Chapter - 307 Episode 307. The superior man does not go to any trouble. (2)

"The head, yay, yay, yay, yay!"

Jo-Gol's sword was struck cheerfully.



The opponent's waist is twisted.

Jo-Gol didn't miss the gap and beat his opponent's ankle with a neat turn kick.


The opponent's body floats into Ho Gong. Of course it wasn't Jo-Gol who would miss the gap.


Jo-Gol's sword hits the opponent coolly.


Only the faint screams of the opponent who flew over the stage to that far place echoed throughout Shaolin.

"The winner is Hawasan's Jo-Gol!"

"Gasp! Gasp! Gasp!"

Jo-Gol breathed out a short breath.

The last one was cheerful, but it was never an easy game. If I had let my guard down for a moment, I would have lost.

It's not easy as time goes by.'

Old school is old school. Old school is old school.

The fewer people are left, the higher the opponent's level. Even with the simulation of the simulation Sega he had just faced, he couldn't guarantee that he would win if he were to fight again.


"Anyway, it's all good that you won!'

Did Chung-Myung do that?

Even if there's nothing to gain from winning, you have to win first. Jo-Gol sympathized with that a hundred times.

When the bent back was straightened, the audience cheered.

"Hwasan won all of them!"

"Oh, my God, I won everything! It's so strong!"

"Is that four of us in the River Six? Ha ha ha! I never thought I'd see this with my own eyes!"

The audience couldn't hide their surprise.

Now I can say it firmly.

This is not a fluke at all.

"People who used to condescend to be the most prestigious people in the world can't raise their faces. Four of those masters from Hawsan."

"Four. Five, right?"

"Huh? Why five?"

"Oh, man! Isn't there a fire check? Although he withdrew due to injury, he beat Jin Geum Ryong of Jongnam, who was called the best player in the world, and how can he be excluded?"

"Well, that sounds like it."

"In addition, I heard that the distribution of Baek Cheon is the highest among them. A great student of the Moon faction can't be weaker than his quirks."

"I would have been able to put enough weight on my shoulders with just one Hawsan Divine Dragon, but there are four masters like Hawsan Divine Dragon. What a great future for the Wasans!"

"Now all you have to do is win, win!"

Expectations were low in everyone's eyes.

At this point, I want to see Hwasan win. It would be many times more fun than conventional strong men winning the championship.

And I'm beginning to think maybe this expectation won't just end in anticipation.

"Oh, it was really hard."

Yoon-jong, who saw the grumbling Jo-Gol as he returned to his seat, frowned slightly.

"Why are you being so fussy with just one stitch?"

"…the death penalty."


"I don't know anyone else, but I don't want to hear that from the death penalty. The death penalty went up comfortably by default."

Yoon-jong grinned.

"But I can't say I'm going to fight if you want me to win by default."


Jo-Gol sighed heavily.

It was Chung-Myung who was supposed to win by default. However, as he re-picked the match list to prevent corruption, Yoon-jong suddenly became a by-election winner.

If you're just gonna have to do it one more time, of course.

What a piece of shit are you playing at?

This is Chung-Myung, who shouted and ran to Daewoongjeon. Fortunately, however, Hwasan's Yoon-Jong won by default, so I was able to understand and move on.

"I don't know why you're doing this.""Isn't it all meant to be?"

Yoon-jong grinned.

"Sorim is like Kang-ho's big adult. And it's a good thing to prevent corruption. If the competition continues as a confirmed match, can you be sure that there will be no change of outcome or buy with money?"

"…Don't you just like the death penalty?"

"Hahaha. No way."

Yoon-Jong coughed loudly.

"I want to prove my sword and show it to them. But it's a pity that I'm not given the chance."

"The death penalty."


"Put saliva on your mouth."

"I've already put it on."


A gracious smile fell over Yoon-Jong's mouth.

How easy is it to win a competition this big without fighting?

If you live a good life, you will be blessed from heaven.

"The heavens bless me.'

No wonder.

In fact, how can he describe all the hardships he has gone through?

Of all people, he is the ambassador of the celadon ship, and of all people, Chung-Myung, the youngest of the celadon ship, entered Hwasan.

Considering the pain he has been through, the Great of the Underworld will also shed tears, saying, "You have already gone through hell in your current life, so you don't have to go to hell."

So this much luck would be fine, wouldn't it?

"Don't like it too much. Doesn't that mean you don't know who you're going to meet next?"

"I'm confident in meeting anyone."

"And what if you see me?"

"Then it will be a day to strengthen the hierarchy of celadon ships."


Jo-Gol gritted his teeth.

Looking at Yoon-jong smiling with a shiny face, I feel like my stomach is turning upside down.

"How can everything work out so easily?"

"But so far, it's just worked out. Ever since I came to Shaolin."


Yoon-jong grinned.

"I guess Shaolin gives me good energy. I'll have to aim for the final."

Yoon-Jong laughed his head off.

All the more banging.

* * *



Oh, yeah. I said it was the final.

Yoon-Jong turned his head slightly.

The first thing that caught my eye was the spectators. Everyone looks at him with some pitiful eyes.


The next thing that caught my eye was the death penalty of Hwasan. Everyone was kicking their tongue at him.

Jo-Gol, sitting at the front, giggled with a hearty smile on his face.

'That guy...'

Watching Jo-Gol die of joy makes me upset. I'd like to jump down and punch him in the mouth right away, but...….

Unfortunately, Yoon-Jong couldn't afford it now.


The reason is very simple.

His trembling eyes turned to the Bimu opponent.

I liked it because I won by default.'

You son of a b*tc*!

What's the point of winning by default?

The man across the street smiled and opened his mouth.

"Don't be scared, don't be scared."


"What's the big deal? Just swing a knife in moderation, I guess."

The corners of his mouth curl up.


After watching him play the sword for the first time, a cold sweat began to flow down Yoon-jong's spine.

"Now that I've got a good chance, I'm going to see how much the death penalty has improved.


Let's check it out."


At the sight of Chung-Myung smiling like a demon, Yoon-Jong closed his eyes.What?

God bless you?

That's a load of bullshit.


There are sixteen people, but why does that demon get caught?


These Shaolin wankers should have ideas! Isn't it a rule not to stick the same doorkeeper as much as possible?

And even if they fight against each other! There are Jo-Gol and accidents. Why! Why is that d*mn man his opponent?

Yoon-jong looked on the stage with wet eyes.

I made eye contact with Hyun Jong, who looks at this side with a very sad face.

"Long-written man."

However, as if when our eyes met, Hyun Jong turned his eyes secretly.


All the pitiful eyes of the world poured on Yoon-Jong, but it was not comforting at all.



It was because the one who should feel sorry for him was giggling as if he was dying of fun.



"You seem to have forgotten, and I am your death penalty."

"I know. I didn't forget."

"No. I think I forgot……."

Yoon-Jong gulped down his dry mouth and said calmly.

"Think about it. If you beat me up here like a dog, what else would you think of Hwasan?"

"That's hot, isn'"


"Or…" You're so good-minded."

"…I'm sure you'll call me a dog chaban."

"Oh, really?"

Chung-Myung rolls up the corners of his mouth. It was an ominous laugh.

On a day he smiles like that, there's definitely an accident!

"……So why don't we just do it in moderation and not hurt each other?"

Chung-Myung nodded loudly, "Oh."

"Good word, death penalty."

"Oh, really?"

There's a time when this guy knows what he's talking about...….

"By the way, the death penalty."


"The death penalty seems to have forgotten one thing."


Chung-Myung hit the sword to the floor.


A non-stage made of solid blue stone was crushed like a mud floor.


Chung-Myung's words continued as if he were chewing.

"Is there a rough patch in Hwasan?"


"How dare you argue that your hair isn't dry yet! In my day...…."

"Yeah, not at your time."

"Oh, right."

"……and I'm older than her. You crazy bastard."

"If you're good at ssam, you're a big brother.""

Yoon-Jong covered his face.

'There's something wrong with this threshold.'


Yoon-jong slowly pulled out the sword.

"Don't forget, Chung-Myung."


"I am your death penalty, and I am the ambassador of a celadon ship. Yeah. I knew this day would come one day. I can't be swayed by you forever!"


Chung-Myung smiled strangely as he saw Yoon-jong drawing a sword full of determination.

"You're going to try?"

"I don't think I'm going to win. But! I have to prove myself, just as the accident was, and I have to prove myself! You wouldn't be short of that opponent!"

Yoon-Jong's eyes were filled with spirit.

"Come on, I'm going to lead Hwasan one day! I'll show you that will is not lost."


Chung-Myung nodded loudly as if he was moved.

"That's for sure."

He looked straight at Yoon-jong.

"I think I underestimated the death penalty. The same is true of what Unnam showed, and surely the death penalty is a man who has no shortage as a proud disciple of Hwasan."

Yoon-Jong's lips twitched.

It is quite meaningful to hear that from Chung-Myung, who is stingy with that compliment.

Chung-Myung muttered.

"Just don't lose the will."

Then he nodded his head.

"Yes, then I'll have to deal with it properly.""Huh?"



Chung-Myung slowly began to pull the sword out of the sword.


Why are you pulling out the black all of a sudden?

Making people nervous?

Chung-Myung, who had a cut on his side, raised his sword and aimed at Yoon-Jong.

"If a warrior says he'll prove his will, it's polite to fight with all your might! Don't worry, death penalty! I'll do my best for you!"


Am I supposed to be happy about this?


Should I be happy?

At that moment, Chung-Myung literally began to emit a blade of energy.

Yun-Jong's body, which was faced with the tremendous amount of energy that was hard to stand, began to cringe automatically.

"Here we go!"

The referee, who was watching the situation, raised his hand.

"Then, let's get started……."


Suddenly, Yun-Jong turned his head and called the referee.


And shouted firmly.

"I give up!"



There was a strange silence throughout Shaolin.

Yoon-Jong dodged Chung-Myung and the referee's gaze, looking at him with rotten eyes. Then he murmured gently.

"The superior man does not have to go to any trouble."

"…isn't he a death penalty? What do you mean a gentleman?"


I'm going to live too.

Me too.

Baek Cheon, who was watching the scene under the rain, smiled pleasedly.


"Yes, Sa-suk!"

"Bring him over."


Baek Cheon, who grated his teeth, twisted his neck from side to side.

"I'm calling it quandary."

Moonpa looks good.

It's working very well.