Chapter - 354 Episode 354. We can make it bigger. (4)


Hwang Munnyak welcomed Hawasan's men entering the entrance with open arms.

"Thank you for your hospitality, my lord."

"Ha ha. You mean this. How can I not be so hospitable when he's the best friend on the top of our galaxy?"

Hyun Young smiled happily as he looked at Hwang Munnyak who looked genuinely happy.

If Hwang Munnyak had this reaction only after Hwasan regained his reputation, his face would have changed now.

But Hwang Munnyak is the one who has claimed to be their sponsor since Hwasan was struggling.

So how can I be bothered?

"Don't do this, come on inside. I've prepared some simple dishes."

"Thank you for your consideration."

Huang Munnyak smiled at Hyun Young, expressing his gratitude, and glanced at Chung-Myung.

"It hasn't been a few days, but I'll see you again, cow stamp."

"I know. Have you been?"

"I had a hard time refilling all the good liquor that was emptied out of the cow's chest."

"Hehe. Then I'll have to empty it for you again."

"Will there be?"

Wang Munnyak chuckled back.

If others had said this, Wang Munnyak would have called him rude. But Chung-Myung is not. Chung-Myung is a man who can say and do nothing here.

To be honest, how much did the top of the galaxy earn thanks to Chung-Myung Hana?

"Even if everything else is put aside, we can recover several times the amount of money invested just by being able to join Unam's tea trade."'

One, too, is nothing when you think about the money you will earn in the future.

Hawasan's dominance is now beginning to run out of harmony and into the West Bank. And soon it will begin to spread across the island as well as the West Bank.

If you can carry such Wasan on your back, it is not a dream that the top of the galaxy will take over all the islands and grow into a top that discusses the world.

So how could Chung-Myung not be pretty?

It's not just the Chung-Myung stamp.'

Hwang Munnyak smiled delightedly as he looked at his disciples heading to the inner chamber.

The young men, who had long been under the huge name of Jongnam, are now promising postscripts who have achieved their reputation to the world.

Hawsan's growth is astonishing, even for him who has been watching from the sidelines.

"If this is the case...….'

Of course, it's not easy, but now it's enough to dare to put the word "the world's most civilized group" in your imagination. The words that I couldn't even dream of becoming a frozen monk a few years ago.

And perhaps their West Bank trip would be the starting point of the move.

Hyun Young, who briefly spoke of blessing with Hwang Munnyak, brought his disciples into the room without delay.

"Well, you got there sooner than I thought."

"Thanks to that, I can pull back my schedule a little bit."

Hyun Young nodded lightly.

"Let's move on, of course. Baek Cheon아."


"You lead your disciples and look at the public sentiment in the West Bank. No matter how many times they visited, the West Bank was the place where Jongnam had the greatest influence. It will not be favorable to us so far."

"Yes, I'll take a closer look."

"Baek Sang, you go to Hwang Dae-in and make a list of supplies for the gate."

"Yes, Elder!"

Hyun Young has assigned several other students to do their jobs.

It was certainly a quick work process like a fiscal footnote.

"Do you all understand?""Yes, Elder!"

"There is nothing to be delayed. Time is as good as gold, so move now!"




"What about me?"

Sitting in the corner, Chung-Myung raised his hand and asked. Then Hyun Young smiled pleasedly.

"Yes, Chung-Myung. You're going with me to find out about the war."

"Oh, you're ready to open the door?"


"Yes, then I'll be there."

"Yeah, come with me. Hahahaha."


The other students trembled with unknown anxiety as they watched the two people face each other and smile back and forth.


Yoon-Jong gazed frantically around.

"It's huge."

"What's new about Nakyang who saw it with his eyes? And didn't you visit the castle before?"

"It feels a little different from there."

Baek Cheon smirked.

"Watch a lot. There will be a lot of things to visit in the future. Now you have to get used to this place as much as harmony."

"Yes, boarding house."

While Yoon-jong was answering, his eyes moved as if he was distracted by something. Baek Cheon smirked and glanced around.

Everything's all right with you?'

I sighed unknowingly because of the constant tension.

It is highly likely that there are still quite a few people who are hostile to Hawsan, as it is a place of strong influence in the Jongnam region.

Every action was bound to be cautious.

It was then.

"Uh. There, there, there...…?"

"Why? What's going on?"

"Isn't that the Wasans?"

Some passers-by began to murmur when they saw the plum blossoms engraved on the cheon's chest. Of course it was a very small voice, but Hwasan's disciples couldn't have missed it.

The shoulders of the disciples shrank slightly.

"I think you're still young."

"So they must be the poster players for the best performance in this show."

"There you go, there you go!"

His shoulders, which were shrunk by the favorable response, were straightened up again.

You don't have a bad reaction.'

'As expected, people have to make a performance.'

The Hwasan disciples exchanged eyes with each other. In particular, Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong smiled to see if they could hide their pride.

"Oh, I heard that Hwasan is in great spirits these days, but now we have a day to see his disciples in the West Bank."

"That's great. Ah, that's great. Until recently, I was so out of interest that I couldn't even hear that it had fallen, but in the blink of an eye...…."

"I don't know. I've been paying attention ever since I heard that Hwasan won the Zhonghua branch."

"Oh, my God! You're not putting it back!"

The mob grew louder and louder.

As soon as they started to talk loudly, more and more people heard it, or more people recognized Hwasan's plum blossom patterns, and more and more eyes were on them.

Baek Cheon hastened his walk with a half-proud, half-humiliated face.

Hwasan's disciples, who managed to escape the crowd, each sighed and faced each other.

"You're welcome, aren't you?""

"No one is more hostile than I thought. There is no mention of Jongnam at all."

"I know, but I thought there would be people who were upset."

Jo-Gol, who had been listening, shook his head and said.

"That's how a person's period works."


"You know what Chung-Myung says all the time."


What? Hyup? Hyup? Hyup. What a great sponsor! Hey, you guys. If the negotiations are so great, then people will join in the order of cooperation. How can you say that to me when those Shaolin dangjungs are stuck in the mountains and they're just saying "the world' Kangho is just power. The one who's good at cutting is the best."……I'm not wrong."

Back Cheon's party shook their heads as they recalled Chung-Myung's words.

No matter how true it may be, this is not something that those who claim to be political factions would say.

"The people of the West Bank, and furthermore the islanders, have considered their representative gatekeepers Jongnam. It's not because Jong Nam has a long history, nor because Jong Nam has done great collaboration."

"Because he's the strongest."

"Yes, right."

Jo-Gol nodded loudly.

"Isn't the goodwill of the people of the West Bank to Jongnam also due to the power of the Munpa?" But now Jong-nam has done Bongmun, and Hwasan is performing well."

"It means that from now on, Hwasan will be the representative gatekeeper of the island instead of Jongnam."

"Yes, if the news spreads in the West Bank that Jong-nam has been sealed, the flow will be a little faster."

Jo-Gol, who paused, smiled slightly.

'It's not a bad time.'

If the West Bank were to be opened, it would accelerate the flow.

"Apparently, there are enough rumors about the world's best performance in the West Bank. Everyone's wondering how Hwasan got so strong."

"Then there are many who want to learn how to do Hwasan."

"Yes, what's particularly good is that Hwasan's reputation is built on the activities of the two great disciples and the three great disciples. It's usually young people who are trying to learn nothing by starting anew, right?"

"That's right."

"When parents decide to start a child, the fact that the latter is a strong candidate will be a great strength."

"Are you saying he's a master of education?"


Baek Cheon nodded with a pleased look.

Anyway, it is to congratulate Hwasan on having a good perception.

"I'll have to stop by a few more places, but I don't think it's as bad as the West Bank people worried about."

"That's what I think. Of course, I can't jump to conclusions. As Jongnam has been in control of the West Bank for a long time, there will be a number of people who make a living depending on Jongnam's reputation. Those people wouldn't be happy to see him open up a family."

"That's a lot to live with."

There was a determined light in Baek Cheon's eyes.

"Everyone, keep that in mind. This is nothing short of the fate of Hwasan. Everyone should do their best to help the Lord Hwayeongmun."

"Yes, Sa-suk!"

"Yes, death penalty!"

Everyone answered bravely, shining eyes. Baek Cheon smiled pleasedly.

This is the basic thing, this!'

What a constructive conversation does Chung-Myung have without one?

His priests, who seemed to have gone a little too far, also boasted a high level of insight with eyes full of passion now without Chung-Myung.

'When you're next to him, it's all gone.'

Even himself, including Baek Cheon.

Realizing the power of Chung-Myung, he shook his head and moved on.

"Chung-Myung is so comfortable without him."

"If he were next to you, wouldn't you have been nervous about what kind of accident he would have caused by now?"

"I wouldn't have had time to look around."

Everyone was busy criticizing Chung-Myung for swearing at Nara in the absence.

But Yoo-Esul, who was still listening, opened his mouth with a slight frown, wondering if he had a different opinion.

"Everyone's not working."


"What do you mean, an accident?"

Everyone looked with a curious look. Yoo-Esul said with a frown on his face.

"There's a reason. I had to keep my eyes on Chung-Myung.""…What is it?"

"It's a bigger trouble without us."


That's right.

That's absolutely true.

Everyone trembled.

Chung-Myung says he's dangerous wherever he is, and under no circumstances he has no answer.

But the scariest of all Chung-Myung is Chung-Myung who is not here right now.

"…Well, the elder went with you, wouldn't it be okay?"

"Fire oil."



……No way.

I felt the anxiety that everyone had been struggling to forget again.



Yoon-Jong pointed forward.

"Isn't that Chung-Myung?"


Baek Cheon frowned and looked in the direction Yoon-jong pointed.

"I see. I think that's right. There's an elder next to me."

"What are they doing over there?"

"He said he was going to look into the war, so maybe he's looking into the war?"

"Oh? Here?"

Baek Cheon peeked around.

It's not bad.'

It's a side through the West Bank. Although there is a distance from the center, the road was wide, so it seemed not bad for people to live after passing a lot.

"It must be expensive in places like this."

"Yes, and it's going to be more expensive because there's going to be a big yard to train in."

"Wouldn't it be okay to make a lot of money?"

"…... Elder Hyun Young?"

Everyone shut up at the last word.

He's gotten a lot better now, but isn't Hyun Young the most frugal person who represents Hwasan?

It was hard to imagine that such a person would buy an expensive vestibule along the busy street and open a gate.

"……It's very important. The writer may have spoken separately."

"I'm glad to hear that."

Not knowing what to do with anxiety, everyone crept up to the place where Chung-Myung and Hyun Young are.


"…Living in private."


"Didn't the elder and Chung-Myung say they went to see each other?"

"I did."



Slowly moving Baek Cheon's eyes began to tremble like a live tree.

a war angle

Yeah, every angle is every angle.

If you have to call a pole and a roof and a large one a fore angle, that's definitely a fore angle.

The problem is...

I don't think there's anything else except the post and the roof.'

Then can you call that a war angle?

A large house, which had been a haunted house for more than a hundred years, was laid out in front of me.

The thick grass, collapsed walls, and half-torn buildings looked pathetic.

"I hope not?"

"Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... Don't tell me."

"I'd rather have a vacant lot. The vacant lot won't collapse. If you touch that window the wrong way, it's going to collapse."

"……Hwasan is the same, not the door-to-door faction, you know."

Everyone looked at Hyun Young with contemplative faces.

You're not going to take over a haunted house, are you?

But what Yoo-Esul said a little while ago was constantly growing in their heads.

- Oil on fire.

At that time, the voice of an elderly man standing in front of Hyun Young and Chung-Myung was heard.

"Yes, yes! The prices are really, really cheap here. You can't find a place cheaper than this! But... but are you sure you don't mind? There's a reason why this good location of Jeongak became such a haunted house."

"What's the reason?"

The old man, who looked around, whispered in a small voice.

"There are many rumors that ghosts are coming out. There have been people who have bought this place several times before, but they have seen ghosts and run away without looking back."……Ghost?

Baek Cheon and his party looked back at each other's faces at the same time.

On the chest, ghost.

Please! Please!

Please, Chung-Myung! Elder! No!

Whether they could communicate or not, Chung-Myung looked at the elderly person with a rare surprise and asked back.

"There's a ghost? Here?

"……Yes, I'm telling you in advance because I'm afraid you'll get angry later on if I sell it without saying a word. There's a rumor like that."

"Oh, my God, a ghost!"

Chung-Myung clenched his fist.

"That would be cheap!"



"…It's cheap, but…… but really, that rumor...…."

Chung-Myung and Hyun Young smiled happily at each other.

"That's enough."

"That's enough."

"Well…. Think again. This place is rumored to be haunted, so workers don't want to work."

"That's all right."


Chung-Myung smiled and said proudly.

"There's a lot of workmen out there's a lot of work. And with the most robust things."


Of course, the face of Baek Cheon's group, who made eye contact with Chung-Myung, began to rot.

"Let's sign a contract!"

Hyun Young's bright voice seemed to tell everyone's future.

It's like hell.

I really hope they're all dead.'

Their happiness did not exist where Chung-Myung was, whether it was Hwasan or not.