Chapter - 336 Episode 336, though I don't deserve your forgiveness. (1)

Wirip San kept glancing back. After hesitating for a long time, he carefully opened his mouth while looking at the writer next to him.

"Hey…… a long storyteller."


Hyun Jong made eye contact with Wirip San and asked.

"Why are you doing that?"

"……I think we need to take a different route to get to Hwayeongmun."

"Haha. Yeah, I see."

At that, Hyun Jong nodded quietly.

"One, the door above."

"Yes! Long story!"

"Wouldn't it be a bad idea to take this opportunity to show the disciples how Hwasan is?"

"Of course, it's not just me, but the disciples as well. One thing is, if we follow along like this, we'll be able to see who's in the real estate for nothing.…."

"Don't worry about that."

Hyun Jong smiled and tried to continue, but someone stepped in from behind.

"How much money did Wi Mun-ju make in Shaolin this time? What a nonsense. Don't worry about anything."


It was Hyun Young.

Hyun Jong's face was slightly distorted.

I might be able to say something nice, but why is he talking about money every time he opens his mouth?

No, I used to talk about money every time I opened my mouth. In the past, he was angry that he didn't have money, and nowadays, he only claps for making money.



"Where did the small stamps go? You didn't seem to be in sight since this morning."

Hyun Jong had a bit of a bitter smile when asked by the above gatekeeper.

"I'm here to do what I have to do."


The expression seemed heavy, so Wirip San couldn't bear to ask any more.

"More than that……."

Hyun Jong peeked at the back.

"The road will be a little rough from now on, so keep the cart a little better. If there's a problem with the cart or if he loses money when he gets back, something terrible will happen."

Wirip San, who paused for a moment, shivered. And quickly nodded loudly.

"Don't worry. Jang Moonin. I'll keep my promise."


After the conversation with Wirip San, Hyun Jong looked at the distant sky.

At that time, Hyun Sang, who was still listening next to me, asked.



"It's good to have sent Lee Seol. But did you really need to send the children together?"

Hyun Jong answered the question with a low voice.

"I'm going to see them, too."


"To be a calming force, we have to understand each other. I just hope that one day the children will lead Hwasan, so that they can understand the pain of Lee Seol."

Hyun Sang nodded quietly.

'Lee Seol-ah...'

Hyun Jong, who closed his eyes still, quietly memorized Do-ho into his mouth.

* * *

How far are we going?'

Baek Cheon looked at Yoo-Esul running ahead with a slight frown. It started early in the morning, but the sun was already slowly going over Seosan.

But Yoo-Esul's feet didn't seem to stop.


Everything in front of me was mountains, so I couldn't tell where Yoo-Esul was talking about.

Baek Cheon thought he knew nothing about Yoo-Esul.

Dang-Soso is the daughter of Dangga-ju, and Jo-Gol is from Sacheon shopping district. Yoon-Jong was orphaned as a child and picked up by Hawasan's elder, Chung-Myung...….I'm just a beggar. Cho-sam's little cub.'

But I knew very little about Yoo-Esul.

Yoo-Esul was a person who didn't talk much about himself. Only after Chung-Myung came in did he speak a little better. In the past, it was common not to say two or three words for a month.

I thought it would be enough if it was just the same Mundo of Hwasan, but as I followed her like this, I was curious about her past.

And Chung-Myung's past...….

"……What's so far?"

"Come down, you son of a b*tc*!"

"That's what you're talking about."

"Sasook! He's not getting off his back! Please do something about him!"


I don't want to know his past. I think I'll be frustrated if I find out of course.

Yoo-Esul stopped running until the sun went completely beyond Seosan.

She stood at the mouth of a large mountain that looked quite rugged and looked back.


"… I just have to go up?"

She nodded instead of saying. Baek Cheon readily said.

"Then I'll go up."

Then Chung-Myung opened his mouth.

"But what the hell are you doing running all day up the mountain? It's getting dark."

"You didn't run, you son of a b*tc*!"

Cho-Gol shouted and Chung-Myung looked down.

"The death penalty, the death penalty."


"I'm trying to train you because I think your lower body is weak, but if you keep coming out uncooperative like this, I can raise a rock for you."

"…I'll take you to the top of the mountain cozy and comfortable."


Yoo-Esul glanced at Chung-Myung and started climbing the mountain straight away.

The rest followed in her footsteps, too.

Dang-Soso, right behind her, approached her and asked.

"Accident. Do I have to go up a lot?"

"Not to the top."

At the quiet answer, Dang-Soso nodded and looked at Yoo-Esul.

Others may not find much difference in that expressionless face. But in Dang-Soso's eyes, it was clear that her face was getting stiff.

'I don't think it's a bad feeling.'

I feel something complicated at the same time.

Joy. Missing. Sentimental.

I've never seen so many different emotions on Yoo-Esul's face.

What's in front of him that can stir up the school?'

Yoo-Esul has always maintained a firm mind. Didn't even Chung-Myung comment on Yoo-Esul's attitude as a prosecutor?

My curiosity grew bigger and bigger.

Yoo-Esul's steps became slower and slower, as if to solve such questions for Dang-Soso.

He slowed down the speed of development and started to walk soon. Those who followed also kept up with Yoo-Esul.

That's right away.

As the trees gradually dwindled, the thick forest began to disappear little by little.

It was not long before the sight of Hwasan's disciples was a vast open space with nothing special.


Despite Baek Cheon's questionable voice, Yoo-Esul didn't give a specific answer. Instead, he only walked as if he had been possessed with his eyes fixed on one place.

Baek Cheon opened his mouth again, wondering if he hadn't heard.

"What the hell is this place...…."

"Living quarters, for a minute.

But a low voice came from behind his back.



Yoon-Jong's voice squinted his eyes.



I soon shut my mouth.Where Yoo-Esul was headed, there was a slight bump. The height was so low that it wouldn't be seen properly if you didn't look closely.


It was…… a grave.

A small tomb built in the middle of the mountain.

As soon as I saw it, I could see why she found this place.

Whisper. Whispering.

Every time Yoo-Esul walked, the sound of stepping on grass penetrated everyone's ears.

The sound of grassworms crying.

The sound of the wind passing by.

And the sound of grass being stepped on.

No one could open their mouth hastily.

Soon after, Yoo-Esul arrived in front of the tomb and looked at the mound and opened his mouth in a low voice.

"I'm back."

Her eyes slowly close.


Tadak tumbling.

A bonfire was burning in front of the cabin, which was collapsing.

The people who renovated the cabin quite far from Bongbun simply unpacked to stay for a day.

"Oh, it's cold."

Chung-Myung sat close to the bonfire, shaking his shoulders.

Then he glanced at the cabin, which was about to collapse.

How long has he been neglected?

Five years? No, it's too old to say that.

I think it's been at least 10 years.'

There are signs that they have been working on it so that it does not collapse from time to time, but it was clear that more than a decade has not lived.

In other words, 10 years ago, people lived here.'

It's a strange thing.

It's not as easy as you think to live in the middle of a mountain. Especially this place wasn't suitable for people to live in. It is a place where sinners should not be forced to push themselves for the sake of their suffering or face human beings and hide.

Chung-Myung stared at Yoo-Esul.

And maybe she lived here in the past.

Perhaps with the owner of the tomb.

Only the sound of the bonfire continued indifferently. No one could bear to open their mouth.

Around the time the atmosphere felt overwhelming, Hwasan's disciples, except Yoo-Esul, began to stare at Baek Cheon.


'Ask me quickly.'


After a conversation with his eyes, Baek Cheon sighed deeply and opened his mouth with a slightly embarrassed face.



"What about that grave a moment ago?"

"…It's my father."

"Oh, I see...….Well."

Baek Cheon이

You got it, right?

As I looked around my disciples as if I were asking, everyone opened their eyes and shook their heads.

"Things to be ruined."

What else is there to ask, you people?!

Baek Cheon faltered and opened his mouth again.

"So the brother-in-law used to live here with his father?"


It was a short answer. He hesitated slightly and closed his eyes tightly. To be honest, now he couldn't stand it because he was curious.

"I don't think this is a good place to live, but how did you end up living in a place like this?"

Yoo-Esul looked up. And stared at Baek Cheon.

A little embarrassed, Baek Cheon quickly added.

"Oh, no. If you don't want to answer, you don't have to. It doesn't matter now."

As soon as the word was over, Yoo-Esul sprang up from his seat.

Baek Cheon flinched.

"No, brother and sister, I...…."

But as she entered the cabin, she suddenly began digging the floor in one corner.


Scooping up the floor with her hands, she pulled something out.

It was a half rotten chest made of wood.

She, who came out with a precious chest without caring about the dirt on her hands and clothes, put it down in front of Hwasan's disciples."This is……."

Everyone looked at it and Yoo-Esul opened the chest.

The chest was full of books.


Is it an emergency?

But nowhere in all those books was the title.

Soon Yoo-Esul began to pull out all the books. It was an indifferent touch.

Her hand, which had put down dozens of books like that, paused at one point. But soon he reached back into the chest.

Two brochures came out in her hand.

One of them was ragged as if it had been torn apart.

Chung-Myung's eyes have narrowed slightly.

There was a black stain in the middle of the ragged book, because he noticed that it was a trail of blood drying up.

And the other one...….

"Brand-Brand…… What about that?"

a book half-burnt

No, there are so many burnt parts that it's hard to call a book.

On the front, only a few words that seemed to be the title remained blurred.

Twenty-four and a hawk. And the law.

Although not complete, these letters alone gave us a good idea of what this book was really about.

"……24-year-old painting."

Everyone looked surprised.

Here was the emergency of the twenty-fourth parallelism, which the temple had been looking for so far. Of course, more than half of them burned down and could no longer be called emergency.

She looked at the books in both hands and quietly put them on the floor.

Then he sat down and looked at the bonfire and finally opened his mouth.

"My father is……."

Her quiet voice was a little more subdued than usual.

"My father was a student of Hwasan."

Yoon-Jong swallowed a dry saliva.

Yoo-Esul's unusual voice felt like it was sucking him up.

"Hwasan's student who ran away. Who didn't want to live as Hwasan's disciple. So the man who ran away with the door behind him.


"But at the same time……."

Yoo-Esul closed his eyes quietly.

"The one who really couldn't forget about Hwasan. Who left Hwasan behind and didn't abandon him until the end. I mean……."

He was a fool.