Chapter - 304 Episode 304. It wasn't like that when I was young. In my day! (4)

Chung-Myung clapped his tongue as he watched Namggung Dowi fall on the floor in rags.

"Anyway, kids these days."


In the past, if I wanted to use a knife, I'd hang a stone from a knife and swing it a thousand times.

Even if I rolled my body on a cliff, I could barely get a piece of autopsy after I trained myself to the point where I heard "Oh, it's so cool!

The one with the weak legs, what?

Cesarean sword, huh?

Cesarean sword, huh?

"Hey, I'm just gonna hit your head."

Oh, are you awake?


Chung-Myung turned around as if he didn't like it.

This is why I don't like things like genius. Those who are caught up in the excitement of moving quickly to the next level can't see their feet under the speed is too high.

You won't know until a guy like Isong Baek crawls and crawls past him. What did you miss?

In fact, there's no reason why I can't tell you if I want to.….

Why would I?

There is no need to take such trouble when there is no interest in Namgung Sega. I'm so busy teaching Hwasan that I don't care about Namgoongse!

Chung-Myung walked down the rain. There were exclamations everywhere.




Chung-Myung tilted his head as he watched the death penalty, which raised his thumb at him.

"What's wrong? What's wrong with you?"

"What do you mean, new? Namgung Dowi잖아, Namgung Dowi!"

Jo-Gol nodded admirably.

"Namgung Dowi, the danak sword of the Southern Palace, was considered the best candidate for the championship. I can't believe you beat him up like that."

"Once in a while, I wonder if this guy really eats with me."

Chung-Myung smirked at the more intense response than usual.

"It's nothing, it'…."

"No. What's great is great."

"That was amazing, Chung-Myung!"

The corners of Chung-Myung's mouth began to twitch little by little.

"No. Well, just one kid...…."

"If he's Namggung Dowi, he's not just a kid, is he?"

"Wow, I'm so relieved. Chung-Myung, you did a great job!"


Chung-Myung scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

It's really nothing, but you keep making me feel... How should I say this?….

"I'm dying of love, that one."

"Dongryong, be quiet."


Baek Cheon became quiet. With his shoulders shrugged, Chung-Myung sat down and naturally took out beef jerky from the bag next to him.

"Jo-Gol death penalty, you got the money, right?"

"Oh, yeah! Chung-Myung! That's awesome! That's a lot of money! This time, there were a lot of people on the other side, maybe because they were against Namggung Dowi.

"Tsk tsk tsk tsk. That's why people are humiliated when they gamble."

You don't have to bet on a guy! Where are you going?

Then you're doomed!

Chung-Myung giggles and starts chewing his jerky.

While watching, Baek Cheon peeked at Namung Dowi on the stage. Around him, who was lying on the stage as if he had yet to come to his senses, armed men from Namgung Sega gathered around him.

I'm sure it's a lot.'

I honestly sympathize with you.

The Danak Sword Namgang Dowi.

He must have been as sure of himself as he was famous.

If the prosecutor firmly engraved his/her mindset in his/her heart, he/she might be able to accept the defeat. But now that was too painful and painful to just be defeated.

Well, that's something anyone who meets Chung-Myung should go through at least once.Baek Cheon glanced down and looked at Chung-Myung chewing beef jerky.


Heo Do-jin's face, looking at the seat next to him, was overwhelming.

He'll do the same.... Namggung Wang, whose eyes stick out like a manger, was staring blankly at the rain stage with his mouth wide open.


Poor Heo Do-jin closed his eyes tightly.

While Shaolin was a benefactor, the main gatekeeper of the Gupilebang was a shaman. And Oh Dae-se's side was representative of Namgung Sega.

As a result, Heo Do-jin, a shaman's long writer, had quite a few occasions to see Namgung Wang.

But heo Do-jin has never seen such a face of Namggung Hwang in so many meetings.

No wonder.'

Wouldn't it be even stranger if his son, who was a pride to the world, was beaten like a jumbo boy who was dragged by a gang of local Heukdo breakers and didn't he get that reaction?

Heo Do-jin looked grimly at Chung-Myung going down from the stage.

It's like a runaway carriage.'

Heo Do-jin might have clapped like a cheering crowd if he had seen this elsewhere.

I don't want to admit it, but honestly, just looking at it made me feel refreshed.

One problem is that the victims of the cool performance are the Goofile Room and the Great War.

"…What the hell is wrong with you?"


Shivers of astonishment and admiration leaked out of the mouths of the long writers.

Heo Do-jin knows.

On this stage, there was an implicit agreement to refrain from mentioning Chung-Myung.

As soon as you make an assessment of Hwasan the Divine Dragon, you should properly recognize Hwasan, the man who embraced him. That's why I've been turning a blind eye to eye.

But now the moment has come when we can't ignore that monster anymore.

"……that's not just an expression of talent."

Everyone nodded at Cheongseong's long letter.

"Now I understand why Jongnam Jang Mun-in was so desperate. I'm the only one...."

Someone couldn't finish talking and shut up.

If a monster like that is thrown out of a gate where generations have to compete, you're not confident of maintaining your composure.

Yes, monster.

That's a water monster.


I guess everyone knows that now.'

The spectators were also murmuring loudly.

"……Namgung Dowi loses like that?"

"Oh, my God, no matter what."

"So how strong is that Hwasan Theologian?"

The name Namgoong is never light.

Namgoongse is the head of the Five Great Sega and a prestigious representative of the Five Great Sega. They have produced inspectors that command the world from generation to generation, and have always had masters who discuss the world's first swords.

And everyone in the world did not hesitate to pick Namgung Dowi as the sword of the Namgung, which will succeed the next generation.

In other words, Namggung Dowi means one of the next candidates for Best Sword in the world.

The fact that Namgung Dowi failed to swing the sword properly and was unilaterally smashed means so much.

Heo Do-jin looks to one side with a slight frown.


There was a subtle smile on the lips of Dang Gunnak sitting next to Hyun Jong. Heo Do-jin thought about the meaning of the smile and felt his stomach cold.

Then, Dang Gunnak opened his mouth quietly."Congratulations, Jang Moon-in."

"Don't mention it."

"I'm curious. How the hell did you raise a monster like that?"

At Dang Gunnak's words, the attention of the long-running writers turned to Hyun Jong.

Heo Do-jin frowns at Dang Gunnak, who skillfully leads the conversation. If you talk to everyone over there, it's inevitable for everyone to pay attention to Hyun Jong.

Hyun Jong shook his head and opened his mouth.

"Do I deserve to raise that child?"

The calm and calm appearance was quite different from when the competition began.

"The baby of a criminal is a criminal from birth. Raising a dog doesn't make a criminal a dog."

"You're too modest, Jang Moon-in. If you're the only Hwasan The Dragon, you might not be so wrong. But isn't HWASAN playing a game over the rest of the moon?"

The surroundings became quiet.

Dang Gunnak was forcing words out of everything he didn't want to say.

"Hahaha, I'm ashamed of the Dangga because of Hwasan. I was confident in my children's skills, but I'm ashamed of myself compared to Hwasan."

"That's a compliment."

Dang Gunnak looked at the expressions of the writers while talking.

Everyone looks slightly distorted, unable to control their discomfort. The fact that long writers, who are good at deceiving their feelings, are so obvious means that they feel several times more uncomfortable inside.

Dang Gunnak has a complaint.

If Hwasan Sinryong hadn't accidentally stopped by Sacheon, I'd be sitting with the same face as them.'

No matter how hard I think about it, the alliance with Hwasan was one of the best decisions that Dang Gunnak has made since becoming a householder.

'And I never thought I'd get paid for it so fast.'

I thought it would take at least five to ten more years to get paid for supporting Hwasan.

Anyway, that Hwasan Divine never plays in his common sense in anything.


It was a moment when Dang Gunnak tried to lift up Hwasan a little bit more.

"Hwasan The Dragon is definitely great."

Heo Do-jin, who was watching the situation, took the initiative.

Dang Gunnak narrowed his forehead slightly and looked at him. Heo Do-jin continued.

"It's not just strong. That child's understanding of the sword is incomprehensible. It's amazing how someone who doesn't stand up can be so good at it."

He nodded to the top of his head and poured praise.

Then he looked at Hyun Jong and said,


Everyone here knew that what was coming out now was what they really wanted to say.

"It's a shame. He's got that much talent...…. If I could lead and push from the gate, I could be a prosecutor who would really discuss old times."

Heo Do-jin sighed low as if sadly.

"You can't have everything, but you can't help it. A bum could have put wings on it."

It was a clever way of speaking.

It seems to float Chung-Myung and shaves Hwasan.

What's more subtle is that if Hyun Jong shows any signs of discomfort here, the atmosphere that Dang Gunnak has created will all be broken.

One thing Heo Do-jin overlooked.

The fact that Hyun Jong is a person who can endure and endure all the things in the world, as well as those who are here right now, never lose.He is a chronic person, especially when it comes to being ignored.

"I'm very sorry about that, too."


Heo Do-jin narrowed his forehead at the calm voice of Hyun Jong.

"But it's okay."

Hyun Jong looked down, smiling peacefully. Chung-Myung, who was chewing beef jerky, and his disciples were seen huddling around him.

"Because his death penalty could do what Hwasan couldn't do."

The way he looked at his disciples was warm like the sun in the spring.

"Hwasan is not the only one with Chung-Myung. Those children are enough to stand by Chung-Myung. Even if there is no one to lead, wouldn't it be good if there was someone to move on with?"

Heo Do-jin coughed in vain at the gracious smile.

"It's not going to be easy."

"These kids are strong."

Hyun Jong's voice was as determined as ever.

"And now those kids will prove it."

A loud voice was heard in the howling Hawasanian den.

"Next, Yoo-Esul from Hwasan!"

Yoo-Esul, who was smoothing the sword in the back, slowly raised his head.

Dang-Soso looked at her with a reminder face.



Yoo-Esul, however, stood up after pushing his sword into the sword, which he had been calmly grooming without any response.

"I'll be back, death penalty."


Baek Cheon nodded heavily.

"Don't be nervous, just show off your skills."


Dang-Soso roared as she headed to the stage.

"Accident, must win…"…."

However, he closed his mouth in the middle as if he had realized something.

Yoo-Esul, who stopped walking, did not rush such Dang-Soso, but waited for him to open his mouth again.

Soon Dang-Soso grinned.


It was a slightly playful expression, but it contained no more sincerity.

"Come back and fight without regret."

It's just a burden to say that you must win.

Yoo-Esul nodded slightly and tapped Dang-Soso on the head.

"I'm watching."


Finally, Yoo-Esul moved on again.

Jo-Gol, who was watching, asked Chung-Myung secretly.

"You're not saying anything?"


"If I lose, I won't let it go.…."

Chung-Myung, who was chewing beef jerky, replied with a frown.

"That's only for morons like the death penalty."


"There's no need for accidents."

Chung-Myung's eyes turned to Yoo-Esul on the stage.

"The only person here who will not be ashamed of the name Maehwa Inspection is the accident."


"Look carefully."

And he said firmly.

"There is the soul of Hwasan."

Right there.