Chapter - 305 Episode 305. It wasn't like that when I was young. When I was a kid!

Yoo-Esul looked at the teeth facing him.

Did you say Feng Shui?'

I can't remember the name well. I don't have much interest in particularly.


It's not like that.

The important thing is not what kind of martial arts the other person uses and what characteristics he or she has. There are countless ways to distinguish people, even if they are not by name.

It's fast.

My heart was beating a little faster than usual. Although he tried to maintain his composure as much as possible, it was not easy to maintain complete composure on the stage.

Yoo-Esul took a small deep breath.

I calmed down my excited heart and looked at Fang's great way.

It looks heavy and strong.

The province of Paenga is the province of Pai, Pleasure, and Middle.

Among them, the most prominent feature would be the defeat. If you face the power emitted from that heavy and thick province head-on, the victory and defeat will be decided in an instant.

You can't just look at my sword.'

Sword is a combination.

It's just a black dance that didn't think of the other person.

Yeah, that's what I said.

Finally, Yoo-Esul, who had completely calmed down, slowly pulled out the sword.


The sound of a sword being pulled out tickles my ears. The sword in my hand cleared my mind.

After growing up...… No, was there a day before she grew up, when the sword left her hands?

"It's the rise of the Habukpanga."

"I'm Yoo-Esul from Hwasan."

"Hwasan's performance was impressive. Sozer's sword must be sharp, too."

Paeng-kyung smiled and raised his hand to Yoo-Esul.

"If you can cross me, Sozer's reputation will ring the world. But does Sozer have the power to do that?"

Yoo-Esul looked still at Paeng.

He doesn't know anything.

"I've never asked for it."


"A reputation or something like that."

Yoo-Esul slowly stretched his sword.

"…Will it be okay?"

Yoon-Jong unknowingly and anxiously said it.

Of course, I know it's out of the question to worry about Yoo-Esul. Yoo-Esul is stronger than himself no matter how much you compare him.

Objectively speaking, Yoo-Esul is Hwasan's great singer. He's the only one who can compete with that Baek Cheon.



I'm going to take him out.

Come on, he's cheating.

Yoon-Jong, who gave Chung-Myung a glance, looks at Yoo-Esul again.

It's almost double the difference.'

Yoo-Esul is not that short, but the view across the street is huge. Looking here, I almost looked like an adult and a child.

"Is this really okay?"

Before discussing the proficiency of swordsmanship, Yoo-Esul's sword was worried if he could handle the power emitted from that body.



"The accident will win, right?"

Chung-Myung grinned.

"Why? You think you're gonna lose?"

"There's a big difference. If you accidentally allow a blow...…."

"That's not gonna happen."


"That sword ghost can't be."

Chung-Myung smirked.

I remember.

Yoo-Esul was chasing Chung-Myung like a leech from the moment we first met.

Her obsession with the sword does not keep up with anyone in Hwasan. And she's the one who didn't just end the obsession.

'That's what I did it again.'

Yoo-Esul was the one who climbed Yeonhwabong Peak before Chung-Myung, who went to train alone at dawn when everyone was asleep.

Before and after that.

Yoo-Esul has never missed personal training.

The same was true of Chung-Myung's training, which pushes people to the limit. Even though the other death penalty was exhausted, she always trained and trained less.Chung-Myung looked at Yoo-Esul with new eyes.

Rather than an obsession with learning...….'

I don't know why.

Why Yoo-Esul is so obsessed with smoking plum blossoms. No matter how Chung-Myung is, you can't even look inside people.

But the only thing I can say for sure.

Yoo-Esul would have died of Hwasan's ghost even if Chung-Myung didn't show up and Hwasan went bankrupt.

Others may have taken a different path.

Baek Cheon, who could risk everything to beat Jin Geum Ryong, may have chosen a different clique than Hwasan.

Jo-Gol, who listened to Hwasan with a light heart, must have returned to the family.

Yoon-Jong may remain at Hwasan. He was just trying to repay Hwasan. He may have lost his land and struggled with the writer to revive him.

But Yoo-Esul alone would have been different.

Even if Hwasan's disciples were scattered down the mountain, Yoo-Esulman would have remained in Hwasan and died as Hwasan's ghost.

Whasan would have set up a place somewhere and walked on a path that no one had told him to go.

A lonely path that no one will lead and no one will help.

"If you ask me if I'm qualified as a strong man, I'll say no."

Chung-Myung looked at Yoo-Esul with his sunken eyes.

"But my qualifications as a prosecutor are full and overflowing. More than anyone else in Hwasan."

Listening to the conversation, Jo-Gol looked at Yoo-Esul with new eyes.


Her figure holding a sword penetrated Jo-Gol's eyes like a picture.


Breathe out a short breath after another.

With his breathing completely under his control, Yoo-Esul looked at Fang with a single emotionless eye.

said Fang.

"I'll give you the lead."


I don't fight useless pride. The important thing is to knock down the opponent. It's whether I fully spread my sword.


Without a shout, she jumped at Lord Fang and threw out her sword.

A stab that's nothing special. However, the sharpness, combined with speed and perfect posture, was no different from a single ablation.

The love of the blood pressure!

The sword cuts through the atmosphere and flies toward Fang's neck.


Perhaps the speed was more than expected, Paeng was slightly embarrassed and pulled the province to block his neck with a wide drawing.


And at that moment.

Yoo-Esul's sword, which was rapidly flying in, gently arcs and cuts his thigh away from Fang's providence.


Blood spurted out of Fang's thighs with a creepy sound. Fang backed away with a frown.

His eyes quickly turned to his blood-soaked thighs. The wound wasn't as deep as I thought. The problem is that he was hurt in just one shot.

'What sword....'

It is almost a feat for a sword flying at that speed to change its direction without losing its speed.

Is it a sword?'

Yoo-Esul's sword is different from Hwasan's one he has seen so far. Unlike Hwasan's sword, which is heavy in splendor, Yoo-Esul's sword is as simple and as practical as ever.

'If you nod, you'll be punished.'

Fang completely abandoned his contempt for his opponent and grasped the province tightly.

"I apologize for looking down on you...…."

At that moment, Yoo-Esul's sword pokes Peng's face back in.



Paeng took a deep breath and lifted Do and struck Yoo-Esul's sword out. No matter how fast he is, he cannot break through with his slender wrist and light sword.His weight alone amounts to a hundred pounds. Most of the black things break in an instant.


Fang, who slashed Yoo-Esul's sword, leaped along the street and emitted red pottery.

Ohodan Mundo.

Maengho dispatched.

A head-to-head assault.

It's a simple herbivore. However, when the weight and destructive power of the province, which is different from the sword, are added, the simplicity is simplified by simplicity is simplified.


Doe hits the floor.

The floor made of solid blue stone breaks like pottery and blows debris everywhere.


Paeng-kyung steps on the floor as if he would never miss it and rushes toward Yoo-Esul.

Black is sharp and colorful.

But the province is simple but destructive.

When dealing with a colorful sword like Hwasan's sword, it is most efficient to press it with force without being misled by the change.

Paeng actively utilized his strengths.

Yoo-Esul retreating and Paeng-kyung rushing in.

No matter how fast Yoo-Esul is, it can't be faster for a person to step back to the front.

The distance between the two narrowed in an instant.

Paeng, who put Yoo-Esul in range, took a strong step forward. Stomping on the floor to pieces, he swung Yoo-Esul's waist as if to cross the line with his full strength.

Yoo-Esul raised the sword to the side and began blocking the blast with a sword face.


Baek Cheon jumped out of his seat, frightened.

It is too reckless to block a thick road with that much strength and history with a sword, not a blade.

It seemed that Fang Kyung-do, who broke the sword, was digging into Yoo-Esul's waist.


The play.

As soon as Fang's province touched the sword, Yoo-Esul tilted his sword at an angle and dropped his shot.

At the same time, her body easily spins along the sword to Ho Gong.


There was a certain look of embarrassment on Fang's face. I never imagined that the participation would spill out so easily.

But Yoo-Esul didn't stop there. Whilst spinning, he swung a sword and cut off Fang's chest.

Fang freaked out and pulled himself back, but he already had a long cut on his chest. Fortunately, it was only a wound to the skin, but it was a situation where the spine was chilled.

Paeng, who unwittingly stepped back, looked at Yoo-Esul with a stunned face.

You're gonna spill it?'

In fact, the result is nothing much. I just lifted myself up to the horizontal sword.

But the moment the sword meets the sword, that sword would have been broken if it had made any mistakes. And his province would have split her waist in half.

It is impossible to try without being bold enough. But you did it so naturally.

A cold sweat began to seep into Fang's forehead.

"…Was the sale that bad?"

It wasn't just Fang who recognized the greatness of Yoo-Esul's movement.

Baek Cheon also looked at Yoo-Esul in dismay.

I knew it was strong. Sometimes, I could feel Yoo-Esul's strength.

But that is different in texture.

Aside from being high and low, Yoo-Esul had something that Baek Cheon didn't have. Now Baek Cheon won't be able to imitate the number of days Yoo-Esul has just shown.

Whether you can or not, you don't even dare to try. Who dares to try something that can cause life to fluctuate with just one mistake?At that time, Baek Cheon heard Chung-Myung's voice.

"Training is what you do to demonstrate in action.


"The person who knows it best is the accident."

Chung-Myung speaks in a low voice.

"Inspection must maintain a sharp blade of reason under any circumstances. It's not like the death penalty or the death penalty who's so excited about nothing. That's why accidents should be recognized as inspections."

Baek Cheon nodded at Chung-Myung's words.

Indeed, there is no way not to admit this.

But one thing that bothers me is...….

"Aren't you the one who gets the most worked up about it?"


Chung-Myung pointed his chin at the rain.

"Don't be ridiculous and watch the beemoo."

"Are you changing the subject?"


Chung-Myung did not answer.

Yoo-Esul hangs the sword low.


I've done it roughly, but it's not perfect. If it were perfect, there would have been a deep wound on that chest, not a light scar.

But it's okay.

Her sword will be even more perfect.

And one day...….

Yoo-Esul's eyes sank low.

After taking a short deep breath, she stepped forward with Fang in clear sight.


Yoo-Esul's body shoots at the top like a meteor.


Fang clenched his teeth.

No matter how briefly he suffered a setback, the fact that the prosecutor rushed head-on against the professor, who was preparing for it, was nothing short of ignoring him.

"How dare you!"

The blood-filled top of the eye hits Yoo-Esul and rushes.

"I'll split you in half!"

His province quickly fell toward Yoo-Esul's head with a powerful pot of pottery.

And at that moment.


Yoo-Esul's sword struck Fang's way at an invisible speed.


Fang pushed down Yoo-Esul's sword, further invigorating its history. Because Yoo-Esul will never be able to handle his destructive power if he fights head on.

Fang's help with a red pottery, Yoo-Esul's sword with a red sword, encountered in Ho Gong.

And at that moment.


Yoo-Esul's sword bounced back with a loud blast.


Fang's grasp of the province gave me a lot of strength.

He didn't miss the chance and hit Yoo-Esul's head hard.