Chapter - 353 Episode 353. We can make it bigger. (3)

"Civil equality, Muyugoha, Simyeong Anudara Sammak Samboje ( " " ", 有有, " " " " ")."

The law is equal, so there is no high or low.

That's why it's called the highest and most right enlightenment.

Bop Jeong, who closed his eyes and calmly recited the Kumgang Van Yabara Milgyeong, opened his eyes quietly.

"If you're here, come in."

There was no return answer.

But Bop Jeong waited rather than urging once again. If the opponent has a mind, he will open the door, otherwise he will turn around.


The door opened soon to see if his wait was wrong. And I saw a familiar and unfamiliar face.


"I see the head of the room."

Bop Jeong, who received an example from his opponent, nodded quietly.

I'm used to it.

But it's unfamiliar.

Although his young face had been the same countless times, unlike in the past, his blurred eyes and pale eyelids completely changed the impression of the person he knew.

"Sit down, Hye Yeon."

"Yes, sir."

Hye Yeon, who closed the door and came inside, sat still across from Jang.

Bop Jeong looked at him and asked, following the half-cooled car.

"Are you free from the seduction?"


When Hye Yeon didn't answer, Bop Jeong shook his head quietly.

"You still haven't escaped the seduction of the day. It's just an obsession."


His eyes looking at Hye Yeon were filled with sadness.

On the day of losing to Chung-Myung, Hye Yeon entered penitentiary on her own. And so far, he has not taken a single step away from Chamhoe-dong.

The pain of defeat for the first time.

And the sense of shame that Shaolin has defiled his reputation.

All these feelings led him to asceticism. At least Bop Jeong thought so.

"The Saga people said that winning or losing was a disease. If you're a warrior, you should accept defeat, and if you're a Buddhist, you shouldn't push the go. Until when..."

"Room leader."

Hye Yeon opened her mouth in a slightly subdued voice.

"I'm not tied to losing."

How can you be so distressed when you say "…"?"

When asked by Bop Jeong, he looked up.

"I locked myself up to understand what I couldn't understand. However, no matter how much I try to be true and true, I don't understand."

Bop Jeong's eyes wriggled slightly.

"What don't you understand?"


With the name in his mouth, Hye Yeon closed her mouth. And it wasn't until a moment later that he started talking again.

"It was so strong. It's natural to lose to a stronger person. So I don't doubt his strength. There is no reason to doubt his own weakness."

Hye Yeon's voice was very determined.

"But what I don't understand is the anger and sadness of the poet Chung-Myung. He was stronger than ever, and he deserved what he wanted with that power. But instead, he let out his anger and just turned away. His actions seduce me inside."

"……Hye Yeon아."

"So tell me."


Hye Yeon's sunken eyes looked like a swamp.

"The chief was insulted by him, but he was not rude. The way I see it, it seemed to me that even the director felt his anger. Am I wrong by any chance?"


Although Bop Jeong was reluctant to answer, Hye Yeon didn't seem to be willing to step down in moderately.

"Even if bulldo is enduring and enduring, turning a blind eye to the truth will not be bulldo. Am I not qualified to know the truth, Mr. Bang?"Bop Jeong sighed softly.

"Can it be?"

Please tell me if you do. I can't move on without confirming this fact."

Bop Jeong finally nodded at Hye Yeon's firm will.

I don't know if it's anyone else, but Hye Yeon, who will someday carry Shaolin, should know.

"……That's what happened."

After completing all the explanations, Bop Jeong looked at Hye Yeon quietly.

There was no significant change in facial expression on the emaciated face, so it was hard to guess what he was thinking.

Finally, Hye Yeon opened her mouth.

"How come…."

However, I couldn't say everything I wanted to say. Bop Jeong shook his head.

"It's the work of the predecessor."

"How can you write it off like that?"

"You can't pay for what you haven't do. If your enemy dies and you can't solve his grudge, will you cut him down and solve his grudge?"


There is no reason for us to be fully responsible for what happened in the election. It's a harsh thing to do. I can do them a favor, but...…."

"Room leader!"

Unbearable Hye Yeon screamed and interrupted Bop Jeong.

"All that Shaolin enjoys now is from the predecessor. If we are not going to take off the shell of Shaolin and go back to the Buddha of one man, how can we cover up the work of our predecessors?"

"That's ridiculous!"

Bop Jeong's voice has also been raised somewhat. A determined look was directed at Hye Yeon.

"If that's the case, where is the fault that Shaolin has done so far? Man is how to live a life of sin. How many sins have been committed by those who have been through Shaolin so far? If you don't have all the sins to deal with, you don't speak so hastily!"


"Illegal begins with building itself entirely. Cutting off the worldly theorem does not just mean cutting off the inner ear. If you can cut it all off and build yourself up, then you can walk the law!"

Hye Yeon, who listened silently to Bop Jeong, nodded very slowly.

"Did you tell me to hang up?"

"That's right."

"You mean don't get tangled up, right?"

"That's true. Even after a thousand years of fear, the work that has been built will not go away. Then, the work must be fully handled by the good people of the past. Do you need to take the place of that sin?"


Hye Yeon quietly exclaimed disapproval.

"The chief is absolutely right."

"Did you understand?"

"Yes. So-seung finally understood."

Bop Jeong smiled with his stiff face relaxed.

"That's a relief. Don't get tied up anymore and do what you have to do what you have to do."


Hye Yeon stood up with a face saying she had put down a big burden.

"Yeah, go ahead."

Then he set an example and took the class president.

"We may not see you for a long time, so please drink and take care of your body."

Bop Jeong opened his eyes wide.

"What does that mean?"

"So-seung wants to go to Hwasan."

"…what, what?"

Bop Jeong's face was distorted with absurdity at the unexpected remark. But Hye Yeon didn't care. On the contrary, he said with a face of refreshment.

"Did we find the answer in Bangjang's speech? I've seen a bull in him. I didn't understand why the young monk had my misfortune, but the director didn't tell me.""…I am?"


Hye Yeon nods her head.

"If the bulls are there, of course they should be gung-gu. I couldn't break up the relationship between Shaolin and Bangjang, so I thought about it over and over again. But I am willing to carry out the word because the head of the room said, "Don't be tied to kites and walk illegally.""

Bop Jeong's mouth opened wide, forgetting his face.

What the hell is this all about?

"Hye, Hye Yeon. That's not what I meant!"

"You don't have to be so embarrassed. My illegality is not that deep yet to sever my ties with Shaolin. So……."

Hye Yeon turned her head and looked at the closed door. No, I felt like I was looking beyond.

"I'll go and see it. What he does. How he lives. I think I can go further if I see both eyes."


Bop Jeong bit his lower lip. I never thought this would happen.

"What would you do if I didn't allow you?"

"With the grace I have received, how can I disobey the orders of the chief?"


"If you don't want to stop me, I'll go back to Chamhoe-dong. If you can't go even if there's a way, you'll have to find your way there."


Bop Jeong shivered without saying a word. I couldn't bear to say anything if I wanted to.

Hye Yeon once again became president and turned away.

Bop Jeong, who stared blankly at the back of it, hurriedly opened his mouth.

"Hye Yeon아."


"Will you come back?"

"It will be."

"…Yes, go ahead."


Hye Yeon opened the door and left the room without hesitation.

Silence sank when the door closed.

Left alone, Bop Jeong sighed quietly as he looked at the cold car.

It's karma.'

The world is shaking even at this moment.

If we had established a new order based on the sacrifices of Hwasan and countless literary factions in the past and helped each other, the world would have been different by now.

But the midfield only thought of their own interests. And in the arena of the previous pitch, the broken horseman is slowly revealing his power again.

a turbulent situation

The tide is coming.

To the shame of the sacrifices made in the past.

'Yes, go and see.'

In essence, Hye Yeon cannot be led. Dragons cannot be tamed by humans. The only thing that can lead a dragon is the same dragon.

If Hye Yeon is a dragon, Chung-Myung is also a dragon.

Then there must be something Hye Yeon will learn from Chung-Myung.

"Amitabha Buddha."

Bop Jeong chanted his disapproval.

But he was missing one thing.

No matter how white a white dragon boasts of pure white scales, the fact that when it is associated with a black dragon, he also becomes black in an instant.

If Bop Jeong had known this first, he would have held onto his trouser leg and stopped Hye Yeon.

Unfortunately, however, Bop Jeong didn't know that at this time.


* * *

"That's it!"


"It's West Bank!"

Hawasan's disciples spoke out. Chung-Myung frowned and rebuked the excited voice.

"Are you going on a picnic?"

"You often go in and out of the West Coast because of the top of the galaxy, but this is our first time."


When asked as if Chung-Myung was absurd, his disciples sighed deeply sighed."I don't have much to go down from Hwasan, what's the point of coming all the way to West Bank?"

"…What a country folk."

"It's noisy!

Chung-Myung grinned as Yoon-jong screamed.

"Well, it's okay. I'll be in and out like my own house soon."

"It will be."

Hyun Young also nodded and helped.

"There will be more opportunities to travel around the world in the future as well as the West Bank. In the past, it was said that the good men of HWASAN had collaborated throughout the world and made numerous virtues. So will you guys soon."

"Yes, Elder!"

Hwasan's disciples answered loudly in an anticipated voice.

But only Chung-Myung didn't let go of his sour face.

'Collaboration is frozen to death.'


That's all zoning!

If the other gatekeepers set up where the shippers are, they'll set up where the shippers live, then they'll go and beat them!

Then the shippers will pay the bounty with their own hands, and the clans will be enriched!

That's the way the world is, collaboration is frozen to death.

Of course, while moving to manage the area, it was often the case of breaking in and smashing everything if it was upsetting just to hear. However, there were not many occasions for the collaboration itself.

Why do you have so many things to do when you're busy learning the sword?

Well, you'll find out soon enough.'

The reality is that it's not that easy.

And that's where you start to realize it.

Chung-Myung put the high wall of the West Bank in his eyes.

"Now, where are you?"

The corners of my mouth curled up.

"Shall we register from there for now?"

Let's start with the West Bank and eat up the island! Just like how Hwasan used to be.


Watching Chung-Myung secretly starting to laugh alone, everyone felt anxious.

What's wrong with him?'

Leave it. Not a day or two.

I don't know why, but I knew from experience that every time he laughed, something must happen.

Baek Cheon and the rest of the disciples, this time, prayed and prayed that this ominousness would be missed.