Chapter - 327 Episode 327. Volcano goes its way. (2)

You can't do this.'

Bop Jeong felt like his soul was running away.

It was perfect.

Hye Yeon's kidney was never insufficient. Of course, the aftermath is not deep.

However, the small flower is like a flower, and even if it is just the beginning of the world, its power cannot be ignored.

And you made it through?

'How the hell?'

Hye Yeon contains all the purification of Shaolin, who has recovered after the war against Mahkyo.

How much effort was put into that child.

In order to recover his wounded pride from the war against the Magyo and to rise firmly to the strong north of Kangho, Shaolin bet everything on Hye Yeon.

But now the child is losing ground to Hwasan's disciple.

How can this happen?'

Shaolin is the world's most liberal.

The reason why Shaolin has been able to hold the position of the world's first literary group for hundreds of years is that Muhak is incomparably superior to any other literary group in the world.

But Hye Yeon, who mastered Shaolin's martial arts, is pushed by a student from another Munpa?

I can't be! That's not gonna happen!'

What's more, isn't that Chung-Myung the top three disciples of Hwasan who have already fallen?

It's not supposed to be like this.

This seat is still a place to declare to the world that Shaolin is the northern head of the world.

"Hey, hey, hey!"

Bop Jeong jumped up from his seat and shouted.

But at that moment he saw.

Chung-Myung's sword has never seen before, creating a beautiful curve.

Bop Jeong, who almost abandoned himself as the head of Shaolin's room, but he also devoted his entire life to learning nothing.

I've forgotten to learn nothing. However, there was no way not to be deprived of his soul in front of the ecstatic line.


Chung-Myung's eyes began to look hazy.

The hand holding the sword is so natural.

A sword that has been wielded all its life.

If you swing and swing again, you forget that you have a sword in your hand at some point. Like you have an arm on your body. Like you have legs. Kendo becomes as natural as it used to be.

The sense of incompatibility that arose as a result of acquiring a new body disappeared over time.

Chung-Myung's eyes sink low and low.

Shaolin showed everything about herself.

Hye Yeon proved what she has built and what she has made over the past hundred years.

But it's in vain.

Just for that?'

Did you abandon Hwasan's sword?

Just to make something like that?

That's why I'm gonna show you.

What they put down.

What they threw away.

Chung-Myung's sword drew a soft line from bottom to top.

The beginning is a circle.

Perfection is hard to describe.

Chung-Myung's sword, which drew a semicircle, stopped pointing to the sky.

And slowly fell down.

The non-polar, which is formed in the form of a circle, is divided into two halves to form a taegeuk (Korean national anthem).

It was not long before his sword stopped, pointing right in the middle.

Sheep become heaven, and yin becomes earth.

It's just a human being standing under the sky and the earth.

No matter how beautiful the sky is and how solid the ground is, it is just useless if there is no one in the center.

Human beings are added to the sky and the earth, and heaven and earth form a triad.

Sky and earth, and people.Swordsmanship is just a way to kill people.

However, if the murder technique can contain a degree, the prosecution does not just stay at the sword.

It's here.

What HWASAN has been pursuing for such a long time.

It begins in someone's hands and is told and delivered. Hwasan's kendo, which has been developed for many days, was being reproduced in the hands of Chung-Myung over a hundred years.

Start with meat.

Heaven and earth.

Swords of heaven and earth mean that they containment of all things in the world.

If a sword could capture the world, wouldn't it be the universe itself?

Therefore, the person who holds the sword becomes a micro cosmos.

It's a human being, and it is sword.

Chung-Myung's sword slowly heads up and lands down.

A motion that's nothing.

It's just a single sword down on Ho Gong.

Hana Hye Yeon felt like she was being sucked into the sword.



His blank eyes slowly looked down.

Before he knew it, his cropped sleeves were falling to the floor fluttering like butterflies.


There was no sword.

I didn't even feel like I was getting cut.

One moment the sword was swung, he had already been cut.

His face is stunned.

Heart test?'

No, it's not like that.

It's just perfect.

It does not even allow waste of all the black that has reached perfection by grinding to the limit. There is no need for a sword that separates the sky and a hand that separates the sea.

Just cut it off.

Implement desired results with minimal force.

That's the sword's play.

Hye Yeon's heart started beating slowly.

How much……How long do you have to sharpen your sword to get to that level?

My body is shaking.

At this moment Hye Yeon was instinctively able to realize.

What is a dance?

Is it just that you weigh down your opponent with a stronger force? Is it impossible to pursue stronger destructive power and faster speed?

I don't think so.

Radish is what touches the body through radishes. It is to embody what one has drawn with one's heart into the world through that body.

That's where Hye Yeon wanted to reach one day, so to speak. It is beyond the strength of its history, beyond the form of herbivores, and eventually reaches nothing itself.

There is a stage in front of him now.

The dance that he suspected and had to be suspected of not being able to reach even after decades of training was now unfolding in front of him.

When I realized the distance that felt distant with my body, something in Hye Yeon's heart began to collapse.


Hye Yeon, who bit her lips tightly, made a near-crying sound and rushed like a seizure.

"I'm Hye Yeon of Shaolin!"

If it goes on like this, he will be beaten without even trying to use its hands.

The impatience made him find his most confident herbivore.


His advance destroyed the stage.

Whoo! Whoosh.

The Baekbo Shin-kwon, which has already been introduced once, will be unfolded.

A huge wave of energy flew toward Chung-Myung.

Chung-Myung looked at the golden Kwon-gi flying toward him with half-closed eyes.

His sword lifted slightly up and down slowly again.


Cut it apart.

It's so obvious.

Black pillow, existing to stab.

If you grind and polish, there's no way you can't separate anything in the world in the past.The sword of Doga is such a thing.

I'm going to cut.

He cuts the air, cuts the trees, cuts the chi, and even cuts the logic of the world in the bell.

Like a torrent of torrential rain, the golden wind that came over Chung-Myung split left and right on Chung-Myung's sword, losing its direction and spouting here and there.


The power that flew across the stage and the crowd blew a huge warp in a single blow.

A phenomenal history.

However, no matter how strong the power is, it is meaningless if it cannot be reached. Not a single strand of power touched Chung-Myung's body.


However, Hye Yeon's fist was tireless and exuded a golden sparkle.

The Arahans.

Shaolin's seventy-twenties, which embodies the power that Arahan fought to destroy the demon, are the most common examples.

The season of Choi Sang-seung, who submits his opponent only under heavy pressure of Kwon, began to be realized through Hye Yeon.


The iron was bent, and the solid stone was crushed and crushed over the stage.

The ends of the sleeves are crushed by pressure.

The hair that had fallen flew like a spring.

But Chung-Myung just stood aloof under the pressure.

His slender eyes still sank deeply, and the tip of his sword remained steady under the pouring pressure.

Nothing in the world seemed to distract Chung-Myung.

What was in it?'

Is there a Buddha's teaching in Shaolin to save all the world's living?

Otherwise, is there Dharma's teachings in Shaolin, which he did not refuse to go to the trouble himself to save the people of the Middle Ages?

Do you still have the teachings of Ijo Hyega, who tried to learn even by cutting off her own arm?

It's in vain.

When she fails to pursue illegal activities by herself, Shaolin no longer deserves to be called Shaolin. What's there is just a bunch of people blind.

Everything in the world enjoys a movie someday. But if the movie continues, it will one day become less successful and less successful.

It's twenty-five days old. It's anti-war.

But nevertheless, life continues.

Even if a colorful flower falls, it blooms again one day. Isn't it a flower that blooms and loses and blooms again?

So it blooms.

Even the old trees on the cliffs that no one cared for will bloom again after enduring the long winter.


Finally, the tip of Chung-Myung's sword paints flowers.

Draw him.

I drew a picture of Hwasan.

In the cold snow, in the soft spring sun, in the power of the Buddha who lost himself.

Flowers eventually bloom.

Is there a place in the world where flowers don't bloom?

It's not dog death.'

a lengthy death sentence

In the world you were trying to protect, Hwasan will bloom again.

Even if the world doesn't recognize you.

The roots of the earth are invisible to anyone, but in the end, like growing trees and blooming flowers.

It won't be in vain.

So take a look.

A small flower is drawn in Ho Gong.

The small, mellow buds looked lonely and sad.

It's not me.'

One after another, new flowers began to bloom at the end of his sword.

Plum blossoms blooming alone are just lonesome.

However, if numerous flowers bloom next to them, plum blossoms color the whole mountain red and the world red.

Chung-Myung's gaze still turned sideways.


His death row, his private quarters.

And just sorry for his private life and his new writer.He clasped his fists and clenched his lips while watching.

Like pushing his back.


Each one of them is Hawasan's plum blossoms. It's still a peak, but one day it'll turn the world red.

A small smile formed around Chung-Myung's mouth.

Do you think the death penalty will be happy?

In his plum blossoms?


I don't think so.

Chung-Myung's plum blossoms are like ghosts.

What has already been lost and needs to be lost is nothing but the soul that remains.

So you won't be able to be happy.


The plum blossoms that Jo-Gol smoked would have clenched his fist.

Yoo-Esul would have applauded the plum blossoms.

Maybe you shed tears on the plum blossoms that Baek Cheon made.

New plum blossoms bloom on the dry land of Hwasan. First, plum blossoms bloom again using the fallen petals as food.

So how can a petal fall into vain?

The death penalty.

Plum blossoms bloom at the end of Chung-Myung's sword.

From small, large, slightly less-dense plum blossoms to full bloom plum blossoms.

None of them is the same.

Just as different people gather to form a clique, plum blossoms without anything are gathered to form a plum forest.

Soon after, colorful petals began to fly like a fantasy in the gentle breeze.

Hye Yeon opened her eyes wide.

The world seemed to be filled with red petals.

However, no matter how hard I tried to open my eyes and hold myself together, I couldn't get out of that petal's fantasy.


Screaming Hye Yeon shouted "no" with the leader. A magnificent golden clerk poured out of his body at the same time.

Fluorescent assistance.

Illegal repels all the unique things in the world. He who truly realizes illegality does not lose himself to any deception.


'What's wrong.

Hye Yeon's eyes shook.

It doesn't disappear.

The petals that touched the golden west light never disappeared, but came gently as if they were surrounded by a lonely sparkle.


Hye Yeon's gaze was stunned and chased Chung-Myung.

Chung-Myung's black embroidered Ho Gong in the petals of plum blossoms that covered the world. His sword dance as if he were drunk was like a picture.

What is fantasy and what is reality.'

Just such a thing.


It's just something like that.

The petals passed Hye Yeon like a fantasy.

The odor of plum blossoms that can't be seen permeates the tip of the nose, and the flower petals that can't be seen turn the world red.

In time.

When all the sights that we don't know whether it's an illusion are gone.

At the end of the neck of Choin, who succeeded the purification of Shaolin, there was a long sword with plum blossoms engraved on it.