Chapter - 306 Episode 306: The superior man does not go to any trouble. (1)

The sword bounces off and the Fang falls toward Yoo-Esul's head, which has been completely empty.

Yoo-Esul's head was about to split in the province of Fang.

Hawasan's disciples rose from their seats screaming. But at that very moment.


Yoo-Esul's sword, which bounced off, flies like a ray of light and hits the Fanggy.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Once, twice, three times, and again!

In an instant, Fang's twelve connections to the province fell.

It is impossible to push Fang's way out with a single inspection. However, if you can fly it at once many times, it's not that hard to handle the power.


Paeng's shoulder was bent when the last 12th inspection hit the road. Then a hundred-geun degree bounced back.


Without a moment of astonishment, Yoo-Esul's sword pierced Peng's neck.


Chung-Myung muttered low.

Pleasure is fast.


Paeng-kyung turned his body sideways and avoided flying swords. But it wasn't completely avoided. His shoulders cracked and blood spouted out.

At that moment, Yoo-Esul's sword, which stopped at Ho Gong, hit Fang's twisted waist strongly.


Fang's body, which managed to block Yoo-Esul's sword with a drawing, rolled on the floor like a ball kicked by a child.


The cards are strong.

"For God's sake!"

Perhaps because of the sense of shame that he rolled the floor at the strength of the inspection, Fang jumped up with a rant of anger.

But what he saw when he woke up was Yoo-Esul's sword flying through dozens of sword scans.


a change in bowels

Paeng-kyung, who had not been able to stand up, had to roll back to the floor.


That lazy donkey rolls on the floor. It means that a warrior rolls the floor to avoid enemy attacks. It is also a new law that martial arts who value their dignity are most reluctant to use.

Only after rolling the floor several times did the top, which was out of Yoo-Esul's range, clenched his teeth to raise himself up.

"You... you f*cking...…."

I can't come to my senses.

Obviously, the opponent is not stronger than him.

The history of the sword falls short of that of his province, and his strength is not even half that of him.

Even if it's fast over there, isn't it too obvious which one is superior, the speed with power or the speed without power?

Nevertheless, strangely enough, I can't get the upper hand for a moment.

'Don't get carried away.'

Paeng-kyung bit his lower lip. My lips pop and blood trickles down. However, the dizzying pain in my lips made my head feel a little clearer, which was filled with anger.

I'm the dominant in strength. You have to take advantage of it.'

It is disadvantageous to continue to be attacked by the opponent. Yoo-Esul's black new arrival is so hard to defend perfectly.

Rather attack. Yes, attack comes first.


Fang's feet ran across the floor like a protection for food. A sleek, quick-witted complement that doesn't fit in with the large size.

Looking for an opportunity, he narrowed the distance at once and swung quickly.

Do, who gives up his strength and takes his speed.

He realized that he could be beaten back if he tried to press it with force. He aimed at Yoo-Esul's wrist with the highest level of pleasure he could reach.Oh! Short Mundo.

Symbol tracking (飢虎追鹿).

Just as a hungry tiger chased a deer, Fang's province was as fast and as cheerful as ever.

In a flash, five shots flew in after Yoo-Esul's sword.

If you can't chase the body, chase the sword.

The moment you break that sword, the game is divided.

But Yoo-Esul's eyes just sank low when he saw the shot flying.


It blocks exactly the way the sword flies. The sword was pushed back every time it collided, but it never bounced back.

But there is a fundamental difference.

Every time the sword and the do were mixed, Yoo-Esul's body was pushed away little by little, and the sword slowed down little by little.

'Now's the time!

Fang, who thought he had a chance, clenched his teeth and pushed his history to the wall.

In the season of his death, Ohonanmu of Ohodanmundo was held.

A red pottery in the province depicts five meteors in Ho Gong.

It was like watching five red guards running with all their might.

Five pottery flies in as fast as it would break Yoo-Esul.

One. At that moment.


Yoo-Esul's sword drew a smooth and smooth curve. The gently pushed sword touched the side of the flying pottery, and soon pushed it gently to the side.

Bite! Bite! Bite!

All five of the pottery swerved past Yoo-Esul's body in that direction.


U is soft.

Fang's eyes opened wide.

As if he could not accept the situation, he could not hide his astonishment. Then Yoo-Esul swung the sword without giving him a chance.

"Hey, stop...…!'


I saw Fang.

The red plum blossoms bloom at the end of Yoo-Esul's sword.

The patterns of the plum blossoms, made of black, bloomed so splendid that it was impossible to tell what was the real sword and what was just an illusion.


Reflectively swung Doe just picked Ho Gong.

Yoo-Esul's sword, which passed past Do with the shape of a plum blossom, stopped right in front of Fang's neck.


A drop of blood flows down from Fang's neckline with stinging pain.

Paeng, who was looking at a sword aimed at his neck, sighed deeply.

"…I lost."

"Good game."

Yoo-Esul recovered the sword, pushed it into the sword, and captured it toward Fang.

Soon there was an explosive roar in the hall.


Hwan is a seductive thing.

Chung-Myung spoke in a low voice, watching Yoo-Esul gunnery.

"Just because it's a sword doesn't mean it's the same sword. Every prosecution has its own sword."

Baek Cheon nodded his head.

"The executioners are obsessed with just being more sophisticated and wielding swords faster and stronger. But that's not all about black."

Chung-Myung was quite serious. He seemed like a different person because he was so mischievous.

"High Sword, Low Sword, Bowel, Low Sword, High Sword, Mid Sword. There are many other considerations. The sword, after all, depends on how much you understand the censorship."

Baek Cheon looked at Chung-Myung with heavy eyes.

Chung-Myung has never told them this story before. Until now, I've said it's enough just to train and keep the basics.

But what Chung-Myung is saying now is literally a sword. These are the things that inspection needs to know to head higher."Think about what your sword is like. Wasan's Black Pleasure and Bowel. And it's based on the ring."

"Are you saying that you change quickly and seduce the other person?"

"Yes, that's Hwasan's sword. What about a shaman?"


"Yes, it's a sword."

Chung-Myung said, looking back at everyone.

"Jumchang's four-day sword method seeks extreme pleasure, and Jongnam's thirty-six swords are based on weight and change. A heavy sword and a stool."

Before I knew it, Yoo-Esul was coming down from the rain.

Chung-Myung turned to her.

"But if you are a prosecutor, you should be able to master not only the swords in your own sword but also all the swords in the world. If I can't use a heavy sword just because I usually use it, it means it's only half a sword."

"Then the brother-in-law...…."

"Yes. Accidents are building up. Step by step for that long time. All those swords."

Chung-Myung rolled up the corners of his mouth.

"Black is as simple as it gets, but as convoluted as it gets. Nevertheless, I challenge and understand. It never stops pursuing higher ground."

Chung-Myung's head nodded slowly.

"That's what inspection is about."


A corner of Baek Cheon's chest was in a tangle.

This is a different story from mere strength.

Anyone who holds a sword seeks the sword's ultimate. But it's never easy to walk and walk on that long and difficult road constantly.

Isong Baek?


If Isong Baek is a 'patience' who silently stands by what is given to him, Yoo-Esul is like that of the old man.

Given that Hwasan's sword pursues morality, Yoo-Esul's sword is truly Hwasan's.

'I'm ashamed.'

Baek Cheon blushed slightly.

I was proud to have unleashed Hawasan's plum blossoms. But when he was content with his achievement, Yoo-Esul was just silently chasing the sword.

Baek Cheon, the figure felt so dazzling.

"…I'm speechless because it's so perfect."

Next to him, Chung-Myung smirked at the sound of Yoon-jong mumbling blankly.

"There's no perfect sword. There's only a sword that looks perfect. That sword is full of loopholes the moment it meets someone stronger."


"That's why there's no end. Sword is."

Everyone nodded at Chung-Myung's words.

Good grades.

Perhaps never again, achievements and pouring cheers.

All of them permeated secretly and created conceit in the minds of the Hwasan disciples.

But Yoo-Esul's sword and Chung-Myung's words were enough to blow off all the conceit that permeated their minds.

Chung-Myung laughed inwardly at the troubled death penalty.

You've done something that's not like you.'

Looking at Yoo-Esul's sword, I got excited and explained too much. Even though I know it's a little early for these chicks.


One day they will truly realize the meaning of what he said. Then Hawsan's sword will deepen further.

Moon-blue is something like that.

There is a limit to the power of one or two people. Everyone looks at the same place, but everyone pursues a different sword. When the sword gathers together to compete fiercely and develop, it truly becomes a gatekeeper.

It's a long way off, though.'

Maybe one day.

As was the case with HWASAN in the past.


Of course, Dang-Soso was the first person to greet Yoo-Esul who returned to his seat.


Dang-Soso looked at Yoo-Esul with a wet towel in his hand, weeping slightly.I had mixed feelings, but it was hard to express my feelings in words.

"Did you see that?"

"Yes, accident. It's too...… It was so cool."

Yoo-Esul shakes his head quietly.

"It was clumsy."


"Weight allocation is clumsy. It feels like my body is leaning back. I'm sure you're lacking lower body training."


"Too much strength at the fingertips. It's still not soft. I keep making the same mistake even though I keep thinking about it. You can't do this."

Hawasan's disciples looked at her with tired eyes.

Seeing him expressing his self-reflection with an expressionless face makes me feel stuffy.

Even Chung-Myung shut up as if this was a little out of hand.

"Well, you won, though!"

"Win or lose doesn't matter. I'm……."

Yoo-Esul's gaze turned to the distant sky.

For a while, he looked at the distant sky without saying a word and breathed a low sigh.

"What I have to do is complete. Perfect plum blossoms."


"It's a long way off. It's too."

Everyone watching her felt unknown.

subtle sentiments and mysterious sorrow.

Without time to find out who the emotion was, Yoo-Esul turned to Chung-Myung.



"I'm not used to it. I'm checking with Daryeon."

"……Why me again?"

"No matter how hard you swing, you won't die. You can use salcho. To your heart's content."


Chung-Myung slowly turned his head and looked at Baek Cheon.

"Sasook, there's something I didn't say earlier."


"Usually all the people who dig their swords in the extreme are out of their minds."


"Be careful, Sasook."


Anyway, it was Baek Cheon who realized that there was no one in this group.