Chapter - 298 Episode 298. Can you be the embers? (3)

Isong Baek took a low deep breath as he looked at the stairs up to the stage.

It's a staircase of nothing.

But if Chung-Myung is waiting on these stairs, it can no longer be a trivial staircase.

The stairs are reasonable.'

If you go up, you can go up. Instead of spending a little bit of trouble, you can hope for a definite rise.

But unlike those clear stairs, ignorance certainly doesn't pay for the effort.

Even if the sword is wielded and wielded again, the conviction that he is on the right path only becomes more blurred.

With that in mind, maybe Isong Baek is a lucky man.

Because he has it.

Someone to make sure he's on the right track.

Shake shake. Shake shake.

Standing on the stage with firm steps, Isong Baek stared at the man across the street.

A face without tension as if it were a walk.

I tied up my long-grown hair, but even it was all tangled up and spilled down my face. The look on his face there was absolutely unnerving.

A look that no one can see as a master.

But Isong Baek knows.

The man standing in front of him is a strong man who can't be compared to Jin Geum Ryong or Baek Cheon.

"See you again, Hwasan The Dragon."

"…just call me Chung-Myung."

"Then I will. Chung-Myung stamp."

Isong Baek looks at Chung-Myung with a new face.

'What a strange person.'

When I first saw Chung-Myung, there was no fame in him. Hwasan was a dying clique in indifference, and Chung-Myung was only the youngest disciple of the fallen clique.

The saying that heaven and earth opened up has changed so much that it fits well with each other.

Chung-Myung is now the highest-ranking Hwasanian latecomer, who has brought a storm to the world, and is proudly recognized as the world's leading latecomer.


"Are you laughing?"

"Oh, no."

Isong Baek hurriedly rubbed his lips.

"It's weird to think that Chung-Myung's seal hasn't changed at all."

Chung-Myung tilted his head.

"Why is that funny?"

"I don't know about that. It's fun anyway."

"…Well, feel free to think."

Chung-Myung also smirked.

No wonder it doesn't change, you people.'

If Chung-Myung was really a child, his shoulders might be as high as Hwasan by now. There will be nothing visible.

However, he is an old man who has experienced both prenatal and air warfare.

How can such a man be so recognized as a latecomer all this time? I'm about to feel ashamed.

Chung-Myung looked up at Isong Baek.

Confirming Isong Baek's expression seemed rather calm, he had a subtle smile.

"Oh, Jong-nam, I think you're screwed."


"That's a bomb, too?"


Isong Baek's shoulders trembled at the sudden snub.

'That mouth really hasn't changed a bit.'

It's like spreading salt because you can't dig up the wound.

"…...there is still hope."

"Ey, you don't seem to have any hope. If you can find hope there, there's gold inside the beggar's burrow. Well, yeah. Do you know if you dig a beggar's oyster well, you'll find a vein of gold."

How can you be so good at sarcastic?

The veins stood on Isong Baek's forehead.

I'm not going to talk.'

You shouldn't talk to this person. I think I've learned a lesson before, but I couldn't figure out why I was getting caught up again.Then Chung-Myung said with a grin.

"What do you think about moving to Hwasan?"


Isong Baek opened his eyes in surprise. It wasn't because I was tempted, but because I was so surprised.

"I'm a student of Jongnam."

"I know."

Chung-Myung rubbed his ear and blew it with his mouth.

"But what is it? It takes about a year to clean up all the Lunar New Year's water I learned in Geoje-nam and refill it with clean water from Hwasan. Well, no. Half a year will do for you."


"Wouldn't it be better to move to a better place than to hold onto a ruined gate?"

Isong Baek's bitter grin caught in his mouth.

If it was only three years ago, Jong-nam could have said that to Chung-Myung. If we found out what Chung-Myung was like in Jongnam.

But now Chung-Myung was saying that to Isong Baek.

"To be honest with you, I'm a little happy about the offer."


"I refuse."


In response, Chung-Myung looked at Isong Baek with a funny face.


"It's too simple. Because I'm Jong Nam's student."


Isong Baek slowly pulls out the sword.

"Just as you did not abandon the fallen Hwasan, I do not abandon my mission."

"Even though it's burnt out and there's only ash left?"


His calm reply ensued.

"I'll be the embers again and start the fire."

There was no shaking in Isong Baek's eyes.

This is not a matter of strength and weakness.

Only a prosecutor who sticks to his path unshakably can have such eyes.

A smile rose around Chung-Myung's mouth.

"Can you be the embers?"

"I'm here to confirm that."


Chung-Myung nodded as if he liked it more and more, pulling his sword around his waist.


Then I picked it up.

"Well, let's check it out."

Chung-Myung pointed at the sword and Isong Baek frowned slightly.

"Aren't you going to pull out the sword?"

"I'll take it out if I need it."

Isong Baek nodded quietly. He certainly understood the difference between Chung-Myung and his skills. He is not strong enough to demand that a sword be pulled out.

Let's not be swayed.'

All he has to do is identify himself, not build useless self-esteem.

Isong Baek took a deep breath and bowed his head.

I'm pouring my everything into this!'

And finally he lifted his head with will in his eyes.

"Come on! Come on...…."



At that moment, Chung-Myung stormed at Isong Baek and struck the sword at his head!

Isong Baek's eyes were wide open.



At the moment a heavy stillness fell.

a flop

Isong Baek, stiff as a piece of wood, collapsed forward.

"You're bluffing."

In front of him, Chung-Myung squatted smiling.

Baek Cheon, who was looking at the scene under the rain, clapped unconsciously.

"He's dead."

"He's dead, isn't he?"

"Come on. That's enough to kill you."

Hwasan disciples who were watching Bimu next to him expressed their appreciation.

"But didn't he say something about Jong-nam's seed?"

"I guess you're gonna put the seeds together and set them on fire."

"It's very Chung-Myung. It's like you're making hope and then you're cutting off your hope. As expected, people do everything they can't do. It's great. I admire it a lot."However, whatever sentiments came and went under the stage, Chung-Myung did not seem to be able to hear them.

Chung-Myung stabbed Isong Baek in the shoulder, lying face down and trembling.

"Are you dead?"


"I don't think he's dead."


"Come on. You have to get up. You can't fall down like this. You said you'd revive Jongnam. What kind of guy is he that can't save Jong-nam. Hurry up and get up."


Baek Cheon and everyone else grinned at the scene again.

"Asura is the best. You're trying to get up and beat the fallen opponent again."

"Great, great. That's enough to play a part in hell. King Yeom will serve you as a brother."

"You have to be grateful, Sook. Sasook could have been like that at the next beemoo."

"……I bow to my brother twice before I go to bed from today."

"That's for the dead, isn't it?"

"I mean."


Jo-Gol opened his mouth wide.

Oh, obviously this man is not normal either.

The referee, who was looking at the situation for a moment, raised his hand.

"This is a win for Hwasan Chung-Myung…"…."

"Now, wait a minute!"


Chung-Myung shouted and the surroundings were quiet again.

Then a groan came from the mouth of the fallen Isong Baek.


Isong Baek managed to pull himself up with trembling hands on the ground. After barely getting up, he stumbled for a moment and held up his sword again.

"Well, I'm fine. Continuously……."

The referee approached and asked with a worried face.

"Are you sure you'll be okay?"

"Well, I can go on. I'm being stupid and off guard.It's because…."

"…I think it was too much of a surprise."

"No, I let my guard down and...…."

As Isong Baek continued to deny, the referee was forced to nod his head with dismay.

"Then be careful."


As the referee stepped back, Isong Baek looked at Chung-Myung and apologized.

"I'm sorry. I'm so excited. I'm fine, so keep...…."

It's pouring.

A stream of blood from Isong Baek's head began to flow through his face.

"…You don't look all right."

"It's really all right."

"I think I'm going to die."

"Well, that's fine! Now, hold on."

After completely stopping the bleeding, he bowed his head looking at Chung-Myung with an awkward face.

"Thank you for your patience."


He looked better after wiping off his bloody face, but he still looked pathetic.

The audience also began to shout words of encouragement, whether they were immersed in Isong Baek.

"Cheer up, Isong Baek!"

"Get that demon down!"

"A cowardly surprise!"

"Don't you have any conscience? Conscience, too!"

When Chung-Myung heard that, he pricked his ears.


It's the fault of a guy who's blind off stage.

This is the stage, so only the head is broken. If it was a battlefield, there is nothing to say even if the neck is cut off.

Unlike the crowd, Isong Baek said with a very sorry face, as if he knew the truth well.

"I know it's shameless, but can I ask you one more time?"


Chung-Myung scratched his cheek slightly.

"You're already dead."

"…as expected."

Isong Baek sighed with a disappointed look.

"But what... Once you die, you have a chance."


"Oh, well, it's not something you can understand."

Chung-Myung grinned and raised his sword again to point at Isong Baek."Let's try again."

"Thank you!"

Isong Baek looked at Chung-Myung with determined eyes as if he would never let his guard down.

'I died once.'

His sword of defense.

But he failed to stop the opponent's blow. It is a mistake that I have nothing to say even if my throat is cut off.

There is no point in making an excuse that it would not have been a mistake if the opponent were not Chung-Myung.

Anyways, his opponent is Chung-Myung.

So there's nothing to be afraid of.'

The tense body is loosening. It seems that bleeding is rather helpful.

My mind, which had been so complicated as to burst, is becoming clear.

Isong Baek's world is starting to become clearer.

Other than himself and Chung-Myung, who stood on the stage, faded away.


Chung-Myung, who saw the incredible concentration, rolled up the corners of his mouth.


He's the one that interests me every time I see him.

Well, let's see if we can really?

I wonder if you deserve to walk this way.

Chung-Myung took the upper hand quietly.

Spread your feet shoulder-width and put your sword forward.

The fundamental attitude of all examinations, the fundamentals of Hwasan. It is a posture that becomes the cardinal formula.

"You want to be perfect?"

"…I know it's hard, but it is."

"It's hard.

Chung-Myung's voice has subsided slightly.


It was that moment.

Chung-Myung took a step forward and hit the sword.

And Isong Baek saw.

It's just one step closer, Chung-Myung narrowing the distance at once.

'What the hell is this...?'

Soon after, Chung-Myung's sword fell toward Isong Baek.


For a moment, the dust piled up on the stage was pushed all over the place. The wave soon became a shock wave and swept the crowd.

Isong Baek's eyes were bloodshot.

What the hell is this?….'

a simple strike

It's just a simple blow. But just by blocking it, Isong Baek's hands twisted as if they would break at any moment, and his legs and waist were screaming.

Chung-Myung's eyes, which were seen through the sword, shone endlessly.

"It's good to feel thorough. What the way you're going."

Cool voice and overwhelming pressure.

A cold sweat began to run down Isong Baek's spine.