Chapter - 310 Episode 310. The superior man does not go to any trouble. (5)

The main base of the village in front of Soongsan Mountain, where Shaolim is located, was filled with people.

Many people came to visit Shaolin at the peak.

Although Shaolin accommodates the local residents and gives them accommodation, those who want to see Shaolin but do not want to go through strict inspection practices gather in villages under Soongsan Mountain.

In the meantime, the world's best forest competition was held, and the bases of the mountaineering were crowded with visitors.

"Here! Here's the Nakyang Salad, Dongpayuk! And a bottle of warm shipper! Hurry up and get it!"

"Here's a thin noodle, and a thin noodle!"

"Yay! Please wait a little longer!"

The fortunetellers ran sweatfully on the soles of their feet, taking orders and flying food.

Sitting in groups on a round table, they were all busy talking about the tournament.

And, of course, the central issue was Hawsan's stride.

"Who would have imagined it at first?"

"I know. When this competition first started, I thought it would be a fierce battle between Shaolin and Shudang. If I add one more thing to that, isn't Namgoongse?"

"There you go, there you go."

Those who were talking nodded continuously.

"But Shaolin only left one in the Eight Rivers, and there was only one shaman left. I didn't leave any male palace behind."

"Noisy, everyone must be embarrassed."

Subtle emotions flashed through the faces of the middlemen.

Watching the huge mountain called Goofilebang shake gave the strong people a double feeling.

subtle pleasure and subtle anxiety

The two emotions were coexisting in the base.

"But isn't Hwasan really going to win if we keep this up?"

"Ey. Can't believe it."

"It's not something to be so optimistic about. The Hwasan Divine Dragon is not already at the level of a review. It's a male monster."

"Hagi, even the elders of most of the literary factions would not be able to beat Namung Dowi, a dan sword, so unilaterally. His reputation as the world's most important figure was not a lie!"

"Of course! So isn't it up to Hwasan Shinryong to win the championship?"

When everyone spoke in an excited voice, a man cut off the mood.

"But I can't win."

He looked at the fat man who was flatly affirmed by those sitting at the table.

"Why do you think so?"

"Simple. Because this is Shaolin."

"…what does that mean?"

The man answered with a shrug.

"You don't think Shaolin really held this competition for the sake of strong harmony, do you? If Shaolin wasn't confident of winning this competition, she would never have done anything. Think about it. I can't believe I lost the contest in my yard. What kind of shame is that?"


"As I hear it,"

The fat man nodded his head.

"Hwasan's strides are surprising, but winning is a different matter. Maybe Shaolin's Hye Yeon will win."

"But isn't that too neat? I think you're ignoring Hwasan too much. Of course, it would be too much to judge Hwasan in this competition alone, but isn't it clear that Hwasan's review numbers are strong?"

"Tsk tsk tsk."

The fat man said with his tongue clapped.

"You still don't understand. I have never ignored Hwasan. I'm just saying that Shaolin can't be beaten like this."


"Of course, Hwasan will be a great clique. There are so many talented people, and they're doing well. But Shaolin is Shaolin. That kind of talent is enough to get kicked. Isn't Shaolin the millennium north of Gangho? No matter how great the Hwasan Divine is, it can beat Shaolin...…."It was that moment.


Suddenly, the door opened as if it were exploding and one person walked in.

"What, what?"

"Who's that radical...….Huh? That guy?"

Silence fell in the base. Everyone opened their eyes wide.

"Hwasan The Dragon?"

'Hwasan's Hwasan Divine, isn't it?'

Why is he here?…?'

All those gathered here even came to Shaolin to see the Cheonjabi Festival. There is no way that such people cannot recognize the most talked about person in the competition now.

But if there's a problem...….

Why are you angry?'

You look really pissed off.'

Did you hear the conversation?'

The face of Hwasan Sinryong Chung-Myung, who stormed through the door, was all distorted.

Chung-Myung's eyes still swept left and right. Those who made eye contact with him quickly lowered their eyes and looked away.

'If you make eye contact, you're doomed.'

Pretend you're sleeping. Pretend you're sleeping!

Even if you didn't pay much attention to Hwasan, you couldn't not know one rumor that spread in the Shaolin.

- The personality of the world's most famous poster, Hwasan Sinryong, is a dog.

- Buddha also leaves his seat after turning around.

- There's nothing good about being involved.

Such rumors don't work very well, but...… the rumors about the Hwasan Divine Dragon Chung-Myung were accepted without hesitation.


Don't the people watching have eyes?

There were so many witnesses because they were acting fairly on and off the stage.

In the end, rumors about the character of Hwasan Sinryong are now almost a public figure.

That's why everyone has to avoid eye contact in such a hurry.

Chung-Myung, who was looking around with bloodshot eyes, flinched. At the same time, everyone in the base flinched together.


Chung-Myung flew into the main base and sat in the corner.

"Jumbo boy!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah! I'm going now!"

"Here, here! First, meat! Give me any meat dish, alcohol! What's up with the booze?"

"I've got all the drinks you're thinking of!"

"Then Baekju, five bottles for now!"

"Yes! Please wait a little longer! I'll be right back!"

"Drink first!"


As the jumbo rushed inside, he sighed and hung on Chung-Myung's chair.

"No, there are so many people in this small town!"

Then, the door opened again and a few more people came in.

"…How many times do I have to tell you to open the door with your hands, not kick it?" You son of a b*tc*!"

"Stop giving up, Sasook. If it's fixed, it's not him."

"Slope. Slope. Slope."

"…Sammae. I'll make you sleep, so calm down."


Baek Cheon wrapped his hand around his face.

'There's no decent human being.'

Jo-Gol said with a bitter smile.

"Anyway, I'm glad I found my seat. Why is there so many people in town...…."

"Yeah, that's a relief. I don't know what he would've done if I'd gone around a couple more places."

This is Baek Cheon, who stopped by the store after comforting Chung-Myung to start drinking. In the meantime, he was embarrassed by the huge crowd.

Seeing Chung-Myung's blood in his eyes every time he comes back after confirming that he's full of seats is literally cringy.

Baek Cheon, who went to the seat occupied by Chung-Myung and sat out his chair, sighed with relief and a little sense of shame.Soon other Hwasan's disciples followed him and sat down.

The jumbo rushed over with a bottle of liquor. As soon as I put it down on the table, Chung-Myung snatched a bottle, pulled out the lid and put the bottle in his mouth.

I'm going to the worst one.

Everyone smiled pleasedly at his Adam's apple, which was moving cheerfully.

"How can it be so malko?"

"A bandit is perfect for a bandit. Aren't you choosing the wrong mountain? We have to go to a mountain with green forests, but I think it's right that we came to Hwasan by mistake."

"As a matter of fact, Hwasan is no different from Nokrim now……."



There are things in the world that should not be said, even if they are true."

"…I didn't think much."

Baek Cheon, who gave a stern warning, sighed once again.


Chung-Myung slammed the empty bottle down on the table.

It is a scene that one would applaud for being so cheerful. As long as the man who scoopsir.

A trip was a trip, but in fact, people didn't pay much attention to it. There were so many places to pay attention to Chung-Myung's actions.

Whasan's disciples glanced at the table they sat on, and each began to mutter low.

"Aren't they Hwasan's disciples?"

"Yes, the author in the middle is Hwasan Sinryong, and the one sitting across is Baek Cheon, the Hwajeong sword."

"And aren't everyone else doing well in this competition? That Sozer is Yoo-Esul, the two great disciples who advanced to the Palgang River, and next to him is Jo-Gol, the three great disciples who advanced to the Palgang River."

"Oh, don't you think we all love each other?"


Picking up.

The ears of the Hwasan disciples flinched and their mouths began to wriggle.

"I can't believe the latecomers who are leading Hawasan are gathered in one place. I feel like I'm opening my eyes."

"We're not the only ones leading Hwasan. Aren't they the ones who will lead the future?"

"That's a lot of energy."

Baek Cheon coughed low in the air.

His face was uncharacteristically slightly heated.

I'm embarrassed.

Of course it is.

Have you ever been praised by someone this close as a hwasan's unmanned?

The disciples of the Old File Room are subject to admiration and jealousy wherever they go, but Hwasan's disciples have never had such experience.

Of course, I was greeted and cheered at Shaolin, but this and that feel very different.

"Hwajeonggum is such a handsome man."

"Isn't Yoo-Esul's test beautiful, too? I've never seen such beauty in my life!"

"Hwasan the Dragon is good enough."

Baek Cheon bowed his head in embarrassment.

I can hear you, guys.'

They're talking quietly.However, there is no way that Hwasan's disciples will not hear it. Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong were also blushing, and Yoo-Esul was the only one who remained calm.

응? Chung-Myung?

Chung-Myung is now on his second bottle...…. Chung-Myung아?

"I don't know who's next to me, but the other five are already starting to be called Ogum."


"Hwasan Ogum? Maybe Maehwa Five Swords? Anyway, don't you call the five Hwasan best reviewers, including Baek Cheon, Yoo-Esul, Jo-Gol, and Yoon-Jong?"

"It feels like a shaman's three swords."

"There you go, there you go."

Oh, sword?

Baek Cheon, who had been listening, shook his eyes.

What is it? I've never heard of it.'

In many cases, one does not realize one's reputation. Thanks to their great performance in the competition, the reputation of the Hwasan disciples was growing at an incredible rate at this moment."But isn't it a little strange that it's a five-sword?"

"Hmm? What?"

"There are three people in the Eight Rivers, and they're five swords."

"……That's not true. Baek Cheon, the Hwajeong sword, is said to be one of the most powerful players in the post-Hwasan team, although he withdrew due to injury. And Yoon-Jong is...… Well, wasn't it your opponent?"

"It sounds like it."

"Anyway, don't argue with me. Logic doesn't work when it's already spreading. Soon they'll all get a plausible sign."

The lips of Yoon-jong and Jo-Gol began to twitch.

What do you mean, a sign?

I feel a bit restless.

To get a nickname means that the person will be talked about in the strong. In other words, Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong are now able to proudly present themselves in the strong.

"You like it?"

When Chung-Myung asked, the two coughed in vain.

"Joe, that's good."

"I guess that's just how it is."

"...I'm dying of joy."


Chung-Myung smirked at the sight.

'There's still a long way to go, guys.'

In fact, considering what they have done, it is rather late for their reputation to spread. After the competition, their reputation will probably spread throughout Kangho.

Just then, a jumbo came to me to cook. Chung-Myung nodded when he saw it.

"Let's fill our stomachs first. Jumsoi! Five more bottles of Baekju!

"Stop drinking, man!"

"What do you mean you ordered five bottles and you've already sold three bottles alone?""

"Is there a ghost who died of alcohol?"

"A glass. A glass. Give me a glass, too. Cup."

It was time for Hwasan's disciples to chatter, rip off the chicken leg, and gobble up.


The main base door opened and a group of people entered.


Baek Cheon's two eyes were spotted with glances.

Is it open?

Open doors to beggars.

Usually, they beg and eat, but when there was an event in this way, they often paid and used the base.

Of course, I wouldn't be so happy for the main base, but I can't kick out the paying guest.

"The seat……."

Open beggars who came inside looked around looking for seats.

Baek Cheon stopped paying attention and tried to concentrate on the food again.


Then one of the beggars who was looking around opened his eyes wide and stepped forward.

"Are you new?"