels strangely warm.

It's as if his sword is stroking his whole body.

'This is what it means to say that the sword contains Hwasan.’

The more you open the sword, the more you can feel it.

What the previous ones tried to put in this sword. What you were trying to convey.

It leads to the sword.

The will of the creator of plum blossoms. And the will of those who have developed the plum test.

Everything they tried to convey to future generations was contained in this sword.

To continue.

It adds my will to the will of those who walked ahead.

Yes, this is Hwasan's sword.

Something grows inside Baek Cheon.

The roots dig into the earth, and the rising stems firmly establish their will. The branches that eventually spread out into the world soon spread all over the world.

Flowering ( 개

The plum blossoms at the end of the branch of the sword began to cover Jin Geum Ryong with something different from what he had ever painted.

The white Jin Geum Ryong's flowers and the red Baek Cheon's flowers began to blend together.

Jin Geum Ryong opened his eyes wide.

Baek Cheon's plum blossoms were gently pushing his flowers everywhere.

Never be strong. But firmly!


In Jin Geum Ryong's mind, the sight of the past began to come back to life.

The scene that I've never forgotten, stuck like a fire. Just when Chung-Myung's plum blossoms erased his story.


Why on earth is this happening again?I trained.

I trained and trained to break my body. To beat that devil Chung-Myung.

But, let alone Chung-Myung, you're blocked by Baek Cheon's sword, which you didn't care about?

"What's the difference?"

Inside Jin Geum Ryong something huge began to crumble.


Screaming crazily, he swung a sword with blood in his eyes.

The tale has blossomed and bloomed.

The cold, acrimonious tale sets its leaves sharply. in a frenzy that would tear everything you face to pieces.

Then, like foam that breaks in a typhoon, it hits Baek Cheon's plum blossoms.


No matter how many waves there are, you can't push the rock away.

Baek Cheon's hard-rooted plum blossoms did not falter from Jin Geum Ryong's tale and just moved on.

Sharpness and glamour are just pushed away.

Jin Geum Ryong, who knew his sword could not bring down Baek Cheon's plum blossoms, looked at them with shaky eyes.


The plum blossoms, which gently pushed away the tale, soared like a fantasy, and soon fell into the spring breeze.


The plum blossoms swept through Jin Geum Ryong's body.

It's fluttering and fluttering.


The plum blossoms, which were flying as if they were unarmed, disappeared at some point as if everything was a fantasy.


The son-in-law was surrounded by silence.

No one could open their mouth.

He just focused all his attention on the stage with astonished eyes.

And on the stage, two people stood looking at each other.


Baek Cheon grabs the red-colored wrist with one hand and exhales in the field.


Jin Geum Ryong looking at him silently.

The silent confrontation between the two continued for a while.

"You are……."

It was Jin Geum Ryong who opened his mouth first.

But as he was about to say something, he closed his mouth again and looked still at Baek Cheon. And only after a while did I ask.

"……What was this?”

Baek Cheon's mouth opened, staring at him with a pale face.

"The Twenty-Four-Summon Painting Test."

Small but determined.

"Full of plum blossoms.”

Jin Geum Ryong smiled white to Baek Cheon, who was staggering as if he were about to collapse, but held on to it was over.

"The plum blossoms are in full bloom…"…라."

Is it admiration?

Or what?

"That's a dirty name.”

Jin Geum Ryong's body collapses.


Looking down at Jin Geum Ryong, who collapsed unconscious, Baek Cheon closed his eyes quietly.


It was just one thing that determined victory or defeat.

Did you take over, didn't you?

Baek Cheon didn't beat Jin Geum Ryong. But he beat Hawsan's black servant's sword.


He smiled like a million dollars.

'That's enough for now.’

The sun poured down on him as he turned around.

As if to bless him for showing the true Hwasan sword beyond himself.

"The winner is Baek Cheon from Hwasan!"

In a thunderous roar, Baek Cheon slowly moved on.

Towards Hwasan's disciples running towards him with cheers and tears.