Chapter - 314 Episode 314. Where is that beggar? (4)

A man who has committed a crime must be punished.

It's more of a natural way of not having to argue right or wrong.

However, the reason why such natural logic has always been the subject of discussion from ancient times to this moment is that it has not been easy to reach an agreement on how far the appropriate level of punishment is.

In that sense...….

Things that aren't even human.'

A low groan came out of Jong Pal's mouth.

"This is a bit……."

At the moment when he tried to express his dissatisfaction, a sharp response returned.


"Open your eyes?"



Jong Pal shrugged and shrugged. Then he muttered what he couldn't say inside.

Isn't the punishment too severe for what you've committed?'

But I couldn't bear any appeal.

Why? It's too simple. This is because there are many people around him who are going to take care of him even when they see his arms.

tanned black skin

a stout body

And broad shoulders and rough faces.

There was no way not to doubt whether they were descendants of the prestigious prosecution or bandits fresh from Noklim.

Those who watched the competition at Shaolin are used to it, but it was a shock to Jong Pal who just arrived at Shaolin yesterday.

'These guys didn't clean up the hill, they were just doing business?'

At this point, a recruitment war is likely to take place at 72 green mountainous houses, which are spread out in the world just by their appearance.


"Your eyes are spinning, aren't they? I'm going to pull out the ink."

"You should thank heaven for being Shaolin here. Do you think you'd still be alive if it was Hwasan? He's probably buried under the plum tree and memorizing the fire."

"The more I think about it, the angrier I get. I'm going to roll it from the top of Nakanbong Peak!"

Personality is perfect for greenness.

Jong Pal bowed his head with tears in his eyes.

How did I end up like this?'

As soon as Hong Dae Kang came up to Shaolin, he threw Jong Pal in the middle of these beastly Hwasan and threw him out without looking back.

How can you be so irresponsible? Still, if you're a seven-legged dog of openness, shouldn't you protect your advisor's student?


Are beggars irresponsible?

Uh... That's true.….

Jong Pal sighed deeply.

"Hagiya, a responsible person wouldn't have been a beggar in the first place.'

Even if you were a beggar, you would have found another way to live.

Just like that cho-sam guy.

Jong Pal's eyes trembled heavily as he sneaked into the rain.

In the beginning, Chung-Myung was holding his Bimu counterpart literally like a dog.

"Is he running away?"

"Hehe, hehe!"

As if his opponent was frightened and ran away, he was bitten and avoided around, but Chung-Myung followed him persistently with his eyes glistening.

The ridiculous sight of one running away and the other chasing with fire was happening right here, not anywhere else.

There was a sense of despondency on Jong Pal's face.

It's not some kind of skit.

This is the place where the sky and sea meet takes place. And what's going on over there right now is the octuplets of the Heavenly Habitat.

In other words, the survivors of the current arena are the strongest candidates in the world. So each and every one of them should be powerful.

"There's an inkling coming up to the arena and fanning it! Put the fan in your nostrils!""Ee, this is tradition……."

"I've never liked that tradition before! What? Precedence? Sunbur fishery? How dare you try to foment a fight!"

Zhugelse's unique white collar fan rose to Ho Gong.

Jong Pal shook his head at the sight.

"That ignorant man."

Zhugelsega's good law is known as the "God's Day," but it didn't work for that monstrous fellow at all.

Along with the good law, the welcoming octave on the rocks of the great king of Zhejiang is stretching out to sweat on the soles of his feet, but it was not enough to take off that charlatan-like leech.

What the hell has happened in the last three years?'

Cho-sam, which Jong Pal remembers, was a common beggar without a particular corner. But what the hell makes a person change in three years?

Did you pick up the inside of the weapon?'

Then it must have been a weapon to become a demon. Given that a person's personality has become so vicious.

"Head! Head!"


Chung-Myung's swording ignorantly slaps Zhuge Song's head.

Zhugels grabbed his head with both hands and rolled around the floor.

"I heard Jegalsae is so smart! Let's take off that nice hair! Put your arm down, man! You're going to break your arm!"

"Argh! Sohyeop! Sohyeop! Arms! My arms!"

"What? Is this blocking again?"

Jong Pal no longer saw the dismal sight and finally turned his head away.

"Kang Ho is going backwards."'

Zhugelsega is famous for its good and good laws, but the reason why they were able to make a name in the world was because of their superior intelligence.

But at this moment, Zhugelsega's head, which is the basis of his intellectual power, was collapsing in the face of the violence of Hawsan.

This was a really symbolic scene.

And those who watched the scene were now showing absurdity beyond admiration.

"…Is this really what it's supposed to be like?"

"But it's still a non-military competition.…."

Bimu means comparing each other's radishes. In that sense, the normal meaning of the arena has already ended a long time ago.

All that's left is to see how overwhelmingly the Hwasan Divine takes down its opponent.

And there were only Hwasanian disciples who accepted the immediate situation nonchalantly.

"Let's give up quickly."

"It's a matter of pride, of pride, of choice. Broken head or broken self-esteem."

"Then the latter is better, right?"

"I guess it's all nonsense to say that Jegalssega is smart. I can't believe I'm going to face him."

Each of Hwasan's disciples clapped his tongue and added a word.

While others say that Hwasan is radical, Hwasan is a clique that has never been radical. Their radicality is only the result of their determination to somehow survive that lunatic.

You need at least that much visibility to claim to be the fingerprint of the strong. I think that Zhugelga failed to inherit the wisdom of his ancestors.

As a result?

It's simple.


The zebra fell to its place. White steam was rising from his head, which had fallen flat on the floor.

"But you're a literary man, so you think I took it easy."

Chung-Myung took Baek Ik-sun, which was falling from Ho Gong, and came down from the rain stage, gently frying.

Hawasan's disciples looked at it with a pleased face."There should be tension in the eight rivers."

"Too much. Too much. He's too much for the latecomers."

Chung-Myung was proving his overwhelming strength in the arena, no different from when he was in Hwasan.

And that fact brought both hope and sorrow to Hwasan's disciples.

The hope is that if Chung-Myung follows him well, he can turn everything upside down.

And the sadness is that no matter how hard you try, the day will come when you beat that d*mn thing while you live and breathe.

Right now, even the best disciples are crushed with fallen leaves being swept away by broomsticks, how can they defeat Chung-Myung?

All you can do is stick flat on the floor like wet leaves.

"So one of us is in the quadrant?"

"And the second one is the problem……."

Hwasan's disciples turned their heads in unison and looked at one place.

"……Why do you look at people like that?"

"No, I don't really...…."

"It's okay. It's okay. That's good enough."

Jo-Gol poked out his mouth in everyone's eyes.

"I could win."

"Hahaha. Of course, of course."

"Well, let's see who's up for the sale."

His victory aside, Jo-Gol rose slightly in a fit of rage.

Then Yoon-jong smiled and grabbed his shoulder.



"There is no point in saying it. If you really think so, prove yourself on the stage!"

Jo-Gol's eyes flared at the words.

"You're right, death penalty! I'll be right back!"

"Yes. I believe in you."

Filled with enthusiasm, Jo-Gol grabbed the sword in his waist and jumped towards the stage.

Then Chung-Myung swung toward the empty chair and sat down.

"You did a great job.

"What's wrong with that's But the next move is the death penalty for Jo-Gol?"


"Who's your opponent?"


Yoon-Jong shrugged and smiled and replied.

"Sori's Hye Yeon."

"Oh, do you want to go eat?"


And immediately Chung-Myung stopped paying attention to Jo-Gol.

In response, Baek Cheon asked Chung-Myung stealthily.

"By the way, Chung-Myung."


"Is there that much difference?"


Baek Cheon says, glancing at the rain.

"Of course Jo-Gol isn't super strong, but I don't think he'll be so unilaterally beaten by Jin Geum Ryong or Namggung Dowi. Anyway, it's true that I've reached the Eight Rivers with my abilities."

Besides, don't many people in the world appreciate Jo-Gol's skills enough to get the nickname Hwasan Ogum?

"Oh. Jo-Gol death penalty? Oh, well, it's strong. Yeah, I'll count."

There is a subtle tingling in Chung-Myung's voice.

"But that's not the problem."


"Strong is a relative thing."

Chung-Myung chins.

At the end of his gaze was Hye Yeon, who calmly came up to the stage.

"Not for that one."


"You'll see."

Chung-Myung's eyes are fixed straight to Hye Yeon.


Jo-Gol, who was on the stage, took a deep breath and put his hands together.

"Jo-Gol from Hwasan!"

Then, wearing a yellow gun, he bowed his head as a class president.

"This is Hye Yeon from Shaolin."

A gentle little voice.

It was a voice that didn't feel like spirit at all.

Jo-Gol looked at Hye Yeon and frowned slightly.

'You don't look very strong on the outside.'Of course, that doesn't mean that he will underestimate his opponent or let his guard down. It's the same for Chung-Myung that doesn't look strong on the same goes for him.

Rather, it was Jo-Gol who learned from experience that these people were more dangerous in the strong team.

What should I just say?

'It feels completely different.'

Hye Yeon was something different from the uninhabited people he had seen so far.

Yeah, it's heterogeneous, to be exact.

I saw quite a few Shaolin monks in Shaolin, but none of them felt the same way as Hye Yeon.

It seems more of a shy side than calm. Isn't it still burdensome to get people's attention, looking down and blushing slightly?

"…Can I start?"

"Huh? Oh…… Yes. Oh, oh…...the Amitabha Buddha. The, the, the, the!"


Jo-Gol shook his head unconsciously.

I'm sure Chung-Myung is incredibly strong because he recognized him.'

Chung-Myung's acknowledged talent is not the only one, but his tone was definitely different when talking about Hye Yeon.

That means he is the strongest man in this arena except for Chung-Myung. I can't believe he's so shy, let alone ambitious.

Jo-Gol took a deep breath, pulled out his sword and aimed forward.

"No matter how strong the opponent is, it doesn't matter to me.'

Anyone can win if they can handle their own sword perfectly.

"Here we go! Ta-a-a-a-a-a-a!"

Jo-Gol raced forward, shouting.

The opponent is strong. But it's clear that the opponent is frozen.

It's the skill of inspection not to miss the opponent's mistake!

Before the opponent gets used to this situation, he gets the chance to win...…!

Meanwhile, as Jo-Gol rushed in with momentum, Hye Yeon's face instantly flashed with embarrassment. Then, he pushed out the superiority reflexively.

With such a clumsy piece of work...….Huh?'


Hye Yeon's body seemed to be stained with a golden clerk, but soon a vibrating sound filled the stage, which seemed like thousands of bees flapping at the same time.

Soon, a golden-colored wind, the size of a person's body, exploded.


Oh, my god!

Like the water that burst out of a hole in a huge bank, the golden flag with a violent spirit crossed the rain stage. Then he passed the audience's head and stuck in the distant sense of Shaolin.

(sighs) (sighs) (sighs)


Everyone watching the scene was speechless.

"Well, that's...."


The whole angle is falling apart.

No, it is inappropriate to say that it collapses.

The swirls in his arms were literally sucking up the entire angle.

The front angle was torn to shreds and gathered in the center, and soon the bomb sounded like it was exploding and bounced off in all over the place.


The whole angle literally sank in an instant.

a single volume

With just one book.


Jo-Gol, who watched the scene with his mouth half open, began to shiver.


'What if it's right?'

A cold sweat formed on my back. He turned his head very slowly with a pale blue face. Hye Yeon was looking at him with a puzzled face.

"Well, are you all right? I, I was so embarrassed...…."

Oh, you almost crushed people because you were embarrassed.


It's, really.

Jo-Gol smiled pleasedly around his mouth.

Save me!

There was another monster in front of me.