Chapter - 309 Episode 309. The superior man does not go to any trouble. (4)

Hwasan threw his three disciples into the Palgang River.

Chung-Myung, Yoo-Esul and Jo-Gol all won without any major injuries.

"…...why did you win?"

"What are you talking about, death penalty?"

"No, it's a little weird."

"Don't say anything weird. Isn't it natural for me to win?"

Watching Jo-Gol sticking out his belly, Yoon-Jong felt free to live.

Some people give up to live with Chung-Myung, but didn't he win comfortably because of his good luck?

Who knew that a comfortable victory by default would result in this?


It can be said that it is great to have four people in the river of thirty, but it is an unparalleled achievement to have three in the eight.

In fact, Hwasan had never achieved such a great achievement when he was spreading his power throughout the country.

Therefore, Hawsan's Mundos were rather careful of their manners.

- There is no way that the existing gatekeepers can see us well. I'm sure he'll try to keep in check with his eyes open. So don't relax and always be careful what you say and do.

It made sense.

None of Hwasan's disciples wanted to be a traitor to Hwasan's momentum as he sails out in the wind. Everyone was careful not to take a sip of water.

But the situation ahead of them was a little different than expected.

"……What is all this?"

Baek Cheon stared blankly at the objects piled up in the foreground. Some crates and boxes piled higher than human height to form a small garden.

"It's a gift."

"Gift? Is there a party?"

"That's not it."

Hyun Young replied with a smirk.

"Gufile room and Oh Dae-sega sent me gifts congratulating me."


Baek Cheon looked back at the tower of the gift in surprise.

'This is all?'

It's amazing that there's a huge amount of gifts, even from the Old File Room and the Great Sega?

"No…… Why would they………?"

"He wants to make friends with Hwasan."


Baek Cheon asked again with a blank face.

He is also a sensible person and knows how to read the atmosphere.

I've seen the old file room looking down on them, but all of a sudden, you're changing your attitude?

"This is a gift from Cheongseong. Oh, this is open? Haha. I've never seen a beggar send a gift."

Hyun Young happily categorized the gifts.

"And this is...What? A shaman?"

Hyun Young, who was muttering, smirked as if he was amazed.

"It's my first time receiving so many gifts. I didn't expect this to happen in Shaolin, not in Hwasan. It's worth living in the world for a long time."

Then he shouted to his inner disciples.

"The gifts are still coming, so carry them all in there for now."

"Yes, Elder!"

Hwasan's disciples rushed up and began to move the gift.

Looking at the procession, Yun-Jong asked with a look of incomprehension.

"But why is the old file room sending us presents?"

"Didn't you say it? I said I wanted to make friends."

"With us? You were trying to bite me like that not long ago?"


Then a voice came from behind my back.

"That's how they are."


Looking back, Chung-Myung was walking with mooncakes in his hands."That's how it is?"

"Oh, that's the way it is."

He sneaked a sneer at the mountain of gifts.

"There's no harm in being close."

"This fast?"

"It's rather late."

He who comes up from below tries to crush it somehow, but if it's impossible, he has to admit to standing next to him.

And if you're going to stand in the same place, it's better to be close.

That means that the old file room is now convinced that Hwasan will regain his past power.

The slow ones.'

Perhaps Jongnam and Haenam among those who sent gifts are missing.

Jongnam has already left Shaolin, and even if he is, he is dead. They are not the ones who will send gifts to Hwasan.

And Haenam is not in a position to send gifts if Hwasan returns to the old file room because they are likely to be pushed out.

However, there is nothing to be avoided in other file rooms if Hwasan returns to work as long as he can maintain a good relationship. Of course, it would be embarrassing and embarrassing.

Baek Cheon frowns.

"But this is so blatant."

"Straightforward? You're on your own."

"…What do you mean?"

Chung-Myung didn't answer and smirked.

'It used to be more.'

At the time of his reputation as the inspection of plum blossoms, gifts from those who wanted to have a good relationship with Hwasan were piled up every day.

This is nothing compared to then.

"Anyway, what the Oldies are doing hasn't changed."

"No matter how bad the file room is...…."

"Do you think there's anything great about Goofa? That's where people live anyway."

"They know that sending these gifts won't make us feel good about them."

"What if I don't?"


Chung-Myung asked sullenly.

"If you don't send me, you'll let me off the hook me up.


No, I don't think so.

Baek Cheon had a bitter look on his face as if he had been convinced. Chung-Myung said in a nonchalant way.

"I don't think they'll ever be touched by a gift like this anyway. But you know which is better, sending or not sending."

Baek Cheon shook his head.

"But wouldn't it be better to send these back? I don't feel good."

"…I don't care."


"Are you gonna be all right?"


Chung-Myung sneaked a chin towards the back of Baek Cheon. Feeling that something was off, Baek Cheon sneaked back.

Hyun Young, who had never seen before, stood with a hell-eared face.


"Send it back?"


"Oh, my God, to earn my God.…."

Panicked Baek Cheon shook his hand quickly.

"Oh, no, no! I didn't mean to send it back!"


Hyun Young's face instantly fills with a soft smile.

Baek Cheon breathed in a cold sweat.

I was scared.

I'll never forget the look I just saw. I was afraid that it would come out in my dream.

Chung-Myung said with a shrug.

"Why don't you give me a gift? If we send them back, we'll fill their barns back. Isn't it the basic of military law to empty the enemy's barn?"

Baek Cheon looked at him with blank eyes.


"No, it's just weird to hear the word 'military law' in your mouth."


Just as Chung-Myung is about to have a seizure, Hyun Young nods and says.

"Chung-Myung is right. Whatever the intention, it's polite to take the gift. I also feel uncomfortable, but it's not a good way to send back gifts."Excuse me... Elder?

Your mouth is stuck in your ear.

Are you really uncomfortable? Really?

But Baek Cheon couldn't bear to ask that. Asking Hyun Young about money is taboo in Hwasan.

"There's only one problem."



Hyun Young smoothed his chin and looked at the presents.

"If you take it like this, the next time you see the people who sent you presents, you might feel a little embarrassed."

"That's right."

"That's why you have to pay me back. We'd better send a proper gift, too."


Baek Cheon nodded his head.

If one side receives a gift unilaterally, it becomes a bribe, but if you exchange it with each other, it can really be a gift.

"I think that's a good idea."

"The problem is that we don't have anything to send as a gift right now…"…."

Hyun Young thought for a moment and looked at Baek Cheon.

"Maybe you should go to town."

"Do you want me to buy something worth replying to?"

"Yes, this is not a good thing to do for a long time. It's better to send a return salute right away."

"Yes, don't worry. I'll……."

Baek Cheon, who was speaking, asked with a slight frown.

"But what am I supposed to get in return for?"

"I don't know."

Hyun Young answered proudly.

"It's my first time coming to Soongsan, how do I know what they sell below?" Go and get the right one."


"There's nothing to worry about. Jo-Gol."

"Yes! Elder!"

"Help Baek Cheon. You're from a merchant family, so you have an eye for things."

"I see."

Then Hyun Young thought hard for a while.

"It would be difficult for two people to bring gifts to all these door-to-door parties. Then I'll send you another Yoon-Jong……."


"And Iseol...…."


"And if Baek Sang goes with me...…."



Hyun Young slowly turned his head.

Chung-Myung covered his mouth with his fist and coughed in vain.

Do you want to go?"

Chung-Myung looked at Hyun Young with sparkling eyes without answering.


Hyun Young groaned with a troubled face.

After a hard time, I want to let you play for a day or so. There is still time until the next Bimu, so going to the village for about a day does not cause a big problem.

It's just...

Can I really send this guy to town?'

This is a separate matter from cuteness.

It won't hurt to see him, but it takes great determination to let him go freely.

"Well, you're confident you'll never get in trouble, right?"

"Come on, Elder. When did you see me make an accident?"


Of course I've seen a lot.

But Hyun Young finally sighed and nodded.

"Yeah, come with me."


"Think again, Elder! This is reckless!"


There was a flurry of protests around. But Hyun Young shook his head and said,

"That's why I'm sending you guys together. You're used to Chung-Myung, so if there's a problem, you can stop him."

"…Elders, just because people burn often doesn't get used to fire. He's a hell of a chloride that gets hotter as he goes through it."


"Inventory! Once again...…."


Someone's hand came up on Baek Cheon's shoulder, who desperately persuaded Hyun Young.


When I turned my head, Chung-Myung was smiling."Living quarters. Living quarters.


"Think about it. You can tell who's staying at the dorm."


Chung-Myung smiles very, very brightly.

"Is there a good chance I'll catch up with Sasook and get in trouble?"



Chung-Myung's thinning of the teeth rang.

"Is there a high possibility that I, who was left alone alone, would wander around with a wounded heart and get into a fight and break the heads of all the other gatekeepers?""


Baek Cheon's eyes shook.

"What do you think? No matter how hard I think about it, I think the answer is already set."

Baek Cheon, who was looking at Chung-Myung with his eyes wide open, closed his eyes tightly.

This is a water threat.

"……OK. Let's go. Go."

"Hehe. Right?"

Chung-Myung smiled brightly.

One day I'll stick a bamboo punch on that face.'

Baek Cheon sighed, reflecting on the unknown hope that it would come true.

"Then I'll be back, Elder."

"Yeah, take this with you."

Hyun Young took the money out of his arms and gave it to Baek Sang.

"Choose the right one."

"Yes! I'll pick the best product."

"…You don't understand what I'm saying."


Hyun Young frowned as if he was frustrated. Then Chung-Myung snatched the vestibule from Baek Sang's hand.

"Don't worry, Elder. It looks expensive on the outside, but I'll choose something that's not that expensive and useless."

Hyun Young smiled brightly and graciously.

"Yeah, yeah. Our Chung-Myung. How can you understand me so well?"

Baek Cheon said with a frown.

"It's just personality...…."

"Be quiet if you're a good loser."


Baek Cheon bowed his head.

Yoon-Jong patted his hand on his shoulder.

"It's all right, Sasook. You could lose."

"I don't want to be comforted by the guy who gave up."


Yoon-Jong looked sadly at the ceiling.

This rotten door-wave.'

There's no moment when we don't bite each other.

"Then I'll be back."

"Yes, be careful when you come back."


As they went outside, the white porcelain boats crept up on Hyun Young and said,

"…Are you sure it'll be okay?"


"No, Chung-Myung is...…."

"It's okay."

"Oh, no, but...…."

Hyun Young smiled significantly.

"Isn't it okay if we get into an accident and it won't break our noses?"


"If you have time to worry about them, worry about the people in town."


Perhaps Hwasan as a gate was a white porcelain ship who thought it might be over.