Chapter - 334 Episode 334. Why is it crawling out of here? (4)

Bop Kye came into the room with a look of anger. His eyes turned to Hyun Jong and Chung-Myung, who disappeared in the distance.


Bop Jeong looked up at Bop Kye's voice, which seemed to contain his anger.

asked Bop Kye.

"What are you thinking?"

"What do you mean?"


Bop Jeong sighed slightly.

"The Buddha is so enraged that he has such a high voice. You and I have a long way to go."

"One, Bangjang!"

"Lower your voice."

Bop Kye closed his mouth with a stern voice.

Anger rises inside, but you have no choice but to listen to the director. It's because he's a Buddhist, but in fact, the one who's most frustrated now is Bop Jeong Lee.

"There's nothing to be so angry about."

Bop Jeong smiled quietly and shouted no.

"They will eventually move as we wish."

"…Will it work?"

"I can't help it."

Bop Jeong stroked the self-inflicted sword in front of him.

"Sickness is not just a symbol of the literary circle. It's an object that contains the history and spirit of the Munpa. What if you kept Shaolin's green jade in Tamunpa?"

"There is no other way than to fail either of those clans or Shaolin."

"That's right."

Bop Jeong nods slowly.

"But what they said was different, wasn't they?"

"Hwasan is risking everything to go a different path from Shaolin."

Bop Jeong's voice is a little lower.

Therefore, he would have had no choice but to show off in front of him. In particular, Hwasan lost a lot of his past in the last war against Mahkyo. Those who have lost their tradition are more likely to be obsessed with it. I'm telling you now and again, but by tomorrow you'll be coming to me on your own."

Bop Kye glanced at the door for no reason.

I don't doubt what the chief said. But I couldn't help but feel the subtle anxiety.

"And this is not to fill Shaolin's personal feelings. It's only for the world. If those who claim to be factions refuse to do anything for the world, what can they do?"

Bop Jeong took a sip of tea after shouting no.

"Hwasan's long writer, Hyun Jong, is not very well-known, but he is said to be a noble and a master. Such a man will not sit idle on what could bring the world to grief."

"Are you sure it's going to be?"

"When have I ever been wrong?"

Bop Kye hesitated slightly to answer.

In the past, he would have answered without hesitation.

But not now. Bop Jeong's prediction is not consistent with Hwasan.

Bop Jeong smiled quietly, looking at Bop Kye's expression, which still seemed a little suspicious.

Everyone makes a mistake.'

The important thing is how to deal with that mistake.

It is true that Hwasan has put Shaolin to great shame. However, if we can handle this situation well and bring Hwasan under Shaolin's influence, the shame will soon not be a disgrace.

And it's not just a matter of face.

I don't know what the hell he did, but it's obvious that Hwasan melted the hearts of that Southern Beast Palace.

It's not only Shaolin but also something that no one in the world has ever done."We must never miss the end of Mahyo.'

In order to do so, we must bring out Hwasan's cooperation. Even if you put aside your personal feelings.

"Children who lost their parents are bound to miss their parents. Hwasan is a doorkeeper who lost too much. There is no way that such people can give up Hawsan's new life, the lover of Hawsan, who led Hawsan's best days. Amitabha Buddha."


"It would have been more obvious if we could have recovered Eugene from the plum inspection, but the daehyeon sword also has not a small meaning for Hwasan. You'll see. Now they're out in a good mood, but they won't be able to sleep tonight. And by tomorrow morning, I'll be here on my own."

Looking at the relaxed face of Bop Jeong, Bop Kay nodded slowly.

Seeing Bop Jeong so confident, this will eventually go as he planned.

It's bound to be so.

I mean...

That's what it was supposed to be.….

The next morning.

"…He went?"

I swear, Bop Kay first saw that face of Bop Jeong.

Bop Jeong, who had always been full of vertigo, was twisting his head with his mouth open foolishly.


"Oh, no, what do you mean, you're gone?"

Bop Kye closed his eyes tightly.

"I went to see how he was doing, and the whole angle was already empty."


Bop Jeong's eyes shook like an earthquake.

"Oh, no. Now, wait a minute.…. Wait. Amitabha Buddha. Amitabha Buddha!

As if he could not organize his thoughts, he kept memorizing his disapproval. Then he asked.

"Where, where did you go?"

"…Wouldn't he have returned to Hwasan?"

"I just walked away in this situation.…?"

Instead of answering, Bop Kay looked blankly at Bop Jeong.

I've never seen a Bangjang ask such stupid questions one after another in my life.

"According to the disturbance in charge of the war, he went to war as soon as the sun rose."


Bop Jeong's head became more crooked.

"Go? Oh, no. This can't be happening. I can't do this. You're just gonna walk away in this situation? In this situation?"

Bop Jeong really jumped up in a panic. And he walked around the room and kept on saying no, like a crazy person.

"Amitabha, Amitabha, Amitabha! Amitabha Buddha!

Bop Kye looked at him with a disturbed look.

I think it's rather amazing.'

As expected, Shaolin's room master is seen struggling to keep his balance even in the midst of shaking.….

"Amitabha, Amitabha! No! God d*mn Amitabha! Aminabal!"


It's not.


Fireworks flared in Bop Jeong's eyes.

"No, what the hell are those Wasans thinking? If you just walk away from here, you'll be stuck with Shaolin, and the world will be in a bind! If you just let go of it, who's going to clean up the mess?"

That's what we'll do it.

Don't you know?

Bop Kye swallowed a horse that was about to come out of his mouth.

I've never done that in my life, but if I opened my mouth without permission, I thought the head of the room would pick up the wooden table on the table and break his head.

"No, these wereasans!"

"Calm down, Mr. Bang. I have a lot of hearing."

"Do I look like I'm going to calm down now? Things to fall into this hell of a fire!"Bop Kye closed his eyes tightly, unable to bear to see more of Bop Jeong screaming as if he were going to spit fire out of his eyes closed his eyes.

Anyway, that's the problem with Hwasan.'

From the start of the competition to the final, the work that Hwasan was involved in didn't go from one to ten as Shaolin thought.

The honor that he tried to gain through this competition was buried deep underground, and Hye Yeon, who hoped to become the world's leader using this competition as a stepping stone, failed to overcome the shock of the final and ended up in Yeonsu-dong.

And now even Shaolin's boss has lost his reason and is spouting abusive language because of Hwasan.

'It's stuck in the harness. How dare you.'

The face of Chung-Myung giggling in front of Bop Kye was grown up.

Wasan was also a problem, but the demon couldn't do anything about it. And as long as the demon sits in and paints the surroundings, Hwasan will surely be the one blocking Shaolin's path.

Behind Bop Kye's back, a shout of angry Bop Jeong erupted.

"Get him! Get him now! No! I'm coming myself!"

"Gee, calm down. If you follow those who leave and catch them, what will be Shaolin's face?"

"What's wrong with your face? You crazy people! Hwasan! Hwasan The Dragon. Hwah...….Ugh!"

"Room leader, wake up! Head of the room manager!

Bop Kyung grabbed the back of his neck and jumped at him with frightened.

Even though he had a strong knowledge of martial arts, he could not help his blood pressure.

* * *

Baek Cheon turned his head, frowning. And he threw his eyes at Soongsan Mountain, which has become far away.

"I think I just heard something?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Some sort of scream...…."

"The sound of an old raccoon spilling on his grass."


Baek Cheon looked back with a look of what that meant, but Chung-Myung only smiled full with a shiny face.

How dare a middle-aged man look at Hwasan as a pushover.


The world?

That's what you're gonna do.

Chung-Myung no longer wanted his disciples to be implicated in the meaningless name of the world. I've experienced with all my heart that nothing will come back even if I give everything for the world, so would they do anything good?

"Oh, I'm relieved."

Chung-Myung drank like a horse with a tiger bottle.

Baek Cheon squints at the sight.

No. What the hell did you talk about with Shaolin?'

There must have been something important going on, but Chung-Myung didn't tell me what happened no matter how much he inquired.

And Hyun Jong, who would normally explain it to his students with a smile...….

Baek Cheon glanced sideways at Hyun Jong. He was trudging along from back there.

Hyun Jong, who should be looking at them warmly with benevolent eyes, is now...… what should I say…….

I think he's done something wrong.'

He even looked back at Soongsan Mountain with a nervous face. Then he kept murmuring something with a devastated look on his face.

"Recycling…… I have to recycle………. Reclaim. Seo, my forefather...…if your forefather knew this...…. a large supply A lot of money! A lot of money!

Hyun Jong, who was walking a few steps, flinched again and looked back at the road. Then, suddenly, he started running toward Soongsan Mountain like a seizure.But he didn't go a few steps. Hyun Young and Hyun Sang, who were watching Hyun Jong from the side, blocked them and dragged them.

"Let go, you brats! Oh, my God, what kind of thing is that!"

"Long storyline. Let's go to Hwasan first and talk."

"Chung-Myung told me that he should never send a long writer to Shaolin. Let's go."

"Oh, my... Oh, no, that's not right! Oh, you guys. How can I see my ancestors when I'm dead? Oh, my God!"


Baek Cheon, who looked at the elders and the elder, looked at Chung-Myung with a strange look.



"…What's wrong with the writer?"

"Well, I guess he left something important at Soongsan Mountain."

"What's important?"

"Giggling. What's the point? I've got everything important over there."

Chung-Myung pointed straight at something.

Rattle, rattle, rattle.


Four large carts following Hwasan's disciples.

Each was loaded with something and covered with a large cloth.

So that's all about money?'

To be exact, that's all the money that Hwasan and Chung-Myung made this time.

What's even more creepy was that Hwasan earned only one cart, and the rest were all made by Chung-Myung.

"Sasook. The Shaolin train was very successful."

"…That's right."

"I heard the middlemen are merciful, but they are generous. Thank you for the food. giggle giggle."

Baek Cheon closed his eyes tightly.

'You're a demon.'

Shaolin's mistake is the only one.

How dare you hold a non-show without knowing that there's someone in Hwasan who can turn around. And Shaolin will have to pay for it in the future.


Baek Cheon spoke to Chung-Myung with a slightly serious look.

"You did a great job."


"I wouldn't have been able to perform so well without you. You……."


Chung-Myung frowned.

"Don't talk as if you've accomplished something with that little kiddo dance competition, Sasook."


Chung-Myung's response was unnerving.

"Gupa's Muhak is Jeonggong. The deeper the hole gets, the stronger it gets. This great disciple is not qualified to represent the power of the clique. The real power of each clique is the elder and the great disciple. I mean……."

He shrugged and said.

"Even the most ruined Haenampa in this tournament is still stronger than Hwasan. So far."

Baek Cheon nodded quietly.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"There's a lot to do in the future. Roll and roll to death. Then one day...…."

Chung-Myung, who was talking, looked up and looked far away. And muttered.

"Yeah, one day."

Baek Cheon didn't bother to ask the back story.

He just smiled at the side of Chung-Myung.



The day will come when Hwasan stands tall as the world's most civilized group.

With this evil man.

"Let's go! To Hwasan!"


After completing the long and long mission, Hwasan's disciples proudly headed to the island.