Chapter - 345 Episode 345. Are they all crazy? (5)

Hyun Dang. How much.

At one time he was expected to revive the downfall, called Hwasan First-Gijae.

At that time, Hyun Jong had never doubted that Hyun Dang would become a long writer for Hwasan. For young Hyun Jong, Hyun Dang was an idol and a goal.

Hana Hyun Dang abandoned her expectations and left Hwasan on her own.

That's also just before becoming a new writer.

A man with no senseless.

Hyun Young bit his lips.

His anger wasn't just because Hyun Dang was a traitor who abandoned Hwasan.

Rather, it was understandable.

The situation was not good enough for Hwasan to blame those who left. Hyun Young also felt bitter toward those who left Hwasan, but understood their choice in the back of their minds.

But Hyun Dang is different.

He left Hwasan with priest Hyun Pop shortly before taking office as a new writer.

It would never have happened, but for now, it was a situation in which Baek Cheon had to become a long writer because all the Unja's ships died. But it's the same thing that Baek Cheon led Baek Sang and the priests who followed me out of Hwasan.

Of course, there is Yoo-Esul, Yoon-Jong, and most of all, Chung-Myung in Hwasan now. So it's a big deal that Baek Cheon is abandoning Hwasan, but unfortunately, there were no Chung-Myung, Yoon-Jong, or Yoo-Esul in Hwasan at the time.

All of Munpa's expectations were focused on Hyun Dang.

And the incident was a huge shock to Hawasan, who barely managed to maintain the shape of a gatekeeper.

The former writer-in-law went up to the stage in agony, and the future writer-in-law kicked his seat and left the gate.

Where could a more obvious omen be?

This incident eventually led to the departure of those who thought there was no future in Hwasan.

In addition, all of the Moon faction who were continuing to exchange have severed their ties with Hwasan.

In other words, it means that Hyun Dang was the one who made the final hit on Hwasan, who had fallen.


Hyun Young's teeth were still chipped when he thought about it.

Hyun Jong, who had never dreamed of becoming a long writer, took the position without time to prepare. Just because the distribution is the highest among those left in Hwasan.

Hyun Young remembers.

a long-written position

As soon as he climbed the heavy and painful place, many of his disciples left Hwasan, who had to just look at him.

The small, sad, etc.

Since then, to Hyun Young, who knows what path Hyun Jong has taken, Hyun Dang has been more hateful than Jong Nam.

He bit his lips tightly.

I can see Hyun Dang, who was visibly embarrassed, and Hyun Jong, who calmly exudes energy in front of him.


It's over there.

He who endured the terrible storm and painful years like an old pine who had been rooted in a cliff.

Hyun Young's proud death penalty, and Hwasan's proud writer.

"Long-written man."

Hyun Young was scolded for enduring the cold snow.

Hyun Jong, who couldn't even compare to that Hyun Dang in the past, now seems to be a person who is bigger than Hyun Dang. After overcoming that long painful time, it can no longer be the Hyun Jong of the past."Hmm."

When Hyun Dang was surprised by Hyun Jong's energy and was speechless, Hyun Pop coughed in vain and revived the atmosphere.

"Long storyline, I think that's a little too much."

"…too much?"

Hyun Jong's stern eyes are on Hyun Pop.

"What's too much?"


"Did Bourne say anything wrong?"

"It's not like that, but...…."

Although he stepped forward, Hyun Pop seemed to be at a loss for words.

In fact, in the first place, they couldn't have anything to say in front of Hyun Jong. Wasn't it because of Hyun Jong, who had the nerve to climb Hwasan, who had no weakness left in their memory?

"When did this guy get so determined?'

Hyun Pop couldn't hide his surprise.

As I've already told Hyun Dang, people don't change that easily. But Hyun Jong, who is now in front of him, felt like a completely different person than he knew.

Isn't there a sense of dignity that's not lacking to lead a clique?

I have firmly believed that no matter how much things go through, the fundamentals of people do not change, but now that I see Hyun Jong, I even felt that something I believed in all along is collapsing.

That's why I'm embarrassed.


Fortunately, however, Hyun Dang, who calmed himself down while he was dragging his feet, raised his head slightly.



"How can't you understand my long-time writer' Of course you'll hate me."


"One, it's not that hard to give me a chance, is it? I really just want to atone for Hwasan. If you give me a chance, I'd like to help the long-literate and bring him back to the literary circle worthy of his name. In order to do so, I don't mind crushing my bones. That's why I led the whole family up to Hwasan, isn't it?"

Hyun Jong smiled brightly at Hyun Dang's long words.

"I do not doubt what the death penalty says."

What if I say "…?"

"Hwasan just doesn't need your help anymore."


"Did you say you wanted to help Hwasan?"

Hyun Jong stared at Hyun Dang with his cool eyes.

"Then get out of Hwasan right now. That's the only way you can help Hwasan."


Hyun Pop looked at me in a fit of rage.

"Isn't that too much to hear? Do you think you're the only ones who suffered? Why don't we know we haven't had a comfortable day since we left Hwasan?"



Hyun Jong's eyes were now as cold as frost.

"So you must have been really tired. Can I comfort you?"

"…, you."

Hyun Pop's face twitching with anger, but he couldn't say anything in front of Hyun Jong's eyes. His tongue, which used to move smoothly as if it had been oiled, has now hardened as if it had been transmitted.

Instead, Hyun Dang opened his mouth.

"Hyun Jong아."

"How dare you!"

When Hyun Sang, who was next to him, tried to yell in anger, Hyun Jong raised his hand and dissuaded him.

"Long story short!"

"It worked."

Hyun Jong shook his head slowly and stared at Hyun Dang.

"Tell me."

Hyun Dang sighed deeply."I know, I'm the sinner of Hwasan. Can't you at least give me a chance to atone?"


"Do you remember? In the past, I especially cared about you. When I think of that connection...…."

"That's enough of the meaningless words."


"The person sitting in front of you now is Hyun Jong, not your priest Hyun Jong, but Hwasan's writer. I don't decide on the seriousness of Hwasan by personal feelings."


"I won't say much. Leave right now and never cross the threshold of Hwasan again."

It was a very firm voice.

To the point where they can't find anything.

Hyun Dang trembled unknowingly.

I'm not impressed by the fact that Hyun Jong has grown so amazingly. He is feeling unbearably humiliated that a person who could not even step on his shadow in the past is pushing him back.


Hyun Dang bit his lips.

His eyes, which had been shaking for a long time, suddenly cooled.

"Long story…….No, Hyun Jong."

"But that guy keeps..."

Hyun Young flew into a rage, but Hyun Dang continued without giving a break.

"I understand what you're trying to say. You mean you don't understand me after all."

The gentle attitude that he has shown so far is nowhere to be found. All that was left was a cold smile and an arrogant look.

Watching that, Hyun Jong unknowingly gave a despondentertainly.

Nothing has changed from the past.'

In the past, Hyun Dang was just like that.

Anhamuin and Omanmuin.

But in the past, Hwasan needed the arrogant. Those who lost their confidence needed to be led by those who had too much confidence.

Wasn't Hyun Jong fascinated by Hyun Dang at one time?


It's different.

Confidence and arrogance are similar but not the same.

Had Hyun Dang sat in a lengthy seat, Hwasan would have disappeared into history without ever being revived.

Before Chung-Myung even started.

"Go back to this."

Hyun Dang smiled bitterly and spoke calmly.

"Good. That's a good word. But before that, let me ask you a question."

Then, he stared at Hyun Jong with cold eyes.

"Do you deserve it?"


Hyun Jong looked silently at Hyun Dang. Hyun Dang twisted the corners of his mouth even more.

"I'll ask you again. I mean, do you deserve to give me a congratulatory order?"

"Why do you think there isn't?"

"Don't you know?"

Hyun Dang reached out and grabbed a glass of water. Then he gulped down the water without delay and laid down the glass with a relaxed touch.

At the leisure of the fingertips, Hyun Sang and Hyun Young looked at Hyun Dang with anxious eyes.

Hyun Dang, who had been silent for a while, looked at Hyun Jong and said with mocking eyes.

"If you're really Hwasan's writer, you deserve to kick me out."

Hyun Sang and Hyun Young jumped up from their seats and stared at Hyun Dang with murderous eyes.

But Hyun Dang wasn't a bit shaken when he received that look. Rather, he continued his speech with a relaxed face.

"But let me ask you……."

A fishy smile sprang up around his mouth.

"Are you really Hwasan's manuscript?"

"I'm sure he'll see you!"

"Where are you lying down like that?"

It was strange.Hyun Young and Hyun Sang even breathed their faces red.

But they also only made noises, showing signs of embarrassment.

And Hyun Jong just stared at Hyun Dang with a calm face even though he was told offensive words.

"What do you want to say?"


Hyun Dang smiled triumphantly as if he had accomplished what he wanted.

"You're not Hwasan's manuscript."


Hyun Jong's expression remained unchanged, but Hyun Dang relaxed as if he would enjoy the reaction.

And he spoke leisurely.

"Who decides to write long letters? The elders of the civil service at the same time as the elders of the previous generation. In other words, it is only the sublet that can determine the future generation's long writer."



Hyun Dang's voice gets higher.

"Hwasan's predecessor. So I'm the next person to write Hwasan that you and my teacher have chosen. It doesn't mean that you're Hyun Jong, but that I'm Hyun Dang, a true writer who connects Hwasan's enemies."

Hyun Young's face turned red and screamed.

"Where are you going to use that sophistry?"


Despite Hyun Young's fierce criticism, Hyun Dang was just relaxed. He looked over Hyun Jong and asked.

"Do you think so, too?"


Hyun Jong gave no answer.

Hyun Dang, who understood the silence as positive, shrugged.

"You don't know. You really don't know anything. It's not that simple to carry on the red tape of a masterpiece. Only those worthy of that qualification can be lengthy."

"How dare a excommunicated man put his long qualifications on the lips!"

"Who excommunicated me?"

Hyun Young closed his mouth.

Hyun Dang shouted in a dignified tone as he looked at him like that way.

"There's no one left to excommunicate me! Who dares to excommunicate me? You? You were my priests, and you excommunicated me in no capacity!"


He looked elated as if he were fighting a winning battle.

"Answer me, Hyun Jong. Who is the writer of Hwasan? Who did your teacher and former master choose as Hwasan's master? There's only one answer you can give if you're really a law-abiding person."

Hyun Jong stared at him with his sunken eyes.

Hyun Jong, who had been staring for a long time, finally opened his mouth.

"Hwasan's long writer is……."