Chapter - 325 Episode 325. We'll see about that. (5)

With a strong throbbing sensation, Hye Yeon unwittingly clasped her chin.

But now he is more absurd and surprised than pain.

I couldn't stop him.'

The power of Shaolin is the power of Jeongdo and Hwalin. He puts priority on establishing his center and preventing his opponent's attack rather than defeating his opponent.

This is Hye Yeon, who is said to have mastered the right of Shaolin without any shortage. But then he gets his opponent's book as it is?

"A sudden attack?

No. No way.

There is no such word as surprise on stage. How can there be a surprise attack up there to fight each other?

This is an obvious ability.

Embarrased Hye Yeon faltered a little. Then a sharp piece stuck behind my back.

"Hye Yeon!"

He flinched back at the stern voice.

Shaolin's chief Bop Jeong was staring with cold eyes.

"Wake up! You are Hye Yeon of Shaolin!"

Hye Yeon bit her lips and jumped to her feet.

Then, he looked straight at Chung-Myung and posed. Chung-Myung, who looked at himself with icy eyes, came into view.

Get it first.

I felt like my whole body was cooling down.


Hye Yeon couldn't understand the situation at all.

He is a student of Shaolin.

All of his opponents were prominent disciples of Shaolin. Even the elders didn't mind guiding him personally.


Why is the pressure that the elders have never felt before passed on to him?'

Because this isn't just a war?

Because he feels pressured by the final round of the Cheonjabi Festival?

Can you really explain this situation with those things?

'…If not…….'

Hye Yeon bit her lips tightly.

It can't be happening.

This is the last thing that can happen. In common sense, does it make sense that the person in front of you is superior to the elder of Shaolin?

It's the same whether it's force, or as an unmanned position. A young man who seems to have just passed the terms and conditions cannot be better than the elder of Shaolin, who has been wiping off illegalities and ignorance all his life.


'The reason I'm shaken is because I'm not good enough.'

If he had maintained his floating mind, he would not have been attacked by Chung-Myung. And even if you allowed the attack, it wouldn't have been so turbulent.

"Amitabha Buddha."

Hye Yeon, who calmed her mind by memorizing "no" in a calm way, held back her shaking and took a pose.

Spread your legs a little wider than your shoulder width, and attach your left hand to your side. Then Woo-soo opened his palm and stuck it on his chest.

Half market tax.

It is the cardinal expression of Na Han-kwon, the basic martial arts of Shaolin, and the posture of Shaolin, which is the foundation of Shaolin's

When I took a familiar posture, my thoughts disappeared and my mind began to calm down.


He took a deep breath.

- If you can give up your weak heart and truly win the favor, no one in the world will be your opponent. What needs to be built is not your body but your heart.

'It doesn't shake.'

His feet pressed firmly against the earth.

Chung-Myung had a subtle look at Hye Yeon.

'Well learned.'

It's more of a natural thing than a learned one.

Shaolin is scared of that.

If Hwasan is a giant tree at the top of the mountain that blooms colorful plum blossoms, Shaolin is simply a perennial geoam. It's not fancy, but it doesn't shake at all.Floating (動動).

Words that symbolize Shaolin.

The reason why Shaolin's martial arts takes a long time to complete is very simple. This is because ignorance can be overcome through talent and effort, but immobility cannot be solved unless time passes.

Only after experiencing numerous storms and establishing a straight mind that is not shaken by anything in the world does Shaolin's martial arts truly exert its power.

But now Hye Yeon is holding on to that immovable end even at that young age.

So you're a genius.

He is a genius from heaven.



There was a sneer around Chung-Myung's mouth.

"You guys?"


Who in Shaolin is entitled to discuss wealth now?

A firm unshakable mind is meaningful only when the scent is right. Can you call twisting and unshakable immobility?

It's just another form of evil.

Of course, there was no sense of obligation or justice for Chung-Myung to judge evil.

But one thing is for sure.

Currently, Chung-Myung and Hwasan are the only ones who have the power to condemn the hypocrisy of that Shaolin and Goofile room.

Chung-Myung stared at Hye Yeon with cold eyes.

I don't like it.

Those straight eyes.

That eye, believing that he is walking on the right path without shame, warps Chung-Myung's belly.

'It wasn't you who should have those eyes.'

Hwasan's disciples should have those eyes.

Eyes overflowing with pride in their own clique.

An eye to be proud of what our ancestors have accomplished and to keep their will.


It should have belonged to Hwasan.


Blood dripped down from Chung-Myung's lips.

I couldn't help but be furious.

While that Hye Yeon blooms like a flower in a greenhouse with all the support from Shaolin, Hwasan, who should have enjoyed it, shrank, shriveled and groaned in pain.

No matter how Chung-Myung is, he can't turn back that time. There's no way to get rid of the pain they've suffered, even if they get back to normal.


I can't stand it.



Hye Yeon's feet dug into the floor.

After stepping on the most intense advancement, he punched out the rotational force created at the tip of his toes.

Complete development.

The golden figure of the fist flew quickly toward Chung-Myung's face. The process of developing herbivores is not so fast, but the speed of flying power was enormous.



With a short binge, the flying power bounced sideways at an extreme speed.

The power of Na Han-kwon, who was stuck on the floor of the arena, crushed the solid blue stone like clay.

But Hye Yeon couldn't even look at the sight of her power. I just looked at Chung-Myung in astonishment.

You're going to throw it out?'

Can you make a simple copy of my book?

His eyes turned to Chung-Myung's superiority. The green energy emanating from Chung-Myung's fingertips was as sharp as a blade.

Meanwhile, Hyun Sang, who was watching Bimu from below, opened his mouth unknowingly.

"…a bamboo tree. It's also a polar...…?"

"When the hell is he going to kill?'

It's a tight time to learn the sword. Therefore, no other martial arts except swords could dare to pass on.

But when did you learn to kill, and when did you learn to do that?"What the hell is he...….'

Hyun Sang looked at Chung-Myung with shaking eyes.

However, Chung-Myung lightly shook off his hand, which contained the spirit of bamboo shoots, as if it was nothing much.

His gaze, which sank coldly, weighed heavily on Hye Yeon.

"Is that all?"


"I hope you don't just say this much abuse, do you?"

Towards Hye Yeon, who is taking the lead, the calm new Chung-Myung slowly began to approach.

'Show me more.'

You have to prove yourself strong.

You must convince me that you are the world's spirit created by Shaolin and an important being that cannot be exchanged for anything in the world.

If it's not the case.

"This isn't the only thing the world has managed to create."

Hye Yeon stepped forward and jumped at Chung-Myung again.

Fast but heavy.

His firm waist seemed to indicate his uprightness.

But Chung-Myung's eyes were rather violently distorted.

A swift copy was given out to his ship. The herbivores, which sought perfection with countless repetitions and bone-cutting training, had no unnecessities.

It was so beautiful.




Hye Yeon's fist was blocked by Chung-Myung's death.

Hye Yeon's eyes shook briefly.

It felt as if I had knocked on a huge steel wall. No matter how hard I pushed, I didn't think I'd be pushed back an inch.

Is this possible?

His history is comparable to that of elders, outperforming his great disciples. Of course, no matter where you search the world, there is no greater disciple who has a stronger than him.

But the three great disciples, not the two great disciples, simply blocked his authority. It doesn't make sense.


Hye Yeon clenched her teeth.

He recovered his stretched fist and cut it short again. He, who made a three-game attack based on his solid lower body, twisted his body without confirming the result and hit Chung-Myung's body.

No, I tried to hit him.

But before he pushes forward, Chung-Myung steps down his foot.


The feet dug completely into the floor.

As the center of gravity was shaken at the moment, he couldn't fully exert his shoulder.

The result was too obvious.


The shoulders that had lost strength were blocked by Chung-Myung's hands.

Chung-Myung trampled on Hye Yeon's knee, who was stranded, and kicked him with a bent waist.

Hye Yeon rolled the floor like a ball kicked by a child.


The sound of yellow cloth dragging the floor sounds strange. Hye Yeon, who was being pushed back as if someone were dragging her by the hair, jumped up and posed again, striking the floor with a seizure.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Your posture is unshakable.

However, his facial expression failed to maintain his immobility. His bewildered eyes trembled and chased Chung-Myung.

What's going on here?'

The author is a prosecutor.

Wasan is a check.

In the past, Hwasan was the most vying check in the world, not the one who stood out in the world.

But how.

How could he be pushed back by Hawsan's disciple?


I don't understand.

I can't understand no matter what I do.

But the most difficult thing to understand was that Chung-Myung, who had a complete advantage in a series of competitions, looked several times more angry than Hye Yeon."Is that it?"

Looking at his expression, Chung-Myung gritted his teeth. Then I walked towards Hye Yeon. Anger boils over at every step.

My eyes began to bleed.

They took away what Hwasan had to enjoy. They took away what HWASAN needed to get.

If Chung-Myung had survived, or if any of the celadon ships had survived, all of their glory and movies would have belonged to Hwasan.

That would have changed the world.

There could have been Baek Cheon where Hye Yeon is standing now. Yoo-Esul, not Hye Yeon, or Yoon-Jong or Jo-Gol could have been standing there.

Guided by celadon ships, they would have been loved by the world as the rising star of the Old File Room and grown up to be an excellent examiner.

"But it's just this is it?"

Is this the only thing you've ever created by pressing your conscience and turning away?

This is no better than the talent that Hwasan would have developed when he was intact. This made Chung-Myung even angrier.

"Do more."

Chung-Myung glared at Hye Yeon with bloodshot eyes.

"Do more, you stupid bastard. It's not supposed to be this bad!"

Hye Yeon bit her lips to the point of bleeding and then burst into a fit of rage.


Whoo! Whoosh!

At that moment, Hye Yeon's whole body began to be colored with a golden clerk.

The golden glow of gold, as if it were a deity. Soon after, the light that had burst out gathered in Hye Yeon's fist.

"Bae, Baekbo Divine!"


It's not a trick I've already learned a few times.

Hwasan's disciples screamed reflexively when they noticed that Hye Yeon was spreading the white belt.

But even before their voices reached the rain stage, Hye Yeon unleashed enormous power that seemed to pour from the bank where her fists burst.

Not too far.

It's been a long time since I've lost the freedom to make sure my opponent doesn't get hurt. The Baekbo Divine Circle, which Hye Yeon developed with all her might, quickly covered Chung-Myung's entire body.


There was a strange sight in the eyes of Hwasan's pupils with wide-eyed.

Redness began to spread through the golden game.

The red energy divided the power of the Baekbo Divine Authority, called the Divine Authority, like an illusion.


Chung-Myung, who broke through the soaring golden power, kicked Hye Yeon, who couldn't get into position, away.

Hye Yeon's body, which could not handle the power in each law, bounces off and rolls the floor.

Hye Yeon, who managed to raise her head again despite not a few strikes, had feelings that had never existed in her eyes.

"Get up."

Chung-Myung waved his hand and cut the floor.

His cold eyes went over Hye Yeon to Bop Jeong, right behind him.

"It's nothing compared to what Hwasan has been through."

The cold voice penetrated Bop Jeong's ear sharply.