Chapter - 315 Episode 315. Where's that beggar? (5)

Hyun Jong unknowingly opened his mouth wide and looked at the rain stage.


That one?

I felt like my brain wasn't working properly. Something is about to be made in my head, but something is not coming out clearly.

It was Dang Gunnak sitting next to him that untangled his hair.

"Is this the Arahan Theological Rights?"

When asked by Dang Gunnak, Bop Jeong smiled.

"You have more than a party's perception. That's right."

Dang Gunnak sighed in astonishment.

"The seventy-twenties are the most common."

Previously, Hye Yeon used the Baekbo Sinkwon, one of the 70s and the 60s. Seventy-twenties that you can't learn one for a lifetime.The temple Hye Yeon has already used two things.

It wasn't just Dang Gunnak who was appalled.

"Arahan the New Book."

Other writers looked at Hye Yeon with their eyes wide open.

At that age, there.Being able to use two examples is not just a matter of talent.

Shaolin is the world's most important group that no one can deny.

Talented people from all over the world constantly tap into the prose to become Shaolin's disciples.

Even the geniuses from the world are seventy years old.You have to devote your whole life to learning one of the best arts. That's how difficult and deep martial arts were at the end of the 70s.

But at that age, you have two? This is ridiculous.

The shaman's long story, Heo Do-jin, hardened his complexion and asked Bop Jeong.

"If you don't mind, may I ask how many kinds of 70s Hye Yeon has mastered?""

Bop Jeong replied with a big smile.

"No excuse. There are probably about a dozen things right now."


A cold silence fell on the podium.

Even the world's leading writers of Goofilebang and Oh Dae-sega lost what to say at Bop Jeong's remarks.

Twelve, right?

'Oh, my God.

In that eerie atmosphere, Heo Do-jin unwittingly bit his lower lip.

'You f*cking burn.'

If you are a human being who is the leader of Shaolin, it is natural that you have a worm in your stomach. However, looking at the situation, it was clear that this man had a weapon in his stomach, not a worm.

Twelve things.

Yi Do, who used to be called Shaolin Jeilin, is also 70 species.I heard that he did not learn 15 of the art.

Of course there will be a difference between the proficiency and the level, but in the first place, there will be 70 species.The art of art is the most intractable art.

It is almost impossible for a human to understand and learn 12 things at that age.


That's more of a monster than a genius.

You were confident that you would never lose.'

There was only one thing Heo Do-jin couldn't understand so far.

Bop Jeong was being overly negligent of Hwasan.

In the first place, it is clear that this world-class competition was prepared for Shaolin. In Shaolin's opinion, the other gatekeepers would have been just a side bridge to shine Shaolin.

However, when the competition was held, Hawasan took all the envy that Shaolin should have received.

Still, Bop Jeong did not take any action and aided the situation. I thought I didn't understand that relaxedness at all.….

'That's what you were thinking.'

And Heo Do-jin wasn't the only one to notice the intent.

Dang Gunnak looked at Bop Jeong with his subdued eyes.

When Hawasan is in full swing, you're going to take it down and take all its fame?'

If the result of the competition ends with Shaolin's victory, it will not catch fire.What if that Hye Yeon knocks down Chung-Myung when Chung-Myung reaches the final and everyone's expectations?

People will once again feel the strength of Shaolin, and they will again acknowledge that Shaolin has the right to lead the world.

The appearance of a hero requires an appropriate villain.

Bop Jeong still had a gracious smile on his face.

Thinking about what might be hiding behind that smile, Dang Gunnak felt goosebumps.

Meanwhile, Bop Jeong slightly raised the corners of his mouth as he received a flurry of attention.

'You'll be horrified.'

I think so probably.

When he understood Hye Yeon's talent, he felt the same way.

There are countless people called jagi, and there are countless people called geniuses, but Hye Yeon was the only one who would truly call heaven's gift.

True genius goes beyond the understanding of ordinary criminals. If you think you understand it, you go one step ahead, and if you think you interpret it, you become more complicated.

Bop Jeong thought Hye Yeon was a human being worthy of the category of genius. That Hye Yeon wouldn't be short of bringing about a new millennium of sori.

Just one thing.

Bop Jeong looked at Hye Yeon with slightly disappointing eyes.

In his view, Hye Yeon was too perfect a Buddhist.

He does not know how to hurt others, nor does he try to suppress others. By nature, his natural timidity would never change no matter how much he mastered martial arts and how strong he became.

That's why Bop Jeong was aiming for one more thing at the tournament.

"If that child can only have a sense of reciprocity, he may be able to change the history of Shaolin."'

Bop Jeong's eyes were heavy as he watched Hye Yeon.

Jo-Gol slowly alternated between the smashed Jeongak and Hye Yeon.

Hye Yeon was turning her face red because she was embarrassed by the fact that she had broken the war angle.

Looking at Hye Yeon, whose face and top of her head are red, I felt a great sadness.

"Don't show that power with an innocent face, you son of a b*tc*!'

This is offensive in a different sense from Chung-Myung.

Chung-Myung, who sprinkles unimaginable swords with a smile, and Hye Yeon, who exudes the authority to blow off the war with a puzzled face, were both not human.

But the feeling was obviously different.

Jo-Gol turned his head slightly.

Hawsan's disciples were grinning at him.

"You're going to die, aren't you?"

"You have to die."

"Come on. That's not gonna make it."

"Yoon-Jong아. Go ahead and burn the incense!"

Jo-Gol closed his eyes tightly.

'These d*mn people.'

The priest is in danger, but he is almost in a mood to hold a festival. How can I call this a province?



There was one man who seemed exceptionally pleased among the smiling death penalty.

"Yoon-Jong death penalty…"….'

Jo-Gol trembled the moment he faced the laugh.

'…It's better to die than to give up.'

If I knew this would happen, I'd only tease half of you...….

Since Hawsan's student has been making fun of him for days for embarrassingly giving up, Jo-Gol must have seen hell if he gave up here.

"You should die before you get sick. d*mn it."Jo-Gol, whose retreat disappeared, eventually picked up a sword and aimed at Hye Yeon again.

"Oh, Amitabha Buddha. Shizu, are you all right?"


Hye Yeon was worried about Jo-Gol, let alone nervous, even though her sword was pointed at her.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. The head of the room said I can do my best from now on, so I'm a little...…."

The timid murmur twisted Jo-Gol's head.

"From this time on?"

Hye Yeon nodded slowly.

"Hwasan's students can never be underestimated, so don't let your guard down and do your best."

Jo-Gol smiled pleasedly.

Is he really going to kill me?'

If he doesn't let his guard down, the only thing left is to be beaten to death.

However, I was also in a good.

In other words, it means that Shaolin's head recognized him as a dangerous opponent.

Jo-Gol sighed low.

Do I have the confidence to win?


But that doesn't mean anything.

The hand holding the sword put strength into it. No matter how strong your opponent is, you cannot step down without fighting.

We have to find out how strong this guy is.

As Jo-Gol's eyes began to recover their calmness, Hye Yeon slowly calmed down her recalled face.

In time, he naturally stretched one hand down and the other straight up in front of his chest.

Class president.

In a fire, it is basic to gather both hands together to give examples, but Shaolin only gives examples with one hand. This is to honor Ijo Hyega of Shaolin, who cut off one arm for illegal activities.

One thing is this captain, who is now drunk by Hye Yeon, is not to give an example.

Na Han-kwon's jockey ceremony, which is the basis of all Shaolin's martial arts, begins in this class.

Jo-Gol glows at the sight.

"Begin with the basics, even though you have the power to make the world tremble.'

The more I see it, the more I look like Chung-Myung.

Didn't Chung-Myung also emphasize that the basis of all Hwasanian ignorance is meat?

Jo-Gol took a deep breath.

And momentarily shot at Hye Yeon.

"Must win!"

In fact, his black is also a little alien in Hawasan.

Others struggle to smoke their own plum blossoms, but Jo-Gol didn't fit that sword by nature.

Pleasure, and the river.

Practical swordmanship that goes after the opponent quickly and strongly.

No matter how hard I try, I'll go round and round again!

The love of the blood pressure!

Jo-Gol's sword penetrated Hye Yeon's neck like a ray of light.

But Hye Yeon's half-blown eyes were not shaken at all by the enormous speed of the sword.

His wide open hand seemed to move succinctly, and soon hit Jo-Gol's sword.


Jo-Gol's sword vibrated and bounced with a clear bell-like sound.


Jo-Gol groaned unconsciously, backing down slightly.

What's this?'

He just tapped the sword with his hand. However, he felt a shock on his wrist as if he had been stabbed with full geo-cancer.

Not only my wrist, but also my forearms and shoulders felt crushed.

Barely astonished, Jo-Gol stepped back and tried to straighten up.

But Hye Yeon didn't give him a break.


Hye Yeon's foot stepped forward.

Fresh and heavy!

Hye Yeon, who lightly dug into the gap that bounced the sword, elbow-bumped Jo-Gol's sword, which was swung reflexively. Then he twisted his body like a spin and put his shoulder into Jo-Gol's chest.Whoo! Whoosh!

The sound of a filling car hitting the big gate rang. At the same time, Jo-Gol's body bounced back into Ho Gong like a pebble thrown by a child.


"Oh, my God, crazy!

Hawsan's disciples freaked out and screamed.

Someone pressed down Baek Cheon's shoulder as he tried to deflectively blow himself.


"Wait a minute."

Chung-Myung said with a sour face.

"I don't know what he's good at, but he doesn't lose by grit."


As if to prove it, Jo-Gol, who was splitting Ho Gong, flipped over. Then it fell down like a descending raindrop.

Oh, my god!

Blood came out of Jo-Gol's mouth, which landed on the stage by a hair's breadth. The eyes were full of blood.

What the hell is he doing?

The whole body's fur stood on end.

I knew right away that I was no match for it. But this is not just a matter of that.

I can understand if I was swept away by overwhelming history and terrifying power. But now Jo-Gol is overwhelmed by the sophistication of basic herbivores.

Doesn't it feel like all the efforts we've made are being denied?


Jo-Gol spits blood on the floor.

"That's why geniuses are."

Grained teeth, he breathed out life.

Only a single herbivore competition showed the difference in skills with the opponent. This competition alone would have been enough to discourage most fighters. I'm sure you've seen a wall that won't work at all costs.

But Jo-Gol has been on the high horse again.

"I can see you're very strong. But……."

Then he clenched his teeth and rushed toward Hye Yeon.

"I'm used to fighting a guy like that!"


It sounds like a whip at the end of a sword. It was the sound of a sword ripping the air.

A sword with a deadly sword flew toward Hye Yeon.


Hye Yeon's fist, which held the wind, bounced off the sword.

But Jo-Gol swung the sword again, using the force he pushed back.

The love of the blood pressure!

Jo-Gol's sword, which quickly swelled to 15, flooded Hye Yeon's whole body.

Bizarre side!

The black man who was aiming for his head turns to aim for his shoulder, and the black man who was aiming for his waist bends and pokes his stomach.

Each sword was full of life and death that he would surely injure his opponent. more of a sapan than a political one

Wasan's sword, which is considered the most conventional and most practical of all the world's master crafts, was Jo-Gol, the one who most clearly demonstrated its characteristics among his disciples.



Hye Yeon took a step forward at the stormy inspection.

His excellence turned white and soon began to stretch.

One on top of the other one. Another one on top of that.

Dozens in a blink of an eye. No, hundreds of jangyeong created walls.

"A thousand dollars...…."

A groan-like voice leaked out of Chung-Myung's mouth.

(Screaming) (Screams) (Screams) (Screams) (Screams)

Jo-Gol's big black shroud made of white jangyeong was all clogged up.

There was a shock in Jo-Gol's eyes.

'What, man...'?'

At that moment.


At the moment, his long legs stretched out in Jangyoung and kicked Jo-Gol in the lower abdomen.


He hurriedly lowered the sword down to block it, but it was too much to handle all of its power.Jo-Gol's body was pushed back.

As he bit his lip in pain from his lower abdomen, he raised his head as if he had felt something instinctively.

And he looked.

The basic posture of Shaolin.

Hye Yeon, who spread her legs wide and straightened her waist, was holding one hand on her side, and the other hand in front of her chest to take the lead.


Soon after, the hand at the waist was like a bolt from the blue, giving up its power to Ho Gong.

a rolling gold mine

A roaring clerk filled Jo-Gol's view at once.

"Rain, d*mn it...….'

Oh, my god!

The power of Shaolin's divine authority and Baekbo's divine authority, which were reproduced in Hye Yeon's hands, swept away Jo-Gol's body, which failed to get in position.

Jo-Gol's body, caught up in a wave of authority, was swept away into Ho Gong.



The moment when everyone is appalled.


Someone rose to Ho Gong and snatched Jo-Gol's flying body and lowered it to the floor.


The one who hugged the unconscious Jo-Gol.

Chung-Myung looked down at the death penalty in his arms and raised his head.

And I stared at Hye Yeon, who was standing awkwardly on the stage.


Hye Yeon, who faced his cold eyes, bowed slightly with an awkward face.

But Chung-Myung's gaze remained unshakable with him.

Soon after, when Chung-Myung moved his eyes, Bop Jeong, the leader of Shaolin, was seen smiling on the stage.


Chung-Myung's eyes sparkled.

"So, even if you die soon, it's Shaolin, right?"

Don't worry about it.

I'll break that big head for you soon.