Chapter - 328 Episode 328. Volcano goes its way. (3)

"… won."

Baek Cheon opened his mouth in a trembling voice.


That Chung-Myung finally beat Hye Yeon of Shaolin.

"That son of a b*tc*...…."

Baek Cheon bit his lips.

You have to be happy.

You have to jump out of joy.

But Baek Cheon couldn't. If I open my mouth again, I thought I would burst into tears at that moment.

It was desperate just to hold back tears with his lips clenched and clenched.

"Living room!"

Whether they were all similar, the voice of Yoon-jong, who grabbed his shoulder, was wet.

How nervous are you?

Chung-Myung never loses.

It was an unbroken belief for Hwasan's disciples.

That's why I was even more nervous.

Of course, even if Chung-Myung were defeated and returned, their faith would not falter at all. But it was clear that Chung-Myung himself would not accept the defeat.

That's why I wanted to win somehow.

If the knees of those who walk silently with Hwasan on their little back were bent, they would have suffered more than cut off their knees.

"…We won, Sasook! He won!"

Jo-Gol shouts with both fists clenched.

"Yes, I won...…."

But at that moment.

Yoo-Esul, who was still looking at the non-stage, said in a subdued voice.

"…It's a little different than usual."


Baek Cheon looked at her with a curious look.

"What are you talking about?"


Yoo-Esul's face was unusually subtle.

"I'm thinking bad."



Baek Cheon's head turned towards the stage.

Stop. No way.

Heo Do-jin couldn't take his eyes off the surprise as he looked at Chung-Myung, who pointed a sword at Hye Yeon.

And it doesn't seem like he's the only one who's

"…Wasn't that a fluorescent aid just now?"

"Oh, my God, I've mastered the fluorescent assistance, and I've opened it.…."

The long writers were speechless.

Bulgwangbojo is considered the best defense herbivore of the 70s.

Of course, even if Hye Yeon was a genius, she wouldn't have mastered it because she was young, but even so, bulimbo is a bulimbo.

But Chung-Myung succeeded in breaking through the best defense and kneeling Hye Yeon.

"……There was a real genius."

"I know."

"Though he was called the world's most advanced figure, he thought his reputation was too much.…I feel like the title didn't quite describe him."

Praise poured out.

But Heo Do-jin could read the subtle flow of emotion hidden in the words.

It's savory.

And shyness.

The accusation, including the fact that Shaolin, who spent a lot of money to prepare for the Cheonjabi Stage, handed over the honor to Hwasan.

And the shame of those who have been guilty since Chung-Myung's remarks. More exaggerated praise to hide it.

After all, this is what people are like.'

Heo Do-jin knows.

They are the masters of the old file room, so they are all loitering, but they are people in the end. High status does not necessarily mean high standards, nor does it mean that it knows great truth.

They are just a little stronger and a little more intelligent, so they have taken the position of a long writer. Or the distribution was high.

"It's a little different from what I thought. It must be quite complicated in the room manager's head.Yes."

"I know."

Heo Do-jin glanced at Bop Jeong.

Sure enough, the old monk's face was as grim as it could be.No wonder.'

It would have been better not to reach the final than this.

Rather than losing to HWASAN in the final where all the world's strongest players are paying attention.

All the glory that Shaolin prepared to give to Hye Yeon will belong to Hwasan and Hwasan the Divine Dragon. As much as I've prepared, I'll have to give you more.


"This will also shake the game of Moorim.'

Having the world's highest index is not a small thing to think about.

In addition, Hwasan proved that the latecomers of the main faction are the best in the world. This victory will be the point of proof.

What will happen in the future to Munpa who has the most powerful figures of the time?

Those who are here right now may be wondering how to line up with Hwasan. If this snowball rolls steeply, maybe...….

"The order of Kang Ho, who used to be represented by Goofilebang and Oh Dae-sega, may collapse.'

And this may be the price of the sin committed by the old file room.

Had Hwasan belonged to the old file room until this moment, the outcome of this non-stage meeting would have been just a matter of ending at a shaky level in the old file room.

But now, Hwasan is not a file room, and to attract Hwasan back, he has to kick out a gatekeeper.

Who would do the job?

Shaolin, who gave you the upper hand behind Hawsan?

Heo Do-jin stared at Bop Jeong with a subtle smile.

You must be kidding me.

Bop Jeong's fist, hidden in the hem of Hwangpo, was squeezed to the point of bleeding.

It was unbelievable to see Chung-Myung with a sword pointed at Hye Yeon's neck.

What are we supposed to do about this? Amitabha Buddha.'

Everyone gathered here clearly saw Shaolin's pride deteriorate. Horses run a thousand miles without a break. Today's work will spread to the world in a flash.

Bop Jeong crumpled his face and tried to bite his lips, but his face was strained.

'You have to show your ease.'

If you can show your composure despite your defeat, people in the world will believe that Shaolin still has power.

For those who are ready to believe that Shaolin is strong, just throwing room is enough.

Bop Jeong slowly loosened his white fist.

What he has to do now is very simple.

To praise that Hwasan Mystery.

The loser also has the dignity to protect as a loser.

By acknowledging Chung-Myung's existence and elevating his status, the victorious will also have legitimacy and will be able to keep Shaolin's obedient acceptance of defeat.

Bop Jeong slowly rose from his seat.

First of all, we declare the victory of the Hwasan Divine Dragon and admit defeat.'

It will take longer than the plan went wrong, but if it can be handled well, the day will come when Shaolin's power will eventually be exercised.

"This snot is………."

It was the moment Bop Jeong was about to declare Chung-Myung's victory.


Chung-Myung recovered the sword and turned away.

Bop Jeong's mouth shut awkwardly.

It doesn't look good to declare victory to someone who is walking back.

Only when he stops will his voice be able to declare victory.

Returning, Chung-Myung looked around, picked up the plum sword that fell on the floor and pushed the sword in.


Then, the sword was repurposed to the side of the garage.

Bop Jeong nodded heavily.But you're a disciple of Hwasan.'

The words and actions are rough, but they seem to know how to finish the rightful fight.

Chung-Myung, who refined Bop Jeong's thoughts, straightened his posture. And put both hands together.

Now, after reaching out that hand and holding the gun, Bop Jeong can declare Chung-Myung's victory.

Chung-Myung will take all the glory for the time being, but one day...….

It was that moment.


Chung-Myung, with both hands together, glanced at Bop Jeong.

In fact, it's not a strange thing to say the least. Throughout the Bimu, I mean, even before that, Hwasan Sinryong seemed to be conscious of Bop Jeong.

Nevertheless, the reason Bop Jeong was embarrassed at the moment was because of the smile slightly slanted around Chung-Myung's mouth.


Of course, it's not strange to laugh.

It is even stranger not to laugh because it is the moment when the victory of the Cheonjabi Stadium is confirmed.

One that smile is strangely disturbing Bop Jeong.

Chung-Myung and Bop Jeong once again met eye to eye.

As soon as I saw Chung-Myung's eyes drawing subtle lines, Bop Jeong's heart sank.


I don't know exactly what he's trying to do, but I'm sure he's trying to get things done.

Bop Jeong tried to scream like a seizure with the determination that he could not see the sight.

But even before his mouth was open, Chung-Myung reached out his hands and shouted loudly at Hye Yeon.

"Hwasan's Chung-Myung knows he's not good enough and he abstains from this game."

Bop Jeong's body hardened like a stone on the spot.

Hye Yeon, who received the gun ticket, looked blankly at Chung-Myung as if she didn't understand the situation.

political enemies

Silence that seemed to be heard even the sound of a needle falling fell all over Shaolin.



Baek Cheon reached out and wrapped his face around.

"…I did it."

Then Yoo-Esul, next to him, muttered in a small voice.

"The last one."

Yoon-Jong and Jo-Gol couldn't say anything with their mouths wide open.

Baek Sang, who was looking at the non-stage from behind, laughed in despair.

"Ha ha ha ha……. You have to take it easy.….You're a madman."

Hwasan's disciples were shocked, but not comparable to Bop Jeong's.

His eyes were full of veins.

An incredibly wild roar erupted from the mouth of Shaolin's master.

"Well, what are you talking about? I can't believe you gave up!"

"It's literally. I'm giving up."

Chung-Myung poked his ears. Then he blew his finger with his mouth and said in a soulless voice.

"Congratulations. The winner is Shaolin."


Bop Jeong trembled all over as if he were about to fall.

A face with no blood and a body that can't stop twitching. And his veins burst and his red-colored eyes revealed how much age he was now engulfed in.

"Well, that guy who's going to hell...….'

I can't believe I gave up.

Does that make sense?!

Unless the snow is a hole in the hole, it is impossible not to know who won. And of course, it's not up to those who gather here.

But you win everything and then you give up?

Is there a situation in the world where the winner becomes more ridiculous?

"Ee, E, E, Ee!

If this fact spreads, Shaolin will literally become a laughing stock of the world."Ee……!"

Bop Jeong's body, which was about to roar, suddenly stiffened.

"Room leader!"

"Room leader! Get a hold of yourself, roomjang!"


Bop Jeong eventually threw up blood on the floor to see if the bet was twisted. Shocked Shaolin's disciples rushed to gather.

Chung-Myung grinned at the sight.

"You're a weirdo Why are you throwing up blood on your own?"

Then, he looked at Hye Yeon and Bop Jeong and turned around without hesitation.



But this isn't just an act of shaming Shaolin.

'I don't need this.'

This competition was prepared by Shaolin from beginning to end.

The honor of the winner of this competition is also gained because Shaolin is notarized.

But you want me to swallow the glory that Shaolin gives me now?

"That's ridiculous.

No matter what good things are in the world, I don't need anything from Shaolin.

Accepting the honor given by Shaolin is tantamount to conforming to the current power, which is represented by Gu File Room and Oh Dae-se.

Chung-Myung no longer intended to go that way.

"Hwasan goes on his way."

Of course it won't be easy.

Maybe it's a tougher road than he's ever been.


Chung-Myung's eyes turned to Hwasan's disciples staring blankly over here.

There's nothing you can't do, is there?'


Long sentence death penalty?

You stupid bastard!

I knew you'd call me names.


Chung-Myung grinned and walked over to Hawasan's disciples waiting for him.

- Good job.

Chung-Myung's eyes turned to that high sky.

Without a cloud, a particularly blue sky was looking down at him.

Smiling at the sky, Chung-Myung jumped into Hwasan's disciples as if running.

a world-class martial arts competition

The long-running championship went to Shaolin, as everyone first expected.


The power of the competition began to flow in a completely different direction.