Chapter - 308 Episode 308: The superior man does not go to any trouble. (3)

Dory is not just a pursuit.

Just as plum trees finally bloom beautiful flowers through the cold and long winter, pursuing good will also require long and long patience.

So Yoon-Jong persevered and persevered.

That's the true master of...….

"You've got a lot on your mind, haven't you?"


Yoon-Jong slowly raised his head.

White porcelain boats surrounding him were staring at him with ax eyes open.


Bloody eyes.

His eyes are full of reproach for sinning.



Jo-Gol was caught between white porcelain boats and was pointing fingers. Yoon-Jong's cheeks began to tremble.

Why are you stuck there together?

"I am!"

Baek Cheon, arm in arm in the middle, blinked his eyes.

"I've got a temper, I'


"Is the great student of celadon ships abstaining from bimu? You didn't even swing a sword?"


Yoon-Jong looked around with a look of resentment. But the white porcelain boats growled as if they had no intention of listening to him.

"That, that's missing."

"I thought I've been cheeky lately because I've improved my cutting skills."

"Hwasan's disciple surrenders? Surrender? I'm going to break your head."

Yoon-Jong closed his eyes tightly.

It was like a scene where Seung-nyang came rushing in after smelling blood from all sides.

But isn't this really unfair?


"Go to sleep!"

"Where are you talking, where!"

"Hey, why did you surrender? Aren't you going to answer me?"

"Why don't you open that mouth? Huh?


Over there

It's good to be angry, but if you're going to beat me up as a group, shouldn't you at least come up with a consensus?

Should I open my mouth or close it…….

And Jo-Gol, why do you talk informally together?

What the f*ck is he is?

Then Baek Cheon sighed deeply and continued in a solemn voice.

"I can't believe Hwasan's disciple surrendered when people are watching him. What would the world think of Hwasan?"

"They're brothers and sisters.…."

"So it's more of a problem! How does it make sense for a man named Death Penalty to surrender to a priest? That's why Hwasan's discipline is reversed! At least swing a knife! I'm gonna wriggle and lose!"

In the end, Yoon-jong, who couldn't stand it, said as if he was falsely accused.

"…Isn't that what you're looking at?"


The white porcelain boats glared, but Yun-Jong was proud.

"They're all right! You can't surrender to the death penalty! You may not be able to show your dignity as a death penalty, but you must show your will!"


Baek Cheon tilted his head and asked.

"Then why did you do that?"

"By the way, what kind of execution is he? Regardless of gender or age, he's a man who breaks his head fairly! That bastard shouldn't have been in Hwasan, he should have been in charge! He's a man who's not rich, he's poor, he's powerful, he's a man who'll be beaten fairly!"


"Would you consider him a death penalty? Think reasonably! Let's face each other in moderation and stick our heads together. I'm going to wake him up if he sticks his head in. I'm going to have to live!"

Yoon-Jong stretched his shoulders proudly.

"Throw a stone at me if you want to fight with Chung-Myung until he breaks his head, not surrender!"


The white porcelain boats dodged the eye with subtle faces.I want to scold him, but it's not something a person should do to ask him to play against me properly.

There was a sense of pride on Yoon-jong's

It's logic that everyone has to admit...….

Huh? Jo-Gol?

Why are you picking up rocks?

At that time, Baek Cheon, who had been listening quietly, nodded as he looked at Yoon-jong.

"Yeah, you're right."

"The death penalty!"

"Isn't that too soft for you?"


When complaints popped out from the white porcelain belly, Baek Cheon frowned and stamped their complaints.


"Yes, boarding house."

"I understand what you're saying."

"Living room!"

Yoon-jong looked at Baek Cheon with his eyes full of emotion.

Baek Cheon, as expected, is the only one who can understand this common sense in Wasan...….

"By the way."


"No matter how hard I think of it, your choice feels like a mistake……."


"Just because we understand, does he understand?"


"That guy."

Baek Cheon pointed his chin at one place. Yoon-Jong, who turned his head along the chin, finally saw it.

The scene where Chung-Myung, who took his money from the gambling table, walks toward this side with a subtle smile on his lips.


White porcelain boats who found Chung-Myung crept away as if they saw a big dog with foam in its mouth.

Yoon-Jong's face began to flinch.

"What are we doing here?"

"No. Well…….."

Chung-Myung squatted next to Yoon-Jong on his knees and put his hand on his shoulder.

"The death penalty."


"That's reasonable, isn't it?"


A cold sweat began to run down Yoon-Jong's forehead.

"Reasonable. Yeah, rational is good. You don't have to sweat and see blood with someone you can't beat. It's better to surrender quickly and preserve your stamina, right?"

Yoon-Jong glanced at Chung-Myung.

It was hard to figure out what he was thinking with his smile on his face.

Come to think of it, it's weird that you can't understand what's going on in your head when you're laughing like that, but anyway!

Yoon-Jong, who was secretly looking at Chung-Myung, opened his mouth carefully.

"He, isn't he?"


"…You're not being sarcastic, are you?"

"Hey, did you see me being sarcastic?"


I don't think I've seen it.

Come to think of it, there's something I don't like about this jerk, but he's not as good as a coward. He'll jump in and break his head.

"He, yeah. I thought so, too."

Yoon-Jong's face was bright. I don't care if they blame him or not, but if we can get him over...….

But things don't work out as you always wish.

"By the way."


At that moment, Chung-Myung smiled significantly.

"Then why are you holding a knife?"



Chung-Myung stretched out his legs from his seat and kicked Yoon-Jong.


When Yoon-Jong rolled over and fell on the floor, Chung-Myung screamed and got up.

"Why is such a reasonable man holding a knife? If there's a knife, I'll go to the coffin!


Chung-Myung opens his eyes.

"No, these things! What? Rationality? They're going to try to talk to you and talk to you! Where do you think you're using a knife to wipe your teeth?"

"Oh, no...."


Chung-Myung, who quickly turned into a rabid dog, began to swoop at Yoon-Jong with a bubble. The white porcelain boats panicked and caught him and dissuaded him."Calm down, Chung-Myung!"

"I can do as much as I want when I go to the war! Just calm down for now!"

White porcelain boats, who were about to beat Yoon-jong up until a while ago, desperately dry Chung-Myung this time.

"Reasonable, reasonable, reasonable? You're so reasonable that you're stuck in a mountain valley and you're cutting me to make an allegory, huh? Why are you here at the door? You're the one looking for meat in this temple!"

"…You're the one who found the meat in the middle, right?"


"Oh, no."

Yoon-Jong shut his mouth tight. But his eyes were fixed on the jerky in Chung-Myung's hand.

I wouldn't feel unfair without that.

"I'm so frustrated!"

"Out of temper!"

"I'm ashamed."

After three consecutive hits leading to Chung-Myung, Baek Cheon, and Yoo-Esul, Yoon-Jong became sullen and bowed his head.

Sometimes people surrender in their lives. You guys don't know how to retreat.


"……You can really kill."

Jo-Gol, who was about to help out with a word, slipped back.

Then came the voice of salvation.

"They were all here."

"Oh, Sasukjo!"

"Living room!"

Ungum was approaching them with a grin.

"I enjoyed the game."


Yoon-jong ran to the ungum with teary eyes. Next to Ungum, neither the insane tiger Chung-Myung nor the starving Seung-nyang will be able to berate him anymore.

When Ungum saw Yoon-Jong running toward him, he smiled and reached out to grab his ear.

"Argh! Guanju! Ears! Ears!"

"You come here."

"Oh, my lord, ears! My ears are falling off! Ears!"

"Noisy! I can't live in shame as a white-marketer. What a great student! Don't say anything and follow me!"

Everyone stared blankly at the ungum, which grabbed Yoon-jong's ear and dragged along.

"…Was that the kind of person you were?"

I heard a despondent reply to someone muttering.

"That's how it's going to be. All of them like that way."

Hawsan's disciples sighed in unison.

* * *

It's not even easy to take a step. Every step I take, the wound throbs.

But Isong Baek didn't show his face and diligently moved on. It's not the time to cry. Jongnam's wound is bigger than his.

Sneakily looking around, he sighed low.

It's heavy.

It looked like a bunch of vanquished soldiers who were defeated and returned.

Maybe it's natural.

Defeat is something you can't really feel at that moment.

As time goes by, the more you understand what is lost, the more painful the wound of defeat comes in.

Jong-nam lost too much in this tournament. Maybe not to the point of recovering.

Isong Baek looked up and up at the sky.

a collapsing door-wave

Lost soul.

And those who are left with nothing but despair.

It all weighed heavily on him.

But Isong Baek didn't lower his head.

Did you start here?'

No, it would have been a few times more desperate. Unlike Jongnam, who still has people and fame, Hwasan literally had nothing left.

Chung-Myung led Hwasan there in just a few years with only that despair left.

'Can I do this?'

Isong Baek closed his eyes still.

I don't dream in vain that I can do it like Chung-Myung. But if he's done it for years, he thinks he'll be able to do it someday after decades of hard work.If you try and try.

A long, long way.

The road that feels so far away that it feels distant.

Can I walk down that road?'


At that moment, Isong Baek's legs relaxed and his body reeled.

Grab it.

Priests walking next to him reached out to help him.

"Are you all right, death penalty?"

"You still have deep injuries."

Isong Baek looked up at the priests.

'The death penalty.'

I haven't heard it in a while. The priests have been reluctant to talk to him. I didn't know such people would support me and worry me.

"It's okay."

As Isong Baek nodded, the priests were bitten with a shy face. And he said with a little hesitation.

"I…… death penalty."


"When you go back to Jongnam, can you teach me how to do 36 swords?"

"…I am?"


The priest, who hesitated for a moment, spoke in a low voice.

"I'm a little uncomfortable with the company and the masters.…."


Isong Baek peeked around. Priests were glancing this way. But the look did not contain the same contempt as in the past.

"Will it be okay? You're learning the narratives and twelfth transplant."

"Well, I do, but...…."

His priest scratched the back of his head.

"After seeing the death penalty and the tombstone of the Hwasan Divine Dragon...…I don't think the only answer is a narrative transplant."

"…I see."

Isong Baek turned his head and looked where they had left.

Shaolin is quite far away now.

There he is.

"Chung-Myung stamp."

Chung-Myung opened his way. And perhaps, through his rubbing with him, he also opened the way for Jongnam.

I don't know if Chung-Myung intended it or not, but...….

'You'll see it again one day.'

And then.

Isong Baek will repay the kindness he received.

Isong Baek, who stared silently for a while, turned his head again and looked forward.

His eyes were unshakable.

"Let's go. I have a lot of work to do when I go back to Jongnam."

"Yes! Death penalty."

Isong Baek's foot towards Jongnam was a little more tense.