Chapter - 355 Episode 355. I think we can make it bigger. (5)




Now there was a dying groan, almost a symbol of Hwasan.

Baek Cheon, who weaves several logs with a thick, sturdy rope of copper, sweated from the whole body and began pulling them all at once.


My arms trembled and my back stung.

'What the hell is this?'

There was a dying groan next to him.

"Yes, boarding house...…."


"I'm dying."

Baek Cheon sighed deeply at the sound of Yoon-Jong's whining.

I couldn't help sighing. That's because the view in front of him is so bizarre.

"There! Hold it right there!"

"If you bury it like this, the pillar will be twisted! Dig more! Dig more clearly! More!"

"There shouldn't be a gravel in a smoke field! You're not just picking out the stones, you're just gonna dig them out, you're just gonna have to shove the dirt back in. Why can't you understand?"


Baek Cheon closed his eyes tightly.

I should have predicted this situation when I heard that I was coming with Elder Hyun Young.'

If Hyun Jong or Hyun Sang had led them, this would never have happened.

But who was Hyun Young?

He is a housekeeper who is in charge of Hawasan's household and a money ghost who can't stand wasting a penny in vain.

Of course, Hwasan has become such a money-making clique now, but Hyun Young, who has spent his entire life hanging on a penny, could not bear to waste money in vain.

No, it's not that bad.'

To be exact, I can't stand spending money where I have to. It was only when he fed his disciples that he splurged on money.

But even so...….

"If this is the case, why don't we just put a new house on the vacant lot?"

"If you're going to tear down your house and build a new one, why would you buy a pavilion?"

"And we're not carpenters, we're not new houses.…."


The dissatisfied disciples quickly closed their mouths. Before I knew it, Hyun Young was staring at them with his ax eyes open.

"Stop fooling around and move quickly!"


"Yes, Elder!"

Baek Cheon and the rest of the disciples rushed to carry logs.

Hyun Young, who looked at Baek Cheon with disapproving eyes, shouted in a loud voice.

"Don't think you're working! This is the place for the Whasan family! Don't forget that you're laying the foundation for the Wasan family now."

That's a good word.

Up to here.

"So don't straighten your back and work! With the thought of digging ten times and stretching your back! This is all an extension of training. What's so hard about these people with experience?

If I hadn't talked behind my back, I could have responded with a warm heart.

After putting down the log that Baek Cheon was dragging, he looked up.

The disciples were working like crazy in three groups.

On one side, the collapsed wall was being removed and the new wall was being raised, while on the other side, the entire yard, which should have been a smoke field, was being dug up.

'People might think we're selling canals.'

And the most important task is back there.The half-torn old war pavilion was neatly dismantled to a powder in the hands of the Hwasan disciples, and the foundation and post-column work were in full swing.

"This way! You have to put up the pillar here. Uh, warrior! You can't do that there! Please wait a moment!"

"Yay! Yay! Just like that! You're so strong because you're warriors. This isn't something people can hold!"

At the scene of raising the war, there were some people who would wear their work clothes, not Hwasan's.

Chung-Myung said, "It's enough if you just roughly raise it up," but Hyun Young still had an idea, so he stormed into the top of the galaxy and asked for a carpenter from Hwang Dae-in. Hwang smiled and willingly wanted carpenters.

Why did you do that?'

Don't do that!

Anyway, that's why I'm in this state now.

"But don't you think something's in shape?"

"I know……."

Baek Cheon looked with dismay at Jangwon, who was getting ready.

If I couldn't do it, I'd give up neatly and use the workers, but these wereasans have become people who lay them down and turn them upside down.

Do it.

Come to think of it, aren't these unanswered people who jump off the cliff with a rope tied when asked by Chung-Myung?

This kind of labor would be nothing to those people.

If you think so, it's not a big deal. If you think so!

But there was one thing that really bothered Baek Cheon.

The last thing I want to see.


The last one.


On a table in one corner, a man lay on his back and blew a bottle of it.

What are ghosts doing? I'm not going to take that!'

He's the death penalty, he's the one who works drinking dirt!

Baek Cheon looked up.


However, his sharp eyes became as soft as a willow leaf fluttering in the wind as soon as he met Hyun Young's eyes.

"…the elder."


"I'm not particularly unhappy with doing this. Just……."


Baek Cheon's eyes glanced at Chung-Myung, who lay on the table.

"But…… I thought maybe I'd have to work with him…"…."

"Oh, my God. Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk."

Then Hyun Young looked at Baek Cheon with pathetic eyes.

"He's a great student of the white porcelain ship, and I don't think so."

Baek Cheon shrugged at Hyun Young's outspoken rebuke. Hyun Young asked him that.

"Have you ever seen a paid man work?"


"Have you ever seen a person who gave money to a worker to raise a house join them and work together?""

"……Uh, there isn't."


Hyun Young said with a frown.

"Who has made all the money to buy this place and all the money to buy the materials?"


Baek Cheon shut his mouth like a honeyed mute.

I'm a f*cking thing.

That's him. That's him.

This is undeniable even if Chung-Myung's listener is the reason for the game. To put it bluntly, didn't Chung-Myung make a drum and a drum for himself?

"Somewhere in the world, someone who pays for the law must work with the workers.Don't you understand why a man who wants to be a writer of the same clan would do you not understand that?"

"Now, I'm sorry.""Oh, my God. Tsk tsk."

After a single rebuke, Hyun Young's eyes showed signs of disapproval.

"Also, I'm sure you won't be proud of yourself if you have some rest! You're jealous of it because you have a stomachache! Since when did Hwasan become such a hard-nosed clique?"

There was too much to refute.


First of all, he's not cute.

And secondly, that's how Hwasan was.

Where in the world is a more ruthless gatekeeper than Hwasan! Where?

But despite countless words that hit his throat, Baek Cheon didn't have the courage to pull it out in front of Hyun Young.

If the most incoherent person in the world is Chung-Myung, this person is at least the second.

Then Chung-Myung, who was glaring at the situation, tilted his head and asked.

"Do I work, too?"

"No, no, no. What happened to you? There's a lot of work for you to do if it's not this. Bobborough will do this, and you stay where you are! Rest in peace, will you?"

"I think I'm a little self-witted.…."

"What kind of guy gives you a hint? I'm gonna pull your eyes out!"



Why do you say that looking at me?

Oh... I really hope it's all off.

Baek Cheon finally sighed and turned his head away.

Then someone approached and spoke carefully.

"I…… Master Baek Cheon. Are you having a hard time?"

Looking back, Wiso Haeng, the rumor owner of Hwagyeong Gate, was looking at him with a worried face.

"No, I'm sorry, Som Ju."

"I'm sorry. Because of us...…."

"Don't say that. This is also for Hwasan. Why is lower case drink apologizing?"

He's the problem! That guy!



"……Thanks to the students of Bonsan and Master Chung-Myung."


When Baek Cheon asked slightly puzzledly, Wiso Haeng replied with an awkward look.

"It seems like only yesterday that I climbed Hwasan with a straw in my mind because of the bell conduit…"… not only did I protect the English language, but now I can draw a bigger one. It's all thanks to Hwasan and Chung-Myung."

Baek Cheon closed his mouth.

And on one side, I glanced at Wirip San, who was busy carrying materials with his disciples.

It would have been hard labor if it were unmanned, but there was no discontent in the face of Wirip San. Rather, he was encouraging his students with a lively face.

Wiso Haeng said with a sly smile.

"You seem to be overjoyed, too."

Baek Cheon nodded his head.

'That's understandable.'

Hwayeongmunju has always been calm, but it was easy to guess how difficult the main family must have been.

"My father always wanted to raise Hwagyeongmun more. You said that Hwagyeongmun needs to have strength to help the main mountain. But you grew older without achieving that dream."


"That's why I love seeing you now. It seems like you're finally achieving a dream that you couldn't achieve in the past. These are all Chung-Myung stamps.…. No, it's the grace of nature."

"No, I'm not."

Baek Cheon shook his head.

"It's not the grace of nature. This was accomplished directly by Master Wirip San and the Hwamundo."


"Hwasan wouldn't have tried to support the shorthand if it wasn't for the English language. We can do our best because it's the English language that we've trusted and endured for years.""……."

Baek Cheon grinned at Wiso Haeng.

"So let's cheer up together. Neither Hwasan nor Hwayeongmun should make a name for themselves."

Wiso Haeng smiles and nods.

But then, a voice that broke the mood rang out.

"Elders, there's two of them playing."

"These guys?"

Wiso Haeng and Baek Cheon freaked out and rushed back to the material.

'That's what it's like to be thankful.'

I'd rather go in somewhere and sleep, please!

Wiso Haeng and Baek Cheon sighed at the same time.

* * *


"……Wow, this works."

Hwasan's disciples looked around with a moving look. Jeon Gak was seen in the midst of finishing work.

They could have done up to building columns, building walls, and raising roofs, but they had no choice but to leave the finishing work to the carpenters to create a complete war angle.

"It's important for the inner family to look outward."

"That's right."

Baek Cheon nodded at Jo-Gol's words.

"But it's not like you're frying beans in lightning, and I didn't expect this to be done in seven weeks."

"If you look at it, being a Kang Ho-in is the best worker who plays a role of 10 people by himself."

They are stronger than horses and cows, and they can do precise tasks that horses and cows cannot do.

Of course, you can't imagine using the fighters you've raised so preciously in other clans, but that common sense doesn't work in Hwasan.

"Anyway, since I've raised the war angle, do I just have to break it up?"

"Sure, it's just the beginning."

"You all did a great job."

Hwasan's disciples, who crossed a large mountain, looked at each other and laughed.

It was a time of hellish nagging of Hyun Young and suffering from going back without day and night.

However, as I was looking at the perfection, I felt proud that I had done another thing and I felt confident that I could do anything at the same time.

But they forgot one thing.

The fact that there are demons behind them.

"You're saying weird things."


Everyone looked back.

Chung-Myung, who was looking at Jeongak with a sad face from the back, rolled up his lips as he saw Hwasan and his disciples.

"Didn't we talk from the beginning? There's no point in getting a shorthand with the skills of Hwayeongmun."


"It's just the beginning."

Chung-Myung laughed wickedly.

"It would normally take three months, but since it's urgent, we have to go a little aggressive. Within 15 days, I'll let you be a confident Hwasan's inner song."


Wirip San tilted his head, not understanding what that meant. But Baek Cheon closed his eyes next to him.

Rest in peace.'

If you survive, you'll be strong.

……if you survive.