Chapter - 326 Episode 326. Volcano goes its way. (1)

The atmosphere of the venue began to cool down.

What did the people here expect?

I wanted to see the players who will be responsible for the future's strength compete for everything they have.

There's always a innocence that you can't see in the stele of the strong men who command the power of the shining youth clash with each other.

However, the scene in front of those who gathered to see Bimu was completely different from what they expected.

What the hell is going on here?'

Everyone can't hide their embarrassment.

I, Chung-Myung, don't even use a sword and unilaterally push Hye Yeon of Shaolin.

And seventy-two bells.Destruction of the Baekbo Divine Rights, one of the most exquisite and representative powers of Shaolin, with bare hands?

Of course these facts are embarrassing, too.

However, the most embarrassing thing for those who are gathered here now was the heavy atmosphere that fell on that stage.

That heavy, gloomy atmosphere subtly weighed down those who watched.

But it was nothing compared to what the lengthy writers on the podium felt.


Heo Do-jin finally groaned in a low voice.

It's nothing compared to what HWASAN went through.

The horse came in with a sharp stab in the lung of Hurdo.

He unwittingly looked around.

A person who looks at the stage with a face that doesn't know what's And this guy who can't hide his discomfort with a face that's pricking inside.

The two kinds of people were mixing up to create a very subtle atmosphere.

What really surprised Hana Heo Do-jin was that most of the long-written people who didn't seem to know English were the placenta.

Did you forget?

Have so many people forgotten already?

"My my."

Heo Do-jin smiled in vain.

It's only been a hundred years.

For Heo Do-jin, Hwasan was a thorny door to the heart. It's not visible on the outside, but it stings somewhere whenever I see it.


You're not hiding it, you're saying you've forgotten somewhere?'

Well, that's a possibility.

It wouldn't have been delivered. I wouldn't have told him.

It couldn't have been easy to convey their dirty deeds entirely to future generations. What's more, the downfall of Hawsan. If you just shut your mouth and passed away, you'd think Munpa's dirty tricks would be buried together.

But Hwasan crawled back up in that despair.

And now I'm asking them.

Are you really proud?


Heo Do-jin shook his head slowly. His eyes were fixed on Chung-Myung, who couldn't stand his anger.

That anger.

That person.

How can you not understand?

What if Heo Do-jin was in the same position as Chung-Myung?

What if the shaman sacrificed everything to save the world, and the world that benefited from it turned a blind eye to it and ignored it? So what if he's in danger of extinction?

There's nothing more to think about.

'I would have been Sura.'

He would have sold his soul to the devil to condemn and destroy the old faction.

I can see how determined Hwasan has been to walk his way. It is really difficult for a person who has been left out and turned away to walk the path without cursing the other person.


I'm sure the pent-up anger is exploding through him.'

"Luxury paid…….Luxury paid."

A cold voice penetrated into the left ear of Heo Do-jin.

"I don't think I just said that to Shaolin."He turned his head slightly.

Dang Gunnak, the owner of the party, opened his mouth again, staring at the rain stage with a cold face.

"Of course, there are times when you have to turn your head even though you know the extent of it. But if you don't feel numb just because you turned your head, you don't deserve to be a political faction."

The sharp words dampened the atmosphere of the platform.

Those who knew the circumstances were silent, and those who didn't know the circumstances were silent, and those who did not know the circumstances were silent.

He just stared at Chung-Myung with a feeling that everyone was crushed.

"Get up."

Hye Yeon raised her body instinctively, flinching with a low voice.

A cold sweat formed on his forehead.

'The vaccine doesn't work.'

It's something I've never thought about.

The Divine Rights

Literally a book with God in it's a book with God in it.

Break down mountains, cut through the sea.

However, the power to destroy the mountain, Gyeonggi Province, which separates the sea, and the unidentified red course were torn down.

His eyes began to shake, not knowing where to go.

"Get into position."


The voice penetrating the ear seems to freeze my heart.

The young chill in his voice brought out emotions that Hye Yeon had never felt before.

'This is...'


A feeling that he had never felt since he grew up in Shaolin's arms. The gruesome fear stiffened his whole body.

"My shoulders are stiff."



Chung-Myung revealed his teeth.

"Can't you hear me? My shoulders are stiff."


Only then did Hye Yeon flinch and come to her senses and look at her condition.

'Oh, my God...'.'

There was a lot of strength in his whole body. To the point where muscles shrink and harden like rocks.


Sweat dripping down his chin fell off the stage.

"I don't want to hear excuses for not being able to show my skills because I was nervous."

Hye Yeon looked blankly at Chung-Myung.

"Spread it out. Show me everything you can. I think that's how my anger will go away."

Hye Yeon's head is all messed up.

What the hell is he talking about?'

I don't understand.

Why are you so angry?

And how can a person have such a good life.

No, more than anything...….


At that moment, Chung-Myung briefly advanced. Hye Yeon ran reflexively toward Chung-Myung without even organizing her thoughts.


The face was now slightly distorted after being hardened.

He is standing here with Shaolin's pride on his shoulders. No one in Shaolin doubts that he will knock down the author and win.

Shaolin's expectations are on his shoulders.

The place that leads the world is Shaolin no matter what anyone says. Those who carry the world on their backs cannot be like others.

So you can't lose.

Don't lose!

Oh, my god!

Ho Gong's fist burst into the air, creating a sharp breaking sound.

a speed-packed book

A fist full of strong and blind spirits flew into Chung-Myung's face as if it would destroy everything that touched him.

But Chung-Myung just stared at Hye Yeon with cold eyes until the fist almost touched his face.

Like this.

Chung-Myung's palm touched the fist that flew right in front of his face.Hye Yeon's fist soon lost its direction and split Ho Gong, although it was only lightly pushed out with a force that wasn't too strong.

But this time Hye Yeon wasn't embarrassed either.

I already understand for sure that the opponent's skills have reached a point where they can never be underestimated.

Hye Yeon, who turned her body to the axis of the fist that split Ho Gong, immediately kicked Chung-Myung's side. Among Na Han-kwon's books, it was a method of abdominal penitence.

Oh, my god!

One, Chung-Myung's fist hit Hye Yeon's chest precisely before the foot could turn. The folded legs were thrown back in vain without being able to stretch straight.

Subsequent triplicate withdrawals.

Chung-Myung's feet kicked Hye Yeon's thighs, sides and shoulders one after another, which had yet to be positioned.

In the midst of a busy situation, he somehow blocked the feet that flew to his thighs and sides, but he had to allow a blow to his shoulder.


The pain, which seemed to have been hit with a large iron club, made the whole body numb over the shoulder.


Hye Yeon bit her lips tightly. Then he tried to counterattack.

But Chung-Myung's feet once again flew faster towards his face.

The love of the blood pressure!

Chung-Myung's feet brushed right over Hye Yeon's head, desperately leaning.

It feels like my hair is burning.

But Hye Yeon was Hye Yeon. There was no way he was just being beaten.

Hye Yeon, who quickly touched the floor with her hands, raised Chung-Myung's chin as if she were spinning as she opened a war-bull character among Na Han-kwon.

Oh, my god!

Hye Yeon's fist slides past Chung-Myung's chin.

I thought you'd avoid it.'

Hye Yeon bit her lips tightly.

Avoid. Interest must be avoided. However, he will not be able to handle the continuous delay from now on with his back bent back.

He threw himself forward and smashed open Chung-Myung's chest.


Chung-Myung, who crossed arms, blocked Hye Yeon's shoulder, but was pushed back as if he could not fully release the power contained in it.



The floor broke and Hye Yeon stepped forward, and a magnificent fiery glow began to shoot from her toes.

Soon after, his body rose from the floor and flew toward Chung-Myung at a formidable speed without any help.

"Free of Amortization!

Heo Do-jin shouted and opened his eyes wide.

The kick that seems to be nothing is a free angle, which is one of the 70s of Shaolin.

Shaolin's artisans, who pursue illegality in simplicity, seem ordinary on the outside, but carry a profound group inside.

Hye Yeon, who flew down like a hawk, kicked Chung-Myung's head with her fiery feet.


The strong game that poured out swept Chung-Myung's upper body with a sound as if a waterfall were pouring.

This wasn't the end. Hye Yeon immediately floated herself into Ho Gong with the recoil.

Whoo! Whoosh.

The body of Hye Yeon, who took the class president, was colored with brighter gold.


The entire Shaolin was pushed forward like a fantasy by Hye Yeon, who left a big dislike as if she were leaving.


All those who recognized the martial arts jumped out of their seats.

"No way!"

"Oh, my God…!"

Heo Do-jin glared at Hye Yeon with bloodshot eyes.

A groan-like voice came out of his mouth.

"Yeorae kidney?"Even in Shaolin, there is no one who has mastered it within 100 years. It is the highest method of decoration among the 70s.

You're saying you've mastered it?

It was clear that the golden hand from Hye Yeon's excellence expanded much larger than humans in an instant.

Yeorae, who had come to power in this world, seemed to teach her with her own hands. The figure of the giant hand covered Chung-Myung's body, which had been pushed out.

Whoo! Whoosh!

The whole stage bursts out.

Hard blue stones literally shattered and scattered everywhere.

The spectators who were watching were struck by a bolt from the blue sky. Broken blue stones poured into the crowd.



The masters who were watching the bimu among the crowd bounced and kicked out debris that soared to Ho Gong.

Some of the debris was completely unstoppable and confined to the Amans, but fortunately no one was seriously injured.

Despite the commotion, the surroundings did not become noisy.

Far from making a fuss, the middle class couldn't take their eyes off the stage.

That's the only way.

Who can look at the large Jang-young on the non-stage and look elsewhere?

"…Oh, my God.

A large monument that can be climbed by hundreds. The huge stele, made of hard, indescribable blue stone, was carved with huge handprints as if heaven had struck it.

Is that a man's ignorance?'

This is the power of Shaolin.

In front of the power of the kidney recreated using Hye Yeon's body, everyone watching was speechless.

I had no choice but to realize how Shaolin has maintained its position for hundreds of years as the northernmost part of Kangho.

Even Hwasan's disciples were stunned. I alternately watched the smashed rain stage and Hye Yeon with blank eyes.

Then someone murmured quietly.

"…What about Chung-Myung?"

At the words, all of Hwasan's disciples flinched and looked back.

Yoon-Jong was screaming at the rain stage with shaking eyes.

"Cher, Chung-Myung...…!"


However, a word that sounded cold stopped Yoon-Jong.

It was Baek Cheon.

He sat with a stiff face staring at the rain.

"Living room!"

"Be quiet."

Baek Cheon chewed out.

"Look at Hye Yeon's face."

Everyone looked at the handprints and dust on the stage and then turned to Hye Yeon.

And then I realized.

"Are you sick of it?"


If you've given off that much tension, it's natural for you to stand with such a proud face. No one is arrogant about him. You won't be able to point fingers.

Hana Hye Yeon's face is blue as if she were being chased by something.

That means.

Up and down.

The wreckage of the broken blue stone seemed to be shaking, and Chung-Myung slowly rose from under it.


Then he spat blood and swept his loose hair back. The disheveled hair slid back, revealing the terrifying radiant eyes.


Upon receiving the glare, Hye Yeon shrank and stepped back.


Drenched in sweat, he could now not even attempt to hide his fear.

Yeorae kidney.

It is impossible for a single human to withstand the power as long as it is fully unfolded. No, it should have been impossible.


But how can he stand up straight like that?

Wood, wood, wood.

Chung-Myung slowly walks out of the wreckage. Crushed stones were trampled on his feet, creating a gruesome sound as if a bone were broken."I enjoyed it."

Chung-Myung smiles with his teeth revealed.

Blood dripping down his head soaks his face. There was no other way to express the sight of a blood-soaked face and white teeth except by saying it was creepy.


Chung-Myung stretched Woo-soo to the side.

The broken stones were shaking and shaking, and Chung-Myung's plum sword, which had been buried in them, was caught in Chung-Myung's hand as if it would automatically explode.

"Let's get this over with."


The plum sword came out slowly, very slowly.


Chung-Myung, who threw the sword to the floor, hung the plum in his hand down and looked up at the sky.

Long sentence death penalty.

Don't say I'm young to hit.

I don't think what I'm doing right now is very mature.


It's just...

Chung-Myung closes his eyes slightly.

Short silence.

The moment he opened his eyes again.

The sword in his hand began to draw a smooth curve like a fantasy.

A beautiful curve that will draw everyone's attention.