Chapter - 350 Episode 350. I'm Cheng Ming, the three greatest disciples of the volcano. (4)

"Turn it off……."


There was no defeat.

No, even the losers who came back from the war won't be this ragged.

Hyun Dang helped each other and bit his lips as he looked at the barely-descent gasols.

"Ugh, ooh!"

Hyun Pop, who was walking next to him relying on a wooden stick, lost balance and fell to the floor.


And then he groaned for a long time, holding his waist tight.

"Oh, my God…, where is this law in the world!"

Hyun Dang bit his lips until he bled while watching Hyun Pop screaming in anger.

"No matter how much the discipline of the gate is reversed," he said.…I can't do this. I can't believe it.."

Hyun Pop almost seemed enraptured. Just by looking at the weak murmurs and loose eyes.

It was enough to stay like that way.

If he had been beaten and kicked out by a wise man's boat, he would not have felt so miserable. But threshing them is a child who would not have been born yet when they were in Hwasan.

Who can understand the feelings of a man who is beaten and kicked out by a grandson?

"Say something, death penalty! You said it's okay as long as it's up to Hwasan!"

"Shut up!"

Hyun Dang's body spouted out of life.

Hyun Pop cringed at the momentum.

"For God's sake……."

Hyun Dang's face was distorted like a male demon.

"That son of a b*tc*...You're coming out here, aren't you?"

"Hwasan is done. There are no Dodo and no examples. It's like a bunch of lords. I heard that the public is jokingly calling Hwasan, but isn't that the perfect match?"

Hyun Pop's talk was full of resentment and anger. A blue light emanated from Hyun Dang's eyes. He gritted his teeth and spoke quietly.

"If they treat us like this, we have no choice but to treat them the same way."

Hyun Pop swallowed his dry saliva at the husky voice.

"Is there a way?"


Hyun Dang, who looked at the distant mountain without saying a word, said as if he were chewing.

"I'm going to Sorim."

"…Cow, Shaolin?"

Hyun Pop asked back in surprise. But Hyun Dang seemed sincere.

What do you mean, Shaolin?

"Sorim was humiliated by Hwasan. Of course there must be a grudge against Hwasan. So we can take advantage of our situation."


Hyun Pop nodded his head.

Surely this situation was controversial.

Anyway, aren't they, once adults of the private sector, being beaten out by a young student of Hwasan?

"If this is known to the strong, someone will blame Hwasan, and someone will blame us. But to put it bluntly, there's no one who's serious about what's going on in the other Munpas. It's just the right food for a drinking party."

"That's right."

"But if Shaolin stands behind it, the story will be different. Shaolin has the power to develop this work. And we can use us to pressure Hwasan."

Hyun Pop shut his mouth.

I'm sure Shaolin has the power to do that.

But there was one thing that bothered me.

"But…… the death penalty. That way, we're really hostile to Hwasan."

Hyun Dang glared at Hyun Pop with a sharp look.

"What does that mean?"


"They are the ones who abandoned us. Parents who abandon their children cannot wish their children good luck. Why do we have to think of him when we're abandoned by him?""The death penalty is right."

Hyun Pop nodded loudly.

At this moment, he gave up even a little qualms.

"I can't see those bastards crossing the river in the mask of Hwasan. I'll put everything back in place as long as I pull out the cornerstone of Hwasan."

Hyun Pop and Hyun Dang know the truth.

The fact that it was them who tried to mask Hwasan.

But now that things have gone this far, it means nothing. Already they've sorted everything out to get to Hwasan. I couldn't go back without any income.

"But will Shaolin write us?"

"There's nothing wrong with Shaolin. It's good to ruin Hwasan, and it's even better to let us lead him. Above all, we have a justification."

"Even if it's justification...…."

"It doesn't matter if it's a lame cause."

Hyun Dang said straightforwardly.

"That's what justification is. If a perfect cause is in the hands of the weak, you cannot use your strength, and if a clumsy cause is in the hands of the strong, you must exert your strength more than anything else. Shaolin has the power to make our cause true."

Hyun Pop nods his head.

"Then we should go to Soongsan right away."

"That's right."

Hyun Dang turned his head and looked up the mountain.

"Hyun Jong…...and Chung-Myung!"


Hyun Dang, who grated his teeth, grabbed his face. I couldn't stand the throbbing where I was beaten by Chung-Myung.

"I'm sure I'll see you fall into hell! Definitely!"

Naturalization rose in his eyes.

At the rush, Hyun Pop swallowed his dry saliva.


They may be powerful, but in reality they are weak. If you are going to make a grudge against a person like this, you should have made sure of it.

This is why Hyun Dang and Hyun Pop were able to climb up Hwasan, which began to make their name by commanding the world, without any special affection. I don't know if it's anywhere else, but I thought I wouldn't lose my life climbing up Hwasan.

If you are going to let him go, you should have laughed, and if you are going to use your hands, you should not leave any regrets.

'Now you're gonna feel it in your bones.'

It was the moment when Hyun Pop was about to smile triumphantly.

"Oh, my. The mountain is really steep."


Hyun Pop turned his head to the sudden voice.

I saw a group of people coming up the mountain path.

You're a beggar, aren't

Hyun Pop tilted his head when he saw their appearance.

Why would a beggar climb a mountain? There's no place in this rough mountain to look out for.

A beggar and a mountain.

You mean there's a combination that'sir?

Are we going up to Hwasan?'

No ordinary beggar will ever go to Hawasan, so are they open-minded?

Even before Hyun Pop was able to resolve all the questions that came to mind, the open roads that climbed the mountain road began to approach.

Feeling frightened by the sight, he kept his entire body on alert and wary of beggars.

'The direction is...'

Don't walk past them.

The beggars slowly split from side to side around Hyun Dang and Hyun Pop and started moving on both sides.

Like a siege.


Surprised Hyun Pop turned his head left and right and looked at the beggars.It's not an ordinary beggar.'

The solid body seen between the rags and the cool sinking eyes are completely different from the beggars found on the low street.

Hyun Pop, who knew something was going wrong, was about to open his mouth.

"It must be a long way to get to Soongsan Mountain."


the forward ranks

On the way up the beggars, a man swirled up.

"Oh, can you go all the way to Shaolin with that body?"

Did you hear that?

Hyun Pop's eyes trembled violently.

The beggar I spoke to a while ago was a person who had no particular characteristics. Unlike those who climbed first, this beggar would melt into the street without any sense of incompatibility.

But there was only one other place.

The look in one's eye

The cool sinking eyes were frightening enough to turn the eyes of the preceding beggars into that of a child.

"Why, why are you doing this?"

Hyun Dang raised his voice in embarrassment.

"There seems to be some misunderstanding. We're just going down the mountain...…."

"Hyun Dang."


"Name is How Liang. Left Hwasan 30 years ago and settled in Honam. Although he made a signature soup in Honam and served as a leader on the outside, it was actually a salt statue that had been infected with smuggled salt."

Hyun Dang's eyes were wide open.

"Is that right?"

"……Da, you……."

"I guess you'really.

The man shrugged his shoulders.

"I've done a lot of research, but I don't think I have to talk about it here."

He was smiling, but his eyes were cold.

"It's not who you are that matters. You were trying to spit on my preoccupation of Hwasan, and now you're trying to ruin it. Right?"

A cold sweat broke out on Hyun Dang's back.

Anyone who lives in the strong team should know one thing.

You can be hostile to anyone in the world, but you must not be hostile to beggars.

Who are the scariest people in the world?

Those who have nothing to lose.

The place where those who had nothing to lose gathered was openness.

People only look at the appearance of openness that discusses consultation. But how can an opening created by a hundred thousand beggars be justified?

Openness is the most consultative place in the world and at the same time the world's most dangerous people are gathered.

"I was going to start looking at it even if I didn't ask for it.…."

The man raised his hand and caressed the top of his head.

"……I've been criticized for failing to catch the guys on Hwasan. This Hong Dae Kwang."

Then the beggars surrounding the area giggled and began to laugh.

"These days, you seem to be cursing with your fist."

"I think I've seen you eat with your feet."

"Wangcho, you look terrible."

"It's noisy, you bastards!"

Hong Dae Kwang screamed and looked at the group with a funny face.

"Anyway, well. If a person makes a mistake, he or she should at least take care of it. I don't want to disappoint that demon any more."

Hong Dae Kwang is smiling.

"If you go to Shaolin like this, only the people who line Shaolin do good things. But unfortunately I'm lining up for Hwasan."

His voice was full of laughter.

But to Hyun Dang and Hyun Pop, it sounded so creepy.

"Do you know what beggars hate the most?""……."

"I'm losing my job. But you're trying to cut off my bread."

Hyun Dang's trembling eyes began to swirl around.

Creepy sharpened blades were sticking out of the sleeves of the beggars surrounding them.

A short dagger.

a sharp grated iron skewer

And a long sickle.

It was not long before they giggled and slowly began to narrow the siege.

Hyun Dang's bristles shuddered and gathered in the center. The fear of the eyes began to glisten.

"Tsk tsk. Yeah, you should've looked at people. You touched that demon without being surprised. Of course you have to pay."

Hong Dae Kwang made a slight chin gesture. The beggars rushed at Hyun Dang with creepy eyes.

* * *

"I won't kill you."

Crunch crunch. Crunch crunch.

Chung-Myung chewed the mooncake and said brusquely.


"The beggars sometimes go too far, but they're sensible. I won't kill you. But I'm sure you'll scare me."


Hyun Young listened to Chung-Myung with a solemn face.

"And I'll probably tie it up and throw it on the periphery. Don't let Shaolin stand a chance for the rest of your life. If you're talented, you can go to Shaolin to avoid the eyes of all the beggars in the world, but you can't be that talented to those old people."

I'm sure you are, Hyun Young nodded.

"They must have been angry instead, so I'd have to take a sickle or get beaten up."


Watching Chung-Myung grinning, Hyun Young sighed and nodded.

"Anyway, you've been through a lot."

"No, like star flies. Tsk."

"Opening up is a secret to the long storyteller."

"Come on. I'm not a kid."

Chung-Myung giggled. Hyun Young nodded and was lost in thought.

Those who attract the clique should not just be fair. If someone shows fair play, someone should know how to use their hands so that they don't show up.

In the past, that role was up to Hyun Young.

One now…….

"Will it be all right?


"You're giving too much to Hwasan. But the honor is...…."

Chung-Myung waved his hand loudly to interrupt Hyun Young.

"The elder has a lot of petty worries, too. If I wanted that, I would've already eaten it all. Don't you know me?"

"……Yes, I see."

Hyun Young smiles.

"Well, why don't we feed him some meat instead of what he hasn't eaten? It's been a while since I've had a baby."

"What about alcohol? Alcohol?"

"Take one of the things you've packed."

"Hehe. You knew. I thought you hid it well."

"Let's go."


Hyun Young smiled in a strange mood as he saw the back of Chung-Myung walking ahead.

Then, he took a short step and stood next to Chung-Myung and grabbed his shoulder.

"It hurts."

"Yeah, yeah."

Hyun Young's smile grew a little bigger around his mouth.

The bright sun shone behind the backs of the two old men heading for the trudging restaurant.